The 10 BEST wonderkids in the WORLD right now! BLACK HISTORY MONTH

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OneFootball English

Prije mjesec

With this month being Black History Month, Angelina takes a look at her top 10 young, black footballers in the game right now, including Dortmund's Jadon Sancho, Barcelona's Ansu Fati and Bayern Munich's Alphonso Davies!
For more information on Black History Month, the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Premier League's No Room For Racism campaign, visit the links below:
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Who is your favourite player out of our top 10?
Kieffer TV
Kieffer TV Prije mjesec
@Dildar Alikhel no where close too Kimmich and Alaba, you watch UCL?😂
Dildar Alikhel
Dildar Alikhel Prije mjesec
the best CB in the world deligt
Dildar Alikhel
Dildar Alikhel Prije mjesec
dejan kuluveski
Dildar Alikhel
Dildar Alikhel Prije mjesec
Kieffer TV
Kieffer TV Prije mjesec
Davies and Sancho outside top 7? Damn, now bundesliga best but i think Dortmund wonderkids would get sold to other clubs...
IQAngel Prije 26 dana
ambesh karanjit
ambesh karanjit Prije 27 dana
Ansu Fati the next big thing 💯 pure Gem 💎❤️
EmSeeGurran Prije 28 dana
Forgot Lingard
EmSeeGurran Prije 28 dana
Mbappe and TAA play golf then
i just think 'black history month' is racist, the whole point is every colour is equal. and since there is no such thing as 'white history month' it just signles out a group of different colours in skin.
wafer god
wafer god Prije 27 dana
The whole point is that it's supposed to support black lives matter due to loads of racism going around the world and all the people who died from racism
KJ M Prije 29 dana
Where is Foden
Sñøøkï Møøkï
Sñøøkï Møøkï Prije mjesec
Where is Jesse Lingard and Mbappé smh
No trent tho
Matt H
Matt H Prije mjesec
So your saying that Greenwood and Fati are better than Sancho?
Don N
Don N Prije mjesec
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije mjesec
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma Prije mjesec
4:35 it's the opposite, generally young players are good defensively.
Red Devil 16
Red Devil 16 Prije mjesec
Darker times for Manchester United ahhahahaha we beat PSG
Sñøøkï Møøkï
Sñøøkï Møøkï Prije mjesec
Dylan Mclovin
Dylan Mclovin Prije mjesec
Can we get top 10 Asian wonder kids
Zahir Abbas Mogul
Zahir Abbas Mogul Prije mjesec
I am a bit confused to see sanch at no. 10
Egan Ezra Vorster
Egan Ezra Vorster Prije mjesec
Why bring politics into the game? Let's focus on the game, the players' abilities and achievements. Leave identity politics out of it please. Otherwise, love the channel.
Koushik Joseph
Koushik Joseph Prije mjesec
What about Phil foden
Koushik Joseph
Koushik Joseph Prije 27 dana
@wafer god oh ok
wafer god
wafer god Prije 27 dana
These are just black players
Cobain ke
Cobain ke Prije mjesec
Jadon Sancho NO 10 is a disgrace
Black Doug
Black Doug Prije mjesec
Matt will never do this🤔🤣😂
FUNKTUBE GH Prije mjesec
Too bad thdy dont want to play for there countries of origin in Africa 😓 the A.F.C.O.N would have been really good this year
Basil George
Basil George Prije mjesec
No one talked about wan bissaka mark my words he is better than all of them.
V jith
V jith Prije mjesec
sibtain ali
sibtain ali Prije mjesec
White people doing their best to isolate the black community. With stuff like black history *month*
Fahim Ershad
Fahim Ershad Prije mjesec
Goal tally of fati🤣🤣🤣 who scored more than him in this list?
Shobith Sivadas
Shobith Sivadas Prije mjesec
I think rodrygo from RM should be in this list.A great talent and he is the youngest person to score a hat-trick in UCL too
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Prije mjesec
Hey Angelina
Rizkwondo Prije mjesec
I hate how Hudson Odoi destroyed his potential. The skills he showed last season mad me a huge fan of him. Lampard is overplaying Mount(his son). The chemistry Hudson has with Tammy, Mount, Reece and even Kai & Timo is amazing. Although Vinicius, Sancho or Mbappe are beasts.
