Football managers ⚽️ vs ZOMBIES! 🧟 ► 442oons Halloween Special 🎃🕸🦇🧛🏻‍♂️🎃

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OneFootball English

Prije 29 dana

It's our 442oons HALLOWEEN SPECIAL as a host of football managers square off against a hoarde of zombies! Who will come out of top? Can Jurgen Klopp escape for his life? Will Jose Mourinho be eaten alive??? Find out in our OneFootball x 442oons football managers vs zombies Halloween special!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 28 dana
In real life which manager would fair best against a zombie attack!??
Saviour LG
Saviour LG Prije 17 dana
Dean Smith
Joe Jenner
Joe Jenner Prije 18 dana
Mourinho would hit them his bus
Dr. Md. Wahid Chowdhury Masud
Dr. Md. Wahid Chowdhury Masud Prije 19 dana
David Moyes,or should I say Slapman!!!!
Benedict Devine
Benedict Devine Prije 21 dan
442oons should do an footballers vs elves at christmas time
Kent Christian
Kent Christian Prije 21 dan
I'll go with Mr Hansi Flick
Zoltán Sudár
Zoltán Sudár Prije 6 dana
Please tell me the title of this music :)
XC_BLADER Prije 7 dana
Why did Ganasouras die?
ariel Prije 9 dana
Dose someone know whats the background music is?
Ran Mamu
Ran Mamu Prije 11 dana
Lampard’s scene was epic “I don’t wanna fight you. I wanna sign you” FML 😂😂
Edcarlos Rodrigues
Edcarlos Rodrigues Prije 14 dana
Mesut Eyeziel is cute
V3K1 TG Prije 14 dana
I was expecting to see Pirlo but maybe for another day
Knight Night
Knight Night Prije 14 dana
I thought Zidan would use his head like what he did In the World Cup final
Aiyza Iftikhar
Aiyza Iftikhar Prije 15 dana
How many times deos he have to say i used to ply for barcelona
Hamza Abdellatif
Hamza Abdellatif Prije 16 dana
2:13 I don't like to mention it much Lol
Little Repairman
Little Repairman Prije 16 dana
manjit sodhi
manjit sodhi Prije 17 dana
Man Utd fans are a bit more than that the most popular Might have to DO is to DO is to DO
Elauise Prije 18 dana
I’ve missed slap man
expensive_cub 150
expensive_cub 150 Prije 19 dana
Who noticed that when Hansi Flick called Lewandowski for the Airstrike Lewandowski also dropped the Ballon D'or We get Robert you would've won the Ballon D'or if it wasn't cancelled
PauloDybala Juventus21
PauloDybala Juventus21 Prije 19 dana
I'm surprised you didn't include Ramos himself throwing Hazard
Doctor Sports
Doctor Sports Prije 19 dana
Did anyone realise that when lewandowski dropped the air strike,there was a ballon’dor........Oh poor lewy
Nives Rosic
Nives Rosic Prije 19 dana
Please make legends vs footbalers #3
Koso Prije 20 dana
7 zoombies against Klopp...nice easter egg
Avirac Prije 21 dan
is it just me or did Stan Kroenke appear in this?
chimnedebem onyelucheya
chimnedebem onyelucheya Prije 21 dan
this is stupid their berely any 442toons videos
king j
king j Prije 21 dan
Only 608 comments? Thats a first for a week old vid Oh btw have a nice day u handsome spiecemen
Shubhay Prije 21 dan
Why didn't Pickford destroy them zombies? FREAK HIM! Love from a Liverpool fan
kayko 1234
kayko 1234 Prije 21 dan
The music Is So cool
Surya Solanki
Surya Solanki Prije 21 dan
This video havent even released
thắm nguyển thi
thắm nguyển thi Prije 21 dan
Name music ???
