What I would do if my team got RELEGATED!!!

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With Angelina on holiday Matt sets himself the goal of answering as many of your questions as possible in 15 minutes. Everything from Man City and Liverpool and the 'new top six', to Minecraft and favourite movies, and to Real Madrid's chances of winning this years Champions League. Oh, and what Matt would do if Spurs ever got relegated!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
What would you do if YOUR team was relegated - maybe even down TWO divisions?
AhnafLFC 369
AhnafLFC 369 Prije mjesec
I would be bored for a season cuz we will win literally every game
olamide balogun
olamide balogun Prije mjesec
i will still stay (maybe)
Joel Doosey
Joel Doosey Prije mjesec
@Finn Mcelroy you mean lingarudinho
Musaed sami
Musaed sami Prije mjesec
I would support them still
Vlad Voicu
Vlad Voicu Prije mjesec
Eggs thrown at the manager:)))
Ocobe Esaba
Ocobe Esaba Prije mjesec
btw that music
ansar ahmed
ansar ahmed Prije mjesec
Jack o’connell could be gd for England he did suffer a long term injury but should be ok by them and had a stellar season at sheffield utd last season
T gamer
T gamer Prije mjesec
Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur may win the Europa league this year
John Huj
John Huj Prije mjesec
“He’s got some balls” Haha good one Matt 😂
joshua rodrigo
joshua rodrigo Prije mjesec
does matt play minecraft
Hidan Kazuya
Hidan Kazuya Prije mjesec
Choupo-Moting better defender than Maguire...
Sam Sunny
Sam Sunny Prije mjesec
Matt going solo in Q & A was awesome 😍
Milee Jain
Milee Jain Prije mjesec
Bro just forgot coutinho from barca attack lol
Robert Arrowsmith
Robert Arrowsmith Prije mjesec
"villa more likely to be fighting relegation then fighting top 6". Mat has a series problem with Aston villa, never nothing good to say about them. Real sick of him slaging us off to be honest, last video I shall be watching.
Unknown Prije mjesec
England and Expectations is like mixing oil and water 😹
Taka Prije mjesec
Wo ist die Bionade?
Kaustubh Varshney
Kaustubh Varshney Prije mjesec
Pretty hypocritical to appreciate Arteta for freezing Ozil out because of his lack of effort on the pitch or in training, but slam Zidane for doing the same to Bale.
vinayak sharma
vinayak sharma Prije mjesec
Waiting for new video.......#76
SquekzyPlayz Prije mjesec
I'd watch the championship :-)
Emmanuel Amunickie Shadap
Emmanuel Amunickie Shadap Prije mjesec
He called Arsenal the 6th best team and his team dont even have a trophy cabinet 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
omargamer1111 Prije mjesec
I also wonder who will win the Serie A. It's very competitive this year
Ethan Cao
Ethan Cao Prije mjesec
Ethan Cao
Ethan Cao Prije mjesec
Ethan Cao
Ethan Cao Prije mjesec
Ake Dias Laporte Walker
Elias Skinner
Elias Skinner Prije mjesec
Wow! Thanks for using my question!
Joel Doosey
Joel Doosey Prije mjesec
8:25 dont try to throw shade at arsenal ik ur a spurs fan so ur gonna put spurs higher than arsenal but the way united is playing rn imo arsenal is the 4th best team ( maybe even 3rd but that a stretch)
ierbutza21 Prije mjesec
Relegated once it would be hard to accept and probably be angry for a while and worried about the financial repercussions (especially for a big club), then try to find information on who's going to televise the games , look forward to seeing a few potential good youngsters and see what "big name" will stay with us for that season other than that there's nothing to do, if the club (Liverpool in my case) relegated then after the initial anger and shock things should return to normal, there would be no point in acting like idiots screaming on HRpost for views like a certain channel A**V, keep supporting only them and move on towards promotion the following season. On a side note maybe a cup surprise win while there's nothing besides promotion.
ZERO Dsouz
ZERO Dsouz Prije mjesec
Yaa judging an entire leauge because 1 player flopped....👏👏👏👏👏
Tejas Kokcha
Tejas Kokcha Prije mjesec
Where’s the community tab?
