Can Sergino Dest be as GOOD as Dani Alves? ► Q&A X-Tra!

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OneFootball English

Prije mjesec

In this episode of Q&A X-Tra, with Serigño Dest Barcelona's latest right-back, Matt and Angelina discuss whether he has the potential of emulating one of his predecessors, Dani Alves!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Apart from Dani Alves, who is YOUR favourite right-back?
Shashwat Singh
Shashwat Singh Prije mjesec
Alexander Chronos
Alexander Chronos Prije mjesec
Alphonso Davies's Memes
Alphonso Davies's Memes Prije mjesec
Dest, Lahm, TAA, Cafu.
Yannick Beltramini
Yannick Beltramini Prije mjesec
Maicon was
Icarus Miranda
Icarus Miranda Prije mjesec
Siddhant Walase
Siddhant Walase Prije mjesec
alphonso davies i think can reach alves levels
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije mjesec
He's young he can learn fast from the Barcelona playing style!
lazris Prije mjesec
Alex Telles
Pijus Šinkūnas
Pijus Šinkūnas Prije mjesec
Everyone who is writing that kimmich is that good you dont listen what matt talks. He gets help from the RW
Misba Ansari
Misba Ansari Prije mjesec
I commented before itself
Misba Ansari
Misba Ansari Prije mjesec
Andy Robertson
Rahul Prije mjesec
Ashely cole
david william
david william Prije mjesec
carvajal can do both very well .. obviusly not good in attack as alves was but he is very well balanced
mr cr7 manager
mr cr7 manager Prije mjesec
Someone like Dani Alves who can attack maybe cuadrado 🤷.
Jonathan Dass
Jonathan Dass Prije mjesec
Talking about complete full-backs, I can only think of Dani Alves on the right side whereas you have a good number of options in Marcelo, Jordi Alba, Andy Robertson and all on the left. But I think Sergino Dest would be capable of being a complete full-back as he follows his idol Dani Alves. One to look for the future 🔥
Nduvho Phophi
Nduvho Phophi Prije mjesec
Carvajal can defend and attack
Nduvho Phophi
Nduvho Phophi Prije mjesec
Angelina must be fuming rn, while Matt is just rubbing it in😂😂
Pavit Singh Panesar
Pavit Singh Panesar Prije mjesec
Matt u gotta be so happy Spurs won against man utd 6-1
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije mjesec
Griezmann is more comfortable in striker position
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije mjesec
Switch messi and griezmanns spot ! Griezmann plays striker better!
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije mjesec
Should've played messi in griezmanns position
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije mjesec
He could since he is young he can learn and adapt to Barcelona playing style i hope he comes off bench today!
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar Prije mjesec
How can u miss Dani Carvajal??
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Prije mjesec
Kimich can do it but he's a midfielder
Roman Datskiv
Roman Datskiv Prije mjesec
Shakir Ahmed
Shakir Ahmed Prije mjesec
Joshua Kimmich?
cactus 99
cactus 99 Prije mjesec
no one
Architect Shinamore
Architect Shinamore Prije mjesec
Philip Lahm
Luis Panjoj
Luis Panjoj Prije mjesec
Your wrong Tottenham is wining soooo much
Oreo_rabbit Prije mjesec
Though i am a city fan I think azpilicuata is one of the best right backs when he plays there because he is like dani alves, gets up and down the wing and I think Kyle walker does that to
Myles Sullivan
Myles Sullivan Prije mjesec
_ lilvctr_
_ lilvctr_ Prije mjesec
Richeyrich2007 6
Richeyrich2007 6 Prije mjesec
Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
MonArch 21
MonArch 21 Prije mjesec
Marcelo did it ...
