'Thiago may STRUGGLE' + Expressions Oozing talks Spurs' Bale transfer and more! ► TFW

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TFW returns with a packed show as Matt and Angelina look through some of your hottest opinions including Thiago's introduction to the Premier League, why Chelsea need to get rid of Kepa, whether Bayern or Barcelona will win the race for Dest plus Expressions joins Matt for a chat about Spurs, Bale, Mourinho and more!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 2 mjeseci
Can Bale fire Spurs into the top 4?
Messi TheKing
Messi TheKing Prije 2 mjeseci
@NoTieMing you just don't know anything about Barca and Messi when you said it's Messi or Setien they would stand with Messi 😂😂 this board doesn't stand with anyone but themselves..ppl think from the outside that Messi runs the show.. Infact the board do so and do so going against Messi..so many things happened that he didn't want but they still happened. Neymar left, Griezman joined.. Now Suarez..hell even he wanted to leave but he couldn't.. And you still think he is bigger than the club and any other player.. He is the best player at Barca no doubt but doesn't run the club in the slightest.. After 8-2 which club would have kept Setien.. They had to make someone the scapegoat..Setien's hiring was also against his wish btw, he wanted Xavi.. He didn't even want Valverde to be sacked.. So be assured her is not the one getting ppl sacked and hired.. He couldn't even get himself to leave.. As for Spurs and Jose, it's my prediction that he will get the sack.. Let's wait and see.. Good luck
NoTieMing Prije 2 mjeseci
Messi TheKing What do you mean José is close to getting the sack? From when José came in they have been the fourth best team despite the injury’s to Son, Kane, Sissoko, Davies, Lamela and Lloris. That would be like Messi, Suarez, Semedo, Vidal and Ter Stegen if we would put it in Barcelona terms. I would like to see Barcelona without them. Now that bale is in, Mourinho has the possibility to rotate more on all players which may cause less injury’s for players like Kane I bet you Spurs will be top 4 if all players stay injury free. This Tottenham team is better than the one who played the champions league final last year And btw Messi absolutely got Setien sacked. Messi is bigger than every single person in Barcelona including the manager and that’s a problem. If Messi went to the club board and say “it’s either me or him” (him means anyone related to the club) the board would 100% of the time stand on Messis side. Messi is a victim to his own success and it is time for him to realize it, he should move away from the club or the Barcelona board has to get in a manager who has the same status as Messi, for example Guardiola
Messi TheKing
Messi TheKing Prije 2 mjeseci
@NoTieMing Setien got sacked despite a great performance/attempt from Messi to carry his team..Bale is joining a loosing cause under Jose who will already be close to getting sacked by end of season or even by December, and Bale's performance can't turn that around
NoTieMing Prije 2 mjeseci
Messi TheKing Your statement is as logical as mine Can you elaborate
Messi TheKing
Messi TheKing Prije 2 mjeseci
@NoTieMing apply some cold water to burnt area 🤣
Soumitra Tarafder
Soumitra Tarafder Prije mjesec
Plz tell me the song name 0:07
david Okkk
david Okkk Prije mjesec
Expression love that guy! You should hide those arms brov hehe
Jude Hill
Jude Hill Prije mjesec
expressions lmfaoo
איתן לוין
איתן לוין Prije 2 mjeseci
I dont know if u r know but every football fan in israel is really exited about tottnham vs macabi haifa
The Gaming Whale 21
The Gaming Whale 21 Prije 2 mjeseci
Thiago is also good at dribbling like what is he on 😂
Adam October
Adam October Prije 2 mjeseci
You really think bale will be a success. 🏒 ooops ! There chemistry wont be as good as liverpool's.
Mcg 1907
Mcg 1907 Prije 2 mjeseci
Matt Nico got eyes on you
Avremi Swimmer
Avremi Swimmer Prije 2 mjeseci
Gareth Bale will suck he played more golf than soccer in the last 2 years
Adam Czerepinski
Adam Czerepinski Prije 2 mjeseci
daniel james is good but honestly hes not a right winger he is better on the left. rashford is on the left so he needs to move to help his career
Link Gaming
Link Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
LOL, the guys who said that Thiago would fail is just the English press to every player
The Wave Beats
The Wave Beats Prije 2 mjeseci
Thiago is going to terrorise the premier League tbh
Brandon Sherwood
Brandon Sherwood Prije 2 mjeseci
That thiago counter has to be the most invalid comment I've seen for a while...
