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On today's OneFootball Daily News we take a look at plans for the European Premier League, including the news about Manchester United and Liverpool's involvement in it, we also look at Barcelona tying up contract extentions for some of their star players, last night's Champions League highlights, including Man United's impressive win in Paris over PSG, plus all the latest transfer news and rumours!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Are you in favour of a European Premier League or not? Why?
aCe OfSpAdEs
aCe OfSpAdEs Prije mjesec
Wheres Matt?
ACE Prije mjesec
@Casual Gamer no im telling you their is no money its not viable for big clubs to pay and generate money. Sponsors big clubs are losing money. The only clubs that make profit is big clubs the majority of clubs are trying to pay their bills. Ppl forget you cant have so many clubs trying to make money its impossible their aint enough money in the world to go around. And if they spread out each world class players around all leagues in europe their is no qaulity its pointless thats why they have so many teams. Thats why la liga and ligue 1 and bundesliga only have a few top players cause their aint enough qaulity. If you had 10 000 world class players in europe it will be different.
boy 123
boy 123 Prije mjesec
Casual Gamer
Casual Gamer Prije mjesec
@ACE You're Telling Me That Alejandro Gomez, Memphis Depay, Peter Gulacsi, And Josip Ilicic Are Not World Class????
ACE Prije mjesec
@Casual Gamer but thats how other sports had to do it see how many different sports had to do it like this, cause you get football overload lyon might be one of teams in it. But it comes down to revenue and sponsors if the sponsors tv and them aint making money you get no sponsors. So do you expect all the big clubs to pay every clubs wages. The other thing is player performance more qaulity games less fixtures in domestic competitions. Sponsors cant afford to pay staff or venues and to fly out staff for those matches. Maybe if those clubs put money into watching them play in champions league that may help. But honestly their aint many world class players. Their are top players. And then their are players on their day can compete but cant do it consistently.So its not viable thats the problem. No point in big teams or sponsors paying the dollars to other teams if they cant make a profit. Maybe those teams get more following or fans but that cant happen cause its not possible.
Zahir Abbas Mogul
Zahir Abbas Mogul Prije mjesec
When is next show angalina with emma on @StretfordPaddck
Daniel Schell
Daniel Schell Prije mjesec
Real 😂
Chris Zachar
Chris Zachar Prije mjesec
My money is on man city
Jay Majdoub
Jay Majdoub Prije mjesec
500mil release cluase for Pique no one's paying 30mil for him
Aziz B
Aziz B Prije mjesec
mbashit is the most overrated player in football history.
babuyega Prije mjesec
European Premier League would get Arsenal in Europe's top league again at least
afrika conteh
afrika conteh Prije mjesec
that 6 billion could be used to feed those kids btw. what a shit world
aCe OfSpAdEs
aCe OfSpAdEs Prije mjesec
This idea is a mistake
Blue King
Blue King Prije mjesec
Angelina: My money is on real madrid. 6 hours later: REAL MADRID LOSE TO SHAKHTAR DONETSK
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh Prije mjesec
I just lost it when she said Real Madrid winning UCL who just embarrassed themself against Shaktar at home😂😂
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh Prije mjesec
The fact that barca even think that anybody in the world would spend anything more than 50M for Pique is just absolute joke
boy 123
boy 123 Prije mjesec
Bayern is going to win
farmer Matty
farmer Matty Prije mjesec
It would replace the CL and carabao cup
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Prije mjesec
There is no club who will even pay 5mil for Pique and they are putting a 500mil buyout clause 😂😂😂
Joshua Spronk
Joshua Spronk Prije mjesec
Hopefully Ajax will be in it
Enola Dias
Enola Dias Prije mjesec
When is matt returning
Average person
Average person Prije mjesec
Angelina: real is going to win the ucl Shaktar: i am going to end this mans whole career
Phillip Ortiz
Phillip Ortiz Prije mjesec
For example Bayern Munich and Real Madrid make so many promotions and TV deals worldwide. While smaller teams are no where to be found, which is why every year the same teams win their leagues every year. Which is boring. Sadly its about buisness and money and also for more competetion. I dont think it will "ruin" football. People have to get used to it. Watching the same team dominating leagues get boeing after a while.
Phillip Ortiz
Phillip Ortiz Prije mjesec
I am in favor of the European Premier league. Why? I am tired of BIG teams dominating Domestic legues, we need more competetion and also Small teams are far away from big teams in terms of fincial status. U need good financial stability to win trophies.
