Ranking EVERY Barcelona squad player!

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With El Clasico coming up this weekend we bring you another episode of The Pecking Order (Tier List) and take a look at every Barcelona player in the squad, ranking them from Indispensable to Get Rid! Who is the best, who is the worst in your Barcelona tier list?
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Prediction for El Clasico this weekend?
Ganpat Dhuri
Ganpat Dhuri Prije 23 dana
@HunterX Hisoka You were Lucky 😜😝
HunterX Hisoka
HunterX Hisoka Prije 23 dana
@Ganpat Dhuri guess what mate we did stop messi 😂
Hungi 7
Hungi 7 Prije 27 dana
Please do bayern next
Odegaard 21
Odegaard 21 Prije 29 dana
3-1 😝😝😝😝
Odegaard 21
Odegaard 21 Prije 29 dana
@ILikeGold 3-1 😝
Akbar Thunjung
Akbar Thunjung Prije 7 dana
Rafay Hiraj
Rafay Hiraj Prije 8 dana
She should be in the "get rid of" section
Rafay Hiraj
Rafay Hiraj Prije 8 dana
UR kidding me lmfao, so pique and busquets who ideally slow the game down and play back passes consistenly (busquets) are indispensable and the guy who has carried the team for the last 5 years at least is in the get rid section. Lets just ignore how terrible the list is otherwise
Entaraa Prije 9 dana
insane how bad a list can be
Shaurya Kapoor
Shaurya Kapoor Prije 11 dana
I dont wanna be overcritical but wtf man. Do i even know ball. They bought VVD and allison from the coutinho money. Without them they would hv NEVER WON THE TROPHIES. So if coutinho stayed liverpool dont win shit. Cmon man this lady aint got any ball knowledge
Shaurya Kapoor
Shaurya Kapoor Prije 11 dana
Ronaldo gracefully departed omg shes a noob. Ronaldo OPENLY SAID that i am being kept as a SLAVE at man United. These were his words. Plus ronaldo didnt hv the god status messi has at barca . He was just their best player remember he wasnt in the goat debate back then. Messi has unimaginable influence at barca he doesnt . Plus barca didnt even have a respected coach back then
Shaurya Kapoor
Shaurya Kapoor Prije 11 dana
Yeah barca gave him a career but that doesnt mean he is obliged to play for them forever. Since 2018 hes been a lone wolf carrying a dead team singlehandedly on his back. He has done enough and has all right to leave. He deserves so much better. As a true barca fan u gotta admit he deserves a better end to his glorious career.
Shaurya Kapoor
Shaurya Kapoor Prije 11 dana
This has got to be the most ridiculous video of all time 🤣🤣👎👎
vladimir zareski
vladimir zareski Prije 12 dana
temperatura imas orospijo edna
Didier Bureau
Didier Bureau Prije 12 dana
Pedri doing so good and she is saying he has to be loand out
XXMMI Prije 14 dana
The logic in this video makes no sense
Arnav Saxena
Arnav Saxena Prije 18 dana
Angelina you have to remember We culers can never be angry at Messi He is indispensable to us an d he will always be out golden boy
Arnav Saxena
Arnav Saxena Prije 18 dana
Let's make this the top comment people please like and reply
Peter S
Peter S Prije 18 dana
Angelina doesn’t know what she is talking about #bringbackmatt
Natanel Ezra
Natanel Ezra Prije 18 dana
You must be Bartomeu's sister
Yusuf Ali Sen
Yusuf Ali Sen Prije 18 dana
Messi has not done Barca dirty. Barca have done him dirty before last season Barca told Messi he can leave at the end of the season. And because covid and lockdown the season was extended. And when the season ended Barca told Messi he can’t leave. And I’m a Barca fan and I want him to leave I want Messi to be happy in his last few years
Just10dino Prije 19 dana
Disliked and stopped watching as soon as she started talking about Messi 🙄😂
Dat Memeboy 1
Dat Memeboy 1 Prije 20 dana
This list is a disaster Jesus have you ever seen a barcelona game ever
Saksham Yadav
Saksham Yadav Prije 20 dana
What are you doing??!??! He gave barcelona more than any player in the club ever could, and you say barca gave him more, just a wow!
