Alaba is LEAVING Bayern Munich! + Bale's Spurs winner!

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Prije 22 dana

On today's OneFootball Daily News...David Alaba will leave Bayern Munich, it was good day in North London for Tottenham and Arsenal, Zlatan Ibrahimovic defies his age, a news round up and Emoji Mondays.
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 21 dan
EMOJI MONDAYS: 🔥Best Player: Gabriel 🤯Crazy moment: Someone threw a flare over a stadium in the Sampdoria v Genoa match! ➕3️⃣Best Result: Napoli 0-2 Sassuolo Let us know yours below!
Random Guy
Random Guy Prije 20 dana
@raikonen u talking like u are ahead of Arsenal 😂
Мартин Мавродиев
Мартин Мавродиев Prije 21 dan
Crazy moment has to be the Torino v Lazio game. They scored in 95 and 98 minute
Reece-Arukoe Prije 21 dan
@90 BINS oh my bad 😅
Kaleb Seiffu
Kaleb Seiffu Prije 21 dan
@Jk Kepia that's a harsh way to say welcome
Kaleb Seiffu
Kaleb Seiffu Prije 21 dan
@Carry-on E Mutero but other than that challenge, he was still superb at the back. Arsenal have a real world class defender in their hands
Yng Rehman
Yng Rehman Prije 18 dana
im so happy matt is back !!
Peter S
Peter S Prije 19 dana
Matt is back let’s go!!!!!!
Mr Strife
Mr Strife Prije 20 dana
Barcelona had to sign him, afterall he once helped Barcelona with 1 goal lol
Putchuco Prije 20 dana
Barca needs a lot, not only Alaba. They seem to need money first and foremost. No wonder considering just how fast they have spent it over the last 10 years.
Max G
Max G Prije 20 dana
Hungi 7
Hungi 7 Prije 20 dana
Is Angelina hiding after Arsenal?
Jaden Short
Jaden Short Prije 20 dana
MATTS BACK!! Yesssssss
Ashley Bellamy
Ashley Bellamy Prije 20 dana
What about Derby County get to a new chairman from the Abu Dabi family???
Kamal Rifka
Kamal Rifka Prije 20 dana
Im so glad you’re back
amal rosh
amal rosh Prije 21 dan
Yeah, I like angelina's accent alot but matt's presentation is on another level........ Just awesome
Great to see Matt Back :D
Griffin Bruno
Griffin Bruno Prije 21 dan
Thank god your back that girl sucks
rajinder pandita
rajinder pandita Prije 21 dan
matt coming in and replacing angelina in 60th minute here comes the hat-rick hero matt frohlich and he scores a goal spurs win the champions league
Ashes Chatterjee
Ashes Chatterjee Prije 21 dan
It sounds good to hear Matt's voice
Saket Bihari
Saket Bihari Prije 21 dan
Man United doesn't know best position for Pobga. That's the bench
Xander Swagger
Xander Swagger Prije 21 dan
Angelina looks different...
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba Prije 21 dan
I love Matt He is more Active and funny... 😄 Angelina is also amazing but i like Matt more
N Michael
N Michael Prije 21 dan
I'm gon miss the lady. Love seeing women who actually know something about football. Kudos to her
apache tyson
apache tyson Prije 21 dan
Alaba said he dosent want to go EPL already. He want real Madrid or barca
Pzez_Yuminoi Prije 21 dan
Aye Matt Frollic is back
Babagbale Joshua
Babagbale Joshua Prije 21 dan
"All this and more, as I'm your host Matt Fro****, you are the one footballers, and this *pause* is the daily news." Missed this, welcome back Matt.
Lunga SDUMO Prije 21 dan
Lunga SDUMO Prije 21 dan
Matt is finally back it took you long eno5
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije 21 dan
MATT IS BACK YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS. No disrispect to angelina, she was very good.