Mohamed muaaz
Mohamed muaaz Prije mjesec
real got smacked
Ahmed Adaji
Ahmed Adaji Prije mjesec
I think Man City have a great chance of winning the Champions league
Anuj Gudadhe
Anuj Gudadhe Prije mjesec
The host is crazy ,she thinks real Madrid CF is going to win Champion's league .lol😂😂
Anuj Gudadhe
Anuj Gudadhe Prije mjesec
S Halder
S Halder Prije mjesec
The real madrid prediction aged really poorly.. they got three smacks right across their face from Shakhtar
Perrin Vandergugten
Perrin Vandergugten Prije mjesec
Axel Tuanzebe has Neymar and Mbappe in his pocket
Gaming with Burkthelegend
Gaming with Burkthelegend Prije mjesec
As a Liverpool fan, i think he played a great game I think he may be a Ferdinand not trying to put any pressure on him
Gustavo Sanches
Gustavo Sanches Prije mjesec
hi I’m all for Flamengo in Europe and Manchester United
Zoom Noli
Zoom Noli Prije mjesec
How do you think Real Madrid can win the champions league this real team is the worst I’ve ever seen
Epic Football
Epic Football Prije mjesec
Who else loving this
Atlegang Dube
Atlegang Dube Prije mjesec
😊I love how Miss Kelly says De Jong's name... and pretty much everything about her😍😅🤭
Avi Sinha
Avi Sinha Prije mjesec
Bayern Munich will win❤️
Subkultur Salbei
Subkultur Salbei Prije mjesec
Yes, let those bullshit marketing machine clubs leave the national-level leagues and give domestic football fans their sport back
அரவிந்தன் Umapathy
அரவிந்தன் Umapathy Prije mjesec
Angelina: Real Madrid s gonna win the CL Real Madrid: loosing 2:3 against Shakhtar
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije mjesec
Thumbs up 👍
Anej Horvat
Anej Horvat Prije mjesec
Petition to make Angelina say: I'm Angelina Kelly! You're the one footballers! And this is the daily news!
Namit Bhatia
Namit Bhatia Prije mjesec
Angelina:- maybe real can win uefa Real madrid :-lost 2-3 from shaktar
Nutshellgames Prije mjesec
I’m not a simp but she’s fit af
Damien Burke
Damien Burke Prije mjesec
Who's watching this as real Madrid just lost 3 2
Elnathan Kima
Elnathan Kima Prije mjesec
Mók Levente
Mók Levente Prije mjesec
the intro is weird after the month with the legendary 'i am your host matt frohlich, you are the onefootballers nad this is the daily news'
Demar Morrison
Demar Morrison Prije mjesec
Real Madrid to win CL, yeah rite 😂🤣😂
Zaid Ahmad
Zaid Ahmad Prije mjesec
You are so wrong about Real Madrid winning the UCL and before you say that I hate Real Madrid I don’t. I’m actually a massive fan but I’m currently watching the real Madrid game vs shaktar and we are losing 3-2.
Yaser Shakuli
Yaser Shakuli Prije mjesec
If big clubs leave their domestic league then no one will watch the domestic league.
Jason Lieu
Jason Lieu Prije mjesec
Who’s here after 3-0 at halftime
Domenic Crescitelli
Domenic Crescitelli Prije mjesec
We have that tournament’s called the champions league🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ idiots
Ankit Gamit
Ankit Gamit Prije mjesec
Watching this in half time between RMA vs Skhter feel sorry for her still hoping Real Madrid for champions league.
Daniel Ballinas
Daniel Ballinas Prije mjesec
Lmfao I watched this video today, and thought dang Real Madrid winning it again? One hour later they are 3-0 down at the Bernabue against Shakhtar's subs. You can never rule out madrid of coming back (it's halftime right now who knows maybe they do come back) but I'm pretty sure your prediction is wrong ma'am. Madrid are not ready this season.
Ángel Mata
Ángel Mata Prije mjesec
antony Prije mjesec
Real madrid 2nd favorite in champions league... 😂🤣
Dhruv Jain
Dhruv Jain Prije mjesec
Nobody Literally nobody Angelina : baught
bhargav bordoloi
bhargav bordoloi Prije mjesec
Damn how I miss Matt . Agggrhh!!
UniversalEcho Prije mjesec
This is like the super league. If they do it you have to "promote" teams to it. But then how do you relegate and promote from across the continent?
Elijah Nissi
Elijah Nissi Prije mjesec
Imma keep saying it! I love Angelina's accent ❤️❤️
Seb Horton
Seb Horton Prije mjesec
It won't be real madrid, this is too sycophantic
m.saadiq7 Prije mjesec
Dls must have predicted the future
MANpro 107
MANpro 107 Prije mjesec
If they are gonna do a European Premier league then No champions league or Europa league
John Z
John Z Prije mjesec
Imagine never making a European super league in fifa...
Israel Penaloza
Israel Penaloza Prije mjesec
that league thing is trash
avee_j.s Prije mjesec
It's just gonna destroy football 😔🤷
RONAL Fernandes
RONAL Fernandes Prije mjesec
Juventus will win this year's Champions league
Jk Kepia
Jk Kepia Prije mjesec
Barcelona I hope
Alvaro Rey
Alvaro Rey Prije mjesec
As a Bayern fan the European Super League is so awful. The Champions League is already class, we don't need it. Is just a money grab, and I hate it.
Adarsh Hari
Adarsh Hari Prije mjesec
So technically Martial is PSG's top scorer, even though he plays for Manchester United.
