Messi vs Ronaldo is CANCELLED! + Zidane to be SACKED? ► Daily News

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On today's OneFootball Daily News... The Messi and Ronaldo showdown everyone was looking forward to is cancelled as the Juventus star tests positive for COVID-19 and wont be facing Barcelona, Zinedine Zidane could be on the brink of a Real Madrid sacking after a string of poor results, Mesut Ozil could leave Arsenal and all the rest of the latest transfer news and rumours!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Does Zidane deserve to be sacked if he loses El Clasico this weekend and doesn't beat 'Gladbach in the UCL next week?
Max Volpi.
Max Volpi. Prije 28 dana
Kilelezi Vanny
Kilelezi Vanny Prije mjesec
Now did zidane was sacked
Kilelezi Vanny
Kilelezi Vanny Prije mjesec
Kxng Tavii
Kxng Tavii Prije mjesec
Man United 0 Chelsea 0
CleanCodeOnline Prije mjesec
I love Zidane. Despite his success in real I'm not a fan of him as a tactician. But if he is to go out of the club, they should agree mutually for a resignation not a sacking. Because he didn't deserve it. Edit: Madrid won the classico.
Ebix Morowei
Ebix Morowei Prije 28 dana
Chelsea 0-0 Manchester United
David Sim
David Sim Prije 29 dana
You're weong about el clasiico Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid final result not joking i'm happy as a real madrid fan
RAHAN RAJESH Prije 29 dana
so happy united did not win
I am Behzad
I am Behzad Prije mjesec
Who rules Clasico?
Kilelezi Vanny
Kilelezi Vanny Prije mjesec
Hahaha now did real madrid lose
Misba Ansari
Misba Ansari Prije mjesec
man united white black kit is so bad
Sheja Regis
Sheja Regis Prije mjesec
Arsenal vs Leicester draw by 0:0
Sheja Regis
Sheja Regis Prije mjesec
Arsenal vs Leicester draw by 0:0
Mayed Alsamahi
Mayed Alsamahi Prije mjesec
Man United vs Chelsea 2-1 united Ac Milan bs Roma 3-1 ac Milan Real Madrid vs Barcelona 3-1 real
The GoAT
The GoAT Prije mjesec
Chelsea win 2-0
jamaja and trash
jamaja and trash Prije mjesec
real barca 3 - 2
Aditya Ankhad
Aditya Ankhad Prije mjesec
friday feels: man utd to beat Chelsea 2-1 1-1 draw for el clasico
TPG Prije mjesec
i predict kane to score twice
Afif hossain
Afif hossain Prije mjesec
Friday Feels : Barcelona 3 - 2 Real Madrid ( Messi will assist and Ansu Fati to score) Manchester United 1- 3 Chelsea Borussia Dortmund 3 - 1 Schalke ( Reyna to assist and Haaland to score) Liverpool 2- 0 Sheffield United ( Salah to score)
Atharav singh
Atharav singh Prije mjesec
Man utd 1-1 Chelsea Real madrid 2-0 Barcelona Milan 3-1 Roma
Rafayet Hossain Rafat
Rafayet Hossain Rafat Prije mjesec
Manchester United 3: 3 Chelsea FCB 3- 1 Real Madrid
Keshal Pathak
Keshal Pathak Prije mjesec
I think 3-2 win for Chelsea and 2-1 for Barcelona (yes I'm a Real Madrid fan)
Nasim noor
Nasim noor Prije mjesec
Madrid 3 - 1 barca.. Odegard on score sheet
Slikz Is like
Slikz Is like Prije mjesec
Zidane is a strange manager, he benches top quality players, keeps older players and sells the younger players that would replace them. He's won things but I just don't understand his methods but he's a champions league winning manager and I'm not.
Marcel john Mendy
Marcel john Mendy Prije mjesec
Real 2 bacar 1
Charles B.