Saksham Yadav
Saksham Yadav Prije 20 dana
MEssi in get rid, what is this tier list??!
Anton williams
Anton williams Prije 20 dana
Griezmann just doesn't have the trust of his managers but he has the potential
Daniel Rampf
Daniel Rampf Prije 21 dan
Busquets and Pique in indispensable really? Those players are the reason why Barca is so bad at the moment
Dimuthu Dissanayake
Dimuthu Dissanayake Prije 21 dan
No more Selfish oldie busquet.. needs to give more game time for capable youngsters/physically abled people.. Busquet always loose the ball, cannot cope with opponents under pressure with his tiny broken legs and malnourished dead body.. no pace no going forward no pressing no tickles no recovery of balls, no swift one touch passes, walking here and there while just multiple slow sideway touches.. he shouldn’t be in the barca squad in the first place.. he is staying in the club only because no other top club in Europe will include him even in their bench so to speak and never ever gonna invoke/pay his release clause even if its gonna be for free unlike others likes of suaris,messi,dembele, griezy,..etc they always have offers from others while some clubs are willing to negotiate and do business with them since they have a market value and price tag in terms of their current level of talent/performances..
Henry Denton
Henry Denton Prije 21 dan
this chic is an absolute clown, thinking Messi is in the wrong among many other terrible choices and also saying Puig is a right winger how do people like this get employed by football companies
parth dhiman
parth dhiman Prije 22 dana
I think most of the people ( outside Spain ) likes barca only because of Messi
Laurenz lösch
Laurenz lösch Prije 22 dana
Ach du scheise!Was ist das denn?
Slikz Is like
Slikz Is like Prije 23 dana
I watched this horror show on Halloween.
HunterX Hisoka
HunterX Hisoka Prije 23 dana
As a madrid fan i must say the fact that she says barca has to get rid of messi is maybe a little rushed i would rather bench him and save him for big games instead of starting week him week out but i see her point as well it will be more and more difficult for barca to replace him the more they rely on him and i don't mean replace replace i mean to limit the damages if he is a regular sarter now and leaves next year and he most probably will (coz he wants to win CL) it will damage the barca squads effectiveness to deal with upcoming season it is better for barca to invest in the youngsters than splashing cash on a 34 year old man who just isn't there mentally
Just Me
Just Me Prije 23 dana
This video is a mess ! A big mess, nothing else to add... 😑
Jaime The Kingslayer Lannister
Jaime The Kingslayer Lannister Prije 23 dana
Indispensable : Ter Stegen Pique Messi De Jong Fati Starting XI: Dest Griezmann Pjanic Coutinho Lenglet Alba Squad Player: Araujo Busquets Neto Roberto Trincao Pedri Firpo Dembele Loun Out: Alena Puig Fernandes Get Rid: Braithwate Umtiti
Andreas Ingvoldstad
Andreas Ingvoldstad Prije 23 dana
Plis dont do more of this with other teams... people will get so angry...
Steven Prije 23 dana
Why is she comparing Puig and Trincao, and she acts like Trincao is the leader of the next generation and Puig doesn’t fit, Trincao isn’t better than Puig, wtf?!?!?
