Mbappe's NEW PSG contract includes Real Madrid deal + Rudiger keen on Barca!

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On Today's Daily News - Mbappe wants Real Madrid clause in his new PSG contract, Chelsea's Rudiger open to Barca move, Liverpool face MORE injury worries, a news round up and Emoji Mondays!
00:18 Mbappe's Real Madrid clause
02:21 Rudiger to Barcelona
03:33 Liverpool injury worries
05:11 Transfer/News Round-up
05:55 Friday Feels re-cap
06:16 Emoji Mondays
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 7 dana
EMOJI MONDAYS: 🔥Best Player: Gini Wijanldum 🤯Crazy Moment: Sergio Ramos missing TWO penalties! ➕3️⃣Best Result: Portugal 0-1 France Let us know yours below!
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk Prije 7 dana
Panneka penalties are so risky that the fulham player who missed against west ham owes them
Charlie Wachs
Charlie Wachs Prije 7 dana
@Ali10 Irfan agreed
PC the gamer
PC the gamer Prije 7 dana
Best Player :Timo Werner Crazy moment: Sergio Ramos missing 2 Pens Best Result: Belgium 2-0 England
shadman tashbib
shadman tashbib Prije 7 dana
If Mbappe leaves PSG will chase Sancho
Ihab Ammoury
Ihab Ammoury Prije 7 dana
EMOJI MONDAYS: 🔥Best Player: although England lost, but Jack Grealish for me 🤯Crazy Moments: Frank de Boer won his first game with Netherlands 💩Worst Player: Jordan Pickford Best Result: Belgium 2-0 England (I predicted Belgium will win, 2-0 on Friday)
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma Prije 6 dana
Barca: had a 20 year old cb who put on motm performance against Lewandowski, muller and martinez and lukaku so they loaned him with 20 m clause Also barca : wanna buy Lord rudiger Transfer : the most barca thing
Daniel choi
Daniel choi Prije 6 dana
Daniel choi
Daniel choi Prije 6 dana
for gods sake how are linked with Mustafi, Rudiger and Matip
Matthew Sum
Matthew Sum Prije 6 dana
If mbappe do go to RMA i hope he dosent have injuries i hope he does rly well
Jason Antonio Fernandez
Jason Antonio Fernandez Prije 6 dana
Mbape in - Ramos out, could be very bad for Real. But who am I to talk, Barca is in shambles 😕 PLEASE do not bring Rudiger to the Camp Nou 😥🤦‍♂️
rajan aryal
rajan aryal Prije 6 dana
1:10 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Ryux shi
Ryux shi Prije 7 dana
Pls barca buy rudiger from us ohh god pls do
Blake Birchall
Blake Birchall Prije 7 dana
Liverpool who cares
Futbol Editzzz
Futbol Editzzz Prije 7 dana
I hear if ur 14 hours late Matt doesn’t give u anything 🥲
Brownie Dawg
Brownie Dawg Prije 7 dana
Liverpool won't win the league and I love it
CONTACT Prije 7 dana
Did Matt just hesitate calling Barca a bigger club than Chelsea lol....I know we're not where we were s few years ago but let's be honest there is only one club that's bigger than we are and that's Real Madrid
Orane Parkinson
Orane Parkinson Prije 7 dana
As a Barcelona fan I can say my club has been a joke since bartomeu became president. Thank God he's gone.
Believe Suele
Believe Suele Prije 7 dana
In my view I just think Liverpool won't retain their Premier League crown this season because of their injury crisis there is injury after injury after injury so many players out this ain't good.
turtle_sandwich Prije 7 dana
Matt jinxed Liverpool
L Maz
L Maz Prije 7 dana
Chelsea fan here If rudiger were to leave I wouldn’t care
fedel davids
fedel davids Prije 7 dana
“Barce a bigger club than Chelsea “ the club with so much financial trouble in a shit league with only 3 title contenders
fedel davids
fedel davids Prije 7 dana
I’m sorry Matt but Barce is not a bigger club than Chelsea fuck that
L Maz
L Maz Prije 7 dana
He said big not better
Theo The'Ore
Theo The'Ore Prije 7 dana
Matt did you or didn't you curse Liverpool....
Gregg B
Gregg B Prije 7 dana
Mbappe doesn't need a new contract if he is planning on leaving PSG. He should just leave on a free and then can go where he wants. What will they do if he doesn't sign a new contract not play him or put him up for transfer
L Maz
L Maz Prije 7 dana
He probably wants some money
Gunnin Sikka
Gunnin Sikka Prije 7 dana
Why in earth is international breaks still here
Only Football
Only Football Prije 7 dana
Lautauro is as perfect a replacement for Aguero as you can get.
