Suarez JOINS Atletico + Alli is the WRONG signing for PSG! ► Q&A

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The Q&A returns with Matt and Angelina discussing why Luis Suarez will be a great signing, how Nelson Semedo will fit in at Wolves, if Harry Maguire is overrated, and much more!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 2 mjeseci
Do you think Suarez will be successful at Atletico Madrid?
Ethan Petersen
Ethan Petersen Prije mjesec
YOUNG PROGERS - Qiziqarli Dasturlash!
YOUNG PROGERS - Qiziqarli Dasturlash! Prije mjesec
Yes! He scored twice and got assist in his debut.
Mlungisi Prije mjesec
he'll get 20 goals in La Liga
CFC Freddie
CFC Freddie Prije 2 mjeseci
OneFootball English he might go bad because he would rather stay at barca with messi
Zaheer Patel
Zaheer Patel Prije 2 mjeseci
yes would like to see saurez with cavani :p
Anish Kushari
Anish Kushari Prije mjesec
Question for matt is why he finds klopp dislikable ? Hopefully I find the answer.
YNB FROSTY Prije mjesec
Suarez can’t press, he’ll score goals but he has no legs left in him
Teodardo Fort
Teodardo Fort Prije mjesec
The best manager all time is the Virrey Bianchi
Hitman305505 Prije mjesec
I’m here just to say at 9/26/20 Frank is getting sacked in the morning!!! 3-0 looks like fc Bayern flash back 29min of the West Brom vs Chelsea
Jude Hill
Jude Hill Prije mjesec
ppl just want costa x suarez as the ultimate shithouse fc frontline
Issac Lukose
Issac Lukose Prije mjesec
Costa’s always a backup Matt? Bet u said that back when ur boys at Spurs got slapped by him and Chelsea for 4 straight yrs bruv lol.
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije mjesec
I'm a United fan but I completely disagree with what was said, Maguire is an absolutely terrible defender and the most disgraceful transfer of all time. Watching him is so painful and coming from a United fan I don't think we'll ever win the League again, well at least in the next 10 years. Not to mention I believe we won't get Champions League football next season. I'm commenting this after the Brighton vs Man U match and we were absolutely terrible and that was the luckiest game I've ever seen. We deserved to lose!!
ryan smith
ryan smith Prije mjesec
People were 100% saying Maguire was overrated at the start of last season.
NoelSphinx Prije mjesec
Harry Redknapp and José Mourinho are by far two of my favourite coaches of all time. A distant third and fourth: Vicente del Bosque and Carlo Ancelotti.
Aarya.399 Prije mjesec
Just realized Spurs V United is on my Bday. Lucky me I get to see my two favorite football commentators fight each other as a bday gift 😄
Akshaj Phadnis
Akshaj Phadnis Prije 2 mjeseci
i dont think anything is better than onefootball!
Shams Imam
Shams Imam Prije 2 mjeseci
Ruben Dias is the perfect partner for Maguire
songohan511 Prije 2 mjeseci
Suarez gives Atletico more options in front. Thus he is going to bring them quality.
Arjun Sivakumar
Arjun Sivakumar Prije 2 mjeseci
Shreyas is not an female, he is male.
Elijah Nissi
Elijah Nissi Prije 2 mjeseci
Klopp isn't entertaining? For man who does his job and consistently churns out results, I'd say he's pretty jovial and entertaining. Also I think the pressure managers are under these days is much more. The media scrutiny and what not, people hanging on to every word they say. I don't think they're afforded the luxury of joking
Blood Dragon
Blood Dragon Prije 2 mjeseci
People that say Dele is shit don't understand football outside of the English game
DS Boss
DS Boss Prije 2 mjeseci
I know it isn't Maguire's fault that he's worth 80mil but at 27 he was brought in to improve United's defense. He's not young where you give him a season or two...he's expected to bang straightaway.