Mustafa7mcr Prije 21 dan
The one with Liverpool, have you realised there was 7 zombies 😂😂😂😂
Malhar Dave
Malhar Dave Prije 22 dana
no one Everyone when ronald koeman comes on screen: he used to play for barcelona lmao
Talha Rahman
Talha Rahman Prije 22 dana
Najib Qunoo
Najib Qunoo Prije 22 dana
0:07 bit ironic with 7 zombies
DaveTB The Boss
DaveTB The Boss Prije 22 dana
Bro the Zidane one was the best one😂😂😂
Soumaxsi YTB_ Anoyoun
Soumaxsi YTB_ Anoyoun Prije 22 dana
Why is there no pirlo? Just asking...
Benjamin Villette
Benjamin Villette Prije 22 dana
Koeman just switching to his Barca uniform LOLL
h albraumlibero
h albraumlibero Prije 22 dana
The zombies look like Thomas Tuchel
CornFlake Jerry
CornFlake Jerry Prije 23 dana
3:10 the Scottish batman
Maddie Villatoro
Maddie Villatoro Prije 23 dana
Koeman..... NAH DUH, if u is wearing ur Barca kit then u used to play for barcelona, GINGER!
Gabriel Garcia Montejo
Gabriel Garcia Montejo Prije 23 dana
2:07 "YES WE KNOW YOU USED TO PLAY FOR BARCA Koeman: no, it was as good as the final strike in the 1992 cup final, but I used to play for Barcelona
SomeBrownGuy Prije 23 dana
Where is Pirlo!
Saif Eissa
Saif Eissa Prije 23 dana
sam xavier
sam xavier Prije 23 dana
Where is Simeone??
Imad Smaini
Imad Smaini Prije 23 dana
What's the name of the background music?
Samuel Kirkwood
Samuel Kirkwood Prije 23 dana
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 Prije 23 dana
Nice video 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
Nobelstudio_ 33
Nobelstudio_ 33 Prije 23 dana
Flick 😂😂😂👍
Dr. Bushra Jahan
Dr. Bushra Jahan Prije 24 dana
Hansi Dieter Flick has good players playing as a team not selfish. But more than players he has more trophies now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
IQ bannana friend
IQ bannana friend Prije 24 dana
Komen i dont like to mension it but i used to play for barcelona Me what an suprise
Jasin Elmazi
Jasin Elmazi Prije 24 dana
0:45 did anyone see the ballon dor in the air strike?
Leon Djukic
Leon Djukic Prije 24 dana
2:08 YeS 😂
Simon Vita
Simon Vita Prije 24 dana
I was waiting for the zidane header
Joe Labi
Joe Labi Prije 24 dana
what is the title of the background song please?
Tani Sugian
Tani Sugian Prije 24 dana
1:26 HAHAHHAA Everton trashh!!! just injure players!!!
ratatouille 6738
ratatouille 6738 Prije 25 dana
It took me a long time to understand why KLOPP ran away immediately...but the cazoo shirt give away why🤣🤣🤣
GalaxyGamer420 69
GalaxyGamer420 69 Prije 25 dana
2:15 "I don't like to mention it much but I used to play for Barcelona" But in every video he is in he at least says it once and his ringtone is " I used to play for Barcelona".
yahya kareem
yahya kareem Prije 25 dana
From 2:08 Ronald Koeman: I don't like to mention it much but I use to play for barcelona Me: did't you say that more than 100 times
Goten TZ Pl
Goten TZ Pl Prije 25 dana
There was 7 zombies going after KloPP!
