Why this could be the BEST Premier League season EVER!

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Prije mjesec

On this week's TFW Angelina takes a look at why this could be the best Premier League season ever, what Barcelona need to fix, Liverpool's Van Dijk injury problems, plus much more including a chat with The Blue Room podcast's Dave Downie about all things Everton!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Can Everton make it into the top four this season? If not, what would go wrong for them?
Jack Parkinson
Jack Parkinson Prije mjesec
Rodriquez or dcl getting injured
Barca Boy
Barca Boy Prije mjesec
To winthe league
Yousal Dorjee
Yousal Dorjee Prije mjesec
No,the depth in their squad will be the problem.No proper replacement for any starting 11.
Robert Trujillo
Robert Trujillo Prije mjesec
Angelina, Sorry but I hate someone trying and Then it look like someone there is supposed to be helping unless it’s just yourself? Enjoy your delivery, better than (PA).
Robert Trujillo
Robert Trujillo Prije mjesec
I think that they aren’t going to have the rotational players unfortunately.
Đark Çhïłđ
Đark Çhïłđ Prije 23 dana
Daniel Prije mjesec
it was a yellow card and pen had it not been offsides...but it was. he didnt go in maliciously
Arijeet Joshi
Arijeet Joshi Prije mjesec
she is not as good as matt.
luis sosa
luis sosa Prije mjesec
I love you Angelina
_Official_ Royalty
_Official_ Royalty Prije mjesec
If only we could have had the crowds...my God!!
Rogelio L Clements
Rogelio L Clements Prije mjesec
0:26 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Hanna Mckenzie
Hanna Mckenzie Prije mjesec
1:36 I stopped my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
arnik akash
arnik akash Prije mjesec
2:57 who?
BOLAdavid OJULARI Prije mjesec
what did you put on your body ah
Suryakant Satpute
Suryakant Satpute Prije mjesec
Why is Angelina looking so orange
Kdb 17
Kdb 17 Prije mjesec
Probably because of the lighting
S V Prije mjesec
I don't even know who the favourites are? Liverpool? Everton? Man city? Literally anyone could take it
Alexander Chronos
Alexander Chronos Prije mjesec
Is it me or did angelina get a tan?
Himanshu Rajdev
Himanshu Rajdev Prije mjesec
Because I am watching it for first time and I am bad luck for everyone. Just kidding.
turtle_sandwich Prije mjesec
What happened to matt
Bongumusa Sibisi
Bongumusa Sibisi Prije mjesec
Muna Omian
Muna Omian Prije mjesec
Hands down spurs have the besf front 2 in the entire world
Robert Trujillo
Robert Trujillo Prije mjesec
Angelina, Ok better background audio and video fixed a bit but some has a desire to make you look. Bad!!!! Could of set up camera so the lights aren’t blurring out Your face with your glasses. Elevate the camera so easy fix!! Made me think 💭 is someone looking for zits on her neck or something??
Fearfully Prije mjesec
I think your wrong on el Classico Barca will lose by 1 I think
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith Prije mjesec
Not to be stupid but is she a United fan, hope so
Xd Clirix
Xd Clirix Prije mjesec
Misba Ansari
Misba Ansari Prije mjesec
Nuno Espirito is so patriotic first he buys all Portuguese players (well maybe for the link). Then he designs the kit purple and green. It looked like England vs Portugal.
wafer god
wafer god Prije mjesec
U do realise managers don't make the kit and don't have full control over the transfers
Roneil Rowe
Roneil Rowe Prije mjesec
Kelly is no excited
A Friendly Medic
A Friendly Medic Prije mjesec
The Chad Premier League vs The Virgin La Liga
ouedraogo arien john anthony
ouedraogo arien john anthony Prije mjesec
Why too much hate against Barcelona? Lol
Macarios Kindamba
Macarios Kindamba Prije mjesec
Diogo not Diego, can no one on football HRpost say his name right?
UniversalEcho Prije mjesec
The ONLY way the liverpool match makes sense is if the referee was a everton supporter incredibly bad calls on both accounts.
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
But where were they when goals vs wolves and Sheffield united were chalked off against them for like 1 mm
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
That accent
Gursheesh Singh
Gursheesh Singh Prije mjesec
If the injury wasn't ACL, would you still want Pickford to get a red card? If not, then it's a yellow card max.
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
Dude our defending ain't even at league 2 level
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
Pickford deserves knighthood quick recovery Virgil
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
1:01 who's that old
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
0:01 coz defenders forgot how to defend
066Kshitiz V Singh
066Kshitiz V Singh Prije mjesec
My name was absolutely butchered... It's fine though, I actually made it to TFW
Chutney Chachi
Chutney Chachi Prije mjesec
If Angelina was a flavor/spice/food. She would be Rye Bread..
One_Thunder_Gamer Prije mjesec
Those predictions are insane. I see a 1-1 draw at el classico and a victory for Liverpool or a 2-2 draw
Mawuko Akpoto
Mawuko Akpoto Prije mjesec
Been out from watching one football a while, but now I must say, great job Onefootball, more dynamism, hi Angie.