Blood Dragon
Blood Dragon Prije 2 mjeseci
Please don't refer to Dele as Alli, Dele does not use his last name as he has feel has no connection to the name and to refer to Dele as just Alli is offensive instead just use Deli
Gagan 2
Gagan 2 Prije 2 mjeseci
16:30 😕 Klopp's press conference r boring ah Hell his r the only ones I watch As far as coming at u for "disliking klopp" I am not gonna bother Take care👍
Joel Dowuona Otoo
Joel Dowuona Otoo Prije 2 mjeseci
Wierd feels like Matt dates her
Vatsal Kapadia
Vatsal Kapadia Prije 2 mjeseci
Sorry Matt, I disagree with your opinion on Maguire. You said the exact opposite thing for Greizmann where he just moved from one club to other in the same league. I agree with that opinion, when you pay such high price for a player considering him to be an immediate impact on your team.
Silindubuhle Sokhaba
Silindubuhle Sokhaba Prije 2 mjeseci
Klopp dislikable🤔 c'mon Matt 🤣🤣
romano douglas
romano douglas Prije 2 mjeseci
Look, we all need to accept that maguire is an expensive smalling! We need to stop making excuses for him as united fan.
Ahlam Dasi
Ahlam Dasi Prije 2 mjeseci
dislikable! Is it because Liverpool won the champions league against Tottenham 😂
Math_Boi _42
Math_Boi _42 Prije 2 mjeseci
Barcelona and Atletico are swapped strikers, Griezmann went to Barca and Suarez is going to Atleti
Callum Musik
Callum Musik Prije 2 mjeseci
I think away from football Klopp seems a really good guy. But I just really can't stand him as a manager
Abdullaahi Ahmed
Abdullaahi Ahmed Prije 2 mjeseci
Matt says Maguire needs time after 2 seasons allmost! but Ndombele does not ? lets call a spade a spade and say Maguire is English therefore he is a talented cb right!
Jack Prije 2 mjeseci
YES Klopp is dislikeable!
Jack Prije 2 mjeseci
Harry Maguire is underrated. People will have you believe he's completely inept
Max Woolman
Max Woolman Prije 2 mjeseci
Harry maguires 27 Matt😂 no chance are utd getting 10 years out of him
Diarmuid Forrest
Diarmuid Forrest Prije 2 mjeseci
Like the commeny yall
cat castillo
cat castillo Prije 2 mjeseci
I agree, I find Klopp very unlikeable
blatant noobstar
blatant noobstar Prije 2 mjeseci
i can see delle alli to be the next lingard
Questions Answered
Questions Answered Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol i was in the video
ThivNik Prije 2 mjeseci
Plz, one football dont heart this, plz don't 😠😠😠
FCBPLUS10 Prije 2 mjeseci
Eoin Nisharrig
Eoin Nisharrig Prije 2 mjeseci
matt: likes jose moanrenieo dislikes klopp, makes about as much sense as the tittingham hotsounk team.
worldclass Prije 2 mjeseci
Angelina looks stunning in this video
TheBad Guy
TheBad Guy Prije 2 mjeseci
Do you think Trincao will get playing time since he has to battle for playing time against Messi, Griezmann, Dembele, Fati ? And do you think Konstantinos Tsimakas will be a successful signing for Liverpool ? Thanks. YNWA Lads 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴.
Tommy Enasiu
Tommy Enasiu Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine Suarez playing against his former team,he will be soo emotion😭😭😂
SDB Prije 2 mjeseci
What exactly makes Klopp dislikeable?
Grayson Dalia
Grayson Dalia Prije 2 mjeseci
I am not a bara fan but I was mad that Suárez left
Wayne Corbin
Wayne Corbin Prije 2 mjeseci
Juve will play a three at the back formation
Günther Olaf
Günther Olaf Prije 2 mjeseci
Klopps press conferences in Germany were really entertaining. I don’t know about the ones at Liverpool, because I never watched one. Maybe his humor doesn’t translate well into english or he changed a bit due to the more professional environment.
