Should Man United sign Dembele or WAIT for Sancho? ► Q&A

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On this week's Onefootball Q&A Matt and Angelina tackle your questions on how Ousmane Dembele might fit in at Manchester United, how Frank Lampard can manage his Chelsea stars, Bayern Munich's transfer targets, Liverpool, Manchester City and much more!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
If you were Manchester United would you sign Dembele or Sancho?
Jacob McMahon
Jacob McMahon Prije mjesec
Sign Dembele on a one season loan
OFFICIAL UnKnowN CLaN Prije mjesec
OneFootball English Jadon
Babani Plays
Babani Plays Prije mjesec
Dembele because he is cheaper and he can even be better if h e is fit
Rishabh Chopra
Rishabh Chopra Prije mjesec
@Kuzajatu Katjatenja As I already said, enjoy seeing him at Barca👌
Kuzajatu Katjatenja
Kuzajatu Katjatenja Prije mjesec
Badass Gamer123 then no harm, no foul I guess. Like I said, I’m more than happy for Barca to keep him. Sancho has a higher ceiling yes, but Dembele isn’t miles behind. I just don’t like the way United fans are trashing him cause he is linked to your club. He is still a good young player with incredible potential, even if Sancho is ahead.
Gabriel Banderas
Gabriel Banderas Prije mjesec
I guess you swallow that term , one horse race after yesterday game
Nazh159 Prije mjesec
Kyle walker is all about the attacing? im sorry but youve got it compeletely wrong there
jeFF Fury
jeFF Fury Prije mjesec
One horse race with Liverpool...... getting stuffed by Villa 7-2.. *chuckle*
Babin Regmi
Babin Regmi Prije mjesec
Hey I'm Frm Nepal and i watch your posts regularly.. 🙄🙄
sourav deb
sourav deb Prije mjesec
Guardiola found out?? What he found winning 9 trophies in 4 yrs Why u hate pep??
Moses Dominic
Moses Dominic Prije mjesec
Sign Dembele.
Bediss Bejjar
Bediss Bejjar Prije mjesec
Please bring back the power ranking with the 10 most inform players
Dennis Errikson
Dennis Errikson Prije mjesec
Survey was super long.. but I did it. Hope it helps. Love from Nigeria.
Abir Prije mjesec
Without injury dembele is quite above sancho PS : why don't you lot focus a bit on spanish league ??
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije mjesec
Liverpool watching City's defence like 😎🙉🙊🙈
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije mjesec
Tottenham is gonna bottle it in the league again. Try the cups though. Just maybe.......
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije mjesec
Bayern is still gonna kill it. Sorry Germany. For all we know Bayern Bayern probably has secret weapons in the academy. 🥶
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije mjesec
Chelsea's season won't start rising until mid November. Its about hitting a gold vein of form and then boom
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije mjesec
Except for when they play Liverpool lol😏
James Uduanu
James Uduanu Prije mjesec
Why does Matt put his hand on his lap so much
Maahir Tekchandaney
Maahir Tekchandaney Prije mjesec
City should get Martin Braithwaite from Barcelona in return of Eric Garcia 🤣🤣🤣
Maahir Tekchandaney
Maahir Tekchandaney Prije mjesec
Bayerns depth does not matter much as they have players who can play various positions...... Almost all players in their team execpt Lewandowski and sule can play in more than 2 positions... The only position they need to strengthen is their st as their backup st is too young and they need someone to replace Lewandowski
Shady Maark
Shady Maark Prije mjesec
Cuisance stayed because he failed his medical
Elis Öhrn 6
Elis Öhrn 6 Prije mjesec
Man city has a good yungster forward, his name is Delap, 17
Brandon mboya
Brandon mboya Prije mjesec
Matt where do you think Cavani will end up at?
Imdat Odabas
Imdat Odabas Prije mjesec
Hello from Australia 🌏
Brandon mboya
Brandon mboya Prije mjesec
Angelina how do think will win the champions league this season?
