Clubs that WON the transfer window!

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With the transfer window coming to an end, there have been some impressive signings from Jude Bellingham signing for Dortmund, to Kai Havertz moving to Chelsea and James Rodriguez to Everton. So today, Angelina takes a look at the top five clubs in Europe that have done the best business in the 20/21 summer transfer market!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Which clubs NOT on this list do you think WON the transfer window?
Alex Morley
Alex Morley Prije mjesec
Spurs - addressed all the problem areas in our squad
Jamie Henderson
Jamie Henderson Prije mjesec
Arsenal Gabriel willian and partey
ZinxRl Prije mjesec
ALMA ZZ there just players my team (Man Utd) were linked with
ALMA ZZ Prije mjesec
@ZinxRl why tf do u want all thé fkin bvb players
Charl Hermanus
Charl Hermanus Prije mjesec
Kam Sandhu
Kam Sandhu Prije mjesec
Arsenal got Thomas partey I think they won this transfer
HollowYT Prije mjesec
x Tpower
x Tpower Prije mjesec
Mr Thomas Taylor
Mr Thomas Taylor Prije mjesec
What a stupid title. Won the transfer window. Is That a trophie lol
Liam Smith
Liam Smith Prije mjesec
We’re getting top 4
Max G
Max G Prije mjesec
Tottenham and Liverpool??? Do you watch football?
Isco _
Isco _ Prije mjesec
Now when the transfer window is closed United have to be at least in top 5
Roheem Riley
Roheem Riley Prije mjesec
Couple weeks ago one football said that he would be the worst signing in premier league no they're praising him
Roheem Riley
Roheem Riley Prije mjesec
James Rodriguez
Mikel Ezzy
Mikel Ezzy Prije mjesec
Tottenham had the best Transfer window. Thank you
Bonventure Sifuna
Bonventure Sifuna Prije mjesec
Hey Angelina thanks for gib=ving Chelsea all the love
zac mukasa
zac mukasa Prije mjesec
how is arsenal not here
yash vachhani
yash vachhani Prije mjesec
where's man city?
jeFF Fury
jeFF Fury Prije mjesec
Chelsea FTW.. Is Angelina Spurs fan or Man Utd?
Fasareste Prije mjesec
4 Games in, Everton first, Villa second and Leicester third. What’s kinda world are we living in?! xD
Apeo Met
Apeo Met Prije mjesec
I love you? Of course when a person talk about our transfers it's excited. Chelsea fan. We are back.
Udayan Kaushik
Udayan Kaushik Prije mjesec
Man Utd are one of the losers.
GLITCH GAMER Prije mjesec
Everytime she says bot.
Rohan Sumesara
Rohan Sumesara Prije mjesec
Am I the only one thinking that they are making videos too early. Let the window be over.
Vaisak Sukumar
Vaisak Sukumar Prije mjesec
Special mention for Arsenal ? 😂😂 What did they do ?
Sean Morrissey
Sean Morrissey Prije mjesec
Speaking of transfers, why didn’t anyone make bids for immobile? He won the golden boot for serie a?
Ahti Khan
Ahti Khan Prije mjesec
He used to play in the prem and he wasn’t very good. He is not fits in at lazio really it’s hard to explain but he’s already 30 I believe and lazio want 60 mil for him. Tbh he ain’t worth that much all due respect. He’s a phenomenal player don’t get me wrong but he only fits at lazio
Chinmay Das
Chinmay Das Prije mjesec
I love how many times she said, "Arguably"
Indykaila News
Indykaila News Prije mjesec
The disrespect to Tottenham
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie Prije mjesec
Chelsea for certain
ZombaHenry garrotKomp
ZombaHenry garrotKomp Prije mjesec
kinkyjew18 Prije mjesec
Angelina you've come along so far in your presentation skills! Love to see it and keep it up :)
joshua brat
joshua brat Prije mjesec
Inter Milan had an amazing transfer season, by signing Naingolang, Arturo Vidal, Hakimi, Kolarov, Sensi and including Perisic who came back form his loan.