Ayyub Horton
Ayyub Horton Prije 2 mjeseci
Juve should have tried to get luka jovic,
Kai Aruo
Kai Aruo Prije 2 mjeseci
Ya he would be a great sighning
BlueSpikeGuy Prije 2 mjeseci
KyleBlade Prije 2 mjeseci
Matt moratas Best league goal tally is 15 goals and his second best is 12. Give me a heart if you saw this comment
Real Madrid
Real Madrid Prije 2 mjeseci
Ali is overrated sorry but thats the truht psg dont need him.
Syed Inayath
Syed Inayath Prije 2 mjeseci
Love how she defended Maguire
Pees Be
Pees Be Prije 2 mjeseci
Fragt sich noch jemand warum ein Energie Cottbus Schal bei Matt im Hintergrund hängt?
Football 4life
Football 4life Prije 2 mjeseci
If Maguire is good man utd fans cant even talk about lindelof and shaw... lindelof cant stop zaha and shaw cant defend
HAR MEMES Prije 2 mjeseci
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem Prije 2 mjeseci
You deserve more subs ❤️
Crumbux YT
Crumbux YT Prije 2 mjeseci
I just realised Matt has an arsenal scarf in the background
Orlando Pero
Orlando Pero Prije 2 mjeseci
She look like Ava sanchez if u know U know
Tuhin ms
Tuhin ms Prije 2 mjeseci
Heyy Matt, do u think Thiago's departure made Bayern Munich a little sloppy at the midfield.? I saw supercopa nd saw Bayern were very much depending on crosses so much unlike last 2 seasons..
Goku- MEMBER OF AKATSUKI Prije 2 mjeseci
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp Prije 2 mjeseci
Why do PSG want Dele? They have got Draxler and he started good with Germany😀
lingardinho Prije mjesec
Yh they have enough bench warmers
Dhanush SR
Dhanush SR Prije 2 mjeseci
Suu-uch an unn-derated plai-yrr
monis sardar
monis sardar Prije 2 mjeseci
Semedo is trash going forward but is a decent defender idk what was matt on about
Chinonso Ahamefule
Chinonso Ahamefule Prije 2 mjeseci
That's not true
Goku- MEMBER OF AKATSUKI Prije 2 mjeseci
Semedo is better on attack lol just watch Barca His defense is literally trash Alphonso Davies bullied him
David L.
David L. Prije 2 mjeseci
klopp doesn’t bring the entertainmentfaktor? Are you kidding me?
Csokops10 Prije 2 mjeseci
Deli Ali is another overhyped English youngster. Had a good season or 2 and the English press goes off. Very overrated. it's not long before he ends up at Southampton or Burnley
L Maz
L Maz Prije 2 mjeseci
EJ Thomas prime is 27
EJ Thomas
EJ Thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
He is 25 coming in to his prine
dialemini gonzaki
dialemini gonzaki Prije 2 mjeseci
I cant believe Matt is actually saying Maguire is an absolute steal for 85M . I just cant
Shaheer Shakeel
Shaheer Shakeel Prije 2 mjeseci
@dialemini gonzaki yeah lol 90 mil is exactly the same price they are bidding for sancho
dialemini gonzaki
dialemini gonzaki Prije 2 mjeseci
@Shaheer Shakeel If you put it in that way maybe I'd understand but still 👀 90M is a hefty sum. Anyways he could go ahead and prove me wrong and that will hopefully be the case.
Shaheer Shakeel
Shaheer Shakeel Prije 2 mjeseci
He just said it is a steal if he stays long term and still gets 8 mil annually ( which is less consideing they bought him for 90 mil
MartianTane Prije 2 mjeseci
I think Suarez helps Atletico beat the smaller teams that they struggle against for some reason and lose points. That'll help them probably finish second or even 1st.
scot mac
scot mac Prije 2 mjeseci
The main thing this season is that my DOUBLE GLAZING gets finished. 🙏🙏
Maahir Tekchandaney
Maahir Tekchandaney Prije 2 mjeseci
Suarez sold for free Vidal for 900k Rakitic for 1.35 mil Kudos to Barcelona board🤣🤣🤣
Whis Prije mjesec
Gunit 876 no he had 1 year left on his contract.
