Mbappe needs to leave PSG? Partey overrated? YOUR questions answered!

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OneFootball English

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This week Matt is back with his challenge of answering as many of your questions as possible in 15 minutes! Everything from whether Mbappé could win the Ballon d'Or if made the move to Real Madrid, why Thomas Partey is worth the hype after his move to Arsenal, to who the best dancer at OneFootball is!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Could Mbappe win the Ballon d'Or by staying at PSG?
Awesome_HH Prije 26 dana
@Charlie Ackla 300m take it or leave it
Charlie Ackla
Charlie Ackla Prije 26 dana
@Awesome_HH Alright yk what? Ima save this conversation and comeback here in the summer of 2021 when Mbappe becomes a Madrid player and laugh
Awesome_HH Prije 27 dana
@Charlie Ackla hahaha in your dreams
Charlie Ackla
Charlie Ackla Prije 27 dana
@Awesome_HH Last season was good, we won the League. Doesn't matter, Mbappe keeps rejecting contract offers even when they offer him more money than Neymar. Reports say the PSG director met with Mbappe about a contract renewal and that nothing came out of that. Bro there's no point in even trying to argue it, he's going to Madrid PERIOD. There's no other possible outcome
mohammed razan
mohammed razan Prije 29 dana
Ofcourse he can
Joggy Paster
Joggy Paster Prije 25 dana
thomas partey is the jack of all trades
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Prije 27 dana
Sounds like Matt has a personal vendetta against Man U.
auf abdulrauf
auf abdulrauf Prije 28 dana
Caladrius21 Prije 29 dana
I don't think Real Madrid have a buy-back clause on Theo Hernandez Milan just don't want to sell and if they would they would want around 50-60 million which no one would pay right now.
Johnson Muthama
Johnson Muthama Prije mjesec
Bale did not do so well ps I am a Tottenham fan.
shankhadeep das
shankhadeep das Prije mjesec
friends ayyyyy pls tell me ur fav scene or episode and ur fav character and ur fav dialouge?
braidy morris
braidy morris Prije mjesec
love the new setup
ThomasKLS Prije mjesec
Matt und Niko are a dream duo on OneFootball
Ibrahim M
Ibrahim M Prije mjesec
This guy hates man utd
Shree 5 Studios
Shree 5 Studios Prije mjesec
Wow wow wow my question got picked 2 weeks in a row and my only two as well 🥰😘
Yared Kahssai
Yared Kahssai Prije mjesec
What happened to the power rankings?
Kwabena Danso
Kwabena Danso Prije mjesec
Who's here after Everton v Liverpool
Oscar Mooney
Oscar Mooney Prije mjesec
Glad to see the q and a back in the studio didn't rly like the zoom call ones👏
THE B DOMAIN Prije mjesec
we need some fffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.........................
Sazzad ABRAR
Sazzad ABRAR Prije mjesec
It will be interesting to see who will win first Ballon d'Or as a Real Madrid player Haaland or Mbappe
nagato uzumaki
nagato uzumaki Prije mjesec
Matts actually an Arsenal fan
Sharafat Nahian
Sharafat Nahian Prije mjesec
Hernadez does not have a Buy - Back Clause
Sharafat Nahian
Sharafat Nahian Prije mjesec
No Thomas No Party
Bo Chaka
Bo Chaka Prije mjesec
I'd say for France their most important player are: 1. Kante 2. Griezemann 3. Pogba 4. Mbappe 5. Giroud
Bo Chaka
Bo Chaka Prije mjesec
For PSG if they won the UCL Neymar should've won it over Mbappe. Neymar has done a lot more for PSG in the knockout stages last season than Mbappe. Mbappe had 0 goals and 1 assist despite playing every single game in the knockout stages. Whereas Neymar had 2 goals and 2 assists in the same time and Neymar played LM in a 4-4-2 whereas Mbappe played up front in every formation. But they didn't win it so Lewa should've won it. But Mbappe should leave PSG. He needs to be at a club where he's the main man and he had a chance to be the main man in the UCL for two years in a row but failed to take his chance when Neymar was out. And then last season Neymar proved why he's PSGs best player. If Mbappe stays at PSG it will take him like three or four years to become the main man.
