Liverpool WANT Bayern star + Neymar injured AGAIN! ► Daily News

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Prije 27 dana

On today's OneFootball Daily News...Guardiola may have found Manchester City's new striker, Liverpool want Bayern star David Alaba, Neymar is injured for PSG once again, we take a look at a busy night in the Champions League plus a transfer roundup!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 26 dana
Do you think David Alaba would be a good signing for Liverpool?
KS77 Prije 20 dana
He would be good for man United who should go for him
Cathal Mcerlean
Cathal Mcerlean Prije 24 dana
Yes because when Virgil is back he will still be in the x11 and they will be unstoppable
Notaxmar Junior
Notaxmar Junior Prije 25 dana
No don’t take him away
Aaron Joby
Aaron Joby Prije 25 dana
Luca Hernandez would fit in better
olamide balogun
olamide balogun Prije 25 dana
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith Prije 24 dana
Alaba would be amazing for us Reds
Aboy mancing
Aboy mancing Prije 24 dana
Chris Long
Chris Long Prije 25 dana
Hold on so she just made fun of neymar injury
Dev Agrawal
Dev Agrawal Prije 25 dana
When will Mark come back?? Just love that guy....
diego gonzalez
diego gonzalez Prije 25 dana
Bruh Barca vs Juve means literally nothing. They’re both in terrible form it’s just that Barca is slightly doing better.
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije 25 dana
Greenwood goal should've been offside due to his leg was offside and mane offside vs Everton due to an elbow? c'mon
Phil Fifield
Phil Fifield Prije 25 dana
Like watching a wooden QVC shopping channel presenter
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast Prije 25 dana
Proud of patson daka 🇿🇲🇿🇲 fly high for zambia 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲
Aaden Prije 25 dana
When will matt be back?😑
olamide balogun
olamide balogun Prije 25 dana
angelina is really beautiful
David Gabriel
David Gabriel Prije 26 dana
Pleasee, we want Matt Back, when i hear a girl talk about football, it's like i seen a guy talk about make-up
Lesh Govender
Lesh Govender Prije 26 dana
I miss matt😢
One_Thunder_Gamer Prije 26 dana
Imagine being so rich that you instead of buying a PlayStation or something to play like Football manager, you buy a club for fun and start buying stars They don't really know what to do with their money but I don't judge them lmao
One_Thunder_Gamer Prije 26 dana
Bayern of Liverpool FC
abinand c v
abinand c v Prije 26 dana
Ynwa forever 🔥
Ian Kamz
Ian Kamz Prije 26 dana
You look great today😍 keep up with good videos 👍
Salman Khan
Salman Khan Prije 26 dana
Where is Matt frohlich?
FiliX JunioR
FiliX JunioR Prije 26 dana
Rashford pocketed Upamecano🤣🤣🤣🤣
joe johnz
joe johnz Prije 26 dana
Nothing against Angelina but I’m missing Matt
Zr Puia
Zr Puia Prije 26 dana
Neymar annual injury has returned😂😂😂
Elijah Nissi
Elijah Nissi Prije 26 dana
Is it just me or is she a bit awkward with her hands.? But then aren't we all😂
Aashim Bhatia
Aashim Bhatia Prije 26 dana
Bring mat back
Sherrad GGMUFC
Sherrad GGMUFC Prije 26 dana
Beautiful Goddess 😍
apache tyson
apache tyson Prije 26 dana
Alaba said he dosent want to go EPL he wants to go la liga real Madrid or barca no point in downgrading clubs..
GHOST_CSA HOPE Prije 26 dana
LIVERBIRD TV Prije 26 dana
alaba is pure class. reckon he would be a great signing
ReviewEverything Prije 26 dana
You're doing a great job but everyone misses Matt
Santos Argueta
Santos Argueta Prije 26 dana
Marcus Rashford. is a superhero
Dhanush SR
Dhanush SR Prije 26 dana
Where's our unbiased football reviewer Matt ...miss him
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan Prije 26 dana
When is Matt coming back?
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije 26 dana
Mani H
Mani H Prije 26 dana
Bring Matt back! Nothing against her, but Matt was hilarious!
Sanya Sareen
Sanya Sareen Prije 26 dana
Angelina out
Russell Mike
Russell Mike Prije 26 dana
Matt should consider giving Angelina another two
The Richardson's
The Richardson's Prije 26 dana
Comment- “Barca is going to beat Juve” Response-“Well I don’t see it. I bet that’s going to come back to bite me.” Us-“Well that didn’t live down well.”