English Ginger Man
English Ginger Man Prije mjesec
Tbh im surprised spurs wasn't in this vid,they've had a pretty decent transfer window
Naod Daniel
Naod Daniel Prije mjesec
Rodriguez a pact attacker? 53 pace on Fifa 21 must be someone else then
Nathan Simon Iohannes
Nathan Simon Iohannes Prije mjesec
She says Pulisic on the bench. Me: rewatchs every game after lockdown. Me: Naaaaaaa.
niranjan Prije mjesec
Everton and Liverpool title charge maybe? Like the late 80s🤔🤔
Adrian De León
Adrian De León Prije mjesec
“He is a pacey attacker” Bro he’s got 56 pace on fifa
HUMBLEBEE 45 Prije mjesec
Bale regulion spurs
KUANG STUDIO Prije mjesec
why 50p again eh You guys got it right last time
Max Woolman
Max Woolman Prije mjesec
Jãmes is a great player but he is not pacey anymore mate
unun septium
unun septium Prije mjesec
Well done Angelina! You seem a lot more confident today.
Ishaan Patel
Ishaan Patel Prije mjesec
Love the new graphics and the content. Well done OneFootball.
Tanay Shah
Tanay Shah Prije mjesec
Add dalot to Milan on loan
Harry GT
Harry GT Prije mjesec
Tottenham honestly had the best window, fixed the wholes in their squad. Signed a new LB and RB which was urgent, in Reguilon one of the best upcoming LBs itw and Doherty who is a proven Prem player. They needed a CDM and signed Hojbjerg for very cheap and he is premier league proven and very good. They also signed the back up striker they urgently needed in Vinicius as well as a star signing in Gareth Bale, who will mentally help the squad as well. They also managed to keep hold of Ndombele who has looked brilliant to start this season. And if rumours are correct one of Rudiger or Skriniar will join them, then they have a good, new CB which they need (Skriniar would be brilliant). This is huge improvement to the squad and most players were pretty cheap and good value
ViralFootballTransfers HD
ViralFootballTransfers HD Prije mjesec
James is not pacy
The Communist Potato
The Communist Potato Prije mjesec
Where’s Manchester United?
Avyukt Kochhar
Avyukt Kochhar Prije mjesec
i think angelina purposely didnt put spurs in the list just to take the piss out of matt
Amal David
Amal David Prije mjesec
Liverpool's transfer deals deserve more appreciation, they've improved massively and are still cash flow positive!!
MattyIsh54 _
MattyIsh54 _ Prije mjesec
4:54 did angelina just call *JAMES RODRIGUES* pacy
Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit Prije mjesec
Angelina has defo inherited Matt's hand movements welll
Ja Odel
Ja Odel Prije mjesec
Spurs at least Top3! - Lo Celso (Permanent) - CM - Hart (free) - GK - Hojbjerg (15m) - CDM - Doherty (15) - RB - Bale (loan) - RW - Reguilon (27m) - LB - Vinicius (loan) - ST - Rodon (10m) - CB
Ja Odel
Ja Odel Prije 27 dana
@Christopher Stuckart Fair enough mate
spaghett1 123 with 0bama
spaghett1 123 with 0bama Prije mjesec
its the b tech chelsea window
Christopher Stuckart
Christopher Stuckart Prije mjesec
It could very well turn out to be a great transfer window for Tottenham as we see how player do for the rest of the season, but there are definitely some major caveats to almost all of these signings. Lo Celso is excellent and good business. Hart is a backup goally when they already have Gazzaniga for that unless they can sell him.Hojberg and Doherty should be decent and for reasonable fees, but have both started pretty shakily. Bale loan is hard to rate because he's an incredible footballer and it's a great emotional move, but paying 20 mil for a loan is not great business, especially because he's already picked up a (minor) injury. Reguilon is an excellent signing, but the downside is he has a buyback clause which is something a true big club would never accept in the contract of a player because they don't want to be Real Madrid's feeders. Getting a striker on loan is good but I can't rate Vinicius. Their business is certainly better than Dortmund's, but certainly not excellent. Skriniar would be a very good addition to a leaky defense.
neel Prije mjesec
Imagine still losing to spurs, #lampfraud
neel Prije mjesec
If spurs is not in this, I'll riot
neel Prije mjesec
I am rioting
Abhijith Rv
Abhijith Rv Prije mjesec
Everton got the advantage
Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore Prije mjesec
Surprised you haven't included Tottenham
Penguin 112 Yt
Penguin 112 Yt Prije 7 dana
And Spurs also got höjbjerg who is perfect player to tottenham
Kieran Prije mjesec
She included it in special mentions
Shreerang Gupte
Shreerang Gupte Prije mjesec
True you guys have had a pretty good window. New LB, upgrade on the wing and finally a backup striker.