Yasser muhammad
Yasser muhammad Prije 21 dan
Matt is back
Isaac Verrier
Isaac Verrier Prije 21 dan
And also people wanted refs to look at the monitor now that they do it people still don’t like it so as much as I disagree with var the refs can’t do much
That’s FIFA
That’s FIFA Prije 21 dan
when will the power rankings be back?
Isaac Verrier
Isaac Verrier Prije 21 dan
Woop woop guess who’s back The best speaker there sorry Angelina
Sam Amakutuwa
Sam Amakutuwa Prije 21 dan
No homo
Sam Amakutuwa
Sam Amakutuwa Prije 21 dan
Missed you man.
Tom Gibbons
Tom Gibbons Prije 21 dan
Alaba can come to Everton
Architect Shinamore
Architect Shinamore Prije 21 dan
Bring Angie back... Bring Angie back... Bring Angie back... Sorry Matt I'm also a Manu fan and don't want a Spurs fan 😉
M R R Prije 21 dan
I had to take a week off, couldn’t betray Matt like that
Ntanga Khakhu
Ntanga Khakhu Prije 21 dan
Zlatan is the God of Ac Milan
Foday Bangura
Foday Bangura Prije 21 dan
U are welcome back my brother
Muhammad Abdulkadir
Muhammad Abdulkadir Prije 21 dan
I literally replayed the intro 5 times just to listen to Matt intro over and over again
kIMkLOz Prije 21 dan
Mattie Junior
Mattie Junior Prije 21 dan
Alaba suits Man City they need a left back cover in Center back
George Jr
George Jr Prije 21 dan
Missed you Matt
najib abdi
najib abdi Prije 21 dan
Matt, do you think that spurs penalty was actually a penalty? Kane clearly knows what he's doing and I think he commits the foul and nearly breaks Lallana's back.
Anthony Okeiyi
Anthony Okeiyi Prije 21 dan
I fucking miss you Matty boi, get ya face on cam eh
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan Prije 21 dan
Welcome back Matt!
Ankit Parajuli
Ankit Parajuli Prije 21 dan
Welcome back bro
Ankit Jha
Ankit Jha Prije 21 dan
ayyy hes back
Aldriic Alexis
Aldriic Alexis Prije 21 dan
When bale returns with a goal Matt returns to this show
Crumbux YT
Crumbux YT Prije 21 dan
And he’s back
Vipul Fondekar
Vipul Fondekar Prije 21 dan
Thank God you are back
nikhil joshi
nikhil joshi Prije 21 dan
Welcome back Matt
Kumkum Bose
Kumkum Bose Prije 21 dan
Liverpool one of the destination for the injury of Van Digk
Kumkum Bose
Kumkum Bose Prije 21 dan
Spurs can never be title contenders if they play like this - by ESPN experts
H A R I Z A H M A D Prije 21 dan
You know for a fact if Matt is in the video so is Spurs
Adepu Pavan
Adepu Pavan Prije 21 dan
Matt is back😁👍🏻
Mario Joseph
Mario Joseph Prije 21 dan
Alaba should join Arsenal.. Should be a great addition to the team, and he's an Arsenal fan!! Match made... 🔥🔥🔥 Perfect replacement for another David in the team.. Luiz!!
Football Album
Football Album Prije 21 dan
Arteta is going to end as second best coach in premier league (Prediction)
Og 20
Og 20 Prije 21 dan
Alaba to Liverpool
scooby2 flyy
scooby2 flyy Prije 21 dan
thomas partey made pogba life miserable yesterday
Abdul B
Abdul B Prije 21 dan
Did he say 80 mil per year? 😳😳😳
Kevin Rocha
Kevin Rocha Prije 21 dan
Nganji Noah
Nganji Noah Prije 21 dan
Finally, matt long time no see
Sandra Johnson
Sandra Johnson Prije 21 dan
Alaba might join Liverpool, they’re in defensive trouble
S Kaushik
S Kaushik Prije 21 dan
The Legend Is Back
Imaad Batchelor
Imaad Batchelor Prije 21 dan
Ahmed Ariyan
Ahmed Ariyan Prije 21 dan
Can't how much I have missed Matt. Matt please don't disappear again, it's a kind request.
