FC Barcelona board RESIGN! + Another huge blow for Liverpool ► Daily News

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Prije 27 dana

On today's OneFootball Daily News, the Barcelona board resign amid European Super League plans, Premier League bosses are in trouble, Liverpool’s injury list lengthens, a transfer roundup plus this week’s Great Debate!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 26 dana
GREAT DEBATE: What is the best partnership in Premier League history?
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Prije 24 dana
Sturridge & Suarez in 13/14 or Cole & Yorke
pau Tiotangco
pau Tiotangco Prije 24 dana
Torres and Gerrard
Juan Marcelo
Juan Marcelo Prije 25 dana
Terry and Cech
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli Prije 25 dana
@SirLIoneL YT you're legendary 🤣🤣🤣
Janette Daeth
Janette Daeth Prije 25 dana
Son and Kane or Lampard and Drogba
nul lual
nul lual Prije 25 dana
Where is Matt
M NK Prije 25 dana
What about jaap Stam??????
Puffin - One Handed Gamer
Puffin - One Handed Gamer Prije 25 dana
Dayot Upamecano will be going to Liverpool, So just like Fabinho, it looks like Man Utd are gonna miss out yet again :P
Levin Atak
Levin Atak Prije 25 dana
Best duo definitely still Robben and Ribery
Robert Hook
Robert Hook Prije 25 dana
0:46 I no longer need my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
1NFECT3D. Prije 25 dana
4:52 "Discussed In The 'Dark' Is 'Shady'" Get It?
bigdude Prije 25 dana
Paul Scholes and Roy Keane are an amazing duo
Ny235 Prije 25 dana
You should so some videos about fc bayern and specifically Hansi Flick
Go ishaan GO
Go ishaan GO Prije 25 dana
Why Tottenham is in big 6 it should be Everton - Liverpool fan
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije 25 dana
Richmond Amponsah
Richmond Amponsah Prije 25 dana
Honestly the ESL is going to be the worst league ever . #StillAgainstESL
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques Prije 25 dana
ronaldo and Rooney probably formed the best duo in PL history.
MIOS 10 Prije 25 dana
Barcelona haven’t pretty much “signed on the dotted line” yet. In his interview, Barto mentioned how the decision rests on the newly appointed delegates of the club. Pretty sure they will be more methodical about this.
Gift Noel
Gift Noel Prije 25 dana
I don't want the ESL I like to see small teams going at it vs the big teams and it will make the bigger clubs even smaller
raghav khanna
raghav khanna Prije 26 dana
Desaily and Maldini
Wrath of Indian
Wrath of Indian Prije 26 dana
Bring matt frohlich back
savage clan
savage clan Prije 26 dana
i meant win
Yusuf Hassan Razmy
Yusuf Hassan Razmy Prije 26 dana
Nota is really good
Frank Lampard C.F.C CFC Manager
Frank Lampard C.F.C CFC Manager Prije 26 dana
Is she just reading up from a screen or what? I see in her glasses a reflection...
Grizmister Prije 26 dana
Barca won vs juve They just played better after they resign
Grizmister Prije 25 dana
SAI CHARAN Prije 26 dana
Lol Very Ture,even Sergi Roberto said "It is the perfect response for the resignation".
Sriram Chandramouli
Sriram Chandramouli Prije 26 dana
Hi Angelina!! Lots of love to u and ur videos... Just a opinion, it would be great if u and Matt both host the daily news once he's back!
Lunga SDUMO Prije 26 dana
where is matt
Sonia Myers
Sonia Myers Prije 26 dana
Man Utd in the super league Man Utd have been terrible this season.
Musab Shahzad
Musab Shahzad Prije 26 dana
Man I am fed up please Matt return quickly.
phil coutinho
phil coutinho Prije 26 dana
liverpool know what we felt last season lol rn
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem Prije 26 dana
Why are people so against European prem ? I think it’s so exciting and will be more interesting and competitive then the champions league
N30 _
N30 _ Prije 26 dana
I hope the 14 lesser EPL teams continue raping the so-called Big six! I miss the feeling of an underdog Leceister City like team winning the league.
Alex Baikie
Alex Baikie Prije 26 dana
Super league and all this or big picture is just a load of Bolics ffs
TGO BIZIL1122 Prije 26 dana
No offence agellina but when is matt coming back😂
A Romanian guy
A Romanian guy Prije 26 dana
He was killed by united fans when he said in the video 20/21 prediction that united will be bottom of the group in the ucl
John Mpatzis
John Mpatzis Prije 26 dana
If the European Super League gets approved, UCL will stop and the teams that compete in it will leave their domestic leagues
Crumbux YT
Crumbux YT Prije 26 dana
European super league is just a buisness
Crumbux YT
Crumbux YT Prije 26 dana
Please just scrap the European super league
Geen Naam
Geen Naam Prije 26 dana
No cap but you’re annoying
Apple Juice
Apple Juice Prije 26 dana
I hear Angelina I clicked off
TOSS SHD Prije 26 dana
where matt at?