Gunit 876
Gunit 876 Prije mjesec
MSN pretty sure Suarez had like 3 years left on his contract
Chinonso Ahamefule
Chinonso Ahamefule Prije 2 mjeseci
Stupid deals especially the Suarez deal
Whis Prije 2 mjeseci
Well they are old and don’t have much left on their contract, but what do you expect from this Barcelona board? It’s shambles.
Goku- MEMBER OF AKATSUKI Prije 2 mjeseci
It's a 6.5M feel for Suarez
Kinga Prije 2 mjeseci
Klopp has character lol
scot mac
scot mac Prije 2 mjeseci
The worst thing for a forward player is to get called "the next Messi". The worst thing for any player is to have a high price tag on their head.
Kymani Francis
Kymani Francis Prije 2 mjeseci
it happens to every young player nowadays 🤦🏾‍♂️
monis sardar
monis sardar Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey i am matt with always biased angelina kelly
Sjard Schmolke
Sjard Schmolke Prije 2 mjeseci
Angelina pisses me off, she doesn‘t do anything besides „mmMMHHHMmm“ „hmmmmm“ and „yea“. It feels like she doesn‘t even listen to what Matt says, and when she says something it‘s only about her being united fan and the literally most obvious thing possible. No depth at all. What is she even doing at onefootball?
You're Dead
You're Dead Prije 2 mjeseci
Dislikable? Jurgen Klopp, dislikable? he's the most likable manager out there and that came out of the mouth of a man u fan boom! Not me though
ryan smith
ryan smith Prije mjesec
@Neeraj Ravindranathan The original comment was about Klopp. This has everthing to do with Klopp.
Neeraj Ravindranathan
Neeraj Ravindranathan Prije mjesec
ryan smith then this has nothing to do with Klopp as well. Even after the rant of lampard towards him he was so respectful.
ryan smith
ryan smith Prije mjesec
@Neeraj Ravindranathan this has nothing to do with Mourinho
Мартин Мавродиев
Мартин Мавродиев Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't like him as well. If you're not a Liverpool then yes he is very annoying
John Smith
John Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
Neeraj Ravindranathan kloop literally blamed a loss on the weather
Varun Punera
Varun Punera Prije 2 mjeseci
Are these two dating?
L Maz
L Maz Prije 2 mjeseci
Goku- MEMBER OF AKATSUKI coming from a 12 year old
Goku- MEMBER OF AKATSUKI Prije 2 mjeseci
Dumb kids these days
Csokops10 Prije 2 mjeseci
Lourens Preller
Lourens Preller Prije 2 mjeseci
Klopp is not entertaining?? Have you seen his conferences😂btw im a united fan
Gagan Kompala
Gagan Kompala Prije mjesec
Ikr ... Bro The only reason I support lfc is bcuz of him
jumbo_Doggo Prije 2 mjeseci
I want a hi hi
scot mac
scot mac Prije 2 mjeseci
Pls help me guys. What teams has Morata played for???
Tauri Jarvis
Tauri Jarvis Prije 2 mjeseci
Juv , real , chelsea , athleti , now juv again in that order .
Hæ kàçhò
Hæ kàçhò Prije 2 mjeseci
Costa + Suarez = Defenders Nightmare
Hæ kàçhò
Hæ kàçhò Prije 2 mjeseci
@Pratham PANDEY Both
pat Prije 2 mjeseci
WhySoHomeless Prije 2 mjeseci
Morata somehow always ends up at top teams. Maybe he just has to seattle for a europa league team, if he wants to play every game.
Enter ewww Uuu
Enter ewww Uuu Prije 2 mjeseci
Tbh he’s average at best
RAHAN RAJESH Prije 2 mjeseci
we did not ask the funniest coach of all time
scot mac
scot mac Prije 2 mjeseci
Your saying that Deli Alli is a good player in a good team, but you can also say that about any other players no.??
Otto JK
Otto JK Prije 2 mjeseci
He's saying Dele Alli is a good player only in a good team that suits Alli's playing style. For example Matt would probably think Lewandowski is a good player no matter the team he's in. Which is proven by his excellence in the Poland national team which isn't nearly as good of a team as Bayern.
