Pogba BACK to Juventus? + Why PSG have Ramos hope!

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On Today's Daily News - Juve legend wants Paul Pogba back, Real Madrid could let Ramos join PSG, Man City's De Bruyne rips up the playbook, Dortmund and Schalke want wonderkid and a news round up!
00:00 Daily News Intro
00:19 Pogba back to Juve?
02:07 PSG's Ramos offer
03:53 De Bruyne's new contract
05:18 The next Turkish wonderkid
06:18 News round-up
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 6 dana
How much should Juventus pay for Pogba if he leaves?
Shabnam Tanveer
Shabnam Tanveer Prije 2 dana
80 million
Musa Asif
Musa Asif Prije 5 dana
50 Million MAX
D N Prije 6 dana
xziled Prije 6 dana
for utd they should sell for 80 mil but for Juventus 70 mil
Abdulhakim Babatunde
Abdulhakim Babatunde Prije 6 dana
100m the want profit man u they do not care
Hibo Ole
Hibo Ole Prije 3 dana
Why did he left juventus?
Leo Vulic
Leo Vulic Prije 5 dana
RID X GAMING Prije 5 dana
Samiran Roy
Samiran Roy Prije 5 dana
No utterly ridiculous 🤣🤣
no ah
no ah Prije 5 dana
Kevin De Bruyne is assisting himself now
Believe Suele
Believe Suele Prije 6 dana
It will be strange seeing Ramos not wearing that famous white kit if he leaves.
mr cr7 manager
mr cr7 manager Prije 6 dana
Matt u mean 14yrs not 16yrs..it like every time a big game in the champions league the star man always test positive for covid 19 😡🤬😤
shashwat singh
shashwat singh Prije 6 dana
That's the thing with Parez he is a proper businessman. His decisions are more on the logical side of things not necessarily on emotions. I will not comment upon whether his decision will be right or wrong only time will tell us.
David Will
David Will Prije 6 dana
Always good! But background music is way to loud.
Kacper Ewertowski
Kacper Ewertowski Prije 6 dana
Can someone explain to me why on this show they always censor the shirt logos and sponsors? Is there a legal reason or smt
Ed Chavez
Ed Chavez Prije 6 dana
Dean Henderson should’ve just stayed at Sheffield another year or asked for a loan move elsewhere in the premier league don’t think he’ll get the same experience if he goes to Scotland and it wouldn’t be a good deal for Celtic since they have 2 good Keller’s already and I’m assuming his wages are extremely high
Luke Watchorn
Luke Watchorn Prije 6 dana
Please Pogba just leave already, I'm so tired of this drama.
Dywan Fanboy
Dywan Fanboy Prije 6 dana
I'm a man u fan and I don't even watch their matches again lol it's that bad 😂😂💀
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman Prije 6 dana
Why would psg go for ramos when they can get a longterm player in Alaba or Boateng, or even Upamecano
Kenneth Wepia Akibate
Kenneth Wepia Akibate Prije 6 dana
Whenever i hear of barca lately, it always has to do with us owing or paying someone money - mmoney we dont have🤣🤮
Look at this Meme!
Look at this Meme! Prije 6 dana
Well they are on the verge of bankruptcy.
Oscar Williams
Oscar Williams Prije 6 dana
Hummels and Ramos for toty
Tyler Maaske
Tyler Maaske Prije 6 dana
They are finally gonna let De Bruyne talk!
Abir Prije 6 dana
I would be pissed if perez let's ramos go . Ramos' value isn't just judged by his defensive ability or his crucial headers or his ball playing ability ... it's about his mentality and leadership , that's massive when you have to compete in top European competitions
Raheem #
Raheem # Prije 6 dana
Pogba is even more shit at France tf his bum was on the floor more then the ball against Portugal
Architect Shinamore
Architect Shinamore Prije 6 dana
Ramos fitness levels are crazy, i see him playing till his 40s
Footy Creations
Footy Creations Prije 6 dana
Last season Ramos had said in a press conference that he would never go to a club that competes with RMA either in La Liga or Ucl... So there's 0 chance of Ramos going to Sevilla or Psg.... When iniesta left Barca for Vissel Kobe he paid tribute to him and stated that one day he would love to play in Japan with him... As for now I think Ramos will either retire in Madrid or go to Mls, Japan or China..