Haraldr Haldefjürd
Haraldr Haldefjürd Prije 7 dana
Barca starting to sound like Arsene Wenger
Haraldr Haldefjürd
Haraldr Haldefjürd Prije 6 dana
@L Maz Wenger has a history of saying "Oh yea, I could have signed 'X player who became huge at another big club' but I didnt"
L Maz
L Maz Prije 7 dana
Luke Watchorn
Luke Watchorn Prije 7 dana
I will be very disappointed if Firmino doesn't play center back vs Leicester.
Football Album
Football Album Prije 7 dana
best player- Kante worst player- Sergio Ramos
Nidian Pascascio
Nidian Pascascio Prije 7 dana
matt how did france go to the semi finals if there just in the group stage and its so close with portugal
John Huj
John Huj Prije 7 dana
Clause that forces PSG to accept any offer: Well hello Bolton: 5 pounds and he’s ours:
John Huj
John Huj Prije 7 dana
@L Maz Liverpool: Mbappé 2020! ❌ Bolton: Mbappé 2021! ✅
L Maz
L Maz Prije 7 dana
Mbappe to Bolton 2020
John Huj
John Huj Prije 7 dana
@RobManior Yeah.
RobManior Prije 7 dana
than Mbappé still has to accept the contract
John Huj
John Huj Prije 7 dana
First XD 🤣
Zan Zan
Zan Zan Prije 7 dana
Wait what... In my career mode, Rüdiger left for Barca what's happening....
Jonathan Abraham
Jonathan Abraham Prije 7 dana
Hi Matt 🙋 Don't leave me hanging like last time please🙏
Eoin Nisharrig
Eoin Nisharrig Prije 7 dana
yes the amount of injuries are worrying but we have a James Milner, y,n,w,a!!!6!!!
August Thuesen
August Thuesen Prije 7 dana
So were just gonna ignore the fact That Denmark have finished above England in the Nations league???
August Thuesen
August Thuesen Prije 6 dana
@LMaz no there is only one game, and England Cannot reach Denmark because of the fact That Denmark beat England in their game
L Maz
L Maz Prije 7 dana
They’res still 2 games
Zaccaria Amrouch
Zaccaria Amrouch Prije 7 dana
Algeria have qualified to caf aswell
Ana Kraliçe
Ana Kraliçe Prije 7 dana Sergio Ramos 2 missed penalty
Nathaniel Omondi
Nathaniel Omondi Prije 7 dana
Mustafi to Barca
Shyam Pranav KK
Shyam Pranav KK Prije 7 dana
Syed Mohammad Z. Shah
Syed Mohammad Z. Shah Prije 7 dana
They need someone to replace Ronaldo,and to be honest being a Barça fan I still admit no one can cope out with that pressure we can see what happened to Hazard,even if he moves it's impossible to replace the greatest player in Madrid's history and maybe he will be a flop there
pratik thapa
pratik thapa Prije 7 dana
Better use either vinicios or rodrygo as a bargaining chip
Jose 284
Jose 284 Prije 7 dana
isn’t Barca about go bankrupt?? why the hell are they still trying to buy players ??
GAMER N Prije 7 dana
This is the daily news. Could make any man cry
Fifa Mobile with Stegen
Fifa Mobile with Stegen Prije 7 dana
Dude how many Injuries for Liverpool starting from Van Dijk
SeiGin Misao
SeiGin Misao Prije 7 dana
You look like Robertson
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem Prije 7 dana
Yeah Liverpool fans , This is what happens when you let go a club legend like dejan lovren 😑 😂
Fifa Mobile with Stegen
Fifa Mobile with Stegen Prije 7 dana
Hope Rudiger doesnt join Barca he is shit!!! He ruined Chelseas defence
Puffin - One Handed Gamer
Puffin - One Handed Gamer Prije 7 dana
Liverpool will be fielding the under 8's next premier league match. Yeah. Korona and Injures are the only thing stoppig Liverpool winning the league this year, none of the other 19 teams will this year for sure. But now, I can see the likes of Manchester United beating them with ease and that will be hard to watch. That said, I think even the under 8's would get a draw vs Solskjær's troops.
Adi V
Adi V Prije 7 dana
As a Liverpool fan I vote we postpone the season by like idk 6-8 months till all our players are fit, please and thank you 😭
Godfrey Onyango
Godfrey Onyango Prije 7 dana
totenham will win the league
SDB Prije 7 dana
The only thing people seem to forget, Barcelona dont have anyyy money.
