442oons: Man City v Liverpool YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE Special!

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Prije 22 dana

442oons is back for this Man City vs Liverpool You Laugh You Lose special as Guardiola, De Bruyne and Co take on Klopp, Salah and the Liverpool boys! Who will win?!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 21 dan
What are your predictions for Man City vs Liverpool this weekend?
Ivanhoe Sanchez
Ivanhoe Sanchez Prije 4 dana
Kyle Mundy
Kyle Mundy Prije 6 dana
Am I literally the only person in this video that realised that Liverpool won this? Look at 3:27 when KDB laughs, we don’t get the point, 7-6 Liverpool VAR! VAR!
Kyle Mundy
Kyle Mundy Prije 6 dana
@ronaldohazardmessiha nobux Liverpool do win because at 3:27 KDB laughed and we didn’t get the point 🤷🏽‍♂️
Jordan Todd 12
Jordan Todd 12 Prije 10 dana
Null and void
Game 🍞
Game 🍞 Prije 14 dana
@Akash S You got it right!
Alfie 568
Alfie 568 Prije 12 sati
1:01 lol
Yatharth Sapra
Yatharth Sapra Prije 15 sati
1:09 look at his finger 😂😂😂
Cheesy Girl
Cheesy Girl Prije 2 dana
Ok but the Kardashian joke was funny
Ivanhoe Sanchez
Ivanhoe Sanchez Prije 4 dana
Hamza El Nahas
Hamza El Nahas Prije 5 dana
At 3:30 the point sound was there but Liverpool didn’t get a point
KPU 7 Prije 6 dana
Wait but the KDB thing did not make sense
Jordan Todd 12
Jordan Todd 12 Prije 10 dana
I love that Allison said Adrian walks into a bar and the opposition score
lupus gaming
lupus gaming Prije 10 dana
Bernardo midlfingering henderson while he walks past is amazing
The Realistic Animator
The Realistic Animator Prije 10 dana
Anyone notice when pep said “barcelona” the score was 4-0?
Juan Perez YT
Juan Perez YT Prije 11 dana
442oons predicts Joe Gomez injury
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall Prije 12 dana
Nobody: Henderson: I took that personally
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall Prije 12 dana
Bruh De Bruyne’s an idiot, Courtois isn’t even Spanish 😂
Jothamvw Prije 12 dana
Unrealistic. As we all know from B/R Football, KDB does not speak in full sentences.
Ricky F
Ricky F Prije 12 dana
1:06 I didn’t say you can stop 😂😂😂
Satakshi Trivedi
Satakshi Trivedi Prije 12 dana
Did this video just predict JOE GOMEZ injury?😳
Kaleb Seiffu
Kaleb Seiffu Prije 12 dana
2:48 Gomez gets injured. That didnt age very well. But, no jokes, have a quick recovery Joe. You didnt deserve to feel the pain you felt in training, and you deserve a quick recovery
Aicha1985 Ait Omar
Aicha1985 Ait Omar Prije 12 dana
me fan the Liverpool
Drago the invader
Drago the invader Prije 12 dana
2:50 how does dean keep predicting these things
Aarav Shah
Aarav Shah Prije 12 dana
vabran El Chapo El Chapo
vabran El Chapo El Chapo Prije 12 dana
How did 44200ns predicted exactly that Joe Gomez will be injured in a place Sterling is there like England training ground.
JAMAL AIMI Jamaludin
JAMAL AIMI Jamaludin Prije 13 dana
this really make my morning tho the injury pile up really make me worry about our prospect to attack another EPL thropy... but i would love to see a team like aston villa and Southampton winning epl this term around.