Steven Prije 23 dana
In the video she says “if I was a Barca fan this and that” but she’s not a Barca fan so she misunderstands everything
Steven Prije 23 dana
If Messi isn’t indispensable and needs to get out, then tf is busquets doing in indispensable. Barcelona fans will never be mad at him if he wants to move on after like 14 years people are ok with that . Barca fans are a lot more bitter to aging dinosaurs like busquets than Messi
Rai Yan
Rai Yan Prije 23 dana
Are she really know about football i doubt it 😂 Pique busquets indispensable and Messi get rid of really are you high baby girl 😂😂😂 Go watch some ladies show or be a fashion model . You are a dumb football analyst who have 0 knowledge
Finn Guibert
Finn Guibert Prije 24 dana
I think you made the right choice for Messi to get rid
Iffat Batool
Iffat Batool Prije 24 dana
Pedri to loan out and Messi to get rid of 🤮🤮🤮
Riashad Hassan
Riashad Hassan Prije 24 dana
She is so wrong about messi
Uddish Bagri
Uddish Bagri Prije 24 dana
stick with manchester united you guys clearly dont follow any league but the prem
Khalik Zaman
Khalik Zaman Prije 24 dana
I don’t know what’s her name but she is another reason to unsubscribe one football because girls know nothing about football How can she say to get rid off the greatest player of all time Girl just screwed up😂 Ask her to explain why didn’t juventus win even after morata netted thrice She can’t One football first get rid off this one
SanskariRaju Prije 24 dana
The fact that this list is so wrong... Is amazing
SanskariRaju Prije 24 dana
@Kai Aruo yess
Kai Aruo
Kai Aruo Prije 24 dana
Ya she really did a bad job with this list
Kunal Mahajan
Kunal Mahajan Prije 24 dana
3:53 mins into the video and she's put Pique & Busquests in INDISPENSABLE. Aight, Imma head out.
Shakibul Hasan
Shakibul Hasan Prije 24 dana
who the puk put her there, shitty bring mat back
Souvik Gayen
Souvik Gayen Prije 24 dana
Hey Angelina, next time do a video with PROPER KNOWLEDGE & REALITY...Such stupid video...if don't follow barca don't make it...like seriously...go with your beloved manchester united...messi's departure is not a single bit comparable with cr7's.... Manchester united was one the best team that time with an young ronaldo...messi is already the greatest player of all time and gave everything for a SINGLE CLUB...have a little analysis power... You don't even know barca players and how they play...coutinho has been brilliant and much better than griezmann... Don't do anything with barca....for god's sake
rappadeezzy Prije 24 dana
Bro this is why women dont play football, they cant even understand the game
Dead Inside
Dead Inside Prije 25 dana
I guess people don’t know what it means to have opinions...
Steven Prije 23 dana
In a sport you can say I like Messi or Ronaldo more, that’s an opinion, but then there’s saying Jesse Lingard is better than Ronaldo, that’s not an opinion it’s an incorrect statement, and this video is full of them
Shov Dhakal
Shov Dhakal Prije 25 dana
Does she notice that Coutinho actually won a treble so he probably won't be bitter about his old club winning trophies and then the Messi point isn't far from being factually wrong
Shov Dhakal
Shov Dhakal Prije 25 dana
Matt was alot better
Janette Daeth
Janette Daeth Prije 25 dana
Messi OUT !!!! How does that work..
Ernest Krasniqi
Ernest Krasniqi Prije 25 dana
I’ll unsubscribe
Not Pass
Not Pass Prije 26 dana
Pique and besquets should go
Rohan Nalawade
Rohan Nalawade Prije 26 dana
With all due respect Angelina. Do a bit more research. It's a bit more complicated than a 10 min read.
Maxi Felix 55
Maxi Felix 55 Prije 26 dana
Riqui Puig RW? Dafuq
Winnie Pooh
Winnie Pooh Prije 26 dana
Busquets is put in "Indispensable". What a joke. Just like your life, a complete joke
Max G
Max G Prije 26 dana
Who is this? Totally bad opinions
Solemn Thoudam
Solemn Thoudam Prije 27 dana
I think this would be the most disliked videos of onefootball 😆 so much inaccuracy and bad opinion by her! 🥴
Devanshu Bharadwaj
Devanshu Bharadwaj Prije 27 dana
Spoiler alert : According to OneFootball, Coutinho and Trincao are twins! 🤭
Devanshu Bharadwaj
Devanshu Bharadwaj Prije 27 dana
Disclaimer : People with heart condition pls don't watch this video!
