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Prije 2 mjeseci

The OneFootball x 442oons is back with 10 predictions for the 2020/21 season! Who will win Europe's biggest leagues, the Champions League, Golden boot and Ballon d'Or?
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 2 mjeseci
Which league will have the biggest shock winner this season?
No Salad
No Salad Prije mjesec
@David Sim 😂😂😂
David Sim
David Sim Prije mjesec
Man city is going trophisless again and arsenal wj treble
Yuvraj Gill
Yuvraj Gill Prije mjesec
Premier league
Arjun Bharat
Arjun Bharat Prije 2 mjeseci
RG Alpha
RG Alpha Prije 2 mjeseci
Premier league
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez Prije 12 sati
Welcome to AC Milan
Uroš Lukač
Uroš Lukač Prije 14 sati
2:43 apapapia, apapapa, apapapapa apa
ANTONIO Tornil Prije 16 sati
The winner of laliga: Atleti The winner of the premier league: Spurs
This just confirms Dean is a city fan pl champions are city, champions league winners are city and golden boot winner is sterling i'm surprised the ballon d'or didnt go for aguero
Manash Saikia
Manash Saikia Prije 5 dana
Why the fuck he always predict city to win lol
HXIDER_KHXN Prije 5 dana
Bundesliga : Bayern Munich, Runners-up : Borussia Dortmund Serie A : Juventus, Runners-up: Inter Milan Ligue 1 : PSG, Runners-up : Lyon La Liga : Barcelona, Runners-up : Real Madrid Premier League : Chelsea, Runners-up : Manchester City Europa League : Spurs, Runners-up : Arsenal Champions League : Manchester City, Runners-up : Bayern Munich European Golden Shoe : Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2021 : Portugal will retain it, Ronaldo's 3rd major international trophy, Runners-up : Belgium Copa America : Argentina, Messi wins 1st major international trophy, Runners-up : Brazil Ole will be sacked and Mauricio Pochettino will take over for Utd Ballon d'Or 2021 : Cristiano Ronaldo levels Lionel Messi on 6 each due to winning Serie A with Juventus, Euro 2021 with Portugal and the European Golden Shoe, Runner-up : Lionel Messi, 3rd place : Raheem Sterling
Hilda Mar
Hilda Mar Prije 2 dana
Waaait barcelona thats load of crap even real sociedad have more of s chance
Shahil Shalu
Shahil Shalu Prije 8 dana
Who is watching it now
Vishal Prije 12 dana
Tottenham Hotspur will win premier league
Faizulhaq Satria
Faizulhaq Satria Prije 12 dana
2:43 so you know that 🤣
Suraj Dubey
Suraj Dubey Prije 14 dana
dean is oil money
PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre Prije 19 dana
Ayush Saha
Ayush Saha Prije 19 dana
Bayern, Inter Milan, PSG, Real Madrid, and Chelsea as league winners. Chelsea as UCL winners. Spurs to beat Ajax to win the Europa League. Ballon'd'or and European Golden Boot to Lewandowski And manager of Sevilla at the end of the season will be...Unai Emery!
