Real Madrid & Juventus SWAP + Guardiola & Messi to REUNITE! ► Daily News

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Prije 29 dana

On today's OneFootball Daily News...Zidane wants Paulo Dybala at Real Madrid in exchange for Vinicius Jr. and Isco to Juventus! Guardiola to reunite with Messi, Dele Alli disappoints for Spurs, a transfer roundup plus this week’s Friday Feels!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 29 dana
What are YOUR Friday Feels for this weekend's football?
golazo HD
golazo HD Prije 28 dana
Arsenal vs Man U- 2-1 to Arsenal. Maguire masterclass incoming.
Ashwanth S
Ashwanth S Prije 28 dana
Man United 3 - 2 Arsenal Liverpool 2 - 1 West Ham United
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk Prije 28 dana
I cannot wait to see how United and Arsenal play against each other. If Real Madrid want Dybala they need to sell a few of their strikers because they have too many. Dybala, Mbappe and Haaland would be a great set up but it seems like real madrid need some sorting out to do.
Joab Abaasa
Joab Abaasa Prije 28 dana
Man Utd 2-1 Arsenal
Yusuf Hassan Razmy
Yusuf Hassan Razmy Prije 28 dana
@Lampard's Comments arsenal will win
adamyolo10 Prije 24 dana
hope zidane know his stuff. i mean, i prefer mbappe and halaand. dybala can probably shine more at chelsea as long as frank give havertz to real 🤷🏻‍♂️
Darin 7
Darin 7 Prije 26 dana
Real Madrid should not sell vinicios
Big D
Big D Prije 26 dana
Listening to Friday feels on a Monday😁😁😁
CO-OP Prije 26 dana
My god Chelsea just sign a god dam defender
Gidion g.q.w.m_6ix9ine
Gidion g.q.w.m_6ix9ine Prije 27 dana
Naman kumar
Naman kumar Prije 27 dana
Biased af
Usaid Shah
Usaid Shah Prije 27 dana
Please remove this host.🤦🏼‍♀️
shamsa abdul
shamsa abdul Prije 27 dana
United will win
Shilpa Bosco
Shilpa Bosco Prije 27 dana
Arsenal 2- 0 man utd
amiti deb barman
amiti deb barman Prije 28 dana
Dybala should move to real Madrid as he will get to play his favourite position Right wing and Kulusevski and Chiesa will get more time
delz09 Prije 28 dana
I'dswap Dybala for Isco & Vinicius in a heartbeat! Do it Agnelli!
Basleal Z
Basleal Z Prije 28 dana
Is there any chance of Isco coming to the prem,to Arsenal as Mikel Arteta was a part of a team who were interested on Isco very highly,Man City asked if he was available for consecutive windows repeatedly & now there interest isn't solid currently so is there any chance that Mikel will snub him to Arsenal??🤔
Bobby Ateso
Bobby Ateso Prije 28 dana
Onelovegaming Prije 28 dana
Friday feels Ronaldo will get on the scoring sheet as Juventus will will Spezia in a 3-1 win for Juventus
Misba Ansari
Misba Ansari Prije 28 dana
Rachel Norris
Rachel Norris Prije 28 dana
I wanted to make it 900
Ben Kay
Ben Kay Prije 28 dana
if your not already subscribing do you mean subscribed
Afif hossain
Afif hossain Prije 28 dana
Friday feels: Liverpool 4- 2 West Ham ( Salah brace, Jota to score and Mane to score) Arminia 1- 2 Dortmund ( Haaland will score) Koln 0 - 3 bayern munich ( Lewandoski will score) Manchester united 1- 1 Arsenal
Reviwin Isaac
Reviwin Isaac Prije 28 dana
I want mat frohlich
Momento Brillianto
Momento Brillianto Prije 28 dana
Can you please pretend you are not from newcastle.. You and your accent are a major turn off, I'm really sorry doll but you just don't do it for me. I think I'm going to look for a new channel that can atleast come close to what this channel used to be..
Riley Woodbeck
Riley Woodbeck Prije 28 dana
Ødegaard is hurt, Isco is out of form, Vinicius is solid but too young.... Hazard is a winger not a CF, Håland is a longshot, and Benzema cannot be relied on forever....Let’s ink the deal!
Riley Woodbeck
Riley Woodbeck Prije 28 dana
YES! Thank you!! Was analyzing the club last week and thought Dybala could be our new man at Real - and here he is on Zidane’s wishlist! Young but experienced, want-away, Spanish-speaking, CF - Yes please!