Bo Chaka
Bo Chaka Prije mjesec
Not just Mbappe who needs to leave PSG. Neymar needs to leave too.
Deepangshu Das
Deepangshu Das Prije mjesec
who TF likes winter Olympics... it's not even a proper Olympics it's more of rich mens' Olympics!! How can you even compare that "european-american snowboarding" with the real Olympics.....!!!
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
I just find it more interesting haha
Gift Noel
Gift Noel Prije mjesec
I think France are like Bayern in a way that they don't build a team around you everyone compliments each other and don't really need one key player necessarily
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh Prije mjesec
The fact that Riqui Puig dominated Partey and still doesn't get into the barca team is just ridiculous
Basirat Soluade
Basirat Soluade Prije mjesec
I love behind the scenes and vlogs
Yariel Hernández
Yariel Hernández Prije mjesec
Travis Godfree
Travis Godfree Prije mjesec
4:55 Good ol' Timmy Cahill! Absolute legend and Australian royalty!
Anujeet Saha
Anujeet Saha Prije mjesec
This type of qna is way better than the previous ones. Like if you agree
Tanmay Bhuta
Tanmay Bhuta Prije mjesec
My predictions for top four: 1. Liverpool 2. Spurs 3. Arsenal 4. Man City
Παντελης Φρν
Παντελης Φρν Prije mjesec
@Tanmay Bhuta It was a joke mate. I still have doubts for spurs finishing second and arsenal third, even though I'm an arsenal fan
Tanmay Bhuta
Tanmay Bhuta Prije mjesec
I don’t think so, Manchester Utd will finish 8th something and Everton will finish in a Europa league
Παντελης Φρν
Παντελης Φρν Prije mjesec
And I guess your predictions for relegation are man utd Everton and leeds
Tanmay Bhuta
Tanmay Bhuta Prije mjesec
Hi Matt! Firstly, thanks for all the news you give on weekdays, also even I’m a spurs fan so should we have a replacement for Lloris he’s lazy between the sticks these days... though I think he’s the best!!!
Tanmay Bhuta
Tanmay Bhuta Prije mjesec
Please pick this question!!! I want to Matt’s view!
kenny jong
kenny jong Prije mjesec
Matt. To the question on @9.03 why choose when you have Son Heung Min. 😊
The Levys
The Levys Prije mjesec
I do not agree with you on the Ballon d’Or because it is a personal award. like in 2013 everyone are saying Ribery should have won it but he scored 23 Goals even if he won the treble and Ronaldo scored 67 (Barcelona fan here) so he deserved it and it is like this with Lewandowski he won the European Golden Boot and won everything with a league higher in the rankings.
Mandisi Linda
Mandisi Linda Prije mjesec
Mat, should have a nerdy segment!
Anthony Calderone
Anthony Calderone Prije mjesec
No clause for Theo
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Prije mjesec
kurtcoibainjr Prije mjesec
I'm also a Spurs fan, and I've ALWAYS had a soft spot for Newcastle United. I like their fans, and love an underdog. Also I sympathize with an owner who isn't always willing to spend money.
Taz Pius
Taz Pius Prije mjesec
Where is the community tab for where I leave questions for q n a? Thanks in advance 👍
Gaming Slade
Gaming Slade Prije mjesec
The same people who say partey is overrated are the same that are insulting havertz and werner.
Van My Af
Van My Af Prije mjesec
South Africa gang where you at?🇿🇦🇿🇦💪 Pray for South Africa... we are falling apart😢
Michael Betting
Michael Betting Prije mjesec
Why? Whats Happening in south africa?
Vijay Tiwari
Vijay Tiwari Prije mjesec
Partey is 40% Torriera, 30% Xhaka, 20% Ceballos and 10% Santi Carzorla. He is a complete midfielder like a dream.