Callum Stephens
Callum Stephens Prije 26 dana
Liverpool are going for Upamecano more than Man U
Juoley Prije 26 dana
Bring Matt back already
Mattie Junior
Mattie Junior Prije 26 dana
And it got upgraded to the mighty Harry Maguire and Phil Jones 8:25
John Blessed
John Blessed Prije 26 dana
This One Football English host is good, I like her to replace Matt at times ☺👏👏👏
Amarendra Sahu
Amarendra Sahu Prije 26 dana
BTW Bartomeu said that the final decision would be upto the new board.
lingardinho Prije 26 dana
Bartomeou will be missed at Real Madrid
phostine luseno
phostine luseno Prije 26 dana
The super league is about the money
Sumu Binte
Sumu Binte Prije 26 dana
Where is matt
Simeon Mica
Simeon Mica Prije 26 dana
Abraham and kai havertz (for the future)
black panther
black panther Prije 26 dana
Where is matt
Speed Damon
Speed Damon Prije 26 dana
Angelina is doing great alright
John Huj
John Huj Prije 26 dana
The Real Madrid legend finally resigns! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Harish Mohammed
Harish Mohammed Prije 26 dana
i don't think she understands that the mentioned European Super League is coming as a replacement for UCL and moreover the teams are gonna leave their respective leagues entirely.
John Huj
John Huj Prije 26 dana
Me (sees “FC Barcelona board RESIGN): Meh I already know Still me (sees “Another huge blow for Liverpool”): Clicks instantly
L Milani
L Milani Prije 26 dana
For Liverpool Nathaniel Philips could be a decent replacement for fabinho or Van Dijk or Matip or whoever else Could u imagine if Joe Gomez got injured 🤣🤣
ZINKO -حسين
ZINKO -حسين Prije 26 dana
i miss matt i haven't watched the last 3 daily news
Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh Prije 26 dana
Angelina I adore you but when is Matt coming back ? 🙏
L Milani
L Milani Prije 26 dana
How is the big 6 decided now like arsenal havent won a premier League trophy in ages same with man u and Tottenham never win anything but Leicester won one in like 2016 or whenever and have reached a higher position than arsenal and Tottenham last season so I'm confused as to how "big picture" and this super League which teams are gonna get selected
Exm Senhor Batáguas
Exm Senhor Batáguas Prije 26 dana
For me its jhon terry and ricardo carvalho. It was an amazing duo. What a wall of a defense.
KR 7
KR 7 Prije 26 dana
the ESL nd CL will be just like nations league and euros its the same thing
A 15
A 15 Prije 26 dana
Best place to get football news
Vikrant Gaude
Vikrant Gaude Prije 26 dana
Bring matt back 😒
sultan almashdali
sultan almashdali Prije 26 dana
We are happy to hear this😁😁😁
Darshan saini
Darshan saini Prije 26 dana
We are missing "UTTERLY RIDICULOUS '
andres quesnel
andres quesnel Prije 26 dana
The only big 6 teams in the top 6 is Liverpool (2) and Spurs (5)
Anirudh Gaur
Anirudh Gaur Prije 26 dana
shishir geel
shishir geel Prije 26 dana
The big teams are big because they win. If they start playing a super league not everyone can win and they won't be a big team anymore. Imagine a team like united or psg finishing last in this league.
Roy Sid
Roy Sid Prije 26 dana
Terry and Carvalho......period.
Almost EmptyGlass
Almost EmptyGlass Prije 26 dana
Whatever happened to sepp van de burg?
Santiago C
Santiago C Prije 26 dana
If teams leave their domestic leagues it would kill a massive part of the game... what would happen to derbies? what a about a smaller club taking on an european powerhouse? I think an important part of a club's identity will be lost if they become just an international team facing other international teams
Adeel Zakaria
Adeel Zakaria Prije 26 dana
I feel it's time for Klopp to dust his rusty boots and come as the CB.
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman Prije 26 dana
I mean Chelsea already re signed Petr Cech
Steven Gordon
Steven Gordon Prije 26 dana
Sturiridge ans Suarez.
noe_ Prije 26 dana
Well boys we did it, Bartomeu is no more!!!!!
family account
family account Prije 26 dana
Terry and Cahil no others
family account
family account Prije 26 dana
best defensive record
krazy_people Prije 26 dana
I've never seen Barca players more happy after losing a clasico
Garnet Wright
Garnet Wright Prije 26 dana
I'm not a Man U. fan but it's not debatable, Ferdinand n Vidic makes the best CB duo in history.