Croissant Power
Croissant Power Prije mjesec
How are AC Milan even in this? Ibra is alright but really high wages and almost 40, then the only notable signing is a relegated Tonali which is a good signing
Croissant Power
Croissant Power Prije mjesec
Dortmund too, not really that amazing of a window for 2nd place. Liverpool and Tottenham definitely had a better window
Tauri Jarvis
Tauri Jarvis Prije mjesec
I like this chick over paddy , no offence paddy .
Zeyad Prije mjesec
Anglena did rlly well this video well done
Genius M
Genius M Prije mjesec
Tell u what...... Mine is Barca and Real Madrid😂😂😂😂
Dupe Tajudeen
Dupe Tajudeen Prije mjesec
Can you teams who had the worst transfer window
One Indian boy
One Indian boy Prije mjesec
Utd, real madrid, bayern.
Vaibhav Dangayach
Vaibhav Dangayach Prije mjesec
Spurs ommited really 😂😂 Hojberj, Doherty, Hart, Bale, Sergio R, Carlos vincious One football need some research
tuli hendler
tuli hendler Prije mjesec
Omg I was waiting all the video I thought that spurs will be number one
Amartyaa Sengupta
Amartyaa Sengupta Prije mjesec
Vaibhav Dangayach exactly .......My brain was literally screaming how they managed to miss that
Shine banana
Shine banana Prije mjesec
Dortmund dident really win and looks a lot weaker than they did last season
Sanay Pandey
Sanay Pandey Prije mjesec
Spurs have had an amazing window, brought in quality players for bargains, e.g. Matt Doherty (
Apeo Met
Apeo Met Prije mjesec
@Luka Vidmar I mean yeah but he been playing on left and I know why you are so focused on him hahahaha 😅 he always score against spurshit. As long as he does I will give him a pass.
Luka Vidmar
Luka Vidmar Prije mjesec
@Apeo Met bro, ur definitely a chelsea fan, good luck trying to cheer on Werner he’s already set a record for a New signing attacker, most games In the PL without a goal, Joelinton is currently better in stats
Apeo Met
Apeo Met Prije mjesec
Chilwell was value at 80 million we aren't stupid like man united who paid 80 million for Harry. And he is already have a goal and assists in fewer game than Matt Doherty calm down and chilwell so younger and experience so 50 million is a fair price.
Sanay Pandey
Sanay Pandey Prije mjesec
@Luka Vidmar Yh I am
Luka Vidmar
Luka Vidmar Prije mjesec
Spurs fan
Anila Vino
Anila Vino Prije mjesec
No daily news??
GDMSsam Prije mjesec
If they get Aouar and/or Partey, Arsenal would easily get in this top 5.
The Poltical One
The Poltical One Prije mjesec
Not Manchester United
Keshav Kapoor
Keshav Kapoor Prije mjesec
According to me this one transfer window was good we buy trinco, Pedri , dest it was quite good but not as good compare to Everton Chelsea
Sus Prije mjesec
Finally, Angelina is finally putting emotions into her speech, time for her to improve more and someday will be as good as Matt.
Jadon Prije mjesec
This style , specially the bg music is amazin.....
Zaid Massad
Zaid Massad Prije mjesec
Love to see Angelina at the helm once and a while
Evan Woodward
Evan Woodward Prije mjesec
Chelsea have wasted their money on gambles that have yet to pay off
Roth W
Roth W Prije mjesec
What about Manchester United 👇 I am completely joking
Alloys Mugoh
Alloys Mugoh Prije mjesec
Alloys Mugoh
Alloys Mugoh Prije mjesec
Where is Tottenham?? and you call yourselves football analysts🚮🚮🚮🚮
Kristian Tautra
Kristian Tautra Prije mjesec
Why didn’t you say Jens Petter Hauge for AC Milan, he is going to be the future for AC Milan
Håkon Isak Sarak
Håkon Isak Sarak Prije mjesec
Hauge is an awesome player who have contributed massively to the almost 20 points lead tiny weeny Bodø/Glimt have to Rosenborg , but he still have to prove his worth internationally others than the AC Milan - Bodø/Glimt match. Exiting to get the possibility to see him play alongside Haaland, Ødegaard and Sørloth on the national team now, if he gets the chance it is.