Sarosh Sanaullah
Sarosh Sanaullah Prije mjesec
Jordi Alba
Syed Tauseef
Syed Tauseef Prije mjesec
Davies Goal Was Conceded Because Of Shit RB. No Offense
Tril Ks
Tril Ks Prije mjesec
Jord I alba and Alphonso Davies
Elijah Antoine
Elijah Antoine Prije mjesec
Achraf Hakimi
Nate Prije mjesec
why is mat so tall and off cam
Madhav Ghimire
Madhav Ghimire Prije mjesec
If only setien knew these thing you guys are talking about; then we wouldnt have lost 8-2,
Himonjyoti Parasar
Himonjyoti Parasar Prije mjesec
Its easy to talk, hard to implement and harder to achieve. That game was basically a disaster not only because of the manager but also due to the lack of intent of the players.
Sarvesh K
Sarvesh K Prije mjesec
He is not the next Dani Alves, he is the first Sergiño Dest.
Scott Dally
Scott Dally Prije mjesec
For the ones who could do both, the only two that really come to mind outside of Alves are the two you mentioned, Andy Roberson and Marcelo I mean, not even Lahm or Cole can fit into the do both to an exceptional level which is the level of player we're talking about
Mustafa FCB
Mustafa FCB Prije mjesec
Jordi Alba can do both
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh Prije mjesec
Ahmmmm🤔...No one
Sudipta Mukherjee
Sudipta Mukherjee Prije mjesec
Reece James will surpass...See it in the future or wan-bisaka both are good attack and defence wise
qasem uzumaki
qasem uzumaki Prije mjesec
Dani carvajal can do both, obviously alves is better but still Carvajal can do both.
Petter Hellgren
Petter Hellgren Prije mjesec
Alphonso Davies at Bayern, Ben Chilwell and Ricardo Pereira CSN all do the defensive and attacking job as foulbacks
Javaughn Lopez
Javaughn Lopez Prije mjesec
Zenetti and Micon
abdessamad fattan
abdessamad fattan Prije mjesec
Achraf hakimi can do it
Simon Hedlund
Simon Hedlund Prije mjesec
Do you think that Bayern could win the ucl without lewandowski
Leon Palmer
Leon Palmer Prije mjesec
aurmaan nahvi
aurmaan nahvi Prije mjesec
Dani alves was soo important in Barcelona and people dare to call him overrated
Max Woolman
Max Woolman Prije mjesec
Phillip Lahm??
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije mjesec
Did Matt just say Robertson can defend??? LMAO xD
charming songs
charming songs Prije mjesec
Messi play as striker. Not the no.10. Lol
Asbin SOLICE Prije mjesec
I think pavard is great in both attack and defense
HIM1984 Prije mjesec
Chances of Dest becoming as good as Dani Alves was for Barca is slim. If he does it will take time. Many forget that Alves came to Barca as a seasoned La Liga player, EL winner at about 24 having spent 5 seasons in LA Liga... he also joined a rebuilt Barca with players in their prime several of whom were also elite. Also Messi only played as a winger for at most 3 seasons with Alves.... the first season and a half after Pep took charge... after that Messi was used as a False 9 and Pedro, then Sanchez were the RWs ahead of Alves. When Lucho came Messi moved back to the RW but cut in much earlier and much more frequently.... outside of that although Alves dominated the right flank he was not alone and almost always had a winger ahead of him. Very few fullbacks are as good attacking and as solid defensively. Maybe Kimmich, Davies are comparable currently. Ricardo Pereira and Joao Cancelo are similar profiles yet haven't scaled similar heights and haven't been as consistent as Alves. TAA is very attack minded yet does it in a different manner, more direct and cross heavy.
Nathi Mabindisa
Nathi Mabindisa Prije mjesec
Dani Alves is a generational talent.