Galvanization 9D
Galvanization 9D Prije 6 dana
i can't look at ramos in psg kit, it is totally unfair. ramos looks more realistic in manchester united kit
Galvanization 9D
Galvanization 9D Prije 6 dana
@jeffre fourmile i didn't
jeffre fourmile
jeffre fourmile Prije 6 dana
@Galvanization 9D if u like ur own comments ur a joke
Galvanization 9D
Galvanization 9D Prije 6 dana
@Jannes Kahl nice joke mate
Jannes Kahl
Jannes Kahl Prije 6 dana
Ewww don’t wanna have this boi in my team 🤮
Prolifoci Prije 6 dana
jeffre fourmile
jeffre fourmile Prije 6 dana
Stop get a life u self promoter lil boy
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma Prije 6 dana
Man utd r playing fred and mctominay alongside him rather one zakaria or rice or kante this reduces man and support to the team
Anush Ahmed
Anush Ahmed Prije 6 dana
They are trying to sell Ronaldo and buying Pogba😑
Anush Ahmed
Anush Ahmed Prije 6 dana
@jeffre fourmile yeah Ronaldo's is old But buying Pogba and selling will be very bad decision
jeffre fourmile
jeffre fourmile Prije 6 dana
Not bad sell both ain't as good anymore especially rony to old
gotta Asus
gotta Asus Prije 6 dana
Having said that
Mic Smith
Mic Smith Prije 6 dana
All the starts Pogba got this season he didn't play well. For example he started against Arsenal, didn't seem to do anything right and gave away a penalty. I don't blame Ole at all for not starting him as Fred and McTominay have performed better, especially Fred.
just sayin
just sayin Prije 6 dana
Pogba has had loads of game time so far this season and he hasn't been good at all. Our best performances have been without him in the team.
Mustafa Mashhood
Mustafa Mashhood Prije 6 dana
I love saying the intro with mett
Antonio Cassano
Antonio Cassano Prije 6 dana
Manu can keep Pogba!! better buy is Zapata..
Umar Muhammad
Umar Muhammad Prije 6 dana
Watch the video from the start at 0.25 speed 😂. Matt sounds like he's dying
Leo Panda
Leo Panda Prije 6 dana
Hot news only Ramos 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ADITHYA Prije 6 dana
PSG is like the ultimate retirement centre for every major player in world football
Halipu Kuning
Halipu Kuning Prije 6 dana
Ngomong opo pak de
pat Prije 6 dana
Leo Panda
Leo Panda Prije 6 dana
Ramos ,di Maria ,mbaape,Ney😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥🔥
R.H.A Studios.
R.H.A Studios. Prije 6 dana
Lol what will Pogba do at Juventus. Sit with Ronaldo and his barber
babuyega Prije 6 dana
Pogba needs to be unlocked
Sherlene Smith
Sherlene Smith Prije 6 dana
Yes romas to my team psg let go put him side of kimpebe
Sherlene Smith
Sherlene Smith Prije 6 dana
What bro
Rafiqul Islam
Rafiqul Islam Prije 6 dana
PL C Prije 6 dana
Do I still get a heart from Matt if im late today? EIther way u make my day with " I'm Matt Frohlich"
Vaibhav Dangayach
Vaibhav Dangayach Prije 6 dana
Having said that 😄
Gaming King
Gaming King Prije 6 dana
Hey Matt how about a heart ☺
FUNKTUBE GH Prije 6 dana
Real Madrid disrespecting legends (1) I.Casilas (2) Ronaldo (3) Gutti.H (4) Maybe Ramos
Akmal Azmi
Akmal Azmi Prije 6 dana
Where's Raul?
Declan Meiring
Declan Meiring Prije 6 dana
Imagine Matt supported arsenal LOL 😂
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson Prije 6 dana
Fabrizio Romano has said Pogba has a good relationship with Manchester United
Dildar Alikhel
Dildar Alikhel Prije 6 dana
no he will come back to juventus
DCA Driving Academy
DCA Driving Academy Prije 6 dana
Gradually, Real Madrid is looking like Wigan athletics
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman Prije 6 dana
Eh they still got talented youngsters (psg fan)
SB 12
SB 12 Prije 6 dana
Day 9 of saying one football is amazing
Lazo Afifi
Lazo Afifi Prije 6 dana
When will Matt do the forfeit??? 🤔😂
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman Prije 6 dana
What forfeit, I dont see any forfeit - Matt Abramovich
Omkar Barve
Omkar Barve Prije 6 dana
Except Ramos PSG, wasnt news...nothing new abt everything else
Praneel Munshi
Praneel Munshi Prije 6 dana
Let De bruyne do the talking himself....
ItsBleon _Yt
ItsBleon _Yt Prije 5 dana
@AzelPrO217 Ay ,ay kevin LET MR TALK no no LET ME TALK
De Bruyne Memes
De Bruyne Memes Prije 6 dana
Thanks. Someone who understands.
