Man City plan HUGE spending + Liverpool most likely for Haaland

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Prije 22 dana

On today's OneFootball Daily News... Man City plan huge spending spree on the likes of Lionel Messi and contract boosts for Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling, Liverpool is the most likely transfer destination for Dortmund's Erling Haaland, Euro 2020 changes plans and crisis in the UEFA Champions League! Plus the rest of the day's best football news and transfer rumours.

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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 21 dan
Would Haaland be a good fit for Liverpool or not? Where else could he go?
Nitish krishnan
Nitish krishnan Prije 18 dana
He shouldn’t go to bar a cause they would probably play him on the wing… 😉
Ammar Fahmi
Ammar Fahmi Prije 19 dana
Man city bruh
Henry de Montjoie Heard
Henry de Montjoie Heard Prije 20 dana
@lion l chelsea fan much??
Henry de Montjoie Heard
Henry de Montjoie Heard Prije 20 dana
If liverpool buy him then the pl title race is over
Firas Fakhera
Firas Fakhera Prije 20 dana
@lion l he wont play nobody will be happy
AAO DANG Prije 8 dana
Haaland should go to barca
Ethan Bailey
Ethan Bailey Prije 14 dana
Matt Frohlich do you think Haland will join liverpool, i really want your opinion
Beyond Added Time
Beyond Added Time Prije 18 dana
5:43 PSG have a history? wow didn't know that
Zaki Osman
Zaki Osman Prije 18 dana
and liverpool will be overpowered .haaland in firmino out haha lol
Zaki Osman
Zaki Osman Prije 18 dana
haaland would fit in liverpool
Active Squad
Active Squad Prije 20 dana
3:00 he should go to Chelsea
Jakey Boy
Jakey Boy Prije 20 dana
Pls say mancity are keeping aguero
Westy Diddly
Westy Diddly Prije 20 dana
Meanwhile at Manchester United.. 🤷‍♂️
Intel Kore
Intel Kore Prije 20 dana
Liverpool had enough and will be going with 4-0-6 formation.
Charlie Parsonage
Charlie Parsonage Prije 20 dana
alex briffa
alex briffa Prije 20 dana
discussing new contracts for 2 players, and picking up another on a free = huge spending ????.. on which planet ?
Amaxing 44R4V
Amaxing 44R4V Prije 20 dana
biggest news: MATT IS BACK
Marlin-Earl Carolus
Marlin-Earl Carolus Prije 20 dana
When Messi leaves Barcelona will be at the level of Malaga.. Like the saying goes.. you don't know what you have wants it's gone..
y syed
y syed Prije 20 dana
I dont think haaland will work well with liverpool because he may stop salah and mane from scoring goals beuase liverpool like playing with a CF so that Slah and Mane an bomb forward and it is clear Haaland isnt one
Leroy Bhuy
Leroy Bhuy Prije 20 dana
Angelina 🥺😢
GDMSsam Prije 21 dan
Haaland shouldn’t go to Liverpool. If he swapped with Firmino it would not work. Firmino is more of a deep lying centre forward and Haaland is more of a pure, deadly striker. Unless Klopp changes the system, Haaland should stay away from England.
Yahsan 1911
Yahsan 1911 Prije 21 dan
manchester united better for Haland
Abrar Gaming OP
Abrar Gaming OP Prije 21 dan
Matt Frohlich...... yayyayayayyyyyy
Moe Mikili
Moe Mikili Prije 21 dan
Welcome back, Matt!!
Rene Durand
Rene Durand Prije 21 dan
all knew what maradona did on his birthday
Sam Sunny
Sam Sunny Prije 21 dan
Yay ! Matt is back 😍 Gr8 ti have you back bruv ❤
wul dem
wul dem Prije 21 dan
Haaland is coming to Manchelsea united fc
Ermalizha Puteri
Ermalizha Puteri Prije 21 dan
Don't get me wrong, haaland not going to liverpool. Liverpool still has firmino in their starting eleven. Did haaland choose them to got sub player? He's likely to go to real madrid, city or barca. They need him more than liverpool
MrElite56 Prije 21 dan
Haaland 2021 Yeaaa Boom hahaha Mbappe 2021 yeaaa Boom hahaha I hope haaland and mbappe Are going to Liverpool
Scotish boi robertson
Scotish boi robertson Prije 21 dan
As an lfc fan i honestly dont think haaland should go to liverpool. He doesnt fit the playing style i want him to go to real he would get his career ruined here. We have the best attack in the world. We dont need him.