Charles B. Prije mjesec
Revierderby: Jude Bellingham and Sancho score in a rout Schalke 04 0-4 Dortmund El Clasico ends in a draw
Varun Ruparel
Varun Ruparel Prije mjesec
FC Barcelona 3 - 1 Real Madrid
Blaise Kgosi
Blaise Kgosi Prije mjesec
Messi and Fati to score in the classico... Chelsea to beat united
kayre.o kayemu
kayre.o kayemu Prije mjesec
dortumund 4-0 schalke
kayre.o kayemu
kayre.o kayemu Prije mjesec
ac milan 2-3 Roma
kayre.o kayemu
kayre.o kayemu Prije mjesec
real mazdrid-0 vs barca-5
kayre.o kayemu
kayre.o kayemu Prije mjesec
man uinted -0 vs chelsea-4
kayre.o kayemu
kayre.o kayemu Prije mjesec
fulham-1 vs crystal palace-3
kayre.o kayemu
kayre.o kayemu Prije mjesec
west ham-0 vs man city -3
Suhas Puranik
Suhas Puranik Prije mjesec
Barcelona 3 Real Madrid 1
Amanuel Gedefaw
Amanuel Gedefaw Prije mjesec
Chelsea will win with jorginho penality and Werner goal and united will have fernandez penality
RID X GAMING Prije mjesec
no Ronaldo means more chances of Juve to win. When Ronaldo is there Juve becomes very bad when he is not there Juve has 60 percent more chances of winning.
David Aviles
David Aviles Prije mjesec
el clasico: barca 3-1 real madrid
M K Medamon Iano
M K Medamon Iano Prije mjesec
HRpost is gay
Sudeep Patro
Sudeep Patro Prije mjesec
Preda Black
Preda Black Prije mjesec
Ronaldo has 48 hours before the game to test negative so the dream match is still alive I wish you people would actually do proper research and read the rules instead of listening to people and spreading fake news| Stay Safe
Pzez_Yuminoi Prije mjesec
Where is Matt Frolic
Frank Talk with Graham Dampier
Frank Talk with Graham Dampier Prije mjesec
Angelina is killing it!
NSK Prije mjesec
Barca beat real 3-2 Man utd draw to Chelsea 3-3
AYAN SALEEM A.P.V Prije 29 dana
hahhahahhaa 3-1
Shivam Hajare
Shivam Hajare Prije mjesec
Voice is great 😊 but energy like Matt is needed
Matis Toru Legris
Matis Toru Legris Prije mjesec
2-1 barca win
Jack Prije mjesec
gila miya
gila miya Prije mjesec
Chelsea 1 Vs 1 man United
Javid Barker
Javid Barker Prije mjesec
Friday feels Barcelona win Chelsea win Messi score Werner score Salah an kane score two goals
Isaac Gaming
Isaac Gaming Prije mjesec
El clásico: I think both teams will draw
avinash thakur
avinash thakur Prije mjesec
Two classic games Chelsea beating man u by a goala nd same going for barca beating real with a goals lead
Cesar Macias
Cesar Macias Prije mjesec
Barcelona 3-1 Real Madrid
Jattin Badrinath
Jattin Badrinath Prije mjesec
You are easing your way in. Who's Matt? Why do I know that name?
Lothepus 2021
Lothepus 2021 Prije mjesec
Im going with a 3-3 draw in Chelsea v United
Cesar Toledo
Cesar Toledo Prije mjesec
damm she hot
Ahmed Adaji
Ahmed Adaji Prije mjesec
Ac Milan 3-1 Roma Man United 2-2 Chelsea
Casper Muhereza
Casper Muhereza Prije mjesec
Manu 2-3chelsea Real 3-1 barca
Ditso Ofile
Ditso Ofile Prije mjesec
Man U 2 - 2 Chelsea Barca 2 - 3 Madrid Ac Milan 3 - 3 Roma
Awesome Lives
Awesome Lives Prije mjesec
Chelsea vs Man U and Barcelona vs Real Madrid will end 2 all
Rayn Rizmee
Rayn Rizmee Prije mjesec
Just blame it all on Varane
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije mjesec
ashish john
ashish john Prije mjesec
I miss matt
Joseph Z
Joseph Z Prije mjesec
Man United 2-0 Chelsea ACM 2-3 Roma
Assasin Creed Illyria
Assasin Creed Illyria Prije mjesec
We need Matt he makes it more lively
UCL Core
UCL Core Prije mjesec and
Franklyn Taah
Franklyn Taah Prije mjesec
Barca to win El Classico and Messi to score
Jeronimo 921
Jeronimo 921 Prije mjesec
Barcelona will win by 3 goals .
Raheem Brown
Raheem Brown Prije mjesec
I just love seeing and hearing Angelina I swear ❤🙌
Ex Stormz
Ex Stormz Prije mjesec
Man City vs West Ham 3:1 victory for city
Thomas More
Thomas More Prije mjesec
If they fire Zidane fire the whole fan base and front office this guy brought you Laliga and CL glory so many times. Who else would they ever dream of bringing in his pedigree? Exactly.
