Kylian Mbappé sparks TRANSFER rumours + Champions League returns!!! ► Daily News

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OneFootball English

Prije mjesec

On today's OneFootball Daily News - PSG's Kylian Mbappé weighs up his options with potential moves to Liverpool or Real Madrid, Liverpool have their eye on RB Leipzig's Dayot Upamecano, Barcelona are ready to offload Ousmane Dembélé, The Champions League returns, and a transfer roundup!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
If you were Mbappe what would you do? Stay at PSG, move to Liverpool, move to Real Madrid, or somewhere else?
Simone Tyson
Simone Tyson Prije mjesec
Simone Tyson
Simone Tyson Prije mjesec
I am not really fine I’m sed
I am not really fine I’m sed Prije mjesec
OneFootball English liverpool
HardTarget Jimmy
HardTarget Jimmy Prije mjesec
A move to Liverpool would be the best. Klopp would make him an even better player.
Charlie Ackla
Charlie Ackla Prije mjesec
@Malek Elkaroui I ain't saying ya'll won't have enough money. And ffs, if the players are "Useless", how high do you think they'll sell for? Anyway, the point is even if Liverpool have the money, Mbappe ONLY WANTS TO GO TO MADRID. PERIOD. If some team in the middle east had enough money to buy him, do you think he'll go? NO he doesn't want to go to any team but madrid.
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel Prije mjesec
Just like everyone else going to Madrid or Barca will ruin you
christen nizel
christen nizel Prije mjesec
She doesn't want mbappe in Liverpool bcoz she is man united fan, Ofcourse
Jack Potter
Jack Potter Prije mjesec
he's not from paris and psg is not his boy hoed club, were do you get your info young lady?
Juan Kitshoff
Juan Kitshoff Prije mjesec
No one: Angelina: BUT is pronounced as BOUGHT
PaulThePrince Prije mjesec
The only good signing Liverpool made this summer was jota
DJ GAMES Prije mjesec
Man Utd vs PSG:
Morten Bakke
Morten Bakke Prije mjesec
I trust in Klopp. He have forseen a situation where Van Dijk getting long term injury and the squad is still strong enough to deal with the best. We have Matip (that is one of the leagues top defenders when he's fit) and a talented replacement in Gomez. Fabinho are a excellent backup and Hendo have even showed he can help if needed. Big upcoming stars in Rhys and Koumetio can help should the need arrive. Van Dijk is a big blow, but it's not as massive as people would have it to. It would have been way worse in 2018 and the 2019 season. Should also been at the top of the league, if Coote was not corrupt or incompetent.
Carlos Quesnel
Carlos Quesnel Prije mjesec
Bring back the daily news!
Rogue Channel
Rogue Channel Prije mjesec
Angie can get it
Legendary Gamer
Legendary Gamer Prije mjesec
Id move to city wi messi
Forex Trader
Forex Trader Prije mjesec
Luis Gomez "the next figo" why don't wolves buy him then
D Bigya
D Bigya Prije mjesec
Positions Mbappe has played in: STRIKER-106 games RIGHT WING-54 games LEFT WING-26 games SECOND STRIKER-1 game What are you raving about him preferring the left?
Latrell Westby
Latrell Westby Prije mjesec
I hate real Madrid but mbappe to madrid is inevitable
Smiley plays
Smiley plays Prije mjesec
Yeah i dont mind Real but damn im going to cry if they get him
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije mjesec
2:25 Monaco is actually Mbappe's boyhood club🤨
Asli K.
Asli K. Prije mjesec
Which team does Angelina support?
Kaito 5569
Kaito 5569 Prije mjesec
Angelina does a great job 👍🏻 I like her opinions and her thick accent 😄Though, I have to admit that I miss Matt, he's my favorite HRpost personality! Btw I saw him at the German channel for the UCL predictions video, he actually speaks German🤯 Ich war überrascht!! Is it because his surname? Does he have/had any ancestors over there? Angelina and Matt, keep up the great work! You are my absolute favorite footie source! Greetings from Japan. Tschüss^^
Nylson Romero
Nylson Romero Prije mjesec
1-2 let goo man u
Lagan Pal
Lagan Pal Prije mjesec
I know what he said on friday but WHERE IS MATT
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije mjesec
Marc köppel
Marc köppel Prije mjesec
Mbappe who? Marcus Rashford just loves paris ;D
Adam Prije mjesec
Why would he join that sinking ship?
EJ Estonactoc
EJ Estonactoc Prije mjesec
Can Real Madrid afford mbappe though I heard they are not doing so good on money and Liverpool are probably getting a huge investment of over 500 hundred million soon, If madrid can't afford him he will most likely go to liverpool.
Ante Perišin
Ante Perišin Prije mjesec
nice video really nice
Jay Majdoub
Jay Majdoub Prije mjesec
mpabe will play on the right at madrid
Sazzad ABRAR
Sazzad ABRAR Prije mjesec
Mbappe is probably going to Real. But I have a doubt that he can stay in PSG or go to Juventus if there is a chance of playing with Ronaldo.