KarmaS Prije mjesec
the music is too loud in this video
Luk kas
Luk kas Prije mjesec
David Alaba can do all
Krish Prije mjesec
when Alves was bombarding forward they had abidal at lb playing as a defensive full back/inverted one so the balance was right now u would have alba on the left and dest on the right going forward so they would need faster cbs and a destroyer type dm or they would be caught in transition
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh Prije mjesec
4-2-3-1 can pretty much cover that as one of CDM can wall back as CB and provide extra solidity against any attacks from that right side
Genius M
Genius M Prije mjesec
Dani Alves is a generational full back.You dont get many players like him.He could play as a DM, a RB,RWB,CM,RCB and even as a RW.A very feasible player who was ready to do whatever the team asked of him.Also a very very integral part of Pep's 2011 team
kuchki clan
kuchki clan Prije mjesec
Philip Lham was as good as Dani Alves in attacking and defending.
Genius M
Genius M Prije mjesec
Alphonso Davies is the closest thing to Dani Alves.Kimmich also is pretty similar but Davies is your man.He has a lot of pace,he is positionally brilliant,has good skills,can overload wide areas and gets that odd goal as well. Kimmich dosent hav the pace but he still does a good job at full back.But imo he is more of a DM. Dest is capable of reaching Dani Alves heights but it seems a bit too much tho
Elijah Nissi
Elijah Nissi Prije mjesec
Trent Alexander Arnold
The Poltical One
The Poltical One Prije mjesec
Kimmich send me location
Donte Campbell
Donte Campbell Prije mjesec
Arjun Giridhar
Arjun Giridhar Prije mjesec
Just to correct you, Koeman isn't using messi as the out and out number 10. He is using him more as a striker, or false 9, with coutinho as the main playmaker, ansu lw, and griezmann is often the rw with the rb having the responsibility to go forward and defend. Keep in mind they also have trincao and dembele if they want. You should watch barca against Sevilla! They have been great against Villarreal and Celta vigo
anshul rawat
anshul rawat Prije mjesec
carvahal marcello mendy robertson kimmich
One Indian boy
One Indian boy Prije mjesec
Ninadh venkatesh
Ninadh venkatesh Prije mjesec
I have a question can S.Dest help griezmann get scoreing again
HypeBeast 1000
HypeBeast 1000 Prije mjesec
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming Prije mjesec
T M Prije mjesec
Lahm could do both as a rb
Rakshin R.N
Rakshin R.N Prije mjesec
Pereira from leicter can do both
Harmanpreet Singh
Harmanpreet Singh Prije mjesec
U said pavard but u for got kimmich matt.... I feel he's great..
Agada Kamsi
Agada Kamsi Prije mjesec
trent robertson
Vaclav Kubis
Vaclav Kubis Prije mjesec
Robertson, Kimich, TAA. Davies from Bayern, Shaw can attach when he has a day. I think that you can find at least 10 fullbacks who are very good in defense and offense
SilverXero 123
SilverXero 123 Prije mjesec
Trent alexander arnold
Josyn Bijoy
Josyn Bijoy Prije mjesec
@OneFootball English see you are really startig to annoy me now. For once plz dont answer questions tht u have minimum knowledge abt. Do watch Barca games before3 commenting on them. Firsly it's mostly Coutinho who is to be called the no.10 rather than messi in the Barca under Koeman. He is playing a sort of a switchin role. He plays as center forward while Griezman sticks to the right, He plays right when Griez gos center . He sometimes can be see as a right back after placing the through ball when griez is at center and roberto is way ahead as a winger. there are time when he comes down into the midfield when Jordi comes frwrd from the left and Fati playing more centre...the Coutnho is also seen going in on the left while FATI PLAYS CENTER AND MESSI IN MIDILED. curently its not Messi but all of the front line thats has a free flow...but each has one other back
If you don't like it and it annoys u stop watching I'm sure they ain't forcing u to watch
navaneeth krishna
navaneeth krishna Prije mjesec
Spot on
Trent Alexander Arnold (RB) Alphonso Davies (LB)
Zaid Massad
Zaid Massad Prije mjesec
Kimmich, robbo
Maahir Tekchandaney
Maahir Tekchandaney Prije mjesec
Davies, Robertson, Alba, Alaba, Kimmich🤔🤔
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije mjesec
Nooooooo, Angelina's going!!!😔
Football 4life
Football 4life Prije mjesec
TAA is just as good as dani alves, even if hes a different type of player. Carvajal is pretty decent too
HypeBeast 1000
HypeBeast 1000 Prije mjesec
Those are some interesting choices to say the very least. However not quite.