Lalita Bhujel
Lalita Bhujel Prije mjesec
You look line Harry Kame
Shrish Trivedi
Shrish Trivedi Prije mjesec
Love from India 🤝
Shreyash Paudyal
Shreyash Paudyal Prije mjesec
Hey matt. what chances do FC Barcelona have in the champions league because Ronald is doing showing promising improvements and the team has a lot more intensity with coutinho and what are your thoughts on Griezmann.
Lakkadi Karthikeya
Lakkadi Karthikeya Prije mjesec
UNPOPULAR OPINION - Barca will win Laliga Because The lads and messi are hungry
Dipesh Pandit
Dipesh Pandit Prije mjesec
Matt, I'm watching form Nepal. I love your content.
SB 12
SB 12 Prije mjesec
Yes we watch from nepal,although not from everest.
Ken Noronha
Ken Noronha Prije mjesec
Dembele won't come. Manchester United fans Are Best in Editing
Khen Gevana
Khen Gevana Prije mjesec
"You can't put a defensive midfielder in the backline in the Premier League" Fabinho: *sweating nervously*
Muhammad Lockhat
Muhammad Lockhat Prije mjesec
who ships Angelina and Matt🤣 no jk great work guys you are so consistent well done
John Johnson
John Johnson Prije mjesec
I do not agree with this video. I do NOT want Dembele. He is injury prone and has a shit attitude. Also we're not signing him next summer, other clubs will be after him and we might even be in the europa league. Just pay Dortmund the money and get Sancho NOW
ZERO Dsouz
ZERO Dsouz Prije mjesec
Naah man he didn't win back to back prems by neglecting thier defence
Division Monday
Division Monday Prije mjesec
Man city is better because man city win premier league...
Adityasai VP
Adityasai VP Prije mjesec
Yo they just lost one game calm down
Joaquin Meek
Joaquin Meek Prije mjesec
Kai Havertz can’t play with Mason Mount. Both are #10’s
Apple Juice
Apple Juice Prije mjesec
Damn my questions never get chosen 😔
Scept _yt 21
Scept _yt 21 Prije mjesec
Wait for sancho because what’s the point of Moving on Dembele If the transfer closes in 3 more days
Amogelang Maluleka
Amogelang Maluleka Prije mjesec
What happened to julian Drexler?
Shubham Pawar
Shubham Pawar Prije mjesec
Pep has been found out noo!!!! 100 points in PL (the most in the history) 98 points in PL (2md most in the history) But but pep can't do it PL.
M NK Prije mjesec
Lampard is not finding the right combo l think cuz he is not very experienced if there was an experienced manager then he would know how to fit the new signings in one team but it early days for Lampard
Devanshu Bharadwaj
Devanshu Bharadwaj Prije mjesec
Lampard having funds and top signings performing worse than Arteta who's struggling just a CM to get signed by Arsenal! If the combination Lampard is picking for his XI isn't winning, then Lampard is not a good manager but only a fan who predicts his own team before every game! Harsh reality but true.. 🔥🙏 #peace
Rabiu Moyo
Rabiu Moyo Prije mjesec
please get rid of this background its messing with my eyes
Coolboy Mahad
Coolboy Mahad Prije mjesec
leicester gonna win bro
Dp Prije mjesec
Matt I agree with you that Bayern's squad is really thin but we should not forget that all the players that have left Bayern (Coutinho, Thiago, odriozola) expect Perisic were actually Non starters and they were on bench for most of the season. And I think this year we will see another Another brilliant young Talent (just like phonsi) maybe Musiala, Chris Richards or Someone else. Mia San Mia ❤️
Intense gaming
Intense gaming Prije mjesec
Lots of love from Nepal❤
Ghost Boss
Ghost Boss Prije mjesec
She’s beautiful 😘
Ghost Boss
Ghost Boss Prije mjesec
She rhell sweet
Crumbux YT
Crumbux YT Prije mjesec
We need Mark to do a crossbar challenge who agrees
Messi TheKing
Messi TheKing Prije mjesec
Please do sign Dembele, he will warm the benches at old trafford!