Musaed sami
Musaed sami Prije mjesec
I am borussia Dortmund fan scene I was in grade 6 and start watching football
Roth W
Roth W Prije mjesec
Roth W
Roth W Prije mjesec
If my team got relegated I would cry myself to sleep
Lucarionite Lagoon
Lucarionite Lagoon Prije mjesec
still tho what are your thoughts on the minecraft cave update
Ngoako Ramz
Ngoako Ramz Prije mjesec
Love the current background 🔥👌
Freakshow217443 YT
Freakshow217443 YT Prije mjesec
8:26 I’m guessing u mean out of the top 6 how are arsenal 6th
Faizan Prije mjesec
10 20 Dias + Ziyech= 97mil
bigdude Prije mjesec
Pirlo he made me so jealous when he signed Chiesa
Huninio 1409
Huninio 1409 Prije mjesec
Conor Coady, Lewis Dunk are great cbs for the England team
Dhanush SR
Dhanush SR Prije mjesec
What to do if my team got relegated.... seriously man this is a quality channel not a blog Cummon Matt u guys are better don't use this thumbnail or whatever
Luigi Zanoni
Luigi Zanoni Prije mjesec
FF sake guys why do we always mention Dembele if he's always injured we should mention Coutinho more
jay ndege
jay ndege Prije mjesec
Matt said Arsenal is the sixth best team in the premier league 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Nik M
Nik M Prije mjesec
I know right? They finished 8th last season!
Abhinav Ajit
Abhinav Ajit Prije mjesec
How happy was Matt after that 6-1 win
KingCurtmo I
KingCurtmo I Prije mjesec
I am the 300 comment I think
Zuz Haq
Zuz Haq Prije mjesec
As a liverpool fan t=it sound s crazy and i hate to say this but i think the title race is between liverpool and everton
Akash Hallur
Akash Hallur Prije mjesec
Yessss!!! My question was answered I feel out of the world
Purushothaman Prije mjesec
6:35 even as a Real Madrid fan I don't think we'll do great in the UCL if Hazard isn't fit
Manav Gandhi
Manav Gandhi Prije mjesec
Lol mat 2:19 I was actually eating a pasta flavoured pizza when said that
Manav Gandhi
Manav Gandhi Prije mjesec
@Rekonz Try it it's amazing
Rekonz Prije mjesec
Manav Gandhi who eats pasta flavoured pizza
Manav Gandhi
Manav Gandhi Prije mjesec
@Rekonz why
Rekonz Prije mjesec
Manav Gandhi what the hell is wrong with you.
TANAKA MAL Prije mjesec
Absolutely great 👍
Siddhanth B
Siddhanth B Prije mjesec
Ok show us who's mr. Ryan...
jcch Prije mjesec
mark tell ed woodward to get out edit:sorry ur are matt😂
Edguin Manuel
Edguin Manuel Prije mjesec
Mat with your argument about Partey and LaLiga you can say the prem is so easy because James couldn’t start for Real or Bayern and goes months without regular football or a preseason, then signs for everton and starts killing it in the premier league doesn’t mean it’s easy.
David L.
David L. Prije mjesec
I really like the long videos!