Getrude Simalabbe
Getrude Simalabbe Prije 20 dana
City are winning the league hopefully the champions league
PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre Prije 23 dana
Prasanta Pandit
Prasanta Pandit Prije 24 dana
I just wonder how many hundreds and thousands of euros Dean has wasted in putting his money on Man City??🤔🤔🤔
Dr. Md. Wahid Chowdhury Masud
Dr. Md. Wahid Chowdhury Masud Prije 25 dana
1.Bundesliga-Bayern Munich 2.Serie A-Juventus 3.Ligue 1-Paris Saint-Germain 4.La Liga-Barcelona 5.Preimier League-Manchester City 6.Champions League-Manchester City 7.Europa League-Sevilla 8.Ballon d'Or-Robert Lewandowski 9.Golden Boot-Lionel Messi 10.Manger of Spurs-Jose Mourinho
WFV Prije 25 dana
NOT Juventus Mlan
Maxy pierce
Maxy pierce Prije 26 dana
Jose sacked
Dayne Richards
Dayne Richards Prije 27 dana
Man Utd 5-0 Leipzig oof
Chicken Dude Luca
Chicken Dude Luca Prije 29 dana
1.Bundesliga winner: Dortmund 2.Serie A-hole winner:Inter Milan Ligue urn winner:PSG La liga winner:Atleti Prem winner:Tottenham Hotspur Champions League winner: RB leibzig 2 - 1 Bancellona Europa league winner: TOT 3-2 SELLINGVA Bellendor winner: Mbappe Top scorer: Lewandowski Spurs manager: Ole gunna solja (he was sacked)
Looow. Key
Looow. Key Prije 29 dana
Who is here after van dijik gone missing literally 😂😂😂💔
Rayan Chowdhury
Rayan Chowdhury Prije mjesec
Man utd pl
astastyn 85
astastyn 85 Prije mjesec
Pep, now that Dejan van Dijk is injured for the season, how can City win the league?
Rafiq Anwar
Rafiq Anwar Prije mjesec
Serie A - Inter. Ligue 1- PSG. Bundesliga, RB Leipzig, la liga, Atletico Madrid, Premier league Liverpool
Daniels Mansoor
Daniels Mansoor Prije mjesec
Is this 442oons
Bald Digga D
Bald Digga D Prije mjesec
Sksnd Snsndnd
Sksnd Snsndnd Prije mjesec
Wtf ole said: Glory, Glory Ma*u!!!
AbeyFanDead Prije mjesec
Dean:Manchester City will win the champions league! Dean in the UCL vid:Bayern will win the Champions league!
Baya Amel
Baya Amel Prije mjesec
2:43 hahahaha
Mati Pro
Mati Pro Prije mjesec
* Robert Lewangolski
Sarkon Kifarkis
Sarkon Kifarkis Prije mjesec
Bro juventus or Liverpool or atalanta guna win
Sarkon Kifarkis
Sarkon Kifarkis Prije mjesec
Or Barcelona
David Sim
David Sim Prije mjesec
Man city ucl 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 no way man city is not good enough in ucl
Rafael Delbeke
Rafael Delbeke Prije mjesec
Anant Madhok
Anant Madhok Prije mjesec
Well the body swap spell on loveren and van dijk actually happened
Tim Head
Tim Head Prije mjesec
Master Cyber
Master Cyber Prije mjesec
Oh cmon! brighton have more chance of winning UCL than city
liverpool channel
liverpool channel Prije mjesec
Liverpool premier league
Rybus Prije mjesec
Here comes dislike
Zaris Jalil
Zaris Jalil Prije mjesec
I want Arsenal to win the EPL not man city
Armaan Martins
Armaan Martins Prije mjesec
Who’s here after Dean said he thinks Bayern will win the champions league draw video
Osvaldo Fernandez
Osvaldo Fernandez Prije mjesec
F1 2021 title nominees: Lewis hamilton Valteri bottas Sebastián vettel Max verstappen Lando norris And mick schumacher And the winner is... Lando norris!!!
Dasika Sairam
Dasika Sairam Prije mjesec
Actually Juve may find it a little difficult to win the Scudetto.
Ahmed Rashid
Ahmed Rashid Prije mjesec
2:43 Hubba ba ba bi ba ba ba hubba ba ba bi who a baba
Ahmed Rashid
Ahmed Rashid Prije mjesec
Dean:Manchester City will win the league Leicester City:Imma ruin this Man´s whole career
Cvetko Stojanov
Cvetko Stojanov Prije mjesec
I hate Dean because he supports man city and hates everyone else
Vishwa Rammarain
Vishwa Rammarain Prije mjesec
INTER Milan will win the Serie A
Venom シ
Venom シ Prije mjesec
Debanjan Roy
Debanjan Roy Prije mjesec
All this and Man. City loses to Leicester City by 5 - 2.😂😂😂
Just A Football Lad
Just A Football Lad Prije mjesec
2:42 for jose hababepa
Hugo TRM
Hugo TRM Prije mjesec
Ok.Dean is a city fan.