Aamena Seedat
Aamena Seedat Prije mjesec
Partey overrated?! Never (United fan )
Aamena Seedat
Aamena Seedat Prije mjesec
Still cant believe he said reguillon is better then telles lmao
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Where is the proof otherwise?
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije mjesec
One Football is an amazing channel!!!
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije mjesec
Partey all the way 🇬🇭🔥💯👌👍👏
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije mjesec
13:23 Big Bang Theory > Friends
We Will make u laugh
We Will make u laugh Prije mjesec
Between Ramos and van dijk who do you think has the most chance of winning the ballo d’or between Ramos, van dijk, and varane and rank them all. Btw love the vids from Egypt and I never get picked so can you pick me once?
Reece-Arukoe Prije mjesec
Thanks for the shout out Matt 💯🔥 Love this Channel 💯
Reece-Arukoe Prije mjesec
Sevillas Plan for the Champions League Finish 3rd in the group stage and win the Europa League 😅
Leroy Kirk
Leroy Kirk Prije mjesec
1:19 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Tumisho Kekana
Tumisho Kekana Prije mjesec
It will be cool if Angelina had her own daily news of women football. Not because she is a women or I don’t like or something but to give a the spotlight and her own show talking and discussing about the fast growing women’s football. I think she will be great🔥🔥 women’s football is also dope
Luca De Simone
Luca De Simone Prije mjesec
We will miss you mat😭
chan hee
chan hee Prije mjesec
Lol neymar and mbappe should/would never have won Balon d'or even f they had won the champs. (Mbappe no where near messi level even just for last season)
Bo Chaka
Bo Chaka Prije mjesec
Nah if PSG won the UCL that Ballon Dor should have been Neymars. But you are right Messi was better than Mbappe last season.
Modern Prije mjesec
Arsenal have a better team you say? Bruv we finished 3rd last season they finished where? And we made better signings then them
Merick Niyongabo
Merick Niyongabo Prije mjesec
I want to see day to day life vlogs from onefootball
Nana Osei Nyame
Nana Osei Nyame Prije mjesec
I am acc a Big Bang theory guy Matt..
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije mjesec
Oh wow, did Matt just say that he's a coach, damn that's incredible!! Absolutely loving that!!🔥
Fatback Prije mjesec
As a coach , which formation do you think is the best and easiest to initiate?
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
its backline asin france
T M Prije mjesec
Get out of here with that arsenal > man utd
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
Imagine getting a heart my fav football news channel🧡🧡🧡🧡
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
omg love from Kenya🧡🧡
Aceul Ashu
Aceul Ashu Prije mjesec
Sadly there is no buy back clause for theo
If anyone wants Indian football news in one football daily NEWS like this comment
Brown Omaivboje
Brown Omaivboje Prije mjesec
Wouldn't it be nice if one football had a fantasy league for the Premier League, UCL, La Liga, Bundesliga and maybe Ligue 1. I think it would be really nice.
Dinho Prije mjesec
If I knew about this q&a I would have asked you
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
omfg now the ads are 15 secs
Stephen J.C
Stephen J.C Prije mjesec
Why is van der beek not overrated but when it comes to arsenal yes they're overrated
Leon Prije mjesec
I don't know even know the reason for signing Van De Beek
Azlan Khan
Azlan Khan Prije mjesec
Van de Beek is amazing, but he should have moved somewhere else, like Leverkusen or Arsenal, etc. or stayed at Ajax. Man Utd was not the right team for him.
Abraham Dosumu
Abraham Dosumu Prije mjesec
Partey is never overrated
Pritam Biswas
Pritam Biswas Prije mjesec
I really like the Paddy-Nico combo also. #OneFootball team please bring them back...