Rai Star
Rai Star Prije mjesec
Why views aren't going up I am feeling sad😭🥺
Muniira Ahmed
Muniira Ahmed Prije mjesec
So Partey IS so good that he flops Because Prem IS so hard🙄 Well what does the Champion league prove and the fact that Chelsea IS the Last team who won it with A fluke match against Bayern? This delusional narrative about the Prem IS soooooo annoying😎😡
Imlimanen Lkr
Imlimanen Lkr Prije mjesec
What are you talking about? Liverpool just won it a season before
DESTROY IT 23 Prije mjesec
Muniira you forgot liverpool mate just 1.5 years ago in an all english final mate I don't think you watch football enough
DESTROY IT 23 Prije mjesec
@Finu Faiz What about kepa was 80mil couldn't even catch a ball came from laliga
Finu Faiz
Finu Faiz Prije mjesec
Hazard flopped in Laliga. Coutinho flopped at both Laliga and Bundesliga. That says something
Vedanth Nair
Vedanth Nair Prije mjesec
England have a centre mid He just plays at right back
Mauro Ramos
Mauro Ramos Prije mjesec
Yeah Play Trent CM and he will be a beast and it gives the other RBs more opportunities to play the like of AWB
Vedanth Nair
Vedanth Nair Prije mjesec
I think pep coaching liverpool would be shit Wherever pep has gone he's spent money to bring in players who fit his style of play At liverpool he won't have many resources Yes he'll have good players but he won't have many resources So he wouldn't succeed
Vedanth Nair
Vedanth Nair Prije mjesec
@Sumukh • listen I'm not saying that pep only spends money He's a world class manager the best in the world I know But he needs money for players who fit his style of play Look at man city he spent all his money for players who fit his style of play
Sumukh •
Sumukh • Prije mjesec
No he hasn't, tf is this myth that he spent a lot everywhere, except for Zlatan, he did not buy anyone for a lot at Barca and I don't think he spent a dime over 50 million for any player at Bayern
Finu Faiz
Finu Faiz Prije mjesec
No, he didn't spend that much at Barcelona or Bayern
Joseph MOSS
Joseph MOSS Prije mjesec
If Liverpool were relegated we will lose all the glory hunters 🤣
Vedanth Nair
Vedanth Nair Prije mjesec
Tbh coutinho prolly deserves to be on the team hes been great
Jasbak Lonbri
Jasbak Lonbri Prije mjesec
Tottenham gonna win the league... one day 😅 but I’m hoping this season 😍
ALL FOR FUN Prije mjesec
Am i the only the one who thinks everton will win the league
Nawaz Ahmed
Nawaz Ahmed Prije mjesec
I mean villa should of got relegated
Lombar Talom
Lombar Talom Prije mjesec
Chopo moting gets paid to put the ball in the net so it's ok if he don't do much creativity work cause his job is to goal.
Bria Coffiel
Bria Coffiel Prije mjesec
Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯
Oto Prije mjesec
3:40 have you seen Cancelo play? WTF? He was amazing in the champions league.
marinerphil xavi
marinerphil xavi Prije mjesec
Apart from Alex Telles, Wan Bisaka is the best in Man United's back line. Bailey is good, he just recovered from injury and needs more game time to get up to speed.
Lewis Pickard
Lewis Pickard Prije mjesec
Well maybe Leeds United top 6 because of Marcelo Bielsa
Ryan Yowell
Ryan Yowell Prije mjesec
Favorite things about the video: Matt's popped collar and the empty coffee mug. ~~Very nice fengshui~~
Nikola Davidović
Nikola Davidović Prije mjesec
When is the winter transfer period?
Joel Jomy
Joel Jomy Prije mjesec
the new method and studio looks cool. now more questions are included+ there is no lag because there is a timer, so please continue it!
Mylo B
Mylo B Prije mjesec
If Eric and victor could help David get the golden glove, get second place in the league and win 2 cups clearly Harry is the problem
Edmilson Lennon
Edmilson Lennon Prije mjesec
Aston villa might do a sheffield, just stay there for a while, then bye bye, get out of the top 6
osawe progress
osawe progress Prije mjesec
Imagine villa winning the league
Hydrominant Prije mjesec
Look how far we've come, 2020 is such a year, these days you cant guarantee real the champs league but "they have the potential"
Sahoo Somansh
Sahoo Somansh Prije mjesec
Matt I like the 15 timer idea it gives us more time to listen to your thoughts and discuss more topics .
Mylo B
Mylo B Prije mjesec
I believe Barkley makes a big difference to in the villa team plus Martinez top 6 is possible for them , I also believe spurs gonna win something this year
Saivarun Prasad G
Saivarun Prasad G Prije mjesec
Why don't England use Lewis dunk? He's a great player and even a good defender..............
rubina ismail shaikh
rubina ismail shaikh Prije mjesec
Leicester are a force for top 6 tbh
Vamsi Karthikeya
Vamsi Karthikeya Prije mjesec
Which team does Matt frolich support?🤔🤔? Spurs I think?
Why Not
Why Not Prije mjesec
crazy 8
crazy 8 Prije mjesec
Actually, Chupo moteng unlocked the Atalanta defense with his pass to Neymar for the first goal and scored a tap in to win it. I agree he is shit tho
Gunnin Sikka
Gunnin Sikka Prije mjesec
Matt why do you always talk about premier league there are more leuages like laliga and Bundesliga
Sujal Shrestha
Sujal Shrestha Prije mjesec
koulibaly and dembele for sancho money
Apoorv Mathur
Apoorv Mathur Prije mjesec
Feels like chupo moting was brought to push zirkzee.