Phuti Mochaki
Phuti Mochaki Prije 2 mjeseci
Harvetz may struggle....not Tiago
MadLFC DC Prije 2 mjeseci
'Thiago will struggle' ....Really? 😂
Jack Prije 2 mjeseci
Why are all comments premature comments that jump the gun on managers or players 😂
Zach Peake
Zach Peake Prije 2 mjeseci
As I soon as I saw expressions I clicked
Prakrit Tyagi
Prakrit Tyagi Prije 2 mjeseci
Anto Joseph
Anto Joseph Prije 2 mjeseci
Wish u guys used time stamps
Antonio Romano
Antonio Romano Prije 2 mjeseci
Division Monday
Division Monday Prije 2 mjeseci
Mumu person
Steven Lloyd
Steven Lloyd Prije 2 mjeseci
Oozing Army
Ahmad Hosny
Ahmad Hosny Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine being stupid enough to think Thiago will flop but Bale will succeed 😂 Bale hasn't had a good game in about 3 years and that's not an exaggeration, whereas everyone with a brain knows Thiago is a baller
Manuel Palma
Manuel Palma Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh no... he put bale up there with the greatest ... I’m offended
Rikith Abeysinghe
Rikith Abeysinghe Prije 2 mjeseci
Thiago has InSaNe acceleration and his ability to pick out a pass is fantastic. Hes gonna be a brilliant signing for lfc. #YNWA
sarvesh kute
sarvesh kute Prije 2 mjeseci
Matt 😡 Barca will win 😤
Minuka Gurusinghe
Minuka Gurusinghe Prije 2 mjeseci
Onefootball : "Thiago may struggle " Thiago: Breaks record on debut in 45 mins
Aayan subhan
Aayan subhan Prije 2 mjeseci
The bundesliga is a more fast-paced league than the premier league so whoever said Thiago is too slow should do a bit of research
Aydin Maiolo
Aydin Maiolo Prije 2 mjeseci
Man utd win 4-2 against brighton
John Strachan
John Strachan Prije 2 mjeseci
Shut up he becomes instantly the best CM in the league only kante can challenge on his day but I would take thiago every day of the week over any other CM in england its jealousy the people saying he will struggle there just going to look stupid
Thanos Papavangelis
Thanos Papavangelis Prije 2 mjeseci
The guy that made the Thiago comments has never watched bundesliga football and still thinks the prem is just physicality and strength
Jay Prije 2 mjeseci
In your heart of hearts if you believe Thiago is going to struggle you have zero knowledge about football.
Strictly Football
Strictly Football Prije 2 mjeseci
David Silva wasn’t fast, Juan Mata wasn’t fast, Fabinho isn’t quick, just to name a few...this idea you need to be quick to make it in the premier league is idiotic at best, Thiago is an elite passer and dribbler and his football brain is one of the best in the worlds with his pass selection and passing, whoever wrote that comment needs to lay off the salt... and how on earth is passing not useful in the premier league😂
buttplugs and mastadons 1988
buttplugs and mastadons 1988 Prije 2 mjeseci
Thiago ain't going to struggle lol did they not watch the game with Chelsea lol
Jeremy Kehio
Jeremy Kehio Prije 2 mjeseci
Surely Matt Barcelona draw 😂😂😂😂
Syed Ibrahim
Syed Ibrahim Prije 2 mjeseci
I really would like to see arsenal fan co anchor the show with Matt . It would be interesting
1m_ Vector
1m_ Vector Prije 2 mjeseci
best news channel for football
Nikhil Vaidyanathan
Nikhil Vaidyanathan Prije 2 mjeseci
Snt. Drip
Snt. Drip Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like Kepa is still a good goalkeeper, he still makes some excellent saves, just that he hasn't yet fully fitted in
Dereje Feyissa Dori
Dereje Feyissa Dori Prije 2 mjeseci
I have school 5 hours later
Yusuf Hassan Razmy
Yusuf Hassan Razmy Prije 2 mjeseci
The dude who said Thiago doesn’t fit is man utd fan I think
Vishesh Gupta
Vishesh Gupta Prije 2 mjeseci
Is that big shaq😂
ocorir Prije 2 mjeseci
Coming from a Bayern fan, Thiago is everything LFC would want.
Gabriel 1
Gabriel 1 Prije 2 mjeseci
Spurs get CB and target man, they compete for title!
vijju k
vijju k Prije 2 mjeseci
Observation: Matt wears pants whenever Angelina is on the show. Otherwise, he can't be bothered :)
Sujal Shrestha
Sujal Shrestha Prije 2 mjeseci
matt should met kepa again
pseudonym Prije 2 mjeseci
I wasn't very excited for Thiago signing, I wanted Liverpool to sign a more attacking mid fielder. All it took to change my mind was watch him play 2 passes. Literally, 2 passes, and I was like he is what we needed.
Seong Thong Chuah
Seong Thong Chuah Prije 2 mjeseci
Ikr , we already have Fabinho and Henderson making great long passes from midfield but Thiago passes are so smooth and accurate that I believe he is a complete upgrade for Henderson , he is also a good leader that can motivate player as he already has a strong winning mentality.
