Ranking every RECORD-BREAKING TRANSFER from age 17 to 34!

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OneFootball English

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Was Bale worth the money? Will Mbappe prove to be a good signing in the long run? How much money did Neymar actually cost?! Matt ranks every record-breaking transfer signing from age 17 to 34!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 11 dana
Which player is the worst/best placed?
laptop clinic
laptop clinic Prije 8 dana
hey Pogba was bought back for 89 mil not 105 mil
Chamal Eranda
Chamal Eranda Prije 10 dana
Neymar to psg is triple captain
Ackeem Hyde
Ackeem Hyde Prije 10 dana
@Ernest Bryan rubbish
Operation Arsenal
Operation Arsenal Prije 10 dana
@Ernest Bryan wow
anupam das
anupam das Prije 10 dana
Can you do a top 10 best bargain signings in terms of money involved and player performance?
frutee.m •
frutee.m • Prije 9 sati
How is vini compared to suarez
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral Prije 4 dana
Vinicus Junior is the most overrated player
Neel Spinoy
Neel Spinoy Prije 4 dana
neymar to psg should be triple captain- im sorry there's just no comparing him to the neymar we all loved at barca
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Prije 5 dana
Suarez to Barcelona Frochlich Ronaldo to Madrid Frochlich Neymar to PSG Triple Captain
Jack Prije 6 dana
I thought you knew football then you put Maguire in Trump, calling him trash says it all
Shape of water
Shape of water Prije 7 dana
Ronaldo to real Madrid 2009
Astitva Garg
Astitva Garg Prije 7 dana
Suarez,cr7,bale & Zidane at same level as vinicius, as a real Madrid I am deeply offended by the amount of stupidity I have just seen
Amanuel Gedefaw
Amanuel Gedefaw Prije 8 dana
How much do u love neymar....he didn't do better for psg than ronaldo did for juve
STAN ZAW Prije 8 dana
Ronaldo btec
Trystan Grant
Trystan Grant Prije 9 dana
Suarez should be top tier
Tricky Man
Tricky Man Prije 9 dana
The thing is simple. If you are just talking about player move and how he has done ronaldo. Should be the top one but team wise. Not done much and this can also be said of Neymar move to psg. Psg were winning the league every no doubt. And champions league they are yet to win it so that does not make sense. Is it about individual or team performance too @frolich. ? Can anyone tell this 😂
VixJo Prije 9 dana
Nah you cant put Suarez at the same level as Vinicius
Naeem Ali
Naeem Ali Prije 9 dana
Fam how’s dembele got into 3rd tier with the last 4 years he’s done nowt😂😂deserved a btec
ALX ftd
ALX ftd Prije 9 dana
Ronaldo in marmite. Won 2 titles and nothing else no golden boot no champions league not even the coppa. Before anybody says his age one word quagliarella.
Daniel choi
Daniel choi Prije 9 dana
Lol he messed up after bale
Tangeni Iiputa
Tangeni Iiputa Prije 9 dana
Matt loves triple captain too much.
ThomasKLS Prije 10 dana
swap Suarez and Neymars psg move then its fine I guess
Renato Viskovic
Renato Viskovic Prije 10 dana
5:23 Suarez at triple captain but all time record Neymar trasnfer at Frolich??? Are you somking?
Jonathas Plein
Jonathas Plein Prije 10 dana
I like pecking order so much, and would like to see more. I wanted to say that in the survey too, but it wasnt even amongst the options...
Sreedhar Srenivasan
Sreedhar Srenivasan Prije 10 dana
suarez is a frolich
Oratile Bantsijang
Oratile Bantsijang Prije 10 dana
Ronaldo should be top
sabigya dahal
sabigya dahal Prije 10 dana
i will like to hear your views on de ligt
Ronaldo did his part for Juve.... Should have been at top...if Neymar to psg is at top
Fabulous K
Fabulous K Prije 10 dana
Dembele for 40mio would be an marmite maaybe, but for 160?!? Defibetly a trump!!