Phyao Prije mjesec
Starting to miss Matt
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar Prije mjesec
What happens to hazard if mbappe arrives
Yusuf Hassan Razmy
Yusuf Hassan Razmy Prije mjesec
Mane was never offside
Arun Singh
Arun Singh Prije mjesec
Pronounce Jota with a hard J.
Christian Eifel-Guy
Christian Eifel-Guy Prije mjesec
I don't think Upamecano's release clause can be triggered in the winter. Without it, LFC will have to pay at least 60 million £ (if that's even enough)
Daniel Danielson
Daniel Danielson Prije mjesec
Where is Matt?
Hazard will play CAM
Dev Nath
Dev Nath Prije mjesec
Mbappe can also play CF , thus he can fit well in Liverpool as Firmino is not performing good at front .
Liam Pierrepont
Liam Pierrepont Prije mjesec
Max Mach
Max Mach Prije mjesec
"In my opinion I think.." ffs
tintinsimon Prije mjesec
07:04 thanks to Lukaku*
tintinsimon Prije mjesec
Sorry, but (in form) Hazard >>>> Mbappe
Jeronimo 921
Jeronimo 921 Prije mjesec
Dembele doesn’t deserve to be at barca. He’s completely trash and needs to leave
Wade Willson
Wade Willson Prije mjesec
Croissant Power
Croissant Power Prije mjesec
Why not Alaba?
Bussdown Brophy
Bussdown Brophy Prije mjesec
Utd will beat psg
code alpha
code alpha Prije mjesec
I don’t miss Matt 😂 - complement...great vid
Cameron Noel
Cameron Noel Prije mjesec
Pretty sure mbappe wants to play centrally not on the left.
Raghav Subandh
Raghav Subandh Prije mjesec
I mean dembeles stats were trash but he was one of the most creative players on the pitch
Shahiid Buye
Shahiid Buye Prije mjesec
Matt I beg u do this on zoom or something. This woman is soo B tech
Peter S
Peter S Prije mjesec
The intro isn’t the same without Matt
User 1732
User 1732 Prije mjesec
You know what I’m not missing Matt that much 😏
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Prije mjesec
Real madrid will also have benzema, acensio, rodrygo and , vinicious, i think if madrid would have the confidence to let play vinicious, Rodrygo and mbappe it would be a tremendous front three. And move acensio atcenter mid would give madrid a badass team..
Malina Prije mjesec
Chelsea can you steal pls Upamencano like you did Werner
NGE0219 Prije mjesec
Its crazy how liverpool are now in the copy and paste situation that man city struggled with last year
Olly4507 Prije mjesec
WhErEs MaTt gOnE
MLD_WARRIOR 17 Prije mjesec
city should have bought dunk frome brighton
somebody Prije mjesec
Where is matt
English Corner Institute
English Corner Institute Prije mjesec
but barcelona from what i know wanted lautaro martinez
Little Pea
Little Pea Prije mjesec
I like when Angelina is here💙
Manifested Logic
Manifested Logic Prije mjesec
I love the video but Mbappe has been at PSG for a few years. That isn't his boyhood club mate he was just playing for Monaco😂
Manifested Logic
Manifested Logic Prije mjesec
@Joel Bobby Understood. He grew up a Madrid fan lol
Joel Bobby
Joel Bobby Prije mjesec
He's a Parisian that's why Angelina says PSG is his boyhood club, she probably meant the club that he supported as a child was PSG, although he is also a Madrid fan.
I’m a Person
I’m a Person Prije mjesec
Missing Matt and can’t wait for his return
guero 81
guero 81 Prije mjesec
Bruh Liverpool and Manchester United read my mind lol
niloka swu
niloka swu Prije mjesec
I miss Matt
Roman Empire and fifa
Roman Empire and fifa Prije mjesec
What happened to Matt frohlic?
Roman Empire and fifa
Roman Empire and fifa Prije mjesec
Oh rip
Daniel Danielson
Daniel Danielson Prije mjesec
2ZeK Prije mjesec
where is mat?
Jack Atkinson
Jack Atkinson Prije mjesec
Liverpool wont sign mbappe unless he wants to take a pay cut
Romeo Ripley
Romeo Ripley Prije mjesec
BUT...BUT...BUT!!! Producers help her out
Roger Cuevas
Roger Cuevas Prije mjesec
honestly, i dont mind having angelina, i just need someone to tell me that i am the onefootballers 🥺
Yo Yo
Yo Yo Prije mjesec
Arsene Wenger AlMoSt bought Mbappe
Kalum Mehta
Kalum Mehta Prije mjesec
I think Mbappe will play for Liverpool one time in his career but after his time in Real.
David Brielmaier
David Brielmaier Prije mjesec
Where is Liverpool going to get 250-400 million for Mbappe? Especially with all the players on the left side.
