Messi vs Ronaldo in UCL showdown! + Arsenal's Houssem Aouar fight ► Daily News

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On Today's Daily News - Its Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo in the Champions League as Juventus draw Barcelona, Arsenal face a fight Houssem Auoar with PSG and Juve interested, There’s penalty drama a plenty in the Europa League and Carabao Cup as Arsenal beat Liverpool and Spurs win 7-2, a transfer round up and Friday Feels!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know you predictions below! Here are Matt's: Juventus 4-1 Napoli Barcelona 3-2 Sevilla Man United 1-1 Spurs
Joshua Jack
Joshua Jack Prije mjesec
Barca winning 4-1
Zuz Haq
Zuz Haq Prije mjesec
Man United 2 - 3 Spurs
Dinoco Blue
Dinoco Blue Prije mjesec
Juventus 2-2 Napoli Barcelona 1-0 Sevilla Man United 1-1 Spurs
Rida Ramlawi
Rida Ramlawi Prije mjesec
Philemon Othieno tru
Sahil Khatri
Sahil Khatri Prije mjesec
@E same goes with deities and valverde
Yose King
Yose King Prije mjesec
Chiesa vs ansu fati
Arnav Saxena
Arnav Saxena Prije mjesec
Barca win both matches Messi victorious over ronaldo
Alexander Chronos
Alexander Chronos Prije mjesec
I'm pretty sure aouar goes to madrid!!!
Reb Prije mjesec
*J U R G E N K L I N E ' S S O P P*
taranjot singh
taranjot singh Prije mjesec
Tottenham is going to destroy Man Utd
majee george
majee george Prije mjesec
6_1 Tottenham will win its lose
Joshua Jack
Joshua Jack Prije mjesec
Spurs win. 3-1
Rikith Abeysinghe
Rikith Abeysinghe Prije mjesec
man utd 0-1 spurs juventus 1-2 Napoli Barcelona 4-2 sevilla
Martin Gomez
Martin Gomez Prije mjesec
Messi and barca gonna win
Bababoi 642
Bababoi 642 Prije mjesec
Sorry to Barca fans but I think Juve is gonna be top of the group
aditya narula
aditya narula Prije mjesec
3-0 and 4-0 both for barcelona. Haaa Ronaldo a loser 😂😂😂😂
Triza Prije mjesec
Real can win the tripel RODRYGO
no ah
no ah Prije mjesec
Barca 3-2 Juventus hat trick of assists for messi and a goal for Ronaldo
Sagnik Sarkar
Sagnik Sarkar Prije mjesec
Chelsea to win 4-0 against Palace Leeds to win 3-2 against Citizens Barcelona to get their first defeat by losing 0-1 to Sevilla Spurs to come on top by wining by 2-0 Juventus to thrash Napoli with CR7 scoring
Mitchel Remke
Mitchel Remke Prije mjesec
Ronaldo, Messi, Lewandowski and Aubameyang will score goals this wekend
Lesego Sesane
Lesego Sesane Prije mjesec
Man united 3 - 1 Spurs Rashford ×2 and Bruno - Kane... And I smell a rant by matt on Monday over some drama
rajinder pandita
rajinder pandita Prije mjesec
My Prediction barca vs seviila 3-1
Parthesh Punjabi
Parthesh Punjabi Prije mjesec
Ronaldo is God of Football ❤️
Henning H
Henning H Prije mjesec
Matt Nico keep a eye on you
Jonas Loffredo
Jonas Loffredo Prije mjesec
Prediction Chelsea 4 - 1 palace
Edwin ng'ang'a
Edwin ng'ang'a Prije mjesec
covid: no more football fifa: messi vs ronaldo fans: action is back
Yourmama Chubby
Yourmama Chubby Prije mjesec
Its not who is better it’s which team is better
TIK TOK MIX Prije mjesec
Messi like:👇 Ronaldo comment:👇
Yash Sharma
Yash Sharma Prije mjesec
Lindani Lushaba
Lindani Lushaba Prije mjesec
Juventus 2-1 Napoli Barcelona 2-1 Sevilla Man United 2- 1 Spurs
sumanth kumar
sumanth kumar Prije mjesec
Thank god there is messi vs ronaldo , atleast something good was supposed to happen here
Muhammed Yaseen
Muhammed Yaseen Prije mjesec
Lame Kyle Modise
Lame Kyle Modise Prije mjesec