Urkaho Basumatary
Urkaho Basumatary Prije mjesec
Yes iam with Sancho
exolene on IG
exolene on IG Prije mjesec
Honestly if you ain't putting reece james,you know nothing about football and I'm a barca fan but sorry reece deserves a spot in this top 10
Nicolás Hasselaar
Nicolás Hasselaar Prije mjesec
Reece James has been amazing for Chelsea...
Sarvesh K
Sarvesh K Prije mjesec
Ansu Goal tally could be better?? He played 5 games in all competition for Barcelona and already have 4 goals without playing a full 90min in any game. You want him to score hattrick in every game??
Ben Mindurownbeewax
Ben Mindurownbeewax Prije mjesec
Youssoufa Moukoko
Yeshen Naidu
Yeshen Naidu Prije mjesec
Where is trent and rashford????
Dr Prajkta Deore
Dr Prajkta Deore Prije mjesec
You should not have included black in the title I did not like it as it is a step of racism and a very famous HRpost channel like this should not promote racism
Beecas Shrestha
Beecas Shrestha Prije mjesec
you racist...stop talking about colors
Tommy Enasiu
Tommy Enasiu Prije mjesec
What about CHO ???at chelsea
A ZoNe
A ZoNe Prije mjesec
I want Matt back
The dynamic Man
The dynamic Man Prije mjesec
Where is matt?
Kwame Boateng
Kwame Boateng Prije mjesec
Sancho is the best young black talent
Bruno Assad
Bruno Assad Prije mjesec
I think Rodrygo should be there too. The kid got a CL hattrick, but has been underestimated by ZZ
LFP10 Prije mjesec
Next vid top 10 ASIAN footballers, this vid is mad no 🧢
Anthony Calderone
Anthony Calderone Prije mjesec
Queen Amelya alexandria Dila
Queen Amelya alexandria Dila Prije mjesec
Angelina Kelly
daniel Prije mjesec
imagine Matt hosted this one 💀💀
Charlie Thomson
Charlie Thomson Prije mjesec
Do one with white people because I loved this video and want too see something like this
Fabulous K
Fabulous K Prije mjesec
Thanks for videos like this. Its important to show the extremly racist football scene that it will not get accepted!
John Huj
John Huj Prije mjesec
No to racism ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
John Huj
John Huj Prije mjesec
For me, Davies, Ansu Fati, Mbappé, Greenwood and Sancho are the best
Wildo 48
Wildo 48 Prije mjesec
No mention of Trent and Mbappe? Both are only 21
Bubakarr Touray
Bubakarr Touray Prije mjesec
Ansu is a future ballon d'Or winner.
Bhava Beats
Bhava Beats Prije mjesec
Sad to see the amount of people getting triggered by this. I didn't know it was bhm myself, but I don't get why so many people get soooo defensive over this
B. Nainggolan Channel
B. Nainggolan Channel Prije mjesec
The title and thumbnail is kind of mismatch.
M NK Prije mjesec
U missed Giovanni reyna Angelina
The Silent Fifa Youtuber
The Silent Fifa Youtuber Prije mjesec
Why did you remove black from the title
Victor Ero
Victor Ero Prije mjesec
What about Victor Oshimhen
Tiago Heraldez
Tiago Heraldez Prije mjesec
weston mckennie should also be mentioned
Melchoklad Prije mjesec
Alexander Isak?
Haraldr Haldefjürd
Haraldr Haldefjürd Prije mjesec
Ansu Fatti was too young to win MOTM. Nuff said
suraj dubey
suraj dubey Prije mjesec
sourabh jain
sourabh jain Prije mjesec
This is the worst video ever.......content maker is a fool.....what is the pt of making black footballer video.....title of video didnt suggest it
sourabh jain
sourabh jain Prije mjesec
Y cant people just talk about futbol and not black or white player
sourabh jain
sourabh jain Prije mjesec
Why do u have to make separate category for black players
Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard Prije mjesec
Jesse lingard?
Jordan IDK
Jordan IDK Prije mjesec
Sancho and davis not in top 5???????
sourodeep ghosh
sourodeep ghosh Prije mjesec
The problem is why this video mentions black. This division imitates racism
Naveen venkat
Naveen venkat Prije mjesec
whatever the month might be, this video is promoting racism. if not y didt u put title as top 10 black wonderids?
The Blue guy
The Blue guy Prije mjesec
I think you forgot Mbappé
William Hennyng
William Hennyng Prije mjesec
So rodrygo dont exist?