Kristian Tautra
Kristian Tautra Prije mjesec
Hauge is 20
Kristian Tautra
Kristian Tautra Prije mjesec
He is 39
Alex Winter
Alex Winter Prije mjesec
zlatan is the future obviously
Kasper Roos
Kasper Roos Prije mjesec
This video could've been recorded/planned before
FCM M Prije mjesec
Tusidex Prije mjesec
Tottenham should be on here.
Bakhe Mdluli
Bakhe Mdluli Prije mjesec
The first ever video made by Angelina that's nice, she no longer talks with a soft voice she has gained confidence 💪
1NFECT3D. Prije mjesec
Na,I Don't Care What You Say Angelina,But I Think Manchester United Has Had The Best Transfer Window.
One Indian boy
One Indian boy Prije mjesec
monis sardar
monis sardar Prije mjesec
Get her Out
Joe Aniekan
Joe Aniekan Prije mjesec
Love you Angelina 😚
Connor Southerton
Connor Southerton Prije mjesec
I'm shocked Liverpool is not in this list. Got a back up LB, back up Winger who is super talented in Jota and Thiago for a bargain price. For me LFC have smashed it this window.
Huzzatun Ali
Huzzatun Ali Prije mjesec
@Apeo Met We better remember. Playing that high a line is beneficial at times but I don't understand why play such a high line in set pieces as well. Now that teams are trying to expose this area, tactics should be redefined.
Apeo Met
Apeo Met Prije mjesec
Remember 7
Huzzatun Ali
Huzzatun Ali Prije mjesec
Brewster sold with a buy back clause and a hefty price.
VIDEO GAMING HD Prije mjesec
Inter. Like Hakimi, Vidal, Kolarov and possibly Alonso
VIDEO GAMING HD Prije mjesec
@Denim Kh Nainggolan xo
Denim Kh
Denim Kh Prije mjesec
And Perisic back
N30 _
N30 _ Prije mjesec
As good as James Rodriguez is he should up his game to not only being just a 'one man club coach' player, Carlo won't be there forever to keep bailing his butt!
Hamperbottom Prije mjesec
Ben Godfrey has just passed his medical at Everton for £30 million, overpaid I think but he could be a great signing for us
Aaron Rosenberg
Aaron Rosenberg Prije mjesec
30 mil is a bit pricy....I guess that’s why you guys paid 20 mil.
Alex C-H
Alex C-H Prije mjesec
FootyTV 327 yes I am aware as I support Everton however the last 2 Derby’s Everton were destroyed 5-2 and 0-1 and 0-1 may not seem so bad if it wasn’t the Liverpool UNDER FUCKING 12s !!!
FootyTV 327
FootyTV 327 Prije mjesec
Alex C-H erm, goodison park derby has been a draw for the last like 3/4 years
FootyTV 327
FootyTV 327 Prije mjesec
20 mil
Alex C-H
Alex C-H Prije mjesec
OnesMight don’t think it will be a demolition unlike all the years before I will be hoping for at least a point from you
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp Prije mjesec
Nice new Thumbnail I needed to check the channel to know😂😂😂
01 Abhirup Dey 0905
01 Abhirup Dey 0905 Prije mjesec
Where is spurs they bought 7 players!!!!!!!! Is it a joke to you ????
Monamela Mokhesi
Monamela Mokhesi Prije mjesec
It's her opinion doofus🥴
Pushkar Gahlaut
Pushkar Gahlaut Prije mjesec
She says "but" so different.
songohan511 Prije mjesec
Manchester slang i guess
minh le
minh le Prije mjesec
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Ridwan Tella
Ridwan Tella Prije mjesec
One football tunes are always on point
Otto JK
Otto JK Prije mjesec
Theo Hernandez is already the world's 4th best left back after Davies, Guerreiro and Robertson
Denim Kh
Denim Kh Prije mjesec
I like the fact that u put guerrio in top 3, he's very underrated.
