Do Chelsea NEED Dybala? + Arsenal and United at WAR for a new centre-back! ► Daily News

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Prije mjesec

On Today's Daily News - Chelsea still have plans to sign Paulo Dybala from Juventus, Arsenal to fight Manchester United for centre-back Pau Torres, Project Big Picture is rejected, a transfer round up and Friday Feels!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here are Matt’s: Everton 2-2 Liverpool AC Milan 1-2 Inter Milan Gareth Bale to score v West Ham on his second debut
caleb kehinde
caleb kehinde Prije mjesec
United 4-1
Ranav Prije mjesec
Everton 2-2 Liverpool 😅
Mango G
Mango G Prije mjesec
Everton 3-2 Liverpool AC Milan 0-2 Inter Milan Spurs 1-2 West Ham United
Football Fan
Football Fan Prije mjesec
Everton 3-2 liverpool Man city 2-1 arsenal Inter 3-1 ac milan
Aaron Joby
Aaron Joby Prije mjesec
Everton 2-3 Liverpool Ibrahimovic to score 2 or more City 1-2 Arsenal
ZINKO -حسين
ZINKO -حسين Prije 26 dana
matt we mis you please come back
Akeem Playz
Akeem Playz Prije mjesec
Come back
EmSeeGurran Prije mjesec
R.I.P. we won’t be able to see Matt’s reaction to the WHU game for 2 weeks
Tino 123
Tino 123 Prije mjesec
I wont be watching one football until Matt comes back😉😅
chris yako
chris yako Prije mjesec
But we dont need dybala, if we need another attacker it would be a winger, id love to take sancho and another world class cb for next season like upamecano or gimenez.
Veljko Jovanović
Veljko Jovanović Prije mjesec
No they need gimenez
Charles Ejikeme
Charles Ejikeme Prije mjesec
If thiago almada doesn't leave Argentina soon enough he will flop like ezequiel barco
nathan archer
nathan archer Prije mjesec
Chelse need a back line
taranjot singh
taranjot singh Prije mjesec
Everton is going to draw the game
RJ Prije mjesec
Chiman Chiman
Chiman Chiman Prije mjesec
Everton 2-2 Liverpool
Darsh Abhinay
Darsh Abhinay Prije mjesec
Arsenal vs man city 2-1
Darsh Abhinay
Darsh Abhinay Prije mjesec
Everton vs liverpool 2-1 Man utd vs newcastle 3-2
MEK1099 Prije mjesec
Friday Feels: Everton 3-1 Liverpool Man City 3-0 Arsenal Inter 4-2 Milan
Agyena Osei
Agyena Osei Prije mjesec
Bruh why would Chelsea want to sign Dybala they have 3 CAM and 3 Strikers so why would they want to sign him
Foday Mark Kamara
Foday Mark Kamara Prije mjesec
Everton 1-0 Liverpool Man City 2-0 Arsenal Newcastle 0-3 Manchester United Chelsea 4 - 0 Southampton
Advit Rastogi
Advit Rastogi Prije mjesec
Liverpool vs Everton: 2-1 to Everton Milan Derby:2-2 draw City vs arsenal: 1-3 ars Napoli vs Atalanta: 1-3 to ata And at last:son and bale will score with kane getting an assist
Dante Ojediran
Dante Ojediran Prije mjesec
Two weeks without Matt?!😰
Angelo Kabeya
Angelo Kabeya Prije mjesec
And Calvert Lewin with a goal
Angelo Kabeya
Angelo Kabeya Prije mjesec
I'm going 4 Liverpool 1-2 Everton
Felix Prije mjesec
Rangers to beat celtic
Soccer Skiller
Soccer Skiller Prije mjesec
Unpopular opinion: David villa in his prime was better than Torres in his prime agree or disagree
cinecfull Prije mjesec
How is that an unpopular opinion. I agree tho
Runa Sarkar
Runa Sarkar Prije mjesec
Pirlo does not needs dybala because he does not wants him ,so he does not uses him .So he will join chealsea in january window
Afif hossain
Afif hossain Prije mjesec
Friday feels: Everton 2 - 3 Liverpool salah brace Ac milan 1 - 2 Inter milan hoffeinhem 3 - 1 dortmund
Saurabh Parmar
Saurabh Parmar Prije mjesec
The point of buying more and more players is irrelevant to a Spurs fan 😂
Javid Barker
Javid Barker Prije mjesec
Firday feels Barcelona win Real Madrid win. Chelsea win. Inter win
Time Keeper
Time Keeper Prije mjesec
Everton to win 2-0 Arsenal to beat city
sam covington
sam covington Prije mjesec
Here are my predictions Everton 2 3 Liverpool AD Milan 0 2 Inter Milan Tottenham Hotspur 3 1 West ham
Cristian López
Cristian López Prije mjesec
Friday feels: Dortmund to win against Hoffenheim 2-0 (Håland to score) Tottenham to win against West Ham 3-1 (Bale to score) AC Milan to defeat Inter in the derby Everton to defeat Liverpool in the derby Newcastle United to draw 2-2 against Manchester United (Fernandes to score a penalty)