Mortal Death
Mortal Death Prije 2 mjeseci
not sure which club mrbotkiller6351 supports but I can't wait for them to watch Thiago use his excellent first touch, composure, dribbling ability and acceleration to just blow past any midfielder and then put the cherry on top with a killer pass through to Mane/Salah or our wide to Robbo/Trent to set up the goals. Thiago is the all round package and once he gets used to Liverpool's system and players he will light up this league and be up there quality wise with De Bruyne
Ajiboy Dax
Ajiboy Dax Prije 2 mjeseci
Matt's predictions were so accurate😂😂😂
rohit menon
rohit menon Prije 2 mjeseci
the first guy definitely looked at thiagos fifa stats and came up with that bullshit😂😂😂. idiots like that need to stick to ultimate team
golden gamer
golden gamer Prije 2 mjeseci
Leave a like if you love matt😹👍
Fabulous K
Fabulous K Prije 2 mjeseci
So who got fired to get the wrong coloured things on the desks? I mean clearly no normal person would chose a red colour with the yellow and black rest..
Tyrone Hodges
Tyrone Hodges Prije 2 mjeseci
Spurs and ac milan Europa league final Gareth bale winner Everton wins carbono cup Arsenal fa cup Prem liverpool Champions league man city/bayern/Dortmund and black horses Atlanta
Ayaan Ibrar
Ayaan Ibrar Prije 2 mjeseci
The only English team Thiago struggled against was Liverpool in 2019. The season Liverpool went on to win the CL. Now that he plays for them, happy days
nana potter
nana potter Prije 2 mjeseci
He didn't struggle against them to be honest.
neil mandimika
neil mandimika Prije 2 mjeseci
Bayern to win super cup
sHOTTA Prije 2 mjeseci
Lmao keep dreaming Everton will smash
sHOTTA Prije 2 mjeseci
Look. I just came here to confess that we will take Jesse. United fans have treated him horribly, and he don’t deserve it, he is always the hardest working player on the pitch and it’s not his fault OGS is a yes man. United is a nothing club.
sHOTTA Prije 2 mjeseci
Whoa you really gotta bring up old memories shame on you!! -hateful spurs fan
Mayur Gianchandani
Mayur Gianchandani Prije 2 mjeseci
English media and the folks need to stop jumping on PL as the make and break of competitive football. Thiago was wanted by Pep, he can control and become the creative engine the club needed. He played half a game and still seemed pretty crisp for a 2 day old signing. Also I felt the guy who Matt was on a video chat with went a bit too far, I mean yeah Bale and Reguilon will make a difference, but I still don’t see top 4. For all that Chelsea did, they still have a host of new players who didn’t play against Liverpool. That will make a massive difference, Arsenal are pretty good too, so top 4 might be challenging
H N Prije 2 mjeseci
Love this.... quality presentation
Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man Prije 2 mjeseci
“Thiago might struggle” Proceeds to provide the most key passes in 45 minutes..
Pieter-Jan Van Opstal
Pieter-Jan Van Opstal Prije 2 mjeseci
I think if Bayern sign dest, they can be more versatile. They could play with a 3 man defence and Davies and dest on the wings or they could just stay with a 4-5-1. Barcelona feels like a ship going down with the toxic environment around the club.
Manav Arun Aravind
Manav Arun Aravind Prije 2 mjeseci
And Davies was a lm when he first came decent at shooting too
miqdad ali
miqdad ali Prije 2 mjeseci
Spurs signed Hojberg and Dohortey calling it good business. Now they sign Reguilon and Bale after they disappointed. These will do the same. Top 4 way far as of now. Leicester defeated Southampton 9-0.Look whete they are.
Noob geimer
Noob geimer Prije 2 mjeseci
Crystal palace had 6 matches more then United
Crimsoncad3 Prije 2 mjeseci
Is he Spurs fan?
bamlak kassahun
bamlak kassahun Prije 2 mjeseci
man said "mandengo fc" couldn't stop laughing.
Adnan Prije 2 mjeseci
Spurs will finish 4th ahead of Man Utd, Chelsea fan here
blagden 123
blagden 123 Prije 2 mjeseci
lol bale isn’t even fit
Vishnu Mahesh
Vishnu Mahesh Prije 2 mjeseci
Get someone from aftv or goldbridge next
Wisdom Argentina
Wisdom Argentina Prije 2 mjeseci
Change your title bruv...Thiago Will succeed in the EPL
Edmilson Lennon
Edmilson Lennon Prije 2 mjeseci
Onefootball, if Spurs start to make some positives waves, please call Expressions whenever you can
Venamis Prije 2 mjeseci
As a Southampton fan, I predict we’ll concede 4 to Burnley
Edmilson Lennon
Edmilson Lennon Prije 2 mjeseci
OMG, you called expressions, its like you read my mind
Hassan Imran
Hassan Imran Prije 2 mjeseci
The hate for Thiago with the first guy saying he is slow and can't hack the prem just shows how clueless he is🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
Kevin Joy Thomas
Kevin Joy Thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
Real Madrid
Real Madrid Prije 2 mjeseci
This whole overseas playerd struggling in the prem is bs without overseas players the prem will be crap lol .