Itz_Lil_Lizard Prije 2 mjeseci
Maybe they will do ballon d'or, if they changed their mind
Dimitris Selimekos
Dimitris Selimekos Prije 2 mjeseci
Spurs season be like 2:43
Ana Celik
Ana Celik Prije 2 mjeseci
Dean man cyti gan 🤬🤬🤬 im liverpool fan
Harsha & Hari Sasi
Harsha & Hari Sasi Prije 2 mjeseci
Love how Bundesliga is Dean's client on one hand but Dean takes a jab at them
Yenam Ocloo
Yenam Ocloo Prije 2 mjeseci
like your predictions matter which dont matter
DominatorRBLX Prije 2 mjeseci
Predictions: Bundesliga: Bayern Serie A: Internazionale Ligue 1: PSG La Liga: Barcelona Premier League: Arsenal (just kidding, Man City) Champions League: Juventus (beats Bayern in the final) Europa League: Tottenham (finally a trophy other then the Audi Cup) Golden Boot: Mbappe
Eric Ji
Eric Ji Prije 2 mjeseci
The Europa League final will be a North London derby,and the winner will be……Sevilla.That makes me laugh all day. So UEFA Europa League will be officially changed into UEFA Sevilla league. And Sevilla is going to become a north London club.
ALBERTO CERNA (Student) Prije 2 mjeseci
My predictionsm Liverpool winning the premier league (again) Barcelona winning La Liga PSG winning the League 1 Juventus winning Serie A Bayern Munich win Bundesliga Barcelona win the Champions League (My prediction for the UCL Final: Barcelona vs Juventus) Tottenham win the Europa League UEFA EURO 2021 winner: France Golden boot winner: Lionel Messi Who agrees with my predictions?
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 Prije 2 mjeseci
No way City wins the Champions League
L.T. Rigby
L.T. Rigby Prije 2 mjeseci
ballon d'or Mane
CFCJAYDEN2006 Prije 2 mjeseci
Champions Liverpool Real Madrid Bayern Munich Inter Milan PSG Champions winners Real Madrid Europa league winners Arsenal
DominatorRBLX Prije 2 mjeseci
No one: Mourinho: a mamma mia ma ma ma ha mamma mia wababa
Mohammed Suliman
Mohammed Suliman Prije 2 mjeseci
Juventus losing is not surprising they only won seria a last season by one point
mcwieni 34
mcwieni 34 Prije 2 mjeseci
Man city are winners hah
Apurbo 1
Apurbo 1 Prije 2 mjeseci
My predictions are 1.Bayern win Bundesliga 2.PSG to win Ligue 1 3. Juventus to win Serie A 4. Liverpool to win Premiere League 5. FC Barcelona winning just because of one point in LA Liga 6.Liverpool to win UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 7.Spurs to win Europa League 8. Mbappe to golden boot
Sergoal AguerOoOoO
Sergoal AguerOoOoO Prije 2 mjeseci
the comment section are making secret excuses that man city wont actually win the leauge lol but i sergio aguero will kick liverpools arrogant ass
Madhin Prassana
Madhin Prassana Prije 2 mjeseci
Gotta love how much trust he has on Man City
KopilaBigyan thapa
KopilaBigyan thapa Prije 2 mjeseci
Psg will win champions league
Ashboy 1610
Ashboy 1610 Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool to win premier league
marce gaming chanel
marce gaming chanel Prije 2 mjeseci
Dean is an man city fan
Ritabh Pandey
Ritabh Pandey Prije 2 mjeseci
Sterling will never win the European or Premier League Golden Boot in his entire life.