P6-1 ADWAITH BIJESH Prije 13 dana
Adrian is a god he should be a 99 rated gk
Zkixran Edits
Zkixran Edits Prije 13 dana
Wait they just predicted Gomez’s injury
Ben 5x9
Ben 5x9 Prije 13 dana
Who here when Gomez got injured
Tayaba Umar
Tayaba Umar Prije 13 dana
De bruyne missed a penalty man city fans more like man shity fans
Abdullah Hilal
Abdullah Hilal Prije 13 dana
Who else saw the middle finger when Bernardo was clapping lmao
Harish Kanth
Harish Kanth Prije 14 dana
Allison 3 points and 3 assists 😂
Eitan Lupu
Eitan Lupu Prije 14 dana
FlySkyer987 Prije 15 dana
Sarah sounds like ole Gunnar soaljaer in 442oons
Onyx Core
Onyx Core Prije 15 dana
Pep and Klopp are good duo and good friends.
Otu Ebube
Otu Ebube Prije 15 dana
Great game
InFinityG4ming Prije 15 dana
The claps sound some weird
Ali Safeer Hyder
Ali Safeer Hyder Prije 15 dana
That riyad mahrez mummy joke was actually dope
glitched sound
glitched sound Prije 15 dana
It took a while for the James Milner one to sink in 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥
Dalia Ibrahim
Dalia Ibrahim Prije 16 dana
In the real life game it was 1-1
Livvy Meads
Livvy Meads Prije 16 dana
charbel youssef
charbel youssef Prije 16 dana
1:10 silva was clapping with is 3rd finger
Max Sachelarie
Max Sachelarie Prije 16 dana
Me noticing that when James made the Adrian joke, he didn’t get a point. Also me: WHY VIRGIL
ANTHONY Absi Prije 16 dana
so funny🤣🤣
blur van
blur van Prije 16 dana
standart-champions :D
Azboom45 Games
Azboom45 Games Prije 16 dana
Alisson was an absolute boss 😂😂😂
I'm watching this video with the imagination that the voice of characters came from the same person.
KRONIX CLAVE Prije 17 dana
That egyptian king mummy joke got me crying🤣
Islam Si mohamed
Islam Si mohamed Prije 17 dana
Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart Prije 17 dana
LiverpoolFCFanpage Prije 17 dana
Love it ❤️
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Prije 17 dana
Did you realise that the laugh counter didn’t go up when KDB laughed, anyone.
Kristian Bethlehem
Kristian Bethlehem Prije 18 dana
Why was it null and void because Liverpool won with 6-7
Essam Saeed
Essam Saeed Prije 18 dana
It should've been 6 7 but the laugh point didnt go up hmmmm
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Prije 17 dana
To make jurgen klopp laugh should have said leister 5-2 city.
Who else saw the middle finger by Bernardo Silva 😂 😂 😂
Martín Ramírez
Martín Ramírez Prije 18 dana
No entiendo nada de lo que dicen pero me da risa podrían poner los subtitulos en castellano
Anthony IRONS
Anthony IRONS Prije 18 dana
Wait who was the “second best midfielder to play for city” since klopp said Liverpool already have the first one?
KRONIX CLAVE Prije 17 dana
yehia playz
yehia playz Prije 18 dana
Salah doesn't do tattoos man
Dodi Selamanya
Dodi Selamanya Prije 18 dana
MCT 1 - 2 LFC
Caleb Prije 18 dana
Who is the 1st best midfielder to play for city that they have???
KRONIX CLAVE Prije 17 dana
RAFIK star
RAFIK star Prije 18 dana
Kloop:securite stop adrian
The Humorous Guy
The Humorous Guy Prije 18 dana
Where is muller😂💩
David Tudor Adrian
David Tudor Adrian Prije 18 dana
I think will be 4-1
fantasticfourmatt 2010
fantasticfourmatt 2010 Prije 18 dana
Ewa Ryniak
Ewa Ryniak Prije 18 dana
Carl wheezer
Carl wheezer Prije 18 dana
1:56 the heart dejan on Mos leg
MyLmfao2012 Prije 18 dana
Phanks guys phanks for the guard of honour
brad styles
brad styles Prije 18 dana
I'm not here to make you laugh, i'm here to make you clap.. That was EPIC 😂❤️👏
TOTO 63 Prije 18 dana
To make jurgen klopp laugh should have said leister 5-2 city.