Piyush Kumar
Piyush Kumar Prije 27 dana
should be more like indispensable: ter stegen, ansu, de jong, pedri, messi starting XI: dest, araujo, lenglet, alba, pjanic, coutinho, puig, dembele squad player: alena, neto loan: matheus f get rid: busquets, pique, roberto, griezmann, braithwaite, umtiti must buy: upamecano
Piyush Kumar
Piyush Kumar Prije 27 dana
pique indispensable and araujo squad player, yeah pass me what you're smoking
Marko Djiporovic
Marko Djiporovic Prije 27 dana
Dembele Right Wing for sure if messi leaves But Yeah she just watched her First Barcelona Match wait till she learns what football is about
bharat sharma
bharat sharma Prije 27 dana
Angelina U got the whole Messi situation wrong
The Sports Bloke
The Sports Bloke Prije 27 dana
Matt should have made this list
Denis Caro-Lognoul-Brasseur
Denis Caro-Lognoul-Brasseur Prije 28 dana
Manchester United level of management right there ..
kingSULTAN300 Prije 28 dana
You , ma'am, know nothing...smh
Zakwaan Bobat
Zakwaan Bobat Prije 28 dana
I’ve never heard of a more dumb tier list in my life
Emmanuel Stephenson
Emmanuel Stephenson Prije 28 dana
I’m so sorry this is the worst video in OneFootball. I mean stating opinions is fine but atleast do your research right. Not talking about the whole Messi situation but what on earth is Riqui doing in the right wing. He’s a pure midfielder and how on earth is Busquets indispensable. Please do some research before making such videos.
Emmanuel Stephenson
Emmanuel Stephenson Prije 28 dana
Leo never turned against Barca. He was against the board and every Barca fan appreciated his efforts. He spoke up against the board and it is what he did finally which has led to the referendum and we are thankful to him for his efforts. Leo loves Barca more than anything and as a Barca fan he did the right thing. He never went against the club but Bartameou and his board.
FDS Prije 28 dana
why did you put messi in get rid
Risuna Mashaba
Risuna Mashaba Prije 28 dana
did she just put messi on get rid?
Jakob Früh
Jakob Früh Prije 28 dana
I don´t agree with Pique and Busquets. I would place both of them at least at loan out. They are so old an Pique and Barcelona need a restart in Defence, Midfield and Attack. They need some young blood in evey Position get rid of Griezmann and fucking play Coutinho on the Position he plays. Instead of playing BUsquets i would play de Jong on his position.
Jakob Früh
Jakob Früh Prije 28 dana
Messi wanted to leave because he knew that Barcelona needs a restart. the last years he was carrying the whole Team and stopping the enviroment of younger players. It would have helped Barcelona if Messi had left and he knew it. His massive wages are another problem for the Club. he loves the club and because of this he wanted to leave . But we can just convict him as we know everything what was going on at Barcelona. I would like to see you being the best employee at your company with a boss who has founded a media company to influence the public if you want to leave or make trouble.
Zaid Ahmed
Zaid Ahmed Prije 28 dana
Everyone watching this vid: hrpost.info/history/fLyXoszSqdCorIo/video
Hungi 7
Hungi 7 Prije 28 dana
I feel sorry for her yes I dont agree with a lot of things on her list bit why is she getting so much hate and abuse guys please stop
Sidharth Rajpani
Sidharth Rajpani Prije 28 dana
First of all sack her first..... If she manage Barcelona or any team she'll .....ahhhhh🥶🤬
Akshay pk
Akshay pk Prije 29 dana
Do you even know what happened with messi you said the stupidest things about messi. Fans would never think bad about messi unlike you we aren't the ones who reads about football news without knowing what really happend.
Letlotlo Naledi
Letlotlo Naledi Prije 29 dana
Busquets indispensable????? He is so finished and he makes De Jong play so badly. He can against alaves not against top tier opposition
Abhideep Jain
Abhideep Jain Prije 29 dana
This list is more trash then bartomou's policies 😑
Abhideep Jain
Abhideep Jain Prije 29 dana
Or maybe not
Abhideep Jain
Abhideep Jain Prije 29 dana
The only day since i follow u . U made the biggest mistake in putting this list anyways donot do it further 😑 its embarrassing . Seeing one of thebest football channel doing this level of nonsense. We love u pls donot do this trash to make us feel bad
Anonymous Gamer
Anonymous Gamer Prije 29 dana
Wtf get rid of messi!?