Nissi Chapfika
Nissi Chapfika Prije mjesec
Puta for 1 football I am huge fan but never get picked
Idaishe Muzondo
Idaishe Muzondo Prije mjesec
Hopefully Hansi Flick can explain the dynamics at the club concerning player injuries, the way Matt explained did and hopefully that will help Lamptey realize that he will get adequate playing time at the club because he is a great young player and I am very excited of the thought of him playing for Bayern !!!!!!!
Ezorelle Prije mjesec
Havertz and Mount on the cams and dm is Kante lb Chilwell or Tomori cb Thiago and Zouma rb Reece attacking Timo as striker lw pulisic and rw Callum Hudson odoi we need a young squad and a chip of the old block at the centre for experience
Vamsi Karthikeya
Vamsi Karthikeya Prije mjesec
Which team does he support??
golden gamer
golden gamer Prije mjesec
Matt are you guys a couple I seriously want to know
Suhayb Abdallah
Suhayb Abdallah Prije mjesec
I think the problem with Lampard is that he doesn't have one line up that he is confident with it
Sidhayan D
Sidhayan D Prije mjesec
Dembele plays well if he doesn't have injuries. Probably every time he is injured.
Jungwoo Kim
Jungwoo Kim Prije mjesec
About Bayern's Squad being thin, because Flick was only manager for half a season, the players are just now getting fatigued. The good news about Bayern tho is that half of the players play in 2 or more positions
buttplugs and mastadons 1988
buttplugs and mastadons 1988 Prije mjesec
Bayern bundesliga inter series a Liverpool prem and champions league
Zero Scans
Zero Scans Prije mjesec
It's still early matt put some believe in your team #COYS
dan mas
dan mas Prije mjesec
I went to the survey and The Pecking Order wasn't on the list of favourite format so I am here to say that it is my favourite video format and have a great day
Tyeda Zubenathi
Tyeda Zubenathi Prije mjesec
Q: does barca need any signings and if not is there anyone they should get rid off
Luke Hoolan
Luke Hoolan Prije mjesec
Weird to see a United fan this clueless. Hamstrings like breadsticks
HypeBeast 1000
HypeBeast 1000 Prije mjesec
I don't get this hype about the Premier League tho. especially right now. 🤔
Elijah Sassoon
Elijah Sassoon Prije mjesec
Dembele would be an awful signing for United Angelina your mad he’ll spend more time with Jones playing FIFA then he would be on the pitch. Saying that he would be a good deal is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
Max Asher
Max Asher Prije mjesec
I would actually want to see Matt play football
Shashi Kant
Shashi Kant Prije mjesec
Did the survey before watching the video ❤️
Shohail Parvez
Shohail Parvez Prije mjesec
The hostess is such a pushover
Mktoxicz Prije mjesec
Just matt and paddy or matt and niko once a week as a mini series would be amazing
Adwait Khatiwada
Adwait Khatiwada Prije mjesec
from top of the world
UJ 18
UJ 18 Prije mjesec
ofcourse we watch you from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵Mat😂😂.... one football is fun to watch
Crunchynutman YAYEET
Crunchynutman YAYEET Prije mjesec
Jus done the survey
Musaed sami
Musaed sami Prije mjesec
Borussia Dortmund are inconsistent in there manager Lucien Favre as he is tactically week. What do you think ??-
Adam October
Adam October Prije mjesec
Could it finally be happening !!! I cant wait to buy the merch weve been crying out for it for ages now , wrist bands would be good to And i would personally like to thank everyone for putting time in to inform us about the lastes and yeah mostly the merch 😂. Its been a great journey ❤
Glefser Prije mjesec
Question in the survey: Would you be interested in buying merch? My answer: No Next Question: You said yes to be interested in buying merch, what would you buy? That's cheeky
Skyren Films
Skyren Films Prije mjesec
Love form Singapore!!!