Andy James liting
Andy James liting Prije 28 dana
Chelsea 4-0
Zoa Chhehlawn
Zoa Chhehlawn Prije 28 dana
Man utd 2:0 Arsenal 🔥
Ankur Sharma
Ankur Sharma Prije 28 dana
Hazard hattrick xD
Ankur Sharma
Ankur Sharma Prije 28 dana
I don't see vini going anywhere
vijju k
vijju k Prije 28 dana
Pirlo’s strategy: Get everyone with long flowy hair. 😜
KeyAstro Prije 28 dana
Timo werner will get his first hat trick against Burnley
NvY_Wolf Prije 28 dana
I miss matt his voice going im your host matt phrolic
Daniea Thomas
Daniea Thomas Prije 28 dana
Love the glasses and chelsea are going to win
MYP Prije 28 dana
I would have believed dybala swap if it was only Isco for him.Perez wouldn’t let his wonderkids go
Victor Eluwa
Victor Eluwa Prije 28 dana
We didn't get to hear...and this is the daily news!🤣🤣🤣
Jerry Williams
Jerry Williams Prije 28 dana
Let's be honest :)
Max G
Max G Prije 28 dana
Matt is way better tbh
IE Prije 28 dana
Dybala is rubbish.
Vee Shalom
Vee Shalom Prije 28 dana
What kind of theory is this? where two players can not be star players from the same team! Context 2:26
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Prije 28 dana
When’s Matt back
Eric Paredes
Eric Paredes Prije 28 dana
FRIDAY FEELS: Matt will call out this comment because I miss Matt
Marvel Idemudia
Marvel Idemudia Prije 28 dana
Man utd 3 v 2 arsenal
Sherrad GGMUFC
Sherrad GGMUFC Prije 28 dana
Earth Angel 😇 💖 with that spectacular GLOW
Brandon Sandiford
Brandon Sandiford Prije 28 dana
Arsenal to beat man utd 2-1 , leeds to beat Leicester city
Pavlo Marushko
Pavlo Marushko Prije 28 dana
Great Job Angelina! 👏
Sheja Regis
Sheja Regis Prije 28 dana
Man u 1:1 arsenal
Akmal Azmi
Akmal Azmi Prije 28 dana
we dont need more cam or winger just need new strikers and defenders.
Lookman Larry Soccer
Lookman Larry Soccer Prije 28 dana
2-1 Arsenal
Hlulani Lesley
Hlulani Lesley Prije 28 dana
Barca 5-0 D alves
phil coutinho
phil coutinho Prije 28 dana
nah barca 1 alaves 0
Freakshow217443 YT
Freakshow217443 YT Prije 28 dana
I love how she’s says subscribe if your not already subscribing
Travis Godfree
Travis Godfree Prije 29 dana
In the thumbnail, Is that Dybala's head photo shopped onto someone with the Madrid shirt painted onto their body? 🤨
J. M.
J. M. Prije 27 dana
Nah, it’s Dybala photoshopped on the special edition Madrid jersey that was designed.
Mani H
Mani H Prije 29 dana
Starting to think matt is not on holiday and actually moved on from this show
One Piece Dingsda
One Piece Dingsda Prije 29 dana
Pogba out of talk, perez once wanted to swap isco for dyballa in the past, hazard not being in his prime, benzemas beef with vinicius and dyballas actually last minute not transfer to tottenham.. Seems like an amazing rumour
Benhanan Moyo
Benhanan Moyo Prije 29 dana
Dybala wont go anywhere
ARIF SHIHAB Prije 29 dana
Really love the energy with which you did todays daily news
nicholas doodnauth
nicholas doodnauth Prije 29 dana
Can't wait for Monday for Matt to come back
Dev Agrawal
Dev Agrawal Prije 29 dana
When will Mark come back?? Just love that guy....
phil coutinho
phil coutinho Prije 28 dana
George Jr
George Jr Prije 29 dana
Dybala would fit perfectly at Real
Believe Suele
Believe Suele Prije 29 dana
I feel bad for Dybala he's been one of the best players in Juventus and they give him the respect like this feel bad for him.
Man Utd Fan #28
Man Utd Fan #28 Prije 29 dana
Lillie 1-3 Lyon Napoli 2-0 Sassulo Man Utd 3-1 Arsenal
Kwame Boateng
Kwame Boateng Prije 29 dana
Great content🔥
Mattie Junior
Mattie Junior Prije 29 dana
Why would Dybala pick Chelsea or Man U over Real Madrid
Ken Minx
Ken Minx Prije 29 dana
That dybala transfer would be such a bad one for us. I’d rather keep Vinicius. Even tho he’s not the best he brings a different energy when he’s on the pitch. Yeah he makes mistakes but everyone see his potential. I love Isco but it’s his time to leave. He deserves to play.