JJ53talman Prije 29 dana
They need to fire this girl
Danny Sandoval
Danny Sandoval Prije 29 dana
Carles Aleña is so underrated it actually pisses me off
Shahed Ali
Shahed Ali Prije 29 dana
Wow, 2 Coutinho's 😂😂
Shahed Ali
Shahed Ali Prije 29 dana
8:09 when the word "like" came in the corner, I can imagine everyone did the opposite 😂😂
Shahed Ali
Shahed Ali Prije 29 dana
Ouch look at the like to dislike ratio
Lwandile Mlambo
Lwandile Mlambo Prije 29 dana
Puig on the right wing?????
Lwandile Mlambo
Lwandile Mlambo Prije 29 dana
Busquets should also leave
Lwandile Mlambo
Lwandile Mlambo Prije 29 dana
Nah Pique should retire immediately
Leonard Ullrich
Leonard Ullrich Prije 29 dana
... BOTT
*다람쥐* Prije 29 dana
Griezmann over Coutinho.... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Jiayi J.
Jiayi J. Prije 29 dana
I was so happy when onefootball made a Barca related video but then I see. First of all, we all support Messi. Secondly, Pique and Busquets being indisensable... REALLY?!?! They are so old. Also, loaning pedri out or dropping to the B team. Hilarious. Griezmann also doesn't have a position at Barca so he should move on. Dembele is now getting better and better so he should stay and grow. Coutinho has been so good. Alba should only play as RB as he is a right back and not LB. Braithwaite is working super hard, barca signed him for 18m so he COULD stay. Theres the plenty more as well...
Jiayi J.
Jiayi J. Prije 29 dana
How is Puig is right wing?
Mustafa Nuhali
Mustafa Nuhali Prije 29 dana
sorry i disliked because messi didnt say he is done with barcelona he said i love this club i wont send this club to court
Hriday Adwani
Hriday Adwani Prije 29 dana
as soon as she put Busquets in indispensable , I knew she knew shit about football
MountGraphics Prije 29 dana
She has absolutely no ideo about barcelona and barca fans!
Plyxxz Prije 29 dana
Can we have one with psg players please ?
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh Prije 29 dana
Absolute nonsense 😤😡 I am Messi fan and I wanted him to leave. Standing with his decision.... I think you got no idea about fan feelings
Jimmy Wilson
Jimmy Wilson Prije 29 dana
I really appreciate the one football teams’ opinion, especially Angelina‘s. However I have to stronly disagree with your judgement of the Messi situation. Imo it is not fair to say that he has done the club dirty, Bartomeu has! Nevertheless I love all your content! Keep up the good work!
Daniel Naidoo
Daniel Naidoo Prije 29 dana
Us barca fans were sad about messi leaving... But we understood why he wanted to leave... That absolutely toxic board was such cancer that players are get so discouraged to stay.... Also... Puig on the right wing? GURRRRRRLLL do your homework lol
Fresh Day
Fresh Day Prije 29 dana
Het rid off pique..
WOW Dood
WOW Dood Prije 29 dana
As a Barca fan, this is how I'm feeling our tier list should be right now. Indispensable: Ter Stegen, Messi(If), Ansu Fati, Pedri, Trincao, Dest. Strating 11: Pique, Lenglet, De Jong, Pjanic, Jordi Alba, Coutinho. Squad Players: Roberto, Firpo, Araujo, Neto, Dembele Loan out: Puiq(Koeman doesn't like him), Alena, Fernandes. Get rid: Griezmann, Umtiti, Busquets. Btw, we don't hate Messi, not at all. We were actually in fact supporting his decision to leave, Barca just doesn't deserve Messi. This will also show that clown Bartomeu who's stupid.
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