Kalum Mehta
Kalum Mehta Prije mjesec
We should by Upecamo(my spelling is terrible) if he has a 40million release clause.
TDM Prije mjesec
Aren’t you forgetting Chelsea signed chilwell and mendy
Danky-Boy Prije mjesec
Everton to win pl
EJ Thomas
EJ Thomas Prije mjesec
Aftv robbie or troopz when?
Edward Muchiri
Edward Muchiri Prije mjesec
Where is Matt😏
Safwan Ahmed
Safwan Ahmed Prije mjesec
The last time chelsea were in the europa league they won
Tesfa Mensah
Tesfa Mensah Prije mjesec
Everyone talking about Everton but y’all forgetting Villa have a game in hand and are 4 for 4!!!
Nduvho Phophi
Nduvho Phophi Prije mjesec
Man city still have a chance at the pl title, some players just need to step up like Delap, Torres and dias
BoutDaCheck Prije mjesec
Its pronounced Diogo 'Jota' not 'hota'
BoutDaCheck Prije mjesec
I think the lack of fans will contribute to more goals & more shocking results
Sporty Profesor
Sporty Profesor Prije mjesec
Lucas Moura is overated he is letting other players run and press while the opponents have the ball, yes he can score some goals but Erik Lamela is hard worker and he can also score some goals. Lucas Moura had big game and one big month other else he is the worst winger for Tottenham right now.
SDB Prije mjesec
Liverpool still got enough quality to beat ajax imo
Sewandeep Sharma
Sewandeep Sharma Prije mjesec
You wait 1 week for tfw show and angelina comes to ruin your day We need matt she doesn't know how to do this stuff seriously 🤬
ANJ 13
ANJ 13 Prije mjesec
Matt clearly said he'll be on leave for 2 weeks. If you do not want to watch then get the f outta here
Ankit Parajuli
Ankit Parajuli Prije mjesec
Matt . already missing you bro 😕
Freakshow217443 YT
Freakshow217443 YT Prije mjesec
People forgetting about Chelsea’s new goalkeeper , E mendy
אלי רחמילביץ'
אלי רחמילביץ' Prije mjesec
Mendy is a good keeper. Its not our fault he was injured!!!
Priyam ved
Priyam ved Prije mjesec
3-0 to Madrid? I am a Real fan and that seems too much ,that ain’t happening I think we might lose it even.
sami bara
sami bara Prije mjesec
@Priyam ved ye sorry mate real are dreadful are u watching the shaktar game shaktar are ripping them apart in Madrid
Priyam ved
Priyam ved Prije mjesec
@sami bara yeah I understand all of that, I’ve just got weird vibes of this one they have looked better so far and I’m not superstitious but Madrid loses whenever I have these vibes it’s the fucking worst. Hope I’m wrong.
sami bara
sami bara Prije mjesec
@Priyam ved koeman still doesn't know his best squad Messi isn't convinced nor happy and barca have no pure striker
Priyam ved
Priyam ved Prije mjesec
@sami bara I hope so I’m very nervous for the game but we got this. Hala Madrid.
sami bara
sami bara Prije mjesec
nah madrid will win 2-1
Yusuf I
Yusuf I Prije mjesec
Just like u said. Absolutely Shocking. And the Shocking thing could be that Teams loses consistency and Dont perform like this first 5 games But who knows, Its just the Start. The End Justifies the means
Pizza Doodl3
Pizza Doodl3 Prije mjesec
If Everton keep up their form, I think they can push for top 4. Also, Beautiful Blue!!!
Dowin Elliot
Dowin Elliot Prije mjesec
Didn't fabino play as a CB for Monaco
Gideon MJ
Gideon MJ Prije mjesec
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows
Nècro Màncèr
Nècro Màncèr Prije mjesec
Are people serious forgetting that we signed a goalkeeper. Mendy was definitely injured but lets face the faact there is low possibility mendy will be out for many matches
MG TV Prije mjesec
Egbert Crafton
Egbert Crafton Prije mjesec
Ansu fati all score a brace against real madrid and dembele will get an assit👊👍⚽
Nur Zaman
Nur Zaman Prije mjesec
Shut up
Vedanth Nair
Vedanth Nair Prije mjesec
I sent a comment directed towards Matt calling him wrong Well This is awkward Just kidding Angelina is good too
Reece-Arukoe Prije mjesec
People these days will judge an entire player over one match
Reece-Arukoe Prije mjesec
I love how everyone is criticizing Bale on HIS FIRST MATCH, on one miss
BlueQuality *SZN*
BlueQuality *SZN* Prije mjesec
@Van My Af I swear
Van My Af
Van My Af Prije mjesec
Plus I mean they blame him for the loss but he is not a defensive player😂 so why they blame him for conceding 3 goals😂 they must look at the defence mate...😂 yeah he missed an opportunity but geewiz that happens unfortunately but yeah😂
Van My Af
Van My Af Prije mjesec
Bro the same happened with Havertz, Werner, Thiago, and all of Chelsea’s new signings... so yeah people these days think one match is enough to class someone as a flop😂 so yeah good luck with the next few games of criticism😂 I think Bale was a good signing for Tots, after a few games he will regain his stride and will be a massive threat!🤙
Mohd Junaid
Mohd Junaid Prije mjesec
5:55 that's because thiago silva has played only 1 or 2 PL games till now. Chelsea were brilliant defensivley against palace when thiago and zouma played together.