Manchester United 3-0 Spurs
VaMpiRe Prije mjesec
Juve 3 Napoli 2
Maurice JR
Maurice JR Prije mjesec
CR7 to score 2
Beyond Added Time
Beyond Added Time Prije mjesec
With all the hype, one of them's going to be injured
sshakyaa Prije mjesec
Dont really comment but Messi Messi Messi
Tax Evader22
Tax Evader22 Prije mjesec
It's gonna be so weird when Ronaldo and Messi retire
ᖇᗩᎩ ᖇᗩᎩ
ᖇᗩᎩ ᖇᗩᎩ Prije mjesec
Messi vs Ronaldo, the last showdown
Joseph Z
Joseph Z Prije mjesec
I bet Juve and Barca was a rigged group
RosieLovesRoses Prije mjesec
4-2 juve
Abir Bhattacharjee
Abir Bhattacharjee Prije mjesec
Sorry Matt but United are gonna thrash Spurs 4-0 🤞🏼
Kingsley Edjah
Kingsley Edjah Prije mjesec
Spurs 2:1 United
Nyasha Sithole
Nyasha Sithole Prije mjesec
Barcelona2-0sevilla Man united 2-1 tottenham
David Maxwell
David Maxwell Prije mjesec
Barcelona will beat sevilla 4-2 Juventus will win 1-0
hashim hussein
hashim hussein Prije mjesec
Friday feels Man United vs spurs 3-1 Man city vs leeds 4-3 Barcelona vs Seville 3-2 So there u have it
hashim hussein
hashim hussein Prije mjesec
Reply Wil ya matt
Ntokozo Ngwenya
Ntokozo Ngwenya Prije mjesec
Ruairi Robb
Ruairi Robb Prije mjesec
It's crazy to think one football's new look was over 70 days ago
Matthew Dooley
Matthew Dooley Prije mjesec
Man United will win 2 - 1 against Spurs.
Josh Gill
Josh Gill Prije mjesec
Liverpool 3 villa 1
Barca Boy
Barca Boy Prije mjesec
Messi is masiure
Barca Boy
Barca Boy Prije mjesec
Messi the best in world bartuomeoutfyouboard
Amr Khaled
Amr Khaled Prije mjesec
Yes Yes Yes
Jeronimo 921
Jeronimo 921 Prije mjesec
Barcelona will win 2-0
Alan Zammit
Alan Zammit Prije mjesec
Since I'm a Juve fan, Juve 2-1 Napoli, CR7 scores Barca 2-0, Messi scores but no Fati Hotspur 2-1 Man Utd Kane scores
NicolasJS 10
NicolasJS 10 Prije mjesec
Image if one gets injured
Frankie Garcia
Frankie Garcia Prije mjesec
Juve winning 3-0
scot mac
scot mac Prije mjesec
I'm a Rangers man and I'm surprised that they beat the Turks. Yeesss. 💯👍❤️😁
Advit Rastogi
Advit Rastogi Prije mjesec
Barca vs Sevilla: 3-1 to barca Spurs vs Man Utd: 2-1 to spurs Juve vs Napoli: 3-1 to Juve Lazio vs Inter: 0-2 to inter Leipzig vs Schalke: 3-0 to Leipzig Leeds vs City: 2-2 Hope they r correct and I get into the video on monday 👍💙
Wausm- Vincent
Wausm- Vincent Prije mjesec
Ronaldo is best
Maanthreshwar M.B
Maanthreshwar M.B Prije mjesec
Juventus 2-1 Napoli Manchester City 3-2 Leeds United Barcelona 4-2 Sevilla Tottenham 2-1 Manchester United
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman Prije mjesec
Friday feels Sevilla to draw barca with racitic getting on the score sheet Napoli to beat Juventus Timo Werner to score a brace Spurs 3-2 Man Utd with there being a controversial decision
David Taiwo Olowa
David Taiwo Olowa Prije mjesec
Barcelona win 3-1 vs Sevilla. Timo scores his first pl goal. Juve win 3-1 against Napoli. Man U 3-2 vs spurs
John Prije mjesec
2-1 to Barcelona
Othniel Thompson
Othniel Thompson Prije mjesec
Napoli will beat Juventus by a 1 goal margin
Mila Chatterjee
Mila Chatterjee Prije mjesec
Juventus 3-0 Napoli Barca 1 - 2 Sevilla Tottenham 3-1 Man U
Brook Solomon
Brook Solomon Prije mjesec
Friday feels Ampadu to score against Arsenal and Barkley to score on his debut
Juan Corral
Juan Corral Prije mjesec
napoli vs juventus 3-1
Ninja smasher
Ninja smasher Prije mjesec
Man city in an easy groupe again🤔 Suspisius a bit?