Dowin Elliot
Dowin Elliot Prije 2 mjeseci
Costa was injured the entirety of last season, he was not a back up to Morata he is not useless. When fit, he was favoured over Morata. We the fans love and adore Diego Costa because of what he has achieved at the club.
Mktoxicz Prije 2 mjeseci
69th Comment Nice
scot mac
scot mac Prije 2 mjeseci
Saurez is after "and due" one last good pay day. 💵💵
Mark Hadden
Mark Hadden Prije 2 mjeseci
claudio ranieri for me don’t know why I just think he seems like a nice fella
Denzel Channer
Denzel Channer Prije 2 mjeseci
I love one football,news round ups and Q and A😘😘😎
Raton Roy
Raton Roy Prije 2 mjeseci
Now even Messi is very angry which is normal.He said,Suarez even didn't get a chance.I agree with him too.I think he is going to be another Setien or Valberte.The best was to bring Xavi back.He was a part of tiki taka.Xavi would fix it very much better tham Koeman.😕😕He is still the best choice.Or they could have brought Pep back
Raton Roy
Raton Roy Prije 2 mjeseci
@Goku- MEMBER OF AKATSUKI Ok finacce issue.Ok sell Suarez.For just 6 million😂😂?Just 6?Atleast they should have asked 40 atleast 40.How is 6 million gonna solve our problem?Grieezman was given many chance.Suarez was injured then he got the chance.He likes to play as a striker or second striker.But he was flop.The truth is:Barca should have bought Neymar instead of spending money behind griezman.130 million.😱Xavi would be successful.Ok forget Xavi They could have brought Julian Nugelśsman.
Raton Roy
Raton Roy Prije 2 mjeseci
@Goku- MEMBER OF AKATSUKI Didn't they collect 222 million of Neymar?What did they do with that?😂Bought flop at barca players.If dembele stays he will always be injured.Barca wasted so much money on him
Goku- MEMBER OF AKATSUKI Prije 2 mjeseci
@Raton Roy u just can't say if pep worked so will Xavi We are already in crisis appointment of Xavi is a gamble because if that doesn't go well thst will torn apart xavi's legacy and leave us with no option Griezmann isnt a flop lmao has he even played in his favourite position? Same goes for coutinho Suarez is already old now We need young blood flowing now in this squad For next gen he has to make way For Luis to succeed at atm is another story but that doesn't mean we should not have sd him Selling Luis fixes the finances by quite a lot now Well Messi should also have been sold Yea I hate when I say that but Messi doesn't want to play at this club anymore and he was so desperate to leave He will leave for free next season so if he was so determined then why not cash on him for 100M and get some finances for the rebuild We already have next gen in trincao Puig pedri konard ansu fati dembele and prime greizmann and Coutinho we should focus on their development more rather than riding Messi Messi all the time He is once in a generational talent but this barca board is bad at buisness
Raton Roy
Raton Roy Prije 2 mjeseci
@Goku- MEMBER OF AKATSUKI His formations or team selections anything wasn't right.He never played football.He is a good coach of medium team but a very bad coach of big giant teams like barca,liverpool etc.
Raton Roy
Raton Roy Prije 2 mjeseci
@Goku- MEMBER OF AKATSUKI Tbh he has turned this team into Real Betis.
Gourav Chakraborty
Gourav Chakraborty Prije 2 mjeseci
Today MSN permanently ends with only M
John Phillip II
John Phillip II Prije 2 mjeseci
How many players do Athletico Need? They literally have 3 full squads. This is how you kill a team. smh
Arjun Pant
Arjun Pant Prije 2 mjeseci
r u dumb
Abir Prije 2 mjeseci
morata left madrid for no reason .. he apparently wanted to feature in every game , he just doesn't have that quality. His best goal scoring record came for madrid during 16/17 season ... guess he got ahead of himself
Pokemon master
Pokemon master Prije 2 mjeseci
Last time I was thing early I already got a heart from onefootball .best channel for getting football news ❤️❤️
Lingardinho Prije 2 mjeseci
Atletico Madrid are making the most aggressive team in history
Gunit 876
Gunit 876 Prije mjesec
MiNi 33 and he on like 7-9 mil a year
MiNi Prije 2 mjeseci
@Lalboi Manlun ..he's 34 now? ..and the wages he must be on.