Adam Hassan
Adam Hassan Prije mjesec
Good show onefootball👍👌
Ishaq Muthee
Ishaq Muthee Prije mjesec
excuse me madam,but Mendy is injured
Honore Leandre
Honore Leandre Prije mjesec
angelina's accent is growing on me😂
Shashwat Singh
Shashwat Singh Prije mjesec
Bayern Athlletico might end in 3-1
Timothy Coetzee
Timothy Coetzee Prije mjesec
Mbappe and Benzema🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️😇
elliot gulliver
elliot gulliver Prije mjesec
Isit just me butni really dont like this girl and I click off the video as soon as I see that its this girl. MATT COME BACK
Daniel Danielson
Daniel Danielson Prije mjesec
Singoller Prije mjesec
Wooow so liverpool will steal upamecano from man u?
Prince Prije mjesec
bot . . .
Ramprasad Rai
Ramprasad Rai Prije mjesec
Wait did she say hazard can't weigh up to mbappe ?
Aldair Soares
Aldair Soares Prije mjesec
Can Matt just come back please this lady is talking shit
Nehan Azher
Nehan Azher Prije mjesec
Liverpool to sign Mbappe??? They struggled to sign Thiago , FFS😂😂😂.
Appy Adams
Appy Adams Prije mjesec
@Dylan can you guys even afford his wages 😂 😂🤣 forget about that release Clause 🤣🤣🤣 A transfer battle with Real Madrid, with over 100M to spend. Good luck with that....
Lwandile Mlambo
Lwandile Mlambo Prije mjesec
@Dylan they don’t have Mbappe money
Juss Xumz
Juss Xumz Prije mjesec
Mbappe ain’t from Paris...Bondy
Muzayr Hamdulay
Muzayr Hamdulay Prije mjesec
am i the only person whos a bit bothered by the fact she said psg is his boyhood club even tho they signed him from monaco for €180 million
Armando Limon Hernandez Tlahuel Jr
Armando Limon Hernandez Tlahuel Jr Prije mjesec
I miss Matt 😭
cheez0 Prije mjesec
fun fact: mbappe is linked to united
Matthew Prije mjesec
It was true, until this season started.
cheez0 Prije mjesec
@Benji bruh it’s just a joke
Benji Prije mjesec
fun fact thiago was alo linked to united but he chose the better team
Anfield CAM
Anfield CAM Prije mjesec
I’m linked to united
Raajas Joglekar
Raajas Joglekar Prije mjesec
Where's Matt? Where's Matt? WHERE'S MATTTTT!!!
Sonnic gamer
Sonnic gamer Prije mjesec
What will u guys do when u reach 100vids
Slime Village
Slime Village Prije mjesec
Mbappe moves to Liverpool, Liverpool sell Mane or Salah, Mbappe moves to Madrid from Liverpool at 25 years old for a swap deal with Vinicius Jr.
Slime Village
Slime Village Prije mjesec
@Chad Champion lmao, ive heard "this ism't FIFA" for the Ronaldo transfer to Juve as well. but it could happen. Madrid can? im pretty sure you guys are loaded lmao and they've wanted Mane for some time, and Juve want Salah as well sooo yeah
Chad Champion
Chad Champion Prije mjesec
This isn’t FIFA.. And who will buy Salah or Mane? Barca doesn’t have money. Madrid wont sign them either.
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije mjesec
Uefa should stop putting 3 big interesting games in one day!
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije mjesec
Champions league is tough some times there is 3 big games like today : Sevilla vs Chelsea, lazio vs Dortmund, psg vs united i will try to tune in to all 3 to hard to miss them!
Maciek Woźniak
Maciek Woźniak Prije mjesec
Would be better to see more about other leagues not only about English football. But of course it is OneFootball English
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre Prije mjesec
Bro he support real Madrid or Monaco
babuyega Prije mjesec
"Liverpool are in panic mode" Yet it's the pundits talking the most with the club silent and calmly moving on
thembeni masanganye
thembeni masanganye Prije mjesec
Damn Dembele gets 1 game. 😅tough crowd.
babuyega Prije mjesec
Where's Matt?
babuyega Prije mjesec
@Daniel Danielson f. Wishing him a quick recovery
Daniel Danielson
Daniel Danielson Prije mjesec
PT Lukas
PT Lukas Prije mjesec
gosh I hate when people butcher portuguese names by pronouncing them spanish. A J is SH. We call him Diogo Shota. And it's Shosé Mourinho....
Evan Peiffer
Evan Peiffer Prije mjesec
I think hazard at his best is better than mbappe
Thommelom Prije mjesec
Mbappe can join both, go to liverpool first and then to rmadrid after. Or opposite. (Just an idea)
Adrian De León
Adrian De León Prije mjesec
WE WANT MATT!!!! lol ik he’s on holiday
NBT #97
NBT #97 Prije mjesec
Real getting kinda havertz coming to chelsea may take some time (MAY coz perez is ready to splash..)
Rarul Clan
Rarul Clan Prije mjesec
Man utd is going to get destroyed 4:0 6:0
Davis Gem
Davis Gem Prije mjesec
😂😂😂😂 you're so wrong
Rarul Clan
Rarul Clan Prije mjesec
Ole just need to be fired worst coach worst decisions ever made
Eduardo Delgadillo
Eduardo Delgadillo Prije mjesec
am I the only Barca fan that loves dembelé? 😫
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