Sheja Regis
Sheja Regis Prije mjesec
Everton 0:2 Liverpool Man city 1:1 arsenal Chelsea 4:0 Southampton
Aztec Knight19
Aztec Knight19 Prije mjesec
Wheres umtiti
MRD Channel
MRD Channel Prije mjesec
Liv 4 - 2 Evtn
Aztec Knight19
Aztec Knight19 Prije mjesec
Wheres umtiti
Taz Pius
Taz Pius Prije mjesec
Where is the community tab for where I leave questions? Thanks in advance 👍
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Prije mjesec
Dybala has been Injured and now Stomach Issues thats why he hasn’t Played Dybala is Surperior than any of Chelsea attackers but he doesn’t fit he is A CF not Cam or RW
Abel Bonilla
Abel Bonilla Prije mjesec
You forgot about the goat Phil jones
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije mjesec
David Lambrano
David Lambrano Prije mjesec
where are you going matt?
Chris_MX14 Olmedo
Chris_MX14 Olmedo Prije mjesec
Friday Feels: Ac Milan 3-0 Inter Everton 2-0 Liverpool Son to score and assist
H-Bomb YT
H-Bomb YT Prije mjesec
Does he know that the transfer window has ended
Lombar Talom
Lombar Talom Prije mjesec
I'm just gonna ask why Chelsea
Jonathan Espinosa
Jonathan Espinosa Prije mjesec
mzamo mahlangabeza
mzamo mahlangabeza Prije mjesec
Since everyone says inter to win and knowing zlatan in derby I will say 3-1 to A-Z Milan
Griffin Jolly
Griffin Jolly Prije mjesec
Friday feels: Liverpool 1-2 Everton (yes i just said that)
el bossco
el bossco Prije mjesec
Friday Feels: Spurs 5:0 West ham Man city 0:1 Arsenal Southampton 3:1 Chelsea
Chinmay Das
Chinmay Das Prije mjesec
For those who skipped the start and the middle of the video, Matt is dying. Just kidding lol. He is going on a vacation
Darsh Thakkkar
Darsh Thakkkar Prije mjesec
2-1Liverpool vs everton
Eric Paredes
Eric Paredes Prije mjesec
FRIDAY FEELS: Someone will be sent off in the Milan Derby
Can Usa
Can Usa Prije mjesec
2-1 Liverpool (Adrian makes a mistake) 3-1 Man City 1-0 Spurs 2-2 AC/Inter Milan
cactus 99
cactus 99 Prije mjesec
i wont look your videos for 2 weeks
shrockoo Prije mjesec
Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Itsamematio Prije mjesec
Friday feels Liverpool vs Everton- 3-1 Chelsea vs southampton- 3-2 Man city vs arsenal- 3-3 Newcastle vs man u-0-2 Sheffield united vs fulham-1-1 Crystal palace vs brighton-1-2 Spurs vs west ham-0-2 Leicester city vs aston villa-0-0 Inter milan vs ac milan- 3-0 Btw i know ill get these all wrong if im one goal off on even one ill be surprised
live life on the gun side live life on the gun side
live life on the gun side live life on the gun side Prije mjesec
Liverpool 5-0 Everton
Øystein Krovik
Øystein Krovik Prije mjesec
I think it is gonna be Everton 2-1 Liverpool Spurs 3-1 West ham Napoli 1-2 Atalanta Man city 2-0 Arsenal Newcastle 0-1 man utd Inter 3-1 milan Getafe 1-4 barca
yanill0 Prije mjesec
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Jet De’ath
Jet De’ath Prije mjesec
Everton win 3-0 Inter 4-1
Mostel Cronos
Mostel Cronos Prije mjesec
Timo Werner to score his first goal in the premier league Liverpool and Everton to concede in their derby Tottenham to win their match
Madisyn Arthur
Madisyn Arthur Prije mjesec
You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️
malcolm tanhamira
malcolm tanhamira Prije mjesec
Dybala can play CAM right ❔
Tom Prije mjesec
Everton2-1 Liverpool Inter 4-2 ac Milan Arsenal 1-1 city
Zairul Bin Mohamad
Zairul Bin Mohamad Prije mjesec
Golden Chibesa
Golden Chibesa Prije mjesec
Everton 2-3 Liverpool AC Milan 2-3 Inter Milan
Drew Ray
Drew Ray Prije mjesec
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Michael Fleischer
Michael Fleischer Prije mjesec
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
Ian Cousins
Ian Cousins Prije mjesec
Chelsea will win 4 over sotmatham
Joe Larson
Joe Larson Prije mjesec
Liverpool 2-1 Everton
Cap'n Beefheart
Cap'n Beefheart Prije mjesec
You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️
kitchener Leslie's Girlfriend
kitchener Leslie's Girlfriend Prije mjesec
Where's Matt?