Daniel Naidoo
Daniel Naidoo Prije 7 dana
Koeman is brain dead, "stacked in the midfield" koeman just plays Busquets who's honestly been dreadful this season... Alena and puig have been absolutely abandoned...
Weldon Sirloin
Weldon Sirloin Prije 7 dana
It seems Pep Guardiola went overboard with the voodoo doll trying to take off a few kew players from Liverpool.
Taje Scott
Taje Scott Prije 7 dana
Laughs in Nathaniel clyne
Jamie Clements
Jamie Clements Prije 7 dana
Where’s Thursday Favourites have u stopped that?
Sandaled Halo52
Sandaled Halo52 Prije 7 dana
Where are the power rankings
CJAOSHENY JC Prije 7 dana
I hope the "legend has it...." comments stop getting hearted
BoutDaCheck Prije 7 dana
The way football is going, player transfers will be happening for £1billion and wages of £2million in a century or two
Nduvho Phophi
Nduvho Phophi Prije 7 dana
Why don't you consider going into coaching professionally?, seeing as you have a Uefa B license.
Abrar Gaming OP
Abrar Gaming OP Prije 7 dana
Love the Daily news....
Only MC
Only MC Prije 7 dana
I hope their be TFW today I really miss that show ...or bring it back asap please.
rubnpopoviciu Prije 7 dana
@OneFootball's editor you should pay more attention to the positioning of the pictures 😁 we are not that interested in the nose of those players 2:30 being a good example
N1ck_ Prije 7 dana
RIP Liverpool
Abir Prije 7 dana
Real madrid no longer pays "Dodgy amount of money" ... they would rather invest in other more feasible talents than him . I have said it earlier and i will say it again , the whole mbappe saga could turn out to be another hazard saga , where it will be all flirts and no action. I have never seen perez wanting to sign mbappe ... like he was quite vocal for neymar , cristiano , etc not so much for him
boemkiller Prije 7 dana
5:43 Transferes ??????
Cookie Boy
Cookie Boy Prije 7 dana
I heard when you're late you get a heart from matt
Ascended Lad
Ascended Lad Prije 7 dana
Rüdiger isn't world class, not the greatest move for Barça
CHB Prije 7 dana
@Ascended Lad judging by their recent games where de jong was playing cb you can say that they definitely need both a starting cb and a squad player
Ascended Lad
Ascended Lad Prije 7 dana
Barca doesn't need a squad player, they need a solid CB who can start and actually improve their team. They should sign someone like Kounde
CHB Prije 7 dana
No question about that but he's a solid cb in general and he would be quite cheap as well
Aaden Prije 7 dana
It could still be an improvement, because barcas cbs are horrendous. But you are right , Rüdiger certainly is not world class.
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije 7 dana
Liverpool has more injuries than... (comment down below)
Berosar Prije 7 dana
the timeline of the video at the bottom is super nice and convenient.
Tomazito Prije 7 dana
More like France squeezed out a victory. Don’t get me wrong France took their chances and made them count. But it wasn’t ‘incredible’.
Keteng Mariti
Keteng Mariti Prije 7 dana
Football clubs getting real comfortable with buying players with hundreds of millions like it's small change Imagine paying 200 mil for 1 player...
#the_ Dream
#the_ Dream Prije 7 dana
Who else despite hearing news from other sources, always come here to confirm?🤚
Fat Joe Gaming
Fat Joe Gaming Prije 7 dana
If Mbappe wants to join Madrid he shouldn't sign a new contract with psg.
Shafiz Rahman
Shafiz Rahman Prije 4 dana
around 200m is a large sum given the current dynamics. Real may look for cheaper alternate.