Goten TZ Pl
Goten TZ Pl Prije 25 dana
Sameer Haddad
Sameer Haddad Prije 25 dana
Bmg 2-2 real
Skinny_boy Matty
Skinny_boy Matty Prije 25 dana
Claim your here before 500k views ticket here
Noobs are Pro's
Noobs are Pro's Prije 25 dana
Lampard part killed me 🤣🤣🤣
Noman Udoy
Noman Udoy Prije 25 dana
Lampard Laugh me a lot
Terminator Prije 25 dana
Pls footballer vs mangers
Sharki Prije 25 dana
I’m surprised zidane didn’t start head butting them
Low Key
Low Key Prije 25 dana
I used to play for Barcelona 😀
Taff Tastic
Taff Tastic Prije 26 dana
Gagan M
Gagan M Prije 26 dana
Frank Lampard 🤣😅🤣🤣🤣
Jeffrey Debuque
Jeffrey Debuque Prije 26 dana
Slapman returns and his Slaperang lol😂😂
the gck
the gck Prije 26 dana
ha slap man🤤🤤
Philippe Jacobs
Philippe Jacobs Prije 26 dana
Man City FFP lawyers are OP
AJIN LAL Prije 26 dana
Lampard 🔥🔥
Owen Hathaway
Owen Hathaway Prije 26 dana
3:23 “Your the most brain dead people I have met and I worked with Ed Woodward” - slap man
maxine hopkins
maxine hopkins Prije 26 dana
Klopp Funny
Valerie Murphy
Valerie Murphy Prije 26 dana
Why didn't you do Juventus?
SowUser Prije 26 dana
I used to play for barcelona 👆👆
miojinho Prije 18 dana
LOL me too
Only Football
Only Football Prije 26 dana
Surprised Calvert Lewin and Lanzini weren't featured.
Shreekar Mishra
Shreekar Mishra Prije 26 dana
Where is Kepa
JackieChan Gaming
JackieChan Gaming Prije 26 dana
Honestly thought Zidane was gonna head but the zombies
Habeeb Mohamed
Habeeb Mohamed Prije 26 dana
I've never seen pirlo in a 442oons video I wanna see him in one!
Arihant Tyagi
Arihant Tyagi Prije 26 dana
Why there's no Simeone?
Paulinho Teixeira
Paulinho Teixeira Prije 26 dana
Slapman is back baby!
Nachiket Sachin
Nachiket Sachin Prije 27 dana
Koeman: I used to play for Barcelona 🤣
Subarnā Upreti
Subarnā Upreti Prije 27 dana
I miss manuel pellegrini here😂😂 Father of all zombies
Charbel Saliba
Charbel Saliba Prije 27 dana
Domt say bad words
Charbel Saliba
Charbel Saliba Prije 26 dana
@Matt yeet thanks im 15
Matt yeet
Matt yeet Prije 26 dana
Its a 13 plus channel
AMT 00
AMT 00 Prije 27 dana
Zidane should have head-butted all the zombies
Gus Hagger
Gus Hagger Prije 27 dana
I swear Dean hates Leicester Like if you agree
Conor Seath
Conor Seath Prije 27 dana
Last time I was this early was when Spurs won a trophy.
victoria helburn
victoria helburn Prije 27 dana
ALI ZEBARI Prije 27 dana
Nikita Berges
Nikita Berges Prije 27 dana
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Tyrese Smith
Tyrese Smith Prije 27 dana
Computer Issue & Help
Computer Issue & Help Prije 27 dana
Son in Korea!
Daniel Younes
Daniel Younes Prije 27 dana
Did anyone realize Dean put 7 zombies against Klopp for the 7 goals 😂
Faris Ahmad
Faris Ahmad Prije 27 dana
Ali Hadi
Ali Hadi Prije 27 dana
why do the zombies sound like diego costa
Quảng Huy Đào
Quảng Huy Đào Prije 27 dana
Still remember 1992 Koeman shirt
Iraklinho11 Prije 27 dana
Fun fact klopp was against 7 zombies
احمد Tv
احمد Tv Prije 27 dana
lupus gaming
lupus gaming Prije 27 dana
The fact that there were 7 zombies in villa kits
Jack Carey
Jack Carey Prije 27 dana
“Run for you undead lifeeeeeeee !!!!! “ lol
محمد اسماعیلی
محمد اسماعیلی Prije 27 dana
Zombies : hazard is delicious
Rodrigo Arroyo
Rodrigo Arroyo Prije 27 dana
80' songs 80'
80' songs 80' Prije 27 dana
Slap man 5 years ago
Weltraum Gamer
Weltraum Gamer Prije 27 dana
The best is flick
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