Joel Jomy
Joel Jomy Prije 2 mjeseci
Arsenal beat Leicester 3-0. Ik maybe outrageous but we'll see 🌝
Manav Arun Aravind
Manav Arun Aravind Prije 2 mjeseci
2 1 win for leicester
Moonis Usman
Moonis Usman Prije 2 mjeseci
U guys'll win 2-1 imo
Surendra Timilsina
Surendra Timilsina Prije 2 mjeseci
I really want Man Utd to sack Ole. With Ole I don't think Man Utd will win anything.
HD core
HD core Prije 2 mjeseci
expressions and onefootball collab!!!!!!!
Fgcfh Eggcup
Fgcfh Eggcup Prije 2 mjeseci
Thiago struggle? He’s already better than pogba and has proven it please do never disrespect him again
Austor- FIFA Prediction & More
Austor- FIFA Prediction & More Prije 2 mjeseci
Call troopz
Ajay Hoey2
Ajay Hoey2 Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly there will never be enough one football content
Puffin - One Handed Gamer
Puffin - One Handed Gamer Prije 2 mjeseci
who ever sent in that statement about Thiiago must be blind. he played 45 minutes yesterday and made the most completed passes of any of the players there. that has to tell you he's very good. highly doubt that is his only strength either. you wish he played for your team, that is what I think.
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije 2 mjeseci
Juventus were playing phenomenally in their first game under Pirlo, I'm extremely excited about the season ahead of them!!
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije 2 mjeseci
@Moonis Usman It's a fact, it was also interesting last year!!
Moonis Usman
Moonis Usman Prije 2 mjeseci
@Tedd MK I wouldn't go that far but it is finally gotten interesting again.
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije 2 mjeseci
@Big lew Serie A is even more complicated than La Liga bruv
Big lew
Big lew Prije 2 mjeseci
In the pub league they always win
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh Prije 2 mjeseci
Loved this video. I don't why but this was really fun
Chris Cool
Chris Cool Prije 2 mjeseci
ole at the wheels
Oreoluwa Adegoke
Oreoluwa Adegoke Prije 2 mjeseci
That opinion at 1:10 came from FIFA. There's no other explanation.
Freakshow217443 YT
Freakshow217443 YT Prije 2 mjeseci
arasilky Prije 2 mjeseci
It's an Arsenal 🧣 😆
S h o e
S h o e Prije 2 mjeseci
We need to get this guy every week. I envy his energy
Kailash Sriram
Kailash Sriram Prije 2 mjeseci
Get Angelina out and bring Goldbridge in!!! That would make the show way better 💥💥😂👊🏿
Ashutosh Joshi
Ashutosh Joshi Prije 2 mjeseci
mandingo fc lmaooo
Satvik Gupta
Satvik Gupta Prije 2 mjeseci
I think the man who said about thiago is a united or Everton fan, and he is afraid of thiago
Pepe Prije 2 mjeseci
Thiago already broke a record you nonce
Ashutosh Joshi
Ashutosh Joshi Prije 2 mjeseci
Thiago may STRUGGLE, well that comment aged well lol
TheTwicksShow Prije 2 mjeseci
2 videos in a day?! I'm impressed
TheTwicksShow Prije 2 mjeseci
@OneFootball English 🤯🤯 NO WAY YOU REPLIED?!?! PLZ can I get a heart 🥺🥺🥺
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 2 mjeseci
There's 2 videos a day 4 days of the week haha
zach Close
zach Close Prije 2 mjeseci
You didn't watched thiago against Chelsea then
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp Prije 2 mjeseci
Maybe that Community Tab is the one that Made FiFa 21😂😂
Gaming Slade
Gaming Slade Prije 2 mjeseci
Why is the worse Gk in premier league history our GK coach at Chelsea, I hate Lampard so much, chelsea will kill me.
Kairi HD
Kairi HD Prije 2 mjeseci
Thiago is not slow at all, he is pretty quick and has alot of acceleration, look at him run that comment is pretty dumb
Seong Thong Chuah
Seong Thong Chuah Prije 2 mjeseci
His main asset that made him successful is his passing range , so who care about his speed honestly
President Camacho
President Camacho Prije 2 mjeseci
Imo Son is the most important Spurs player
Why João Félix to Manchester City will make him a LEGEND
The REAL reason Liverpool have so many injuries!
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