Sidhayan D
Sidhayan D Prije mjesec
At last picked 😍
Omar Tarek
Omar Tarek Prije mjesec
Bring back power rankings
T gamer
T gamer Prije mjesec
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli Prije mjesec
The OneFootball set is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
T gamer
T gamer Prije mjesec
Sad for lewi ho truly deserves a ballon dor
Shashwat Singh
Shashwat Singh Prije mjesec
do you think chris richards can start for bayern ?
kalash bheda
kalash bheda Prije mjesec
can u tie up more with bfordlancer his videos are interesting love from india
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Prije mjesec
Hey Matt
SDB Prije mjesec
Matt do you have twitter
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
lui ji
lui ji Prije mjesec
Real don’t have any clause of Theo, United aren’t going for him because Ac are a big club so they would probably hold out for insane amount of money for Theo. Plus going from Ac to United isn’t really a big upgrade anymore.
Smitha K S
Smitha K S Prije mjesec
Missing you Angelina
Charlie Ackla
Charlie Ackla Prije mjesec
Yea Matt I'm pretty sure Theo has a buyback clause. Personally, I think we don't need him. Mendy is only 23 and absolutely fantastic. Plus, Theo is happier at a different club.
janak datta
janak datta Prije mjesec
@Kdb 17 yeah it's 40 million and only active for an year or two i'm not really sure, surely regullion isn't going to sit as a backup and 40 million is not a price anyone would pay for a backup left back. only man city can go and do something like that😂😂
Kdb 17
Kdb 17 Prije mjesec
@janak datta reguillion has a buy back clause
janak datta
janak datta Prije mjesec
mendy turned 25 in june and we definitely need a good backup in the coming years considering marcelo is ageing or we'll get stuck like we are now since carvajal and odriozola are injured.
John Smith
John Smith Prije mjesec
Mendy is older than 23
ANi Prije mjesec
Happy holidays 👍👍
Mzamo Gagai
Mzamo Gagai Prije mjesec
Always love the videos
Nete Pase
Nete Pase Prije mjesec
as an arsenal fan, I think lampard. just because he was SO great last year
Burezu Prije mjesec
I love all the questions about Matt or the other OF staff. like the personal note
Øystein Krovik
Øystein Krovik Prije mjesec
Love the vid
Ngoako Ramz
Ngoako Ramz Prije mjesec
I don't know if I mentioned it in the survey but I miss the highlight GIFs in the app✌️
Yahya Ajjawi
Yahya Ajjawi Prije mjesec
Matt since u are going to Austria u should go to the salt mine which is 100 meters under ground I highly recommend it
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Geo Aguiluz
Geo Aguiluz Prije mjesec
Real madrid has no buy back for theo hernandez he is the reason that real madrid are putting a buy back clause in every player they sell
Dhinesh kumar
Dhinesh kumar Prije mjesec
agree he wont have buyback clause, but real madrid started that strategy long before that, players like carvajal, casemiro, morata, Vazquez all coming back to madrid bcz of that, but they didnt add theo in that strategy bcz they believe he wont be a star for the future
Shine banana
Shine banana Prije mjesec
They started with it before that
Felix Lewis
Felix Lewis Prije mjesec
Jose < Arteta
Mihle Ntubane
Mihle Ntubane Prije mjesec
One Football is the best. Love from South Africa🇿🇦
Doxras Prije mjesec
Where is Matt? Oh too early not Monday yet huh, hope you'll have a nice vacation
Athulkrishna Prije mjesec
Producer Mansour?Coincidence?
Hari Malviya
Hari Malviya Prije mjesec
Justin Camilleri
Justin Camilleri Prije mjesec
Do you think Napoli having to forfeit a 3-0 loss to Juventus and get deducted 1 point is fair? I am a Juve fan and I think this is a ridiculous rule as that one point could decide the title. Love the vids, from Malta
Crepley •
Crepley • Prije mjesec
Good video as always. And Matt, have fun on your holiday!
Athulkrishna Prije mjesec
Real does not have a buyback clause for Theo Hernandez.
Zaid Massad
Zaid Massad Prije mjesec
United should sign Matt as manager
Otsile Mahlabegoane
Otsile Mahlabegoane Prije mjesec
bring @fng to the channel
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar Prije mjesec
No there isn't any buyback clause for Theo Hernandez 🤔🤔.. May be his consistency is the reason that United didn't try to sign him..
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