Lalboi Manlun
Lalboi Manlun Prije 2 mjeseci
@MiNi Suarez costs almost nothing
Uganda KFC
Uganda KFC Prije 2 mjeseci
@the c.f.a. Nah, Felipe Melo,Forner Inter CB, is literally a pitbull on the pitch, far the most agressive defender I've seen century, nowadays he plays in Brasílian side Palmeiras
the c.f.a.
the c.f.a. Prije 2 mjeseci
They probably gonna sign Pepe from Porto next
Y T Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't think Harry Magurie is overrated, I know hardly anyone who rates him
Shreyas Kulkarni
Shreyas Kulkarni Prije mjesec
@Angel Cuevas Around 30 to 40 million is enough...
Angel Cuevas
Angel Cuevas Prije 2 mjeseci
Magurie is not over rated only his price is, Man U pay little too much for him . Magurie good price for him is round 50mil to 65mil
Kenenna Udochukwu
Kenenna Udochukwu Prije 2 mjeseci
Alexandre Nabais agreed. Not 80 mil certainly. He’s good- not spectacular. I think if he’s your second best center back then you’re straight but your best?
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije 2 mjeseci
I rate him. I think he is a good CB. He´s not world class but he´s solid imo.
Kenenna Udochukwu
Kenenna Udochukwu Prije 2 mjeseci
Man United fans
Pixo Matu
Pixo Matu Prije 2 mjeseci
why does matt have an arsenal scarf behind him?
Gagan Kompala
Gagan Kompala Prije mjesec
That's their office room
Tony Prije 2 mjeseci
probably a half and half scarf with tottenham in the other half
Pixo Matu
Pixo Matu Prije 2 mjeseci
Unless he secretly is an arsenal fan....
MIXER R3 Prije 2 mjeseci
I think now Suarez will bite Messi . 🤣😂😂 Extremely nice vedio man. Love it
ChRoNiClEs OF GAMING Prije 2 mjeseci
@MIXER R3 changing teams do not means that their friendship is finished
MIXER R3 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Csokops10 yaa because he changed his team and they are rivals now
Csokops10 Prije 2 mjeseci
bite his best friend? lmao
He shoots He scores
He shoots He scores Prije 2 mjeseci
Juventus after they make Suarez take a citizenship exam then agree to buy Dzeko so that they can get Morata on loan 🤷🏿‍♂️
Samuel Evolve
Samuel Evolve Prije 2 mjeseci
They said Suarez was an option but there is no move yet. Dzeko situation is relying on Milik move from Napoli to Roma. So meybe they just think which one better option and since Pirlo played with Morata before, probably Pirlo know something more than people knows.
Sonnic gamer
Sonnic gamer Prije 2 mjeseci
Matt quick question as a Spurs fan...why do u have an Arsenal scarf in the background?😂
Whis Prije 2 mjeseci
Sonnic gamer lol
Sonnic gamer
Sonnic gamer Prije 2 mjeseci
@Lakshya Vason oops🤭
Lakshya Vason
Lakshya Vason Prije 2 mjeseci
Its not his room. Its a OneFootball Office room. Watch the intro
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey Angelina
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey Matt
BDCORE Clips Prije 2 mjeseci
Preminho7 Prije 2 mjeseci
"Suarez,costa,diego Simone" Me: sh*ts about to go down
Bacon kingz
Bacon kingz Prije 2 mjeseci
We all saw the comment in 442oons get a joke and I’ll give you a medal
Csokops10 Prije 2 mjeseci
Raton Roy
Raton Roy Prije 2 mjeseci
@SafwanFN Yeah everyone knows.😕
fusballgladiator Prije 2 mjeseci
SafwanFN Prije 2 mjeseci
Raton Roy ikr
Tuchel to get the sack at PSG?! + Grealish to Man City?
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