Branko :D
Branko :D Prije 26 dana
Pls bring back matt i can't listen to this woman anymore
Nathan Jehoma
Nathan Jehoma Prije 26 dana
no disrespect to angelina, but i miss saying the intro with matt.😢
Lav Jyoti
Lav Jyoti Prije 26 dana
Why do these players want to leave the team which has been dominating Europe and will continue to do so , i mean yeah Liverpool and all but still Bayern for the last season and even right are the best team in Europe
Berosar Prije 26 dana
honestly dont miss matt at all, she does a perfect job
Wilson Gichuru
Wilson Gichuru Prije 26 dana
We don't want Matt back. I choose beauty over the beast. 😂😂
Ashis Bhowmick
Ashis Bhowmick Prije 26 dana
MBE ✅ Hatrick ✅ Sends upamecano and konate to mud ✅ What a player 🌟
Lubega Khassim
Lubega Khassim Prije 26 dana
Where’s matt folick
auf abdulrauf
auf abdulrauf Prije 26 dana
Day 4 of asking this:WE WANT MATT
Leroy Bhuy
Leroy Bhuy Prije 26 dana
love u 😌
Little Pea
Little Pea Prije 26 dana
Angelina is a Fantastic host
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 26 dana
Who was waiting to hear that VAR was on the side of Manchester as usual😒
PaulThePrince Prije 26 dana
Liverpool centre back crisises makes me laugh
Tanmay Bhuta
Tanmay Bhuta Prije 26 dana
When will Matt be back? I miss him
Kaimana Martin
Kaimana Martin Prije 26 dana
Finally the Zambian striker has been recognized 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲, you should see his Zambian teammate Enock mwepu,his an unbelievable midfielder. Thank you @OneFootball
Abir Prije 26 dana
i read alaba wants to join atleti o.O PS : it's simple rashford plays well , MANU plays well
mk 96
mk 96 Prije 26 dana
Yassin Hussein
Yassin Hussein Prije 26 dana
No...... I'm a Liverpool fan
Donovan Tembo
Donovan Tembo Prije 26 dana
to make her the main presenter of the daily news is the worst decision this channel has ever made.
Tim Bardi
Tim Bardi Prije 26 dana
Why is this lady still hosting this show? Arrgh! I'll unsubscribe this channel
Manifested Logic
Manifested Logic Prije 26 dana
Matt said he'd be gone for a week... Did you kill him?
Alena Dizdarevic
Alena Dizdarevic Prije 26 dana
It’s so exhausting that we keep losing our players here in Salzburg. Fortunately we only lost Hee-Chan Hwang last transfer season, but we need Daka for now
Wilson Gichuru
Wilson Gichuru Prije 26 dana
Peter Deutsch
Peter Deutsch Prije 26 dana
Could have mentioned that Manchester United scored an offside goal and the VAR didnt do anything
anupam das
anupam das Prije 26 dana
Angelina is so biased on that Manchester performance
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz Prije 26 dana
Okay it was all fun and games but where is Matt?
Fat Joe Gaming
Fat Joe Gaming Prije 26 dana
Unpopular opinion Angelina > Matt
Onyx Core
Onyx Core Prije 26 dana
Liverpool are crazy if they think Alaba will leave Bayern for them.
Onyx Core
Onyx Core Prije 25 dana
@Rachit Dang Alaba is a Bayern veteran , and Alaba isn't Thiago.
Rachit Dang
Rachit Dang Prije 26 dana
Thiago did though.
T M Prije 26 dana
Yes Daka🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲
Brandon James
Brandon James Prije 26 dana
Bruh this is kinda frustrating as a city fan just buy Halaand.
ILikeGold Prije 26 dana
Haven't watched the vid yet but from that picture is it Patson Daka
Saarang chodankar
Saarang chodankar Prije 26 dana
Is matt dead I've not seen him from last 2 weeks
Ankit Singh Rana
Ankit Singh Rana Prije 26 dana
As I remember correctly Angelina predicted that pedri will be a flop signing,and you got that completely wrong as he outclassed caudrado last night,and was also the best player on the pitch. #Barca❤️🔥
Zane Pennington
Zane Pennington Prije 26 dana
Anyone know Patson Daka rating in fifa?
Goutham Krishna R
Goutham Krishna R Prije 26 dana
I'll be so happy if Angelina like and comments this post😂
Goutham Krishna R
Goutham Krishna R Prije 26 dana
Nah I prefer matt
Wilson Gichuru
Wilson Gichuru Prije 26 dana
We don't want Matt back. I choose beauty over the beast. 😂😂
Onthatile Mashilo
Onthatile Mashilo Prije 26 dana
Good Job Angelina!