Shamir Haziq
Shamir Haziq Prije 18 dana
Mahrez can’t execute jokes, just like his finishing
Nova Niron Stine
Nova Niron Stine Prije 18 dana
This has me in tears😂😂😂
S1990G Prije 18 dana
Pep send message like location we come to smesh your boys guys 🔴💪🏽🏆💫👊🏽🐐🔴💪🏽
Ahmad Hussain
Ahmad Hussain Prije 18 dana
That's middle finger 😂
Dave Myers
Dave Myers Prije 18 dana
They struggled against a different Everton team because they were used to play against crap. City will definitively not be Everton. Which is bad news.
Q & A Football
Q & A Football Prije 18 dana
as a barca fan that pep saying barcelona was hilarious
szymeq tiktok
szymeq tiktok Prije 18 dana
I love yours videios
Cool 45
Cool 45 Prije 18 dana
Guess what I'm the 670th comment
Mahardika Marzuki
Mahardika Marzuki Prije 18 dana
When I look at KDB face I was laghing
HipHop Legends
HipHop Legends Prije 19 dana
Mou Mahabuba
Mou Mahabuba Prije 19 dana
Tasty McCheese
Tasty McCheese Prije 19 dana
All these injuries *And they’re still coping much better than United.* 😂
Artthepoptart Prije 19 dana
3:45 play for man city? 😂
Travis Liu
Travis Liu Prije 19 dana
Wasn't there a 'ding' at 3:28 , only the score didn't go up?
Anne McAuliffe
Anne McAuliffe Prije 19 dana
It was 7 to liverpool and man City 6 when kdb laughed the score for liverpool didn't go up
Aidan & Connor Holland
Aidan & Connor Holland Prije 19 dana
Streamygamer X
Streamygamer X Prije 19 dana
Wait it was supposed to be 6-7 and Liverpool was supposed to win take a look at Kevin de brune 3:28
Streamygamer X
Streamygamer X Prije 19 dana
They forgot that Kevin laughed and forgot to give Liverpool a point
rayyan kashif
rayyan kashif Prije 19 dana
4 city 1 liverpool
HERO SAN THE power gaiming
HERO SAN THE power gaiming Prije 19 dana
Zaman Whong
Zaman Whong Prije 19 dana
Hearing Jurgen Klopp say *boom* and chuckle after is the best part of any video he is in🤗🤗🤗
Kamal Hussin
Kamal Hussin Prije 19 dana
When Milner said the Adrian joke Kevin de bruyne laugh so technically it’s 7 for Liverpool and 6 for Manchester City
KRONIX CLAVE Prije 17 dana
Thats VAR my bro😂
JAIR FF Prije 19 dana
The jurgen klop Impression is on Point❗
Shukri Jelle
Shukri Jelle Prije 19 dana
my face the whole 🤷🤦
BhoLato Bholato
BhoLato Bholato Prije 19 dana
Ginger jokes😆😆🤣🤣🤣
MasterMo 1
MasterMo 1 Prije 19 dana
*firmino was an imposter*
Sinan Shanavas 10
Sinan Shanavas 10 Prije 19 dana
0:21 I lose😂😂😂😂
Devesh Mittal
Devesh Mittal Prije 19 dana
Superb Video
SAM NOMEL Prije 19 dana
1:07 bernardo flipping the bird to henderson
Manish Dhakray
Manish Dhakray Prije 19 dana
The most underrated character is JAMIE VARDY
ishmael lapken
ishmael lapken Prije 19 dana
Aya Qonongo [L2G]
Aya Qonongo [L2G] Prije 19 dana
5--0 Liverpool.
Saikat Mondal
Saikat Mondal Prije 19 dana
Man City
Wakil Sodul
Wakil Sodul Prije 19 dana
I love Liverpool ❤️
Rif Klein
Rif Klein Prije 19 dana
"If you ever want to stand a chance of winning the CL call me. We would love to sign the second best midfielder ever to play for MC because we've already got the first one Boom" haha I can't lmao
Shobha Dodia
Shobha Dodia Prije 19 dana
In this also liVARpool are cheating fucking cheaters
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