TOP 6 WANT TO RUN THE EPL! + Aguero to join Inter? ► Daily News

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On Today's Daily News - Inter plan bid for Man City star Aguero, The top 6 want to run the EPL, West Ham close in on Benrahma deal, a news round up and Emoji Mondays!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
What do you think of the Premier League's 'Project Big Picture' news? Also, apologies for the late upload, technical issues!!
Arijeet Joshi
Arijeet Joshi Prije mjesec
it's dumb
Fabulous K
Fabulous K Prije mjesec
Is Matt the most naiv football fan? He seems to always back up the big teams who fuck up football!
Callum Blyth
Callum Blyth Prije mjesec
It sounds like positives all round, it’s not like the top 6 are going to suddenly make rules specifically to them so they can benifit
olamide balogun
olamide balogun Prije mjesec
very bad
Luke Watchorn
Luke Watchorn Prije mjesec
I think that it is absolutely disgusting that they have the gall to call it 'Project Big Picture' when it will clearly benefit the top 6 clubs far more then anyone else.
Blake Birchall
Blake Birchall Prije mjesec
Mostly Liverpool and man utd two stupid clubs
Fusion Combat
Fusion Combat Prije mjesec
Fusion Combat
Fusion Combat Prije mjesec
HRJ 77
HRJ 77 Prije mjesec
Woahh 🤯 That 3 way transfer actually made SENSE!!!!!
Seeman#KexFNarmy Prije mjesec
I'm Matt Frolich
Solomon James
Solomon James Prije mjesec
That European Super League will be the reason I stop watching football.
Sergoal AguerOoOoO
Sergoal AguerOoOoO Prije mjesec
im going no where
Navneeth Reejish
Navneeth Reejish Prije mjesec
Over here in Singapore, U guys uploaded at 9 p.m. #justwatchedit
Khdr Hsen
Khdr Hsen Prije mjesec
Here is my prediction for theses games Argentina 2-0 Bolivia Ecuador 1-2 Uruguay Peru 0-3 Brazil Chile 2-2 Colombia Germany 2-2 Switzerland Spain 2-1 Ukraine Poland 2-3 Bosnia Herzegovina Italy 1-2 Netherlands Iceland 0-2 Belgium England 3-0 Denmark Portugal 1-1 Sweden Croatia 1-3 France Scotland 2-1 Czech republic Russia 1-0 Hungary Turkey 2-1 Serbia
Conservative Patriot
Conservative Patriot Prije mjesec
man utd arnt even in in the top 6 lol
Mohamed Tawfeeq
Mohamed Tawfeeq Prije mjesec
Griezmann should be a replacement for Agüero maybe
d1realspartan ps4
d1realspartan ps4 Prije mjesec
Messi not coming to the prem he is going to PSG
sam covington
sam covington Prije mjesec
This whole idea will ruin football the League cup has made legends Fowler Scholes Gary and Phil Neville and most recently Trent Alexarnder Arnold
Fabulous K
Fabulous K Prije mjesec
Is Matt the most naiv football fan? He seems to always back up the big teams who fuck up football!
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh Prije mjesec
Its soo wierd listening to someone saying Messi moving from Barca
Danny Roudybush
Danny Roudybush Prije mjesec
I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞
ronald mcdonald
ronald mcdonald Prije mjesec
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije mjesec
DrStormpooper Prije mjesec
Lautaro is not going anywhere, Aguero will be just like Sanchez, second choice for both Luaku and Lautaro. Martinez is negotiating renewal atm which will remove the clause.
Rarul Clan
Rarul Clan Prije mjesec
I can’t wait for that three man deal
Speed Damon
Speed Damon Prije mjesec
Where's Angelina at? I kinda, miss her
Michael Fleischer
Michael Fleischer Prije mjesec
I'm Alone 😍😥
Jonathan Thomas
Jonathan Thomas Prije mjesec
Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖
Dupe Tajudeen
Dupe Tajudeen Prije mjesec
I hope Haaland comes to
TimeTravel Prije mjesec
you didn't even mention who did Haaland score his hat trick against..I know we're pretty insignificant but still..
JOYNER LUCAS Prije mjesec
Power rankings please
mnm2343 Prije mjesec
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
pat Prije mjesec
Hello There
Hello There Prije mjesec
Inter loves themself a prem player don’t they
Taíno Loco
Taíno Loco Prije mjesec
Honestly, Agüero should stay or go to a different club. Inter have Lukaku and Lautaro and they're still banging goals.
Janiyah Dalton
Janiyah Dalton Prije mjesec
Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Shantanu Thakare
Shantanu Thakare Prije mjesec
If Messi Does plan to join City I don't see Aguero leaving City.