Uttam Chandrasekhar
Uttam Chandrasekhar Prije mjesec
Coutinho has done brilliantly so far which is the main reason behind Messi not playing at #10. Griezmann, unfortunately, will have to learn to adapt or stamp his authority whenever he gets his chance.
N Kalam
N Kalam Prije mjesec
Pep would overthink liverpool😂😂😂
Zach Allan
Zach Allan Prije mjesec
I mean he played with Gabriel Jesus as a left-winger and won against Real Madrid twice... your probably right, he would overthink Liverpool.
songohan511 Prije mjesec
Would let Firmino play as a left winger
NEO WATSON Prije mjesec
Partey wasn't that good in laliga. To many times he gives away possession in problematic area.
Edwin Gómez Diosdado
Edwin Gómez Diosdado Prije mjesec
Matt making us look realistically at Aston Villa
Josyn Bijoy
Josyn Bijoy Prije mjesec
wht do u expect. A finisher just need to finish stuff. Why wud u expect a no.9 to create and be the "assisting guy". Matt u yourself said this.
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije mjesec
I thimk United should´ve signed David Brooks from Bournemouth and Skriniar from Inter. Obviously they can still sign Brooks for that RM/RW position.
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije mjesec
@Purushothaman it's the current market...it sucks. We see players that aren't even worth a box of donuts valued at 70M and other at almost 100M but I won't say names to not upset anyone. Brooks isn't worth 50M yet, he's a 35M player minimum.
Purushothaman Prije mjesec
@Alexandre Nabais he's talented but 50+ million for him is just too high
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije mjesec
@Purushothaman he's worth it. Kid is a talented lad
Purushothaman Prije mjesec
Brooks is too overpriced
Yusuf I
Yusuf I Prije mjesec
I hope you could do a : Would You Rather Vid IDK why but just for fun(:
Josyn Bijoy
Josyn Bijoy Prije mjesec
Hazard flops at Real Madrid. So now wht do u thing Laligfa better thn PL??? Come one Matt add more sense into this programme
Andre Vartanian
Andre Vartanian Prije mjesec
My 9 year old brother said he doesn't care if Man U get relegated I'm a LFC fan and I was dying from laughter
Asish Varghese Neil
Asish Varghese Neil Prije mjesec
I would sign Phil Jones to save us😎😎
Jeffrey Jeffrey
Jeffrey Jeffrey Prije mjesec
Charlie Ackla
Charlie Ackla Prije mjesec
Ozil should've stayed at Madrid. JUST IMAGINE what he woulda been rn. I think he would be up there with KDB
Josyn Bijoy
Josyn Bijoy Prije mjesec
come again Matt!!. I dont know if ur really rading these comments but let me say you once more time. Plz watch the games or dont comment. Coutinho is playing in no.10 and he fits well....right now Messi plays as a center forward and hes doing grt. the front four is very fluid meaning u casn expect any one at any role.at times we see fati playing central.at time we see coutinho plaing central.griez playing central.the front was grt in the starting gaqmes. only for griez.better just put trincao ordembele into the mix
neel Prije mjesec
People really disrespect Eric dier. If he's good enough for jose Mourinho to start most games he's damn well good enough for England
Football 4life
Football 4life Prije mjesec
As a spurs fan tanganga should be an england CB honestly
Robert Trujillo
Robert Trujillo Prije mjesec
Neither would win!!
Dinoco Blue
Dinoco Blue Prije mjesec
I would probably cry myself to sleep for about a month lol
kalash bheda
kalash bheda Prije mjesec
man my question never gets chosen mat pls atleast once
videos. online
videos. online Prije mjesec
Lpool has one terrible game Matt:They gonna relegated!!!!!! Plz wait one game aint gonna kill anyone lol
farzam ahmed
farzam ahmed Prije mjesec
song name
lingardinho Prije mjesec
I like the intro song
Prashant Manral ktklLlleb
Prashant Manral ktklLlleb Prije mjesec
if partey flops than its arteta's fault
Tuchel to get the sack at PSG?! + Grealish to Man City?
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