Labanoz Prije mjesec
Top 5 clubs who lost the transfer window: 1. Manchester United 2. Manchester United 3. Manchester United 4. Manchester United 5. Manchester United
Advaith Srinivas
Advaith Srinivas Prije mjesec
@Mr Thomas Taylor Doesnt mean it was a good window
Mr Thomas Taylor
Mr Thomas Taylor Prije mjesec
Wait a minute did they not sign 5 players lol
Isco _
Isco _ Prije mjesec
You had to wait until we buy Cavani and Telles
Ahti Khan
Ahti Khan Prije mjesec
Disaster Artist Willian, ceballos, Gabriel, Thomas partey, and aubameyang extension.
Cesare Garagnani
Cesare Garagnani Prije mjesec
Disaster Artist Partey
Morten Bakke
Morten Bakke Prije mjesec
So they mention Milan, but ignore to mention the signings of Jens Petter Hauge for only 5M. Just you all wait.
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije mjesec
Fantastic video by Angelina!!🤩
Nand Mohan
Nand Mohan Prije mjesec
Wouldn't be sure about sancho staying
Shine banana
Shine banana Prije mjesec
Evryone else is
Shaun Portelli
Shaun Portelli Prije mjesec
Brilliant video, exceptional music in the background and everything gelled so well, well done
Amartyaa Sengupta
Amartyaa Sengupta Prije mjesec
Shaun Portelli they missed Spurs And Liverpool
Simeon Mica
Simeon Mica Prije mjesec
Me before video: if chelsea r not number 1 im gonna scream!! Me after video: Phew
jay ndege
jay ndege Prije mjesec
When PARTEY and Aouar come to Arsenal on deadline day I think the Gunners have won it 👌
Suraj Tandel
Suraj Tandel Prije mjesec
Very good background music!!!
Foong June Meng
Foong June Meng Prije mjesec
No 1 should be Liverpool . No first team player left and added Thiago , Jota and Tsimikas . Sold Brewster and Lovren for massive fees . No one is going to hand a glove to Liverpool .
xXdarkprinceXx Prije mjesec
Where's Manchester United?
lil fish
lil fish Prije mjesec
spurs have had a better window than dortmund villareal and milan i mean bale reguilon hojbjerg doherty lo celso now vinicius and rudiger also looks to be coming
lil fish
lil fish Prije mjesec
@I. moha yeah true
I. moha
I. moha Prije mjesec
@lil fish Well well, let's see.. It would not be the first time, we overhype a team too much who doesn't deliver constantly.
lil fish
lil fish Prije mjesec
@I. moha no i meant vinicius from benfica a really talented striker with around 20 goals in all comps last season. reguilon was one of the best left backs in la liga last season and was key to sevillas success he was also wanted by a host of other top clubs around europe. and i do not think u remember just how good bale was at spurs and i do not think u know the world class player he can be when he is fit and happy which he should be at spurs. spurs desperately needed a right back and a defensive midfielder and they have now addressed that with hojbjerg and doherty who are both quality premier league proven players. and on top of that they have permanently signed lo celso who contains the creativity they need in the midfield and was one of their best players last season and the perfect eriksen replacement. now they might even get a center back and maybe even a top quality one like skriniar and they have also kept dele alli who if he finds his form is once again a quality player. add this to the way kane and son are playing then spurs have some team. and look at the depth spurs have now in their squad and with a winner like mourinho.
I. moha
I. moha Prije mjesec
Look Bale ok, even he didn't play for an enternity, but the other three? Sry, but they don't say anything to me. I don't know if you mean THE Vinicus of Real Madrid, but if you mean it so, you should forget it. They have a great transfer Window, brought in many players, but i don't know if these players will bring in the quality everyone hope for.
yash kadam
yash kadam Prije mjesec
"He has already scored a hat-trick for his club i think it says it all" Does it tho?
Luka Vidmar
Luka Vidmar Prije mjesec
he hasn’t proven himself, he just scored against a Championship team, oh wait didn’t Wilfred bony do that + an extra goal
Luka Vidmar
Luka Vidmar Prije mjesec
jay ndege
jay ndege Prije mjesec
What about man CITY 🤔
Marvin Nash
Marvin Nash Prije mjesec
Hakimi is big loss for Dortmund. Meunier is nowhere near him attacking wise. And in their system with 3 center backs, Meunier just isn't right.
Radu Cora
Radu Cora Prije mjesec
But he is also way better than Hakimi on defense. Hakimi was on loan, and he could have been signed for 45M. But between Hakimi for 45M and Meunier for FREE, in the context of COVID and low revenues from match tickets, I'd take Meunier any day.
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