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije mjesec
i dont get it how people say real will win the ucl this season...these are the same people who predicted atletico to win La Liga last year....and they got more draws than wins.........................I dont even think Real will get out of the group tbh. Its a very hard group.
Ntanga Khakhu
Ntanga Khakhu Prije mjesec
just wait for MATT to come back because you just mix things up
never uploading
never uploading Prije mjesec
Juventus will win the champions league
Kushal Roy
Kushal Roy Prije mjesec
Shittiest idea ever. Who would have guessed, with Woodward
LocoJ10 Prije mjesec
Madrid to win the champions? Cmon now I’m a Madrid fan myself and I know that’s not going to happen with this squad
Karen Barriere
Karen Barriere Prije mjesec
Psg were definitely not in the same mind set yesterday than they were in last season ucl
Modern Prije mjesec
I thought you knew football.. but u say frenkie de Jong no like young u produce it as Jong 😭
Dumfriez ZZ
Dumfriez ZZ Prije mjesec
Imtiaz Ahmed
Imtiaz Ahmed Prije mjesec
I Say Barcelona is gonna win the UCL
S. K.
S. K. Prije mjesec
Tottenham havent won anything since years. How could they even mentionend?
Jasbir Batth
Jasbir Batth Prije mjesec
Jasbir Batth
Jasbir Batth Prije mjesec
A team needs a little more improvement and some new players and they were finalists last season so i think psg
no ah
no ah Prije mjesec
If directors of football can play doesn't that mean Liverpool could sign White now as a director of football
Bro Mania
Bro Mania Prije mjesec
She boring 😞😞
Safwan Shahed
Safwan Shahed Prije mjesec
Hey,I don't agree with you. It almost sounds like the project big picture. No top 6 in prem!! Then who will see the domestic league?? Less Media finance. Same thing. The present format is better.
Peter S
Peter S Prije mjesec
I’m Angelina Kelly and let’s get into it? Don’t think that is how it’s supposed to go
jadiel vidal
jadiel vidal Prije mjesec
I would make soo that the teams that are playing the league not play their domestic cups ex.(for england either FA cup or Carabao cup)
eugene elendu
eugene elendu Prije mjesec
Push vs man u score sounds like a fifa simulation
Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall Prije mjesec
I think it should be 18 teams, bottom 2 relegated to the Champions League, finalists of the Champions League promoted to European Premier League, losing semi-finalists in Champions League do a third place play off and the winner of the third place play off goes against the 16th place in the European Premier League and the winner of that joins/stays in the European Premier League for the next season.
Sanya Sareen
Sanya Sareen Prije mjesec
Angelina out We want Matt🔥🔥
tom coombes
tom coombes Prije mjesec
Man utd are going to win the champions leage
Channel M
Channel M Prije mjesec
To win the champions league either Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, juventus or Man Utd 😂
Arsenix World
Arsenix World Prije mjesec
Barca will win the Champions League without a second thought.... They will absolutely bang it... Coz they have the perfect sqd... Mark my words and mention me in the vdo at the last of Season.... Bayern will be favourites because because they won it last year bt will not because they lost many of their imp players.... And Real Madrid .... Come on... First let them balance their wings... Their wingers are shit💩 including hazard and vinicius... Come on Onefootball stop being biased
Ashfiyan Ahmed
Ashfiyan Ahmed Prije mjesec
Rip Matt
Doliakeh Quoimie
Doliakeh Quoimie Prije mjesec
Liverpool all the way!!!!!!!!!💪🦾🦾🦾
aditya narula
aditya narula Prije mjesec
Barcelona forever
Sohag Das
Sohag Das Prije mjesec
Who comes up with these ideas to ruin football?
Armando Limon Hernandez Tlahuel Jr
Armando Limon Hernandez Tlahuel Jr Prije mjesec
Y Spurs 🤣 Put instead Leicester
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques Prije mjesec
It would be stupid to create a European super league because then the domestic leagues have no point. Winning the league or finishing top 4 would have absolutely no point. If this plan goes through then it will change football forever in a negative way. possibly even ruin it. The concept of dark horses and underdogs would also be destroyed.
Shiloh Prije mjesec
Who's paying £500,000,000 for Pique. Mental
Raja The 01 Guy
Raja The 01 Guy Prije mjesec
Where is Matt?
Declan Meiring
Declan Meiring Prije mjesec
Barca are looking on the up tbh they looking good again
Beach Texas
Beach Texas Prije mjesec
i hate this idea
Beach Texas
Beach Texas Prije mjesec
and ima fan of one of these teams
The Boss
The Boss Prije mjesec
Kuvam Pillay
Kuvam Pillay Prije mjesec
I like you as well Angelina but what happend to matt?
Grace Richards
Grace Richards Prije mjesec
Amazing and 500th comment
Siddharth Burkum
Siddharth Burkum Prije mjesec
everton will win the prem
Cookiezilla Prije mjesec
Wtf is matt and his classic intro
English Corner Institute
English Corner Institute Prije mjesec
I think atletico madrid
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