Variety Plays
Variety Plays Prije 26 dana
Where is Thursday favourite?
AIMgamers Prije 26 dana
Good work from nepal
Mayookh Rajesh
Mayookh Rajesh Prije 26 dana
Liverpool's main problem is their first team is so fire, not a lot of big stars are going to come to Liverpool because of game time.
Ashfiyan Ahmed
Ashfiyan Ahmed Prije 26 dana
Matt has COVID-19 doesn’t he?
Imlimanen Lkr
Imlimanen Lkr Prije 26 dana
Will liverpool be willing to offer the massive wage that alaba wants tho
abdi yare
abdi yare Prije 26 dana
Nobody can replace matt! Sorry angelina ur good but nt great
Hassanisthebest10 Prije 26 dana
s the Egyptian business mans name nagbe suares
Noah Nash
Noah Nash Prije 26 dana
i miss matt😕
RebelXian Games
RebelXian Games Prije 26 dana
You shouldn’t be so shocked for the Manchester United win. When they play well they can beat any team. The problem with them has been consistency. They win a few games and then they go and lose against a bottom league team.
Puffin - One Handed Gamer
Puffin - One Handed Gamer Prije 26 dana
Preferably, if Alaba was to sign in January, he plays along side VVD in central defense, because the other central defenders we have are made of glass or aren't as good.
Nitish Jhugroo
Nitish Jhugroo Prije 26 dana
Guys please sort your transition sound it's shits me up everytime I'm on headphones !!!
Rarul Clan
Rarul Clan Prije 26 dana
Barca would not win if cr7 played I am a diehard Real Madrid fan
Shay Doherty
Shay Doherty Prije 26 dana
Remember when Matt said United would come third in the group 😂😂😂
SilverXero 123
SilverXero 123 Prije 26 dana
Am saying😂
Abilash k
Abilash k Prije 26 dana
Morata's night was unlucky not a nightmare 😑🙄
M Shashank
M Shashank Prije 26 dana
Angelina told barca don't have a chance against juve. What would you say now?
[REDACTED] Prije 26 dana
I'm 323rd
Tshele Mofokeng
Tshele Mofokeng Prije 26 dana
Any good CB Liverpool signs can easily play with van Dijk when he's fit, simple Angelina. Fabinho goes back to midfield
Trilok Karahalli
Trilok Karahalli Prije 26 dana
Angelina u said barca won't beat Juve but turns out ur ❌wrong❌
Kamal Das
Kamal Das Prije 26 dana
Neymar has annual injuries and Joel Matip has weekly ones. Different by qualities(different position),equal&together by injuries!
Mahmoud Ahmed
Mahmoud Ahmed Prije 26 dana
When is my boy Matt coming back
LuckyShotBot 26
LuckyShotBot 26 Prije 26 dana
The bar rule needs to be changed.For example make it that if the players torsos is offside then the goal is disallowed.How many times have you seen an atacker running just on time buts the goal is ruled out cause he decide to run like a human with his arm out.
Ayanabha Karmakar
Ayanabha Karmakar Prije 26 dana
Let's take a moment to appreciate the fact that Angelina has been so good hosting this....
STRETCH93 Prije 26 dana
Neymar annual October injury...must have a date with his sister
Crazy Trev9
Crazy Trev9 Prije 26 dana
Wheres matt ffs
9D Mohak Jain
9D Mohak Jain Prije 26 dana
Liverpool are actually the new United....linked with every single player that breathes
Akrit Pradhan
Akrit Pradhan Prije 26 dana
New onefootball shirts?
Maaoon Faiz
Maaoon Faiz Prije 26 dana
Love the vids you are my sole source of football news keep up the good work😇😇
Ruben McCammon
Ruben McCammon Prije 26 dana
Angelina looks far happier after the night Man Utd won
Visca Barcelona
Visca Barcelona Prije 26 dana
No way Liverpool getting Alaba.He is demanding 250k per week from Bayern to resign while Liverpool's highest paid player Salah is on 220k per week.We can give him 250k per week.
Rachit Dang
Rachit Dang Prije 26 dana
@Mystogan Ali Maybe Chelsea might get him, all Lampard has to do is splash money from Abramovich's account to buy Alaba and sell Pablo Escobar, Christensen,Rudiger and Zouma.
Mystogan Ali
Mystogan Ali Prije 26 dana
Alaba already has a 330k offer from bayern but want 400k+ so no liverpool isnt getting him for 250k 👀
Chad Tyrone
Chad Tyrone Prije 26 dana
Apparently it's 400k... Euros maybe
Mogale Tsebane
Mogale Tsebane Prije 26 dana
What happened to Matt?
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