Tanayy D
Tanayy D Prije mjesec
Bruh. That's a bit stretched. He definitely has the potential to be a great and is already one of the best full backs right now, but we're talking about the most decorated player ever in Dani Alves here.
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije mjesec
There are actually quite a good number of full backs who can do both jobs phenomenally and I'm surprised you forgot them and they're so obvious, there's Ferland Mendy, Marcelo on his day like you said, Alphonso Davies, Reguilon, Alex Telles, Alex Sandro on his day and Robertson!
Urkaho Basumatary
Urkaho Basumatary Prije mjesec
Yes definitely I have 100% believes on him he will be New Dani Alves
Karan Sawant
Karan Sawant Prije mjesec
Dest should not become Dani Alves He will become THE SERGINO DEST The new legend
LenZzX Prije mjesec
Ya ya its so boring when people said that
Ajayi Wale
Ajayi Wale Prije mjesec
Dest can't reach Dani Alves level Each player is different from another Dest will be Dest, Dani Alves will be Dani Alves I wish Dest the very best in Barça
Ajayi Wale
Ajayi Wale Prije mjesec
I don't think Messi is playing the number 10 role again under Koeman He is more of a false 9 now With Coutinho playing the 10 Griezmann on the right, helping the RB, has been helpful in Barca's opening 2games
Aravind Kp
Aravind Kp Prije mjesec
How about kimmich
MiNi Prije mjesec
Woodward's Address please Matt. 😎
Anutej Kardele
Anutej Kardele Prije mjesec
No One
Khant Phyo
Khant Phyo Prije mjesec
Hakimi or Arnold are the closest I think
04 ASVP Prije mjesec
Neither of them are as good defensively
camilla herbertsson
camilla herbertsson Prije mjesec
Makweti Sishekanu
Makweti Sishekanu Prije mjesec
Its not fair to assess Dani Alves success by the number of trophies he has won because its a team that wins trophies not an individual. Lets compare Dest to Alves based on their individual technical ability.
04 ASVP Prije mjesec
There's a reason Alves is starting in those great teams
Aditya Hingorani
Aditya Hingorani Prije mjesec
Ricardo Pereira alphonso Davies Benjamin Pavard Andy Robertson and potentially Ben chilwell and Kieran Tierney
Aditya Hingorani
Aditya Hingorani Prije mjesec
@navaneeth krishna I was talking about fullbacks who can attack and defend
navaneeth krishna
navaneeth krishna Prije mjesec
Except ricardo and benji all are lbs 🙄
Muhammad Salar
Muhammad Salar Prije mjesec
Dani Alves won 40 titles
ÅZàzÊL WaY Prije mjesec
Greizmen is RW and do really good job at track back.😗
Udit Prije mjesec
No not Alves level. But a bit higher than him.
Odin Son
Odin Son Prije mjesec
Matt perfectly summarised Barcelona's problem at the right wing about Messi not tracking back and going to a central role. Funny that most critics blame only RBs for Barca's problems.
javed williams
javed williams Prije mjesec
Philip Lahm in his prime was good going both ways up and down the pitch. So keeping with the Bayern theme I'd say kimmich when he's played at a right back.
TECH BY ESHU Prije mjesec
Dest is not the next alves he is the first dest .full hope in dest ,koemon and barca except bartemou .visca el barca 🔴🔵❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nizar Elhankari
Nizar Elhankari Prije mjesec
Messi is playing as a number 9 , coutinho is the number 10 now
Shotin Thoudm
Shotin Thoudm Prije mjesec
Barca expectations from Dest ? - Be Dani Alves
shivneil pratap
shivneil pratap Prije mjesec
Alves - Kimmich
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