Leon Eric Avrutin
Leon Eric Avrutin Prije mjesec
We see Belgium being number one at the moment but their bench was full of Batshuayi, Benteke, Origi and driftwood like them, Mignolet was in goal for some reason and neither Hazard was around. I'm not knocking England's result here, they deserved it thoroughly after that second half, just saying that I don't think Belgium have anywhere near the depth that France or Brazil do and their time as number 1 is almost certainly limited
Isaac Lopez
Isaac Lopez Prije mjesec
Damian young moses weird enough
Alan Ochanda
Alan Ochanda Prije mjesec
Thank soo much for saying my name correct in the video love your videos
Sagnik Sarkar
Sagnik Sarkar Prije mjesec
I just want to say Power is Good but Absolute Power Corrupts, Premier League Beware
Ariz Kamal
Ariz Kamal Prije mjesec
How do I get the ONEFOOTBALL shirt? Living in UAE btw
Jefferson Ochoa
Jefferson Ochoa Prije mjesec
OneFootball: Sorry guys I came late Me: *That's what she said* Or OneFootball: *uploads a late video* Me: *MATT YOU'RE RATE(Late)* -Some Jackie Chu(SML) reference
The Resistance
The Resistance Prije mjesec
Aston Villa is best suited for Benrahama
Toot Vision
Toot Vision Prije mjesec
The top six taking control of the prem they could help themselves and not the smaller and mid table would be screwed
Eshan Basheer
Eshan Basheer Prije mjesec
How can they lineup with aguero . They just changed the whole team in just 2 years lukaku eriksen Sanchez Godin hakimi perisic martinez and now aguero
Rida Ramlawi
Rida Ramlawi Prije mjesec
I predicted that Poland and Italy will draw 0-0, and Matt didn’t mention me (this is the second that it happens)
Lorenzo Pippia
Lorenzo Pippia Prije mjesec
Agüero will be great for the next 5 years at least, so it would be a huge deal for Inter Milan.
Red Lightning
Red Lightning Prije mjesec
So basically the top 6 want the premier league to become like the Bundesliga. Thats not a horrible idea actually. Say what you'd want about Bayern dominating but overall its been a hell of a lot more interesting than the premier league has been
Mr T crew
Mr T crew Prije mjesec
The top 6 of the premier league are stupid
Ruble James Mathew
Ruble James Mathew Prije mjesec
DC 21
DC 21 Prije mjesec
everyone is saying that inter will win the title this time from juve. but its juve who won 9 in a row, has the same players as last season and good new players . i think they will win for the 10th time also
Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks Coffee Prije mjesec
Why should the prem be 18 teams and league 2 loses 2 teams. It’s unfair on lower league teams. All leagues should be 24 teams
wouter van gils
wouter van gils Prije mjesec
As a Belgian I was holding my phone to slate them for another Belgian win. But no, we lost, how?
ZA113 8
ZA113 8 Prije mjesec
What kind of rumour is that??? aguero to Inter? LOL there is more chance of pogba actually getting in the TOTY
Chloé Matt
Chloé Matt Prije mjesec
I'm Single 😍😥
L Milani
L Milani Prije mjesec
What is the point in this top 6 thing I think it's utter rubbish and it's all for money
Rufus Lawless
Rufus Lawless Prije mjesec
please stop the glitch transition-it hurts my eyes
Iffy Starfish
Iffy Starfish Prije mjesec
Spencer predicted the benramha signing
Joel Jomy
Joel Jomy Prije mjesec
Thank God, I was actually worried something bad happened( btw Neymar was absoutely brilliant in the 5-0 thrashing of Bolivia)
HurriKayne McLean
HurriKayne McLean Prije mjesec
I'm Single 😍😥
Oluwaseun Dipo-Ogunleye
Oluwaseun Dipo-Ogunleye Prije mjesec
Noooo, Benrhama😞💔
S V Prije mjesec
I'm a liverpool fan and the proposal is absolutely disgraceful. Anyone with sense knows it is
Ngoako Ramz
Ngoako Ramz Prije mjesec
@Arsenal 4Life Yes I agree, but like Matt said, they are atleast doing something for the smaller clubs unlike the Premier League. I can see how some lower leagues would be in support
Arsenal 4Life
Arsenal 4Life Prije mjesec
@Ngoako Ramz Its a load of corruption sweetened by a couple of good things(giving money to EFL clubs and all that).
Newton Jesuratnam
Newton Jesuratnam Prije mjesec
I agree
Ngoako Ramz
Ngoako Ramz Prije mjesec
I don't mind some of the ideas being proposed but the power thing is definitely bad.
spaghett1 123 with 0bama
spaghett1 123 with 0bama Prije mjesec
i havent seen that part yet im oin aguero bit
carlos Nicolas
carlos Nicolas Prije mjesec
Can some one tell me the name of the one football intro sound
Ash Prije mjesec
5:11 Benrahma didn't score 23 goals last season 😂😂😂
Sandra Johnson
Sandra Johnson Prije mjesec
Who had completely forgot about Messi going to Man City, before this video
Timothy Coetzee
Timothy Coetzee Prije mjesec
Who agrees that robinho must return to europe specifically a cl team
CEONHD Prije mjesec
Aguero would want to play with messi.
CEONHD Prije mjesec
Inter love old players.