ANJ 13
ANJ 13 Prije 6 dana
Yeah, Kevin
AzelPrO217 Prije 6 dana
Kader Decampos
Kader Decampos Prije 6 dana
La seule solution c'est : win-gift-card.online/X2dAG/?id=750246
Fedor Semagin
Fedor Semagin Prije 6 dana
0:25 awesometeens.online
Dikha Thato CHIMBWETE Prije 6 dana
Kdb is pulling a Paul Scholes and representing himself
Saumitra Pathak
Saumitra Pathak Prije 6 dana
Ramos is going nowhere
Verdant Ray
Verdant Ray Prije 6 dana
Just like Raul, Casillas, and Ronaldo? Yeah right. ...
Swastik Dwivedi
Swastik Dwivedi Prije 6 dana
Just imagine Ronaldo and Ramos back as unit at PSG next season...😍😍😍
Dark Gaming
Dark Gaming Prije 5 dana
Well if ronaldo comes to psg then neymar will go to juve😫
Arthur Anthon
Arthur Anthon Prije 6 dana
Sadly psg is not a big enough club for those two GOATs...they deserve to retire in a prestigious club.
Verdant Ray
Verdant Ray Prije 6 dana
Lol it can happen lmao. In term of big money, PSG can make it happen.
Han Solo
Han Solo Prije 6 dana
As a psg fan that would be amazing
Sandile Hlela
Sandile Hlela Prije 6 dana
If you mash up every episode of Daily news, you will notice the Mat says "I’m Matt Frohlich, you are the one footballers and this is the daily news" with the same tone, same speed and head movement every time...Thats better consistency then a Ronaldo scoring record
than* but underrated comment, man.
Fayyad Moin
Fayyad Moin Prije 6 dana
Wait I'm a bit late, Can I still get a heart from Matt?
A Prije 6 dana
niklas does it better
Raghav Naithani
Raghav Naithani Prije 6 dana
Niceeee ee just love this channel
Susi Vaknin
Susi Vaknin Prije 6 dana
Matt the anoying this is i used to be early because u would post later but now you post while im at school 😔
jonas lapinskas
jonas lapinskas Prije 5 dana
Nobody cares
Bobby E
Bobby E Prije 6 dana
Lol he doesn't care
Muhammed Zahid Depeler
Muhammed Zahid Depeler Prije 6 dana
Fenerin 30 numara Ömer beyaz (Bilmeyenler İçin)
Alan Ochanda
Alan Ochanda Prije 6 dana
This channel is literally part of my daily routine
Alex Prije 6 dana
Real sold Casillas, Raul, CR7, Pepe just to name a few people that have a history with the club - they are quite ruthless when it comes to transfer deals, not sure I agree with their policy (especially with Raul and Casillas saga) but it is what it is.
Maestro 021
Maestro 021 Prije 6 dana
I say the intro every single time 😂
Vladimir Deryabin
Vladimir Deryabin Prije 6 dana
0:11 active-dating24.online
Jeffrey Tsam
Jeffrey Tsam Prije 6 dana
"Pogba hasn't been given enough minutes"???..🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮 You havin a laugh mate???
Alexey Simakov
Alexey Simakov Prije 6 dana
0:45 luckylife.online
Rishab .b
Rishab .b Prije 6 dana
Producer Ryan face reveal please!!
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp Prije 6 dana
I dont think Juve need pogba. Mckennie,bentancur,Dybala etc They should sell first. We want pogba to go back to Pogboom😀
Dildar Alikhel
Dildar Alikhel Prije 6 dana
as juve fan we need pogba and aoaur
Purushothaman Prije 6 dana
If Ramos is made to leave then I guess Perez can too
TUgameZ MELON Prije 6 dana
but did he go when cr7 and casillas left? nope
Larisa Dortneva
Larisa Dortneva Prije 6 dana
0:40 chat-adult18.online
Sami Ulla
Sami Ulla Prije 6 dana
henderson to celtic.........that is a waste of a talent😣😣
Real Madrid
Real Madrid Prije 6 dana
Why would Ramos join a plastic club like PSG lol 0 UCL french Man city 😂😂
Dildar Alikhel
Dildar Alikhel Prije 6 dana
flop hazard
Verdant Ray
Verdant Ray Prije 6 dana
Yeah, like they discarded Raul, Casillas, and Ronaldo. Sureeee
M K Medamon Iano
M K Medamon Iano Prije 6 dana
Real Madrid discarded their legend iker casila. So they will do the same for ramous
MJenius MJ
MJenius MJ Prije 6 dana
Guess #Pogback was used by the wrong fans
Michael.Anthony. Prije 6 dana
Matt when was the last time you watched a united game ? Pogba was brought back into the team too soon after his rona virus situation. He wasn't playing well. I'm tired of the french national team talks anytime he returns but there were reports that what you quoted was misinterpreted... but united to get clicks so top of the show it goes.