Damo and FDO
Damo and FDO Prije 21 dan
And stop saying damn
Gerardo Prije 21 dan
Finally his back🥳🥳
Liverpool Club
Liverpool Club Prije 21 dan
When Zlatan caught COVID-19, the virus tried to run away.
Liverpool Club
Liverpool Club Prije 21 dan
Zlatan once went to school. Teachers had to raise their hands to talk to Zlatan.
Damo and FDO
Damo and FDO Prije 21 dan
Matt has returned!!!!That's great
Liverpool Club
Liverpool Club Prije 21 dan
When Zlatan left his house at the age of 13, he said to his father "Your the man of the house now."
Ryan Riley
Ryan Riley Prije 21 dan
Guess who's back back again
Burnz_11 Prije 21 dan
So glad ur back
Akshiv Kumar
Akshiv Kumar Prije 21 dan
Finally Matt is back good to see Angelina did covered all news well but Matt is on goat
Joe Aniekan
Joe Aniekan Prije 21 dan
Welcome back Matt Angelina did really well when you were away
Finley Clavin
Finley Clavin Prije 21 dan
Welcome back Matt ❤️
Football Crazy
Football Crazy Prije 21 dan
Well done Angelina, welcome back Matt
Marco Giordano
Marco Giordano Prije 21 dan
Yesss finally as a Genoa fan we get good press and its not Cristiano Ronaldo getting a brace against us
Jeremy jose
Jeremy jose Prije 21 dan
Matt 🤩🔥🔥🔥
gaurav kothari
gaurav kothari Prije 21 dan
Madrid to beat inter 2-0
Mzamo Gagai
Mzamo Gagai Prije 21 dan
Real Madrid Need him for LB and CB backup they can even play back three so Odriozola or vasquez can keep pushing up
Tachang Tado
Tachang Tado Prije 21 dan
🙌🙌🙌🙌Matt , legend legend 🙌🙌
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh Prije 21 dan
Ayyee...Matt is baaack!😁
SAGAR SAHU Prije 21 dan
I missed you man Daily news is never the same without you.🖐️😀
Nefe Jefia
Nefe Jefia Prije 21 dan
Matt is back... We missed you!! 😊❤
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 21 dan
Adebayor scores a winner against man utd 2006 Ends up at Spurs Aubameyang scores the winner against man utd 2020 Spurs Fans: 😏
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 21 dan
VAR forgot Man utd were playing and ended up at the wrong London club🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adam Ibraheem
Adam Ibraheem Prije 21 dan
Nice to have you back Matt but behold, Angelina did so well that I didn't miss you much.
FAZE obama
FAZE obama Prije 21 dan
Jeez how much does matt make at one football that he would turn down 18mil a year🤔
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 21 dan
Alaba to Liverpool 😎
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 21 dan
The General is Back!!!!!!!!!!!
matt is back!
Doishkin Prije 21 dan
What about everton
Kabelo Ngoetjana
Kabelo Ngoetjana Prije 21 dan
Just hearing Matt's voice today on the daily made my whole day. Glad to have you back Matt!!!
Praful Shrestha
Praful Shrestha Prije 21 dan
He is back 🔥
Mohammad A
Mohammad A Prije 21 dan
It's good to see you back Matt!
Zohaib Bashir
Zohaib Bashir Prije 21 dan
I thought Eleny was the best player of the week according to Twitter
Tubes Yous
Tubes Yous Prije 21 dan
mats beautiful voice is back!!!
Ian Murray
Ian Murray Prije 21 dan
Thank God Matt back!
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser Prije 21 dan
Welcome back, Matt!
Ace Robinson
Ace Robinson Prije 21 dan
Gareth bale scored and Matt is finally back from holiday and y’all think it’s a coincident ???
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