zeinab aziz
zeinab aziz Prije 2 mjeseci
1 juve (serie a ) 2 bayern (bundesliga) 3 paris (french league) 4 liverpool ( epl) 5 barca (la liga ) 6 liverpool (ucl )
Paper Cutt
Paper Cutt Prije 2 mjeseci
Ethan Andre Ayala
Ethan Andre Ayala Prije 2 mjeseci
what a shit prediction
Thomas Tennant
Thomas Tennant Prije 2 mjeseci
what about signings
Tadija Tonić
Tadija Tonić Prije 2 mjeseci
Idk whats wrong with you man city wont win anything
Vikpro 123
Vikpro 123 Prije 2 mjeseci
Dean the inmobile Looks Awful
olayi juliana
olayi juliana Prije 2 mjeseci
no it will be lewandoqski
olayi juliana
olayi juliana Prije 2 mjeseci
arsenal will win
olayi juliana
olayi juliana Prije 2 mjeseci
man utd wont win man city will not win Liverpool bayern wont win
Ali El Sakkout
Ali El Sakkout Prije 2 mjeseci
My 2020/2021 predictions: Premier League: Liverpool - Top Scorer: Aubameyang La Liga: Real Madrid - Top Scorer: Messi Serie A: Inter Milan - Top Scorer: Lukaku Bundesliga: Bayern - Top Scorer: Haaland Ligue 1: PSG - Top Scorer: Mbappe Champions League: Manchester City - Top Scorer: Gnabry Europa League: Arsenal - Top Scorer: Aubameyang European Golden Boot: Messi
Paul Glinidis
Paul Glinidis Prije 2 mjeseci
Bundesliga Bayern Munich Ligue 1 PSG La Liga Real Madrid Premier League Liverpool Serie A juventus Champions League PSG Europa League Arsenal
Dylan Karin
Dylan Karin Prije 2 mjeseci
Am a city fan but dean is overrating man city
Aats The you tuber
Aats The you tuber Prije 2 mjeseci
La liga : barca EPL : Liverpool Ligue 1: PSG Bundesliga: Dortmund Serie a : Milan or inter UCL: PSG El: arsenal Golden boot: Robert lewandowski
kiisuke 123
kiisuke 123 Prije 2 mjeseci
Petros Christofides
Petros Christofides Prije 2 mjeseci
bro I've been watching this channel for idk 4 5 years, and every year it's the exact same thing, city will win the league, city will win the champions league, pep will win ball on dor
Electron Prije 2 mjeseci
2:43 best part of 442oons/One football XD
Talking Barcelona
Talking Barcelona Prije 2 mjeseci
Barcelona will win la liga cuz coutinho become amazing and griezmann finnally can play on middle
Muhammad Irtaza
Muhammad Irtaza Prije 2 mjeseci
Real Madrid will win La liga Chelsea will win the Prem Juventus will win the Serie A Bayern will win Bundesliga PSG will win the League One And Bayern again will win the UCL
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
Definitely not Manchester City winning everything
Prasanta Pandit
Prasanta Pandit Prije 2 mjeseci
I always used to make mistakes in addition when I was a child. My mom always told me to learn from my mistakes but I never could. I thought I am shit but when I see Dean's UCL predictions, I feel a lot relieved😇😇
Kacper K
Kacper K Prije 2 mjeseci
1.Bayern 2.Juve 3.PSG 4.Barcelona 5.Chelsea 6.Bayern 7.Sevilla 8.Lewandowski 9.Kane 10.Jose Mourinio
dead mauie
dead mauie Prije 2 mjeseci
Barca will win the league Coutinho and Griezmann have been on great form
YOBEL SITOMPUL Prije 2 mjeseci
It just a predict
RG _Nald
RG _Nald Prije 2 mjeseci
When he said the winner of the Europa league will be Sevilla. Arsenal, Spurs and I all said “what !” At the same time 😅😅
MMMR Kruki
MMMR Kruki Prije 2 mjeseci
Manchester City is 💩💩💩
hk K
hk K Prije 2 mjeseci
Lmao la Liga had me dead 😭🤦🏻‍♂️
Diego Nuricumbo
Diego Nuricumbo Prije 2 mjeseci
Man city man city man city man city man city man city man city man city deans the biggest fan of city
joshua john
joshua john Prije 2 mjeseci
all (compicated) predictions wrong 442oons did it again
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore Prije 2 mjeseci
To be honest sterling is scoring more and more every season
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