Kimani Nemesis
Kimani Nemesis Prije mjesec
Big D
Big D Prije mjesec
0-0 Real Madrid vs Barcelona
Viktor Gustavsson
Viktor Gustavsson Prije mjesec
Friday feels: Barcelona 3-2 real Man utd 1-1 Chelsea Dortmund 4-1 schalke
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije mjesec
When is Matt coming back?
live life on the gun side live life on the gun side
live life on the gun side live life on the gun side Prije mjesec
Liverpool 5-0 Sheffield United
Demar Simms
Demar Simms Prije mjesec
Arsenal 2 Leicester 0
Leon- Naruto
Leon- Naruto Prije mjesec
William Prije mjesec
Alexander Popov
Alexander Popov Prije mjesec
Zidane already proved the world everything there's to prove, both as player and manager. No matter what happens this season and what team he manages next year, Zizou will be alright.
Agraj Jaki
Agraj Jaki Prije mjesec
Real 2- 2 Barca Messi will score a goal
Agraj Jaki
Agraj Jaki Prije mjesec
Man United 2-1 Chelsea
Cameron Prije mjesec
Friday feels: Salah to score as Liverpool beat Sheffield El Classico draw and city to beat West ham
noizi99 Prije mjesec
they said Ronaldo has no symptoms and is healthy and if he testes negative before he game by 24 hours he would be able to play
Toshiki Kai
Toshiki Kai Prije mjesec
Friday Feels... If Real do end up winning or tieing there will be a controversial var desicion... And Messi to either score or assist
Zubin Rafique
Zubin Rafique Prije mjesec
When is Matt coming back? It’s hard to take anything serious coming out of a female’s mouth.
Tjaš Podgornik
Tjaš Podgornik Prije mjesec
Matt come back
Elijah Nissi
Elijah Nissi Prije mjesec
Damn, she pretty 🤩
Noe Aguilera
Noe Aguilera Prije mjesec
Can someone tell me what happened to my boi Mat
Lungi Maha
Lungi Maha Prije mjesec
Well done Angelina 🔥
Roydetoy2 Zebib
Roydetoy2 Zebib Prije mjesec
I find it really dom where he gets sacked for 1 fricking match I’m a Barca fan
Avi Sinha
Avi Sinha Prije mjesec
Love watching it . My day starts watching this show and ends watching this show. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fiachra Mathers
Fiachra Mathers Prije mjesec
Chelsea win 3-1
Lil Taco
Lil Taco Prije mjesec
Man U vs Chelsea will be 1 - 2 to Chelsea with Timo Werner to score
Manasseh Manasseh
Manasseh Manasseh Prije mjesec
Barca 2-0 Madrid Chelsea 2-1 United
Brain Brown
Brain Brown Prije mjesec
Cr7 crush everybody dreams like usually
Wafi Ahmed
Wafi Ahmed Prije mjesec
messi not to score and final result real 2 -1 barca
Charles Ogeto
Charles Ogeto Prije mjesec
Zidane had the best squad when he had been given the Madrid job so he has no diffuculties plus all the funds and had Cristiano remove all that and Zidane will be another world class player but bang average manager
Anuj Gudadhe
Anuj Gudadhe Prije mjesec
Prediction for el classico Barcelona 3-1Real Madrid
Sean Of The Head
Sean Of The Head Prije mjesec
It's rediculous that people are calling for Zidane's head considering he's just coming off the back of a season in which he won them only their third league title in a decade, two of which were because of him! He's their second most successful manager in history ffs, and let's not forget that last season started poorly as well, as did 2017/18 (when they won their 13th Champions League title) Are people also forgetting that Madrid have a record number of injuries at this stage of the season and started in mid-week without Ramos, without Hazard, and with a left footed left back at right back?
THE ASYLUM Prije mjesec
B Z Prije mjesec
Where is Matt?
Aaditya Parekh
Aaditya Parekh Prije mjesec
El Classico 4-1 for barca
GLITCH GAMER Prije mjesec
I always wait to see her say BOT..
Alan Ochanda
Alan Ochanda Prije mjesec
Man Utd 2 - 1 Chelsea Real Madrid 2 - 1 Barcelona Ac Milan 2 - 0 Roma
L Milani
L Milani Prije mjesec
We all need to sign a petition for a testimonial for whoever retires first (probably Ronaldo) and make Messi play against Ronaldo in the testimonial
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