Jonjo Kenny
Jonjo Kenny Prije mjesec
You guys copied fng but handicapped the title
Shahzaib Khan
Shahzaib Khan Prije mjesec
why do you look so yellow angelina :o
Tsosmi the king
Tsosmi the king Prije mjesec
The background is fire !!! Also nice vids ❤️!
Lucius Nelson
Lucius Nelson Prije mjesec
Great video! The light in you glasses is distracting
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía Prije mjesec
Still ruined by VAR
Zaid Massad
Zaid Massad Prije mjesec
Oh matty boy, the predictions are calling from league to league, the Ucl and Europa league
logan w2s
logan w2s Prije mjesec
this in going to be the most unpredictable season in the premier league ever .i dont know who the top 4 are going to be. there are actually 10 teams competing for the top 4 spot.locking at the matches , everton and villa can actually win the league if they keep their their form
olamide balogun
olamide balogun Prije mjesec
angelina's is really cute
Sreedhar Srenivasan
Sreedhar Srenivasan Prije mjesec
What on earth angelina.3-0 with this madrid team who dont know how to finish against barcelona at the camp nou.
Jesse Rokach
Jesse Rokach Prije mjesec
I am a barca fan: oach!
Ransher Singh
Ransher Singh Prije mjesec
Idk y r ppl so sure about real Madrid. They have had a terrible start to the season. I'm not saying barça can't lose or get thrashed, anything can happen in football but I feel people have a bit too much faith in Real Madrid
Luther K
Luther K Prije mjesec
Please include timestamps
Drsoumen Biswas
Drsoumen Biswas Prije mjesec
Gareth Bale will not be a flop .......hoping him all the best .......his lack of gametime is the main problem as you can see ........bcz his quality is still there .......and once he suits with the pl he will be up and running 👍
Chloe Lui
Chloe Lui Prije mjesec
Agree 👍
Tanay Shah
Tanay Shah Prije mjesec
12:45 Angelina waiting for him to stop talking 😂
Kai Aruo
Kai Aruo Prije mjesec
This wont be the next each is better than the last one football is the best
Ifezue Kelvin
Ifezue Kelvin Prije mjesec
It is u that will get injured not aguero
Sandro Sompas
Sandro Sompas Prije mjesec
Too much lighting in this video, your face and glasses are shining
Ayush Talwar
Ayush Talwar Prije mjesec
My opinions never got picked :(
Hunter Walker
Hunter Walker Prije mjesec
This season will be shit
Nazh159 Prije mjesec
wHeRe Is MaTt
laim430 Prije mjesec
Upset about spurs draw😭
Tejas Pugalia
Tejas Pugalia Prije mjesec
Great Job Angelina 👏🏻 love your videos 🤩
Alloys Mugoh
Alloys Mugoh Prije mjesec
Matt now 💔
Josyn Bijoy
Josyn Bijoy Prije mjesec
plz use a soft box
Super Franky and his son Mason
Super Franky and his son Mason Prije mjesec
Angelina is doing a good job keep up the good work!!!!!!
Ralph Ngwalla
Ralph Ngwalla Prije mjesec
I thought 11/12 was the best Premier League season.....but this season's drama has just been in another level
Ayad Waqar Abdullah
Ayad Waqar Abdullah Prije mjesec
The background suits the series.
Oliver Plant
Oliver Plant Prije mjesec
I think there could be a neck on neck points title for more than 2-3 clubs because I think there is currently nothing splitting the big four Tottenham and arsenal could be there and there are some surprising starts such as villa and Everton
Adam Katz
Adam Katz Prije mjesec
All the hosts are so funny but also really good at getting the news to you!
babuyega Prije mjesec
No one has finished this video
Guwari Dieu
Guwari Dieu Prije mjesec
i think kloop will look up to the academy for an emergency CB
Guwari Dieu
Guwari Dieu Prije mjesec
@F L They will use them this time
F L Prije mjesec
Liverpool don't use youngers as starters
Ashley Beard
Ashley Beard Prije mjesec
Adam Katz
Adam Katz Prije mjesec
I love these videos. Every presenter is sooo good!!
MEMEZ 4LIFE Prije mjesec
I feel like Aston villa will win the prem
MEMEZ 4LIFE Prije mjesec
@Modern ya bro
Modern Prije mjesec
And that’s why u got a fortnite profile pic
Adam Katz
Adam Katz Prije mjesec
Please like one football. I love the channel!!!
Joseph Musyoki
Joseph Musyoki Prije mjesec
I love ftw
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