Ahmed Gamez
Ahmed Gamez Prije mjesec
kevin akbar
kevin akbar Prije mjesec
so.. is this count as racist? because if the title were "best white footballer" is definetly racist.., why is this not?
joseph ntabo
joseph ntabo Prije mjesec
recee james and cho play for chelsea dont dare include them
K J Prije mjesec
#black lives matter
Tauri Jarvis
Tauri Jarvis Prije mjesec
Im black black . Title didnt bother me one bit . Nor the thumbnail.
R K Prije mjesec
Great video! It’s unbelievable how these babies don’t understand what you’re doing
Quinzy Prije mjesec
Sancho is underrated
Vedanth Nair
Vedanth Nair Prije mjesec
Guys get it together Greenwood has more finishing technique and end product in his left ball bag then Vinicius JR Here are the stats Greenwood- 48 games, 20 goals and 8 assists Vinicius JR - 70 games, 5 goals and 4 assists And he's older than Greenwood
Sazzad ABRAR
Sazzad ABRAR Prije mjesec
Camavinga is better than Fati
Bilbo Beutlin
Bilbo Beutlin Prije mjesec
Such a dumb video. Good intentions but that's just dumb. Coming from a black person.
Jatin Jaiswal
Jatin Jaiswal Prije mjesec
Ansu already has scored more goals than Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney and all the legends that were wonderKIDS before turning 18 and you want his goal tally to be better ? Crazy 😂
Akemi Fox
Akemi Fox Prije mjesec
Loved this!
Ahmed 0331
Ahmed 0331 Prije mjesec
What about Reece James? Its true that he still hasn't prove himself as a world class but I believe one day he will be a one of the strongest Right Back in few years.
Bobby banana the first
Bobby banana the first Prije mjesec
It’s black history month not mixed history month, why were greenwood Saliba Bellingham included, you could have included gravenberch kudus or other full black for this video
Sñøøkï Møøkï
Sñøøkï Møøkï Prije mjesec
But still they have black in them
bashi naicker
bashi naicker Prije mjesec
Please reply
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre Prije mjesec
Vincius sancho mbappe rodrygo Reiner camavinga dembele
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre Prije mjesec
Ansu fati
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre Prije mjesec
rj fresh
rj fresh Prije mjesec
One football can you please give me the name of the player after sancho
A Z Prije mjesec
Rodrygo >>> vinicius
A Z Prije mjesec
Bukayo Saka, Greenwood, Sancho... Yep, England might just win a world cup in future.
A Z Prije mjesec
Sancho is sooooooo good irl.. he's so shit on fifa though... Watch him join United and then he's gonna be amazing.
Gamachu kera
Gamachu kera Prije mjesec
allan sant maxmine
DS - 09WS 909545 Applewood Heights SS
DS - 09WS 909545 Applewood Heights SS Prije mjesec
Onefootball : No one anticipated Alphonso Davies at Bayern Munich Canadians: What do you mean No one?
Brook Solomon
Brook Solomon Prije mjesec
What about the 100th black man to play for England, Reece James? What about Fikayo Tomori, Callum Hudson-Adoi, Tammy Abraham? Cba
Ab_gleb _
Ab_gleb _ Prije mjesec
Moukoko is such a beast🔥🔥🔥🔥
DoubleAA 013
DoubleAA 013 Prije mjesec
Youssoufa Moukoko has already been nominated for the b-list of Dortmund’s Champions League squad just at the age of 15🔥
Nora Madden Henley Carey
Nora Madden Henley Carey Prije mjesec
10:43 is the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Raj Debnath
Raj Debnath Prije mjesec
My list for fifa 21 career mode 😂😂❤️
Sphe Cele
Sphe Cele Prije mjesec
Great video 👍
HyperX z
HyperX z Prije mjesec
If 21 year olds were included its obvious that Kylian Mbappe is the best. The lad has already won a world cup and he scored 4 goals the joint highest scorer for france in Russia
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan Prije mjesec
Thank you one football for saying this these people in the comments dont understand
Sñøøkï Møøkï
Sñøøkï Møøkï Prije mjesec
@Louis Reigns wth
Louis Reigns
Louis Reigns Prije mjesec
@Sñøøkï Møøkï Yeah talking about how they all apparently play the race card 😔😒
Sñøøkï Møøkï
Sñøøkï Møøkï Prije mjesec
@Louis Reigns was he?
Louis Reigns
Louis Reigns Prije mjesec
You was Mocking Black people before on over Comments but now your being understanding??
TheRoryR21 Prije mjesec
Where is Mbappe!?!?!
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