Diogo Alves
Diogo Alves Prije 6 dana
I agree with you but if it really has a clause i can understand it
Robijn Hornstra
Robijn Hornstra Prije 7 dana
Paris is his city. He wants them to get a good price
Ben Lee
Ben Lee Prije 7 dana
XD rudiger to barcelona
DJVSTAR Prije 7 dana
Much success then Chelsea 🤣🤣🤣
Kurt Chester
Kurt Chester Prije 7 dana
Barca choosing Dembele and Kevin Boateng over Mbappe and Halland is such a smart move from the Madrid legend Bartomeu. 🔥🔥😍
Twitchy Brian
Twitchy Brian Prije 6 dana
@Andrei Ginju so true.and hes super fast,two footed,and shoots from far.And have to remember there r not many two footed players
Andrei Ginju
Andrei Ginju Prije 7 dana
Dembele was still a smart buy. U wouldnt predict sancho to get permainjured for 3 years
SB 12
SB 12 Prije 7 dana
Day 8 of saying one football is amazing
Jacob Fimognari
Jacob Fimognari Prije 7 dana
Wow okay I think we might need to buy a whole another half a squad
A Shivesh
A Shivesh Prije 7 dana
Legends say that put one comment that Praises Matt and they heart u
Eatin Hazelnut
Eatin Hazelnut Prije 7 dana
Yes please buy rudiger please please please please, he is world class. And we will bring in kepa as a buy one get one free deal
Eatin Hazelnut
Eatin Hazelnut Prije 7 dana
Also pls buy emerson and marcus alonso they are world class amazing LB, they are world class players and they do the no look defending thing so cool
E-star Eze
E-star Eze Prije 7 dana
you should look at more AFCON qualifiers,the player of the week is ziyech,2 goals 1 assist in morroco,4-1CAR
Mind yuu business
Mind yuu business Prije 7 dana
I'm a madrid fan and i kinda want Haaland before mbappe
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar Prije 7 dana
Starting 11 injured , bench also injured or covid positive . Well well , any other left to be injured ?
Tangeni Iiputa
Tangeni Iiputa Prije 7 dana
Why so many Liverpool injuries
Binod Pradhan
Binod Pradhan Prije 7 dana
Real Madrid should go for haland
Breyton Johannes
Breyton Johannes Prije 7 dana
afcon in 2022 aswell as the world cup, damn
Zidan ShittyShit
Zidan ShittyShit Prije 7 dana
I said it once I'm gonna say it a 1000 times Angelina is better than Matt
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 7 dana
mbappe will negotiate 130mil to 210mil release clause if psg don't agree he will leave for free next summer
Clare Igbinomwanhia
Clare Igbinomwanhia Prije 7 dana
When ur an hour late but have no idea what to say so u just drop a like and enjoy the video.
Sisekelo Ntando Owami Mbense
Sisekelo Ntando Owami Mbense Prije 7 dana
where's umtiti ? has he stopped playing for Barcelona?
Umar Muhammad
Umar Muhammad Prije 7 dana
He's injured
ReefMyer 17
ReefMyer 17 Prije 7 dana
Cb starter vs Leicester Like : Firmino Comment : Milner
CoyoteMan Prije 6 dana
Murtaza Umair
Murtaza Umair Prije 7 dana
Mr versatile duh tho I imagine both wud play CB
EFHD Prije 7 dana
Mr versatile
Clayton Felix
Clayton Felix Prije 7 dana
ReefMyer 17
ReefMyer 17 Prije 7 dana
Kaushal Joshi
Kaushal Joshi Prije 7 dana
As a Chelsea fan, I reckon Rudiger to barca could be good addition but would he improve the defence🤷‍♂️
Ranveer Mishra
Ranveer Mishra Prije 7 dana
When did a bench warming Chelsea player become good enough for Barcelona. Where did it all go wrong🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Ihab Ammoury
Ihab Ammoury Prije 7 dana
3:11 Liverpool might now get Rudiger from Chelsea on loan, because they don't anyone to play as CB
Андрей Юдаев
Андрей Юдаев Prije 7 dana
Navaneeth Sasikumar
Navaneeth Sasikumar Prije 7 dana
After Ronaldo did a panenka after his return,many footballers are trying to have a panenka goal. Ademola Lookman tried it floped miserably Ramos is also trying to fail miserably.
MxMxA 123
MxMxA 123 Prije 7 dana
I'm a Liverpool supporter.. And I'm so ticked off
Quazi Nazeef
Quazi Nazeef Prije 7 dana
@MxMxA 123 Welcome..I'm not a Toxic fan like those plastic fans
MxMxA 123
MxMxA 123 Prije 7 dana
@Quazi Nazeef I hope so man. Thanks
Quazi Nazeef
Quazi Nazeef Prije 7 dana
I am a Barca fan but Oh my Liverpool..if I'm not wrong there are total of 9 First team player injured or Have tested positive..Good luck in the upcoming games
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre Prije 7 dana
Hala Madrid mbappe and camavinga Will join real Madrid
Alasdair Hood
Alasdair Hood Prije 7 dana
Cheers for the shout Matt
I have to say if you want to know th fake news to hear then you should visit this channel
Zidane Prije 7 dana
I predicted france 1-0 portugal in the comments in episode 100 why didnt you see that?
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