Nathan Sam
Nathan Sam Prije 6 dana
I just can't see Ramos at PSG he's a Real Madrid legend and should retire at Real Madrid only I hope that happens
Verdant Ray
Verdant Ray Prije 6 dana
Yeah, just like Raul, Casillas, and Ronaldo. Sure... that era of Real is gone
M K Medamon Iano
M K Medamon Iano Prije 6 dana
U mean just like iker casilas
Nathan Sam
Nathan Sam Prije 6 dana
@Kidane Williams in Ronaldo's case When juve entered the race to sign him I knew he's going to go to juve
Kidane Williams
Kidane Williams Prije 6 dana
U mean just like ronaldo 🤔😂
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan Prije 6 dana
I love how everyone seems to think Pogba will just magically get good if he goes back to Turin. He could easily have been a great at United if he'd had the right attitude.
3fsad 666
3fsad 666 Prije 6 dana
Dont agree with you there. for example take alevaro morata hes scoring getting assists but at other teams he completely floped, some players are so connected at their former clubs that they dont feel playing with others.
Haraldr Haldefjürd
Haraldr Haldefjürd Prije 6 dana
He's been brilliant with the French international while contracted to United and he obviously performed a lot more consistently at Juve back then. Kinda seems like the problem is Pogba at United, not Pogba or United.
21 Khalid
21 Khalid Prije 6 dana
Pogba at man united used to be undroppable and was still inconsistent. He is just an inconsistent player 😪😪
Kasper Lakshitha
Kasper Lakshitha Prije 6 dana
Don't let Ramos go. Real Madrid are gonna make a big mistake if he goes. Despite the age he is the best defender in the world. He is the Real Madrid's faithful servant.
Verdant Ray
Verdant Ray Prije 6 dana
Lol. They let Raul, Casillas, and Ronaldo go. They havent learned their lesson.
Link Gaming
Link Gaming Prije 6 dana
How many times did Matt say, "Having said that," I was counting 5 up until the end of the Sergio Ramos deal, then I lost track LOL.
pratikkppandit Prije 6 dana
Wasn't Pogba retired from int'l games?
Sub War
Sub War Prije 6 dana
Love from Pakistan
Janek Janek
Janek Janek Prije 6 dana
Everyone: 60 mln € Me: 50 mln € Transfermarkt: 80 mln € Me reacting to Transfermarkt: And I am 10 mln £
Mikail Saadullah
Mikail Saadullah Prije 6 dana
When are the power rankings coming back? love the Thursday favorites and all, but the power rankings were just another level
Noel Vargheese
Noel Vargheese Prije 6 dana
I think they will move on from Ramos and I don’t think that the *legend* argument works because this is the same real madrid which just discarded Iker Casilas after 15+ years of service
biller bharma
biller bharma Prije 6 dana
They don’t have a reliable defender atm so can’t really say anything about Real Madrid
Hussain Peepawala
Hussain Peepawala Prije 6 dana
💯 true
indian outlook
indian outlook Prije 6 dana
Damn, all these news Roundup articles were posted on the onefootball news site!👍
Lakshya Vason
Lakshya Vason Prije 6 dana
No one: Matt: Having Said that!!
Firas Rammal
Firas Rammal Prije 6 dana
Like from Matt?
Mr proffeser Trim
Mr proffeser Trim Prije 6 dana
We should sell Pogba (no reason to explain his performances) (40-60 million) , that way Van dee Beek will get more game time after all we do have lots of midfielder. Then buy upamecano for 75 million ,we all know his age and how good is he
Janek Janek
Janek Janek Prije 6 dana
Pogba Man UTD Juventus Man UTD Juventus 2023: Man UTD
Janek Janek
Janek Janek Prije 6 dana
@TUgameZ MELON yeah
TUgameZ MELON Prije 6 dana
2024: juve
Kavi B
Kavi B Prije 6 dana
Make a Onefootball Reddit
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison Prije 6 dana
Even as a barca fan i can say that Ramos is still worth it.
abbey Millsom
abbey Millsom Prije 6 dana
Amazing video
Shorya Vats
Shorya Vats Prije 6 dana
Hi idk if you remember me from yesterday on the road to 10 heart from you guys so far got 2/10
Shreyas Sankaran
Shreyas Sankaran Prije 6 dana
Thursday Favourites idea 5 favourite/iconic duos of all time For eg: Xavi-Iniesta , Zidane-Henry (for france) , etc
Alasdair Hood
Alasdair Hood Prije 6 dana
Its going to be weird to see Ramos in a different shirt. If he doesn't sign a new deal at Real.
obrian francis
obrian francis Prije 6 dana
Use 60fps next time. Love your work as always ☺☺☺
Don't give a fuck About my name
Don't give a fuck About my name Prije 6 dana
Is there no tfw?
Tristan Wilson
Tristan Wilson Prije 6 dana
You keep me alive in COVID-19
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