Rai Star
Rai Star Prije 21 dan
MA Man city should sign Haland
ZA113 8
ZA113 8 Prije 21 dan
I see haland at city and his dad played for city. He would be better suited at man city
Oka Mayen
Oka Mayen Prije 21 dan
matt who are your top 5 best players off the ball
Austin Smith
Austin Smith Prije 21 dan
City always pays big
apache tyson
apache tyson Prije 21 dan
Haaland is going to real as if youd pick Liverpool over real Madrid lol 😂😂😂 real Madrid didn't buy this window coz they want Haaland and mbappe 💰
Jack Ranger
Jack Ranger Prije 21 dan
Apparently Man City want to buy haland as a replacement for aguero
Officialkinggeorge Prije 21 dan
Welcome back!!!
Onthatile Mashilo
Onthatile Mashilo Prije 21 dan
Angelina was great! It's good to have her cover for Matt everytime he's gone
Prince 13
Prince 13 Prije 21 dan
Its almost sad how the English media keep linking Liverpool with people they can't afford💀
phil coutinho
phil coutinho Prije 21 dan
its wednesday no TFW?
Zaid Al khatib
Zaid Al khatib Prije 21 dan
The Liverpool system really does not suite haland, they need that CF/CAM role to lay those decisive through balls to the wingers , bring a 20/30 goal per season would break the system
JuStMalik Prije 21 dan
Welcome back Matt
Firas Fakhera
Firas Fakhera Prije 21 dan
HALLAND should go to united
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX Prije 21 dan
Barca can’t afford to sign anyone they are literally 90 million off of going bankrupt
Believe Suele
Believe Suele Prije 21 dan
Welcome back Matt.
BME Stunts
BME Stunts Prije 21 dan
i think messi should join psg
Avalon : Acidixx
Avalon : Acidixx Prije 21 dan
'At the age of 15 that would make him the youngest player in PSG's History' Woah I never knew PSG had history
Avalon : Acidixx
Avalon : Acidixx Prije 17 dana
@Eavy Eavyoverrated? ucl final once makes them good? Real Madrid and Barca have like 17 champions league between them and that makes them overrated? Liverpool and Manchester United have around 9 champions leagues between them and that makes them overrated? Eastern European club Steaua Bucharest won the champions league, Championship mid table side Nottingham Forest won the champions league 2 times, and your saying epl and la liga clubs are overrated.
Avalon : Acidixx
Avalon : Acidixx Prije 17 dana
@Eavy Eavy o m l can u not take a joke
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy Prije 18 dana
Ucl final. Unlike overrated farmersnleague epl and la liga clubs
Evan Peiffer
Evan Peiffer Prije 21 dan
I like Haaland, I would be so disappointed if he moved to Liverpool.🙁I’d rather he go to Real Madrid
kyle robinson
kyle robinson Prije 21 dan
One more team:Bayern Munich
Faizan Mirza
Faizan Mirza Prije 21 dan
0:16 I quit my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Mario Joseph
Mario Joseph Prije 21 dan
Haland should go to Arsenal, perfect replacement for Lacazette.. 🔥🔥 A team with lots of potential and an young manager..
O Rayy
O Rayy Prije 21 dan
i hate how haaland is going to sign for liverpoop and isnt even gonna get the full 90 mins that is deserved for him
Nomintro Prije 21 dan
its gonna be Mbappe not Halaand
EFHD Prije 21 dan
OG Matt!!!
pat Prije 21 dan
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije 21 dan
Thinking that Messi can be convinced to stay at that sinking club is absolutely stupid, he already left Barca mentally months ago!!
The Disturbed Gamer
The Disturbed Gamer Prije 21 dan
I'd rather have Liverpool keep their trickista regista baptista defensive midfield attacking false 9 striker who can't score.
NBR X LØFT Prije 21 dan
I hope Haaland does not go to Liverpool
no ah
no ah Prije 21 dan
Euro 21 should be behind closed doors
MLD_WARRIOR 17 Prije 21 dan
Haland should not go to liverpool they already have a good frong 3 and he will have trouble starting
Raahim Zuberi
Raahim Zuberi Prije 21 dan
Haaland should stay at dortmund so he can develop Theresa's dortmund have many youth talents
MLD_WARRIOR 17 Prije 21 dan
sterlling is over rated sane better
no ah
no ah Prije 21 dan
Man City need Jãoa Felix more than a right-winger/no 10
90 BINS Prije 21 dan
No city needs a leader
Adam October
Adam October Prije 21 dan
No sancho news matt?