N Kalam
N Kalam Prije mjesec
Timothy Coetzee
Timothy Coetzee Prije mjesec
what is benrahma nationality
Ash Prije mjesec
1:33 this wont happen because Barcelona wont be able to afford Martinez
akshaj sunil
akshaj sunil Prije mjesec
Why so late?
Preetham KR
Preetham KR Prije mjesec
The top 6 will take control and then they won't care about lower league teams
Yung Cow
Yung Cow Prije mjesec
Hope man u get relegated 🔫
Alpha Steez
Alpha Steez Prije mjesec
You were late got the news somewhere else
Neeraj Gupta
Neeraj Gupta Prije mjesec
Inter will only sign Aguero if they sell Lautaro
Mohammad zain gamer
Mohammad zain gamer Prije mjesec
notJAY Prije mjesec
sanchez aguero messi
Epic Football
Epic Football Prije mjesec
I don't that project is cool... somehow it doesn't work for me..what do you think Click on the link
Andy Meneses
Andy Meneses Prije mjesec
Aguero should go to Barca, inter don’t need him, they already have lukaku and Martinez
Angthik Ronghang
Angthik Ronghang Prije mjesec
Reporters : what is the best league ? Conte : Serie a Also conte : almost every signing are epl players
Yahya Issa
Yahya Issa Prije mjesec
DS - 09WS 909545 Applewood Heights SS
DS - 09WS 909545 Applewood Heights SS Prije mjesec
I no affected by this because I use DAZN
Beyond Added Time
Beyond Added Time Prije mjesec
No league cup, 18 teams, playoff with second division top teams against first division lower placed teams Hmm, seems a lot like the Bundesliga to me
Debayan Bhunia
Debayan Bhunia Prije mjesec
I have no objection with scrapping the league cup. But that playoff idea is bad
Beyond Added Time
Beyond Added Time Prije mjesec
@Kevin True, true
Kevin Prije mjesec
With the only difference being 50+1 rule in Germany which sadly doesn't exist everywhere
Anila Vino
Anila Vino Prije mjesec
Is there no Qand A extra
Dime Sazdev
Dime Sazdev Prije mjesec
what do you think about the Macedonian national team, are they going to make history and qualify on an european competition for the first time in their history?
Reece-Arukoe Prije mjesec
The words i look forward to hearing when I get back from school "I am your host Matt Frolich And this is the *Daily News"*
James Padilla
James Padilla Prije mjesec
For me its every morning. If not before I wake up. Mexico gang
spaghett1 123 with 0bama
spaghett1 123 with 0bama Prije mjesec
i dont
A certain CR7 Fan
A certain CR7 Fan Prije mjesec
lol same
Reece-Arukoe Prije mjesec
Henderson #DIVER
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma Prije mjesec
How much more inter want
Parna Desai
Parna Desai Prije mjesec
Liverpool and Manchester United get screwed on Super Sunday ALSO LIVERPOOL AND MAN U WE WANT TO RULE THIS SHIT
Swastik Dwivedi
Swastik Dwivedi Prije mjesec
Matt's astrology:- Aguero > Inter🙂 Lautaro > Barcelona😚 Messi > Man city🤔
Brown Omaivboje
Brown Omaivboje Prije mjesec
When last did Matt get any of his Friday feels correct??
Swastik Dwivedi
Swastik Dwivedi Prije mjesec
Today I can only see Matt's face bcoz his shirt and background are same..😅
Cuhh 123
Cuhh 123 Prije mjesec
OneFootball is the best❤️
Nashawn Rocky
Nashawn Rocky Prije mjesec
I don't really think man city will sell aguero due to the stakes he makes the team a contender for premier league so I don't see the move possible
Malcom De Amaral
Malcom De Amaral Prije mjesec
Classic inter
Jim V
Jim V Prije mjesec
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie Prije mjesec
Benraham is a great player didn't see him at west ham
sol porter
sol porter Prije mjesec
Top 6 idea is awful
patrick silke
patrick silke Prije mjesec
I think the project would bd allright scrap both league cup and clmmunity shield, but reducinf the league to 18 teams doss that mean 16 to 18 would get relagatef instesd, i domt lnos it first started with 22 teams in 8q /93 i just cant see it hapoening
Wynne Prije mjesec
Teams that lost 6-1 and 7-2 want to run the league
no i think the teams with the most prem titles want to
Jasmir Salim
Jasmir Salim Prije mjesec
what about 5-1
Stevie D Vee D, big DD
Stevie D Vee D, big DD Prije mjesec
Rakesh Prije mjesec
Bring back Thursday power rankings
Kentinka Brewu
Kentinka Brewu Prije mjesec
Inter Milan I will slap you eh
Khen Gevana
Khen Gevana Prije mjesec
I swear Aguero has said numerous times across the years that his next club is back to Independiente in Argentina
Jared Rodney
Jared Rodney Prije mjesec
Heros Amador ya he kept on saying that he wanted to go to independiente after his City contract ends
Heros Amador
Heros Amador Prije mjesec
Wasn't he going to retire in idepediente he is still world class and capable of playing in Europe
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