Levi Chavers
Levi Chavers Prije mjesec
Hoffenhiem - 2 Dortmund - 3
Levi Chavers
Levi Chavers Prije mjesec
Crotone - 1 Juventus - 3
Levi Chavers
Levi Chavers Prije mjesec
Toronto - 4 Atlanta - 0
Wise Lopepe
Wise Lopepe Prije mjesec
They is not going to be a red card awarded in the premier league this week
chahat jindal
chahat jindal Prije mjesec
man u 2-1 newcastle everton 3-1 liverpool
L M Prije mjesec
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Toon Yoshi
Toon Yoshi Prije mjesec
dammit matt is going :(
Gérard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieu Prije mjesec
Matt looks terrible! Did he have a long night yesterday? ;)
Paula Gongora
Paula Gongora Prije mjesec
Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Harleen Kaur
Harleen Kaur Prije mjesec
Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖
v r abhi
v r abhi Prije mjesec
Friday feels City 2-0 afc Mufc 0-1 NUFC Lfc1-2 Everton Inter 1-0 Ac Milan
Zachary Daley
Zachary Daley Prije mjesec
Everton 3-1over liverpool
Brain Brown
Brain Brown Prije mjesec
We still going to ask where is matt
C W Prije mjesec
Dybala is not a striker he's not a main number 9 at all he's an attacking mid who can fill in on the wings and at striker if needed
Chloé Matt
Chloé Matt Prije mjesec
You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Just Fun
Just Fun Prije mjesec
Friday feels : Milan and Inter will draw 1-1. Everton to fight hard but Liverpool To win 3-2 .
J. Baker
J. Baker Prije mjesec
How is Dybala better than Werner
Daniel Wand
Daniel Wand Prije mjesec
Liverpool 3-2 Everton Newcastle 2-1 Man United
Rida Ramlawi
Rida Ramlawi Prije mjesec
Nimes 1-4 PSG Everton 0-0 Liverpool Hoffenfeim 0-2 Dortmund Celta Vigo 1-1 Atletico Chelsea 2-1 Southampton Inter Milan 2-2 AC Milan Arminia Bielefeld 0-3 Bayern Man City 2-1 Arsenal Real Madrid 3-1 Cadiz Crotone 0-1 Juventus Getafe 1-1 Barcelona Newcastle 1-2 Man United Spurs 3-2 West Ham
Khalid Adan
Khalid Adan Prije mjesec
arsenal will win and aubameyang will score
Ryan Currie
Ryan Currie Prije mjesec
where's matt? just getting ready for monday
Adrian Williams
Adrian Williams Prije mjesec
everton 3 - 1 liverpool
Kathleen Parker
Kathleen Parker Prije mjesec
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Kylian SY
Kylian SY Prije mjesec
I will miss you, Matt
Gregorio Elias
Gregorio Elias Prije mjesec
Juve won't let this happen
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Prije mjesec
As blues fan we need defense
Tom Krys
Tom Krys Prije mjesec
Read the title and no. Chelsea do not need fucking Dybala
Zachary Langstieh
Zachary Langstieh Prije mjesec
where is matt going during the outbreak?
Simpa Baba Lawal
Simpa Baba Lawal Prije mjesec
The truth is everyone is just being really greedy It’s all about the money, sad
Jace prince
Jace prince Prije mjesec
Well yeah, money makes the world go round
joshnewman13 Prije mjesec
Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Raimbek Khamitov
Raimbek Khamitov Prije mjesec
I think Liverpool will win 4-1 vs Everton.
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