GAMER N Prije 21 dan
Hi mat loving the content
Neel Spinoy
Neel Spinoy Prije 21 dan
its a crime to put sterling in the same bracket as de bruyne
Rajat Chorghe
Rajat Chorghe Prije 21 dan
Messi vs AWB that would be fun to watch
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva Prije 21 dan
Haaland and Sancho have to stay at Dortmund a couple years more
Epic Prije 21 dan
500th comment
Cormacfox31 Prije 21 dan
I think you should have Angelina do one Daily news a week, that’s it really
shashwat Thakre
shashwat Thakre Prije 21 dan
TonyThePony 2007
TonyThePony 2007 Prije 21 dan
Haaland should go to liverpool Just imagine the trio name SMH
Anioram 11
Anioram 11 Prije 21 dan
Haaland Sancho Mbappe Liverpool are gonna take over Football in the next few years
Epic Prije 21 dan
You're only getting one of them and it isn't Mbappe
Matthew Prije 21 dan
Well he would fit in nicely. Firmino isn't in form and haaland is. He would help us get points and possibly the epl and ucl.
zazi Soko
zazi Soko Prije 21 dan
City it could be messi and haland
MD.Mizanalfiyaz mahim
MD.Mizanalfiyaz mahim Prije 21 dan
Scramland should go to bancity.
James Martin
James Martin Prije 21 dan
If city get messi and l'pool get haaland, I'm done. As a Manchester United fan, I'm completely done
Kayden Neath
Kayden Neath Prije 21 dan
The intro is back🙌🔥🔥
Limpan H07
Limpan H07 Prije 21 dan
I have injured my knee :( :(
Jose Gaming
Jose Gaming Prije 21 dan
I don’t get why they can’t just call up players form U-23 or 20 instead of calling younger players 🤷🏽‍♂️
Luka Smičić
Luka Smičić Prije 21 dan
5:44 Psg's what??
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije 21 dan
Yousef Tawfik
Yousef Tawfik Prije 21 dan
Heart this comment if you’re COOL
Rishav Dev Paudel
Rishav Dev Paudel Prije 21 dan
How does one football earn?
Zidan ShittyShit
Zidan ShittyShit Prije 21 dan
We need Angelina
Tevez Peters
Tevez Peters Prije 21 dan
God,How I've missed Matt
Jay Majdoub
Jay Majdoub Prije 21 dan
I think Haland will join Madrid
Jamie Clements
Jamie Clements Prije 21 dan
I’d love Haaland at Liverpool (I’m being bias cos I’m a Liverpool fan 😂) but where will he play is the one and only question Real or Barca are a better fit for him
Arin Mittal
Arin Mittal Prije 21 dan
Honestly with Augero’s contract expiring, Haaland should consider City
Kamaldeen Musa
Kamaldeen Musa Prije 21 dan
Matt Is back!!!!!!😂😂😂😂 Good to hear the intro once again 🤧👍😏
Skillzer 5
Skillzer 5 Prije 21 dan
Messi Is Old He Wont Play For Long 7 Years To Go ✍🤝 haaland To Liverpool
DB Gaming
DB Gaming Prije 21 dan
Welcome back Matt
Rem Rema
Rem Rema Prije 21 dan
I really wish all the youngstars are going in Real Madrid also Ronald and Messi will be soooooo cool it might be all what people would want to see
Muhammed danyaal Hassim 8f
Muhammed danyaal Hassim 8f Prije 21 dan
If I get a heart one football is the best even if I don't I still luv u guys
Muhammed danyaal Hassim 8f
Muhammed danyaal Hassim 8f Prije 21 dan
Man city's defence is hot now walkers goal was fantastic
Myles Sullivan
Myles Sullivan Prije 21 dan
matt, why are you yelling so much today haha. I love the enregy but no need to be yelling. haha. love what you guys do
Aamir's stuff
Aamir's stuff Prije 21 dan
Welcome back matt
Homejyoti Mondal
Homejyoti Mondal Prije 21 dan
i am glad haaland moved to bvb instead of man u where he will be wasted just like van de beak telles
Ano Madziya
Ano Madziya Prije 21 dan
I kinda miss Angelina kelly
Akshad Mhaske
Akshad Mhaske Prije 21 dan
Halaand to barcelona ,griezmann, dembele,coutinho,left the chat
Ahmed Mc
Ahmed Mc Prije 21 dan
Legend has it Matt will give you a love when you arrive early😂😂
Charlie Wachs
Charlie Wachs Prije 21 dan
Me and my family got tickets to the euros but they got canceled couse of corona
David Macleod
David Macleod Prije 21 dan
Football needs a cap on wages 400k is ridiculous not to mention messi is on half a million with a covid wages reduction no sports person is worth that much in my opinion
RandomEyes1 Prije 21 dan
Good to see u back, matt
Is Jota BETTER than Firmino? + Sergio Ramos is THE GOAT 🐐
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