Sam Amakutuwa
Sam Amakutuwa Prije 26 dana
Where Matt? You boring man.
Tangeni Iiputa
Tangeni Iiputa Prije 26 dana
New competition replacement for the UCL
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser Prije 26 dana
Seems like this super league won’t work as it’s currently being talked about. I mean, these teams are all used to challenging for multiple trophies each year. But, if these teams leave their domestic leagues and the Champions League, the new super league would be their primary competition. But...there can only be one winner, yes? So, all these huge teams in one league, year after year, but only one of them winning a trophy. Imagine, teams like a Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man United, or Juventus being mid table for a decade and not winning trophies. I dunno...has this been thought through? I don’t see FIFA signing off on this in it’s current form.
Zairul Bin Mohamad
Zairul Bin Mohamad Prije 26 dana
Premier League Greed. Fans around the world suffers. Immense greed knows no boundaries. Sickening and Disgusting. Proud of fans worldwide making a statement in all ways possible. Football without Fans is nothing! Enough is Enough!
susan fallon
susan fallon Prije 26 dana
Eden hazard and fabregas
Robbie TJ
Robbie TJ Prije 26 dana
Leeds United will get European football this season here my words
aCe OfSpAdEs
aCe OfSpAdEs Prije 26 dana
after 6 years, he is finally GONE
Red Lightning
Red Lightning Prije 26 dana
I stg if we ever sell Fati. Idrc we can sell Leo even Just not Fati
Abdirahman Ìbrahim
Abdirahman Ìbrahim Prije 26 dana
Why the girl its boring when she's talking its better the man come on one fotball make the man talking
Mert Kue
Mert Kue Prije 26 dana
Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, MANCHESTER UNITED?🤣🤣🤣
Ings Is The GOAT
Ings Is The GOAT Prije 26 dana
The best prem trio has to be Tadic Mané and Pellé
AKSHAT TIWARI Prije 26 dana
When's Matt Coming Back not getting used to Angelina in the daily news
Ruben McCammon
Ruben McCammon Prije 26 dana
Rio and I doc in there prime where FEMNOMANAL
Zakaria Azoun
Zakaria Azoun Prije 26 dana
No disrespect to Angelina but when is Matt coming back?
Jude Hill
Jude Hill Prije 26 dana
ffs this esl is complete crap the only reason clubs want it is the big clubs want protection from getting out of it - united/liv/bayern/real dont like the idea that they could have a bad season and not get into the ucl. Shit idea
Woofle Prije 26 dana
i haven't watched this channel in a while but where is matt?
Ruben McCammon
Ruben McCammon Prije 26 dana
Liverpool have 1 centre back if Joe Gomez gets a red they are done for
Sarfaraz Gill
Sarfaraz Gill Prije 26 dana
I Miss Matt
Germa42 Prije 26 dana
Hendo might fill in CB
Muhammad umar
Muhammad umar Prije 26 dana
Liverpool's injury list went from bad to worse
Prince Onifade
Prince Onifade Prije 26 dana
I was expecting to hear that Man United's board are in big trouble
Nhlanhla Madikiza
Nhlanhla Madikiza Prije 26 dana
Salah and Mane is the best partnership ever in the EPL
Griffin Bruno
Griffin Bruno Prije 26 dana
When is Matt back
Muddassir Ansari
Muddassir Ansari Prije 26 dana
Kind Of News Man Utd Fans Want To Hear : Ed Woodward and the Glazers RESIGN!!!!!!!!
Lalduh Kima
Lalduh Kima Prije 26 dana
Yes I would love to hear that 😜
You're Dead
You're Dead Prije 26 dana
Here's my most likely biest best duo of all time, Mo Salah and Sadio Mane
Mr Orib MD
Mr Orib MD Prije 26 dana
Now Liverpool know how Man city feels with massive injuries in the last 2 or 3 years.When Lapprte and KDB were injured
Mr Orib MD
Mr Orib MD Prije 25 dana
@Subash Shrestha Mate stop acting like a prick.And I bet you are a glory hunter that supports Liverpool.
Subash Shrestha
Subash Shrestha Prije 25 dana
@Mr Orib MD what contribution he gave to win world. He was not even in the france world cup winning 23 mens squad.
Mr Orib MD
Mr Orib MD Prije 25 dana
@Subash Shrestha How many World Cups did VVD or Matip won in total??
Subash Shrestha
Subash Shrestha Prije 25 dana
@Mr Orib MD How many champions league laporte has won? Nobhead
Mr Orib MD
Mr Orib MD Prije 25 dana
@Subash Shrestha Wow you are stupid indeed mate.Comparing Laporte and VVD,VVD is better obviously but Matip with Palorte,nah mate your born in a different parallel universe.
Akshay Babu
Akshay Babu Prije 26 dana
Where is matt
ALI ZEBARI Prije 26 dana
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