KEERTHI VASAN Prije mjesec
Finally a good face of in the champions league group stages. I think it's gonna be like finale when Juve and barca face in the league matches 🔥😎
Jonty Gledhill
Jonty Gledhill Prije mjesec
Friday feels: Liverpool will win 4-1 with firmino getting 2 and Thiago getting 1
LaZeRed Prije mjesec
I prefer Ron over Messi and JIve over Barca but they hv been so shit so I predict. 3-1 Barca Ronaldo with a goal
Half Skull
Half Skull Prije mjesec
Friday Feels: PSG lose 1-0
Liverpool Club
Liverpool Club Prije mjesec
Im sorry but Ronaldo and Messi havent performed poorly in the UCL, their teams have. Ronaldo scored a double to try and keep his team in it and Messi only had 1 bad game against bayern last year, so i dont know what your on about Matt.
k k
k k Prije mjesec
Liverpool to win Spurs to win Kane mane and sterling to score in their respective games Everton to sign Ben Godfrey from relegated Norwich
mr D techs
mr D techs Prije mjesec
I see sheik mansoor is on top of the situation again
Mango G
Mango G Prije mjesec
Man Utd 2-1 Spurs Bruno to score
Ronaldo Mohammed
Ronaldo Mohammed Prije mjesec
Napoli 3-1 Juventus
FUNKTUBE GH Prije mjesec
1st leg juventus 2 - 0 to barça 2nd leg juventus 1 - 0 to barça The champions league is ronaldos footstool and messi doesn't show up in big games my opinion based on stats
Rohan Purandare
Rohan Purandare Prije mjesec
Arsenal will annihilate Sheffield
Aidan Murphy
Aidan Murphy Prije mjesec
JX REPUBLIC Prije mjesec
Jürgen Klein's soap😂😂
JX REPUBLIC Prije mjesec
Deligt Vs dejong Pjanic v Arthur RONALDO V MESSI🔥
Adrian Padilla
Adrian Padilla Prije mjesec
Messi vs Ronaldo The Final dance the last 2 games where they will face each other
Memphis Griezzy
Memphis Griezzy Prije mjesec
FRIDAY FEELS: Napoli and Juventus will draw Man united will win against spurs Barcelona and Sevilla will draw PSG to win with 3 goals or more 5 goals or more to be scored in Man city vs Leeds game Vardy will score again this weekend vs Westham Sacho will sign for United before the Monday OneFootball video comes out. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Moda Hage
Moda Hage Prije mjesec
Okuhle Hadebe
Okuhle Hadebe Prije mjesec
Ronaldo is the best
Brook Daniel
Brook Daniel Prije mjesec
1 1 draw for United and spurs
Brook Daniel
Brook Daniel Prije mjesec
Barca to win 3 2
Brook Daniel
Brook Daniel Prije mjesec
3 1 for Juventus
Jet De’ath
Jet De’ath Prije mjesec
Man U win 2-1 And ronaldo and Douglas Costa score
10 Syed Tahmid Ahmed 9D
10 Syed Tahmid Ahmed 9D Prije mjesec
Messi is the best player in the world
Nalin Shahane
Nalin Shahane Prije mjesec
Ellis Baker
Ellis Baker Prije mjesec
Sheffield united will shock arsenal and beat them Dominic Calvert-lewin will continue his scoring run and Spurs will lose against Man U 3-1
Isaque Stocco
Isaque Stocco Prije mjesec
Definitely Messi
RobsonGames Prije mjesec
Barcelona 0 : 1 Sevilla
Idaishe Muzondo
Idaishe Muzondo Prije mjesec
Friday Feels: Man United 3 - 1Tothenham Juventus 4 - 2 Napoli Inter Milan 3 - 1 Lazio Barcelona 2 - 1 Sevilla
Agyena Osei
Agyena Osei Prije mjesec
Arsenal to win by 3 goals
Girts7 Prije mjesec
Groningen will win against Ajax.
nolimitjay Prije mjesec
Messi will go against the 2nd Goat.
Rishab Bantiya
Rishab Bantiya Prije mjesec
Wow!!! He didn't Even mention United will be going against PSG & Leipzeig... UCL FINALISTS AND SEMI FINALISTS...he really does hate United
esperant katolo
esperant katolo Prije mjesec
Chelsea 3 Palace 2
sergio aguero
sergio aguero Prije mjesec
Juventus 3-2 Napoli Barcelona 2-2 Sevilla Man United 0-2 spurs
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