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX Prije 29 dana
Barca WILL end up losing Messi at the end of his contract But also.. City will likely sack guardiola and bring in pochettino ? But there is a very strong argument against messi joining city: he’s old, he’s in bad form, he wants to partner aguero but they want to replace aguero, if they signed messi the likes of silva and Mahrez would be further down the pecking order causing them to want to leave which would make city fall badly so I think they should ignore messi and go for younger talent like dybala valverde vinicius etc
Jonathan Espinosa
Jonathan Espinosa Prije 29 dana
I would swap nacho fernandez and isco
Firas Fakhera
Firas Fakhera Prije 29 dana
Ankit Mishra
Ankit Mishra Prije 29 dana
Where is Maaattttt! God I miss his into 😩
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX Prije 29 dana
I could see Zidane keeping vinicius he’s one for the future it’d be more logical to swap older players like isco, Marcelo or any other unneeded players
FCM M Prije 29 dana
3:1 to arsenal Lyon win 3 nil
abhishekh ravi
abhishekh ravi Prije 29 dana
Friday feels Real madrid will win against huesca 1-0 Barca will draw 0-0 United will beat arsenal 2-1
Renorencrazy crazy kid
Renorencrazy crazy kid Prije 29 dana
United 1 Arsenal 2, Chelsea 3 Burnley 0
Iffat Batool
Iffat Batool Prije 29 dana
Remember MSN'S glory days 😭😭😭😭😭
Didier Clay Landa
Didier Clay Landa Prije 29 dana
Lille 3-2 Lyon Sampdoria 3-1 Genoa Man Utd 3-1 Arsenal Spurs to win against Brighton
Jón Magnús Sumarliðason
Jón Magnús Sumarliðason Prije 29 dana
i like u alengina but where is mark?
Abhishek choudhary
Abhishek choudhary Prije 29 dana
Why angelina needs to copy Matt style. We want to see her own style.
Marcho Kamati
Marcho Kamati Prije 29 dana
Arsenal will win against man u 3-1
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije 29 dana
avinash kumar
avinash kumar Prije 29 dana
1-0 manu
Umesh Unde
Umesh Unde Prije 29 dana
Barcelona won by 4-1
Joseph Prije 29 dana
Vinicius is just to bad at passing and shooting
VIDEO GAMING HD Prije 29 dana
Mine Friday feels: Man United 2-2 Arsenal Napoli 0-2 Sassoulo Gladbach 2-0 Leipzig And why not one more: Liverpool 2-0 West ham
Harry Murphy
Harry Murphy Prije 29 dana
2-1 arsenal 3-2 lile sassulo lose 1-0
Glory Games
Glory Games Prije 29 dana
2-1 man utd
Et noba
Et noba Prije 29 dana
arsenal 2 -3 man United
TheYouInar Prije 29 dana
Friday feels : United 2-0 Arsenal Barca 0-2 Alvares trust me
live life on the gun side live life on the gun side
live life on the gun side live life on the gun side Prije 29 dana
Liverpool 5-0 West Ham United
Viktor Gustavsson
Viktor Gustavsson Prije 29 dana
Friday feels: Man Utd 0-2 Arsenal Leeds 3-3 Leicester Leipzig 3-2 Gladbach
Aarjav Jain
Aarjav Jain Prije 29 dana
Hey Angelina, wanted you to know know that yesterday Pep said that he is looking forward for a contract extension in his press conference:)
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije 29 dana
Guardiola and Messi will reunite next season at City not Barca, Barca is dying with or without Bartomeu!!
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije 29 dana
Real Madrid can sign both Dybala and Mbappe, they can both be the star players, it's not a must it's only one particular player!!!
Marshmallow Minecraft
Marshmallow Minecraft Prije 29 dana
What happened to Matt Frolich
Zahir Abbas Mogul
Zahir Abbas Mogul Prije 29 dana
Come kelly i was expecting you to predict a united win
Harry Newby
Harry Newby Prije 29 dana
Lille vs Lyon will be 1-1
SANKET Prije 29 dana
Ronaldo is back 💪💪🔥🔥🔥....
Srijan Mishra
Srijan Mishra Prije 29 dana
Man Utd 3-1 Arsenal
Luca Baglioni Gutierrez
Luca Baglioni Gutierrez Prije 29 dana
Lyon to win 2-1 also Sassuolo will win 3-1
Muddassir Ansari
Muddassir Ansari Prije 29 dana
I've started to prefer Angelina over Matt
Pradyuman gangan
Pradyuman gangan Prije 29 dana
Dele ail is lingard of MU😂
XDX Football and funny videos
XDX Football and funny videos Prije 29 dana
Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United
Adedayo Aderemi
Adedayo Aderemi Prije 29 dana
Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United
Pho Noodle
Pho Noodle Prije 29 dana
Arsenal 0-0 United
Leon Eric Avrutin
Leon Eric Avrutin Prije 29 dana
I don't like the idea of Messi joining Horrific Human Rights Abuses FC, I'd far rather Pep joined Barca, he's wandered for long enough, it's for him to come home
Alaba is LEAVING Bayern Munich! + Bale's Spurs winner!
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