Collins M
Collins M Prije mjesec
To be honest Fernandinho played Centre Back because of Laporte's injury and because Otamendi and Stones didn't step up
Pritam Modak
Pritam Modak Prije mjesec
Give 85 million and take Dembele
Aayush Seth
Aayush Seth Prije mjesec
Done the survey .. tried to give the most informative feedback I could
YNB FROSTY Prije mjesec
United would be lucky to have Dembele, he’s better than Martial and Greenwood, similar class to rashford, his only issue is fitness but the lad is CLASS
Jean- paul Walters
Jean- paul Walters Prije mjesec
Martial & Greenwood are better than Rashford & Dembele
MrTerrificH Prije mjesec
Hey, Matt and anyone else at One football that might see this (it's probably only Matt) I've just finishing filling out your survey (didn't realize it took me nearly 45 minutes but I think that defenitely wasn't a waste of time)and I wanted to add that, this is a GREAT way to interact more with your viewers and try to see their feedback and perspective on your amazing content. At the end of the survey though I wanted to add to you some general feedback about your app and what I personally would like to see in it. I know that there is probably another way to do this but I would've been good if this was included in the survey itself. Thanks!!
Omar Nassar
Omar Nassar Prije mjesec
@Euan Lockhart 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Euan Lockhart
Euan Lockhart Prije mjesec
MrTerrificH simp
scot mac
scot mac Prije mjesec
With Lampard, it's a great problem to have. So many great players to pick from. ⛏️😊🤔
mihir velapure
mihir velapure Prije mjesec
Remember Bayern always get injuries towards the end of the season, it just didn't happen last season.
Коста Михајлов
Коста Михајлов Prije mjesec
seeing these two together makes my day
scot mac
scot mac Prije mjesec
With Dembele it's all about consistency. 🤔
H G Prije mjesec
Barcelona spent like 300 plus million to replace Neymar and Fati ended up replacing him for free
DC 21
DC 21 Prije mjesec
subhadeep sikdar
subhadeep sikdar Prije mjesec
It's Sancho or nothing
Shoot & Scoot
Shoot & Scoot Prije mjesec
Last time I was this early Jose loved Pogba
Kapil Duwadi
Kapil Duwadi Prije mjesec
Hey Matt We always don't sit on mountains and watch football. 😂😂😂 Lots of love from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵 Kudos to good Content.
Fingers Prije mjesec
So disappointed in Angelina now 😔 Exactly what Glazers ambition, no football, no trophies....just frustrate fans so much so in the end they’re happy for ANY signing. No matter how bad and ridiculous it may be. As long as you buy zebra shirt and subscribe tv 💸💸💸
אלי רחמילביץ'
אלי רחמילביץ' Prije mjesec
Wow, that was a long survey
Football Fun Family
Football Fun Family Prije mjesec
I think man united has to wait for Jadon Sancho
Mylo B
Mylo B Prije mjesec
I placed £1000 on Spurs to win the league this season Something is really different about our team this year with the hunger and fighting mentality jose has brought into the players #COYS❤️
Aahoot Neupane
Aahoot Neupane Prije mjesec
Alderweirald is performing descent for Belgium. What do you think has happened to him at Tottenham
Prije mjesec
Sancho will be at old Trafford
david Okkk
david Okkk Prije mjesec
Love the video! Tanning or lost of make up guys 🤣? You both look great
vns_ Buzzyy
vns_ Buzzyy Prije mjesec
Hey Matt, love ur videos, do you think that there are gonna be any champions league surprises this season? Will Atlanta, Ajax or even inter pop off this season? Love from 🇱🇧 Lebanon...
Jeremih B
Jeremih B Prije mjesec
Guardiola is the most disrespectful manager in the Prem he’s done things no other manager has accomplished.
L00kiii Prije mjesec
Why the hell are english football fans always so mad about their players or making fun about others? I dont get it... for me as a german football fans, its hard to see that english fans are making fun about Havertz or Werner but also about many many others just after a couple of games. I think this might be a reason why so many young english prospects are failing to reach their potencial because the media and the fans are critisize them way to early. In germany nobody the fans are way more chilled about that. Specially the meme culture in england is so much more popular than in germany, look at 442oons (nothing like that exist in germnay) or aftv or what ever... its just anoying to see
What I would do if my team got RELEGATED!!!
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