Fabulous K
Fabulous K Prije 10 dana
This yellow thing looks really weird, if at least would be black
Pujakanta Elangbam
Pujakanta Elangbam Prije 10 dana
Are you out of your mind Ronaldo in the category of triple captain. Seriously it must be a joke
Finey Prije 10 dana
Suarez has done more thing for barca than moneymar
Andrew Mechler
Andrew Mechler Prije 10 dana
Wow u just lost a sub
Sniffster And friends
Sniffster And friends Prije 10 dana
Don’t put jr in the same category as bale Ronaldo Suarez and zidane 😬
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 10 dana
total bullshit Suarez is a legend don't disrespect him your generosity is bs
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 10 dana
Matt we love you but sometime you can be a real idiot suarez zidane bale in same category as vinicius !?!?
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 10 dana
pato was the most talented teenager at the time
Aditya Arun
Aditya Arun Prije 10 dana
One football is amazing
Moa Deme
Moa Deme Prije 10 dana
Suarez is third highest scorer for barcenola he is bettter than neymar
Converse Football
Converse Football Prije 10 dana
You better Put Suarez in the top !! He is the 3 rd highest Goal scorer for Barca with almost 200 goals
Vikhyath MB
Vikhyath MB Prije 10 dana
Matt : Neymar hasn't won the CL with PSG but he is one among top three best players in the world (adds him to frohlich) Also Matt : Cristiano hasn't won the CL with Juve but has been brilliant (adds him to triple captain) . . Literally the whole footballing universe : Cristiano is one of the G.O.A.T Matt: I'll pretend I didn't see that
mohammad abbas
mohammad abbas Prije 11 dana
Frolich: Mbappe, Neymar to Barca, Bale, Suarez, Zidane, Ronaldo Triple Captain: De Jong, Neymar to PSG Marmite: Pato, Dembele, Vinicius Jr, Gabriel Batistuta BTEC: Pogba, Pjanic, Llorente, Thuram Trump: Maguire, Griezmann
dagnad7 Prije 11 dana
I feel like zidane should be frolich if neymar psg version is
RadioFootball Prije 11 dana
How can Suarez not be in frohlich? He won the treble with Barcelona, won the golden boot with the club in the era of ronaldo and Messi and he is third highest all time goalscorer for Barcelona with 198 goals and all this is just 6 years!
Uthkrisht Narayan
Uthkrisht Narayan Prije 11 dana
If Neymar is frohlich, so is suarez
JX REPUBLIC Prije 11 dana
Surprised Ronaldo to real didn't make it Probably the best transfer of all time
Faisal Chaudhary
Faisal Chaudhary Prije 11 dana
Harry Maguire FFS 😂😭
Vedapraveen M
Vedapraveen M Prije 11 dana
U r just putting psg players at the top
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije 11 dana
The only changes i would make are: Vinicius to Marmite, Maguire to BTEC and De Jong to Frolich
eminex _jr
eminex _jr Prije 10 dana
how about Luis Suarez?
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije 11 dana
De Jong should be in the top category. He´s been amazing since joining, will be even more amazing for the next 10 years and he was absolutly worth it. Probably one of very few players that Bartomeu bought that was actually a smart deal.
I hala madrid
I hala madrid Prije 11 dana
Valverde has performed much better than him owned him in the clasicos😂
Jesús Emanuelle Juárez López
Jesús Emanuelle Juárez López Prije 11 dana
Alguien que hable español que me diga que significa DG en las estadísticas
M&TV YT Prije 11 dana
This guy hates Man Utd. Pogba worse than dembele! Maguire had done all good except start of the season. Ps: No way neymar to PSG better than Bale to Madrid and Ronaldo to Juve. Even suarez deserves better considering neymar to psg got top spot!!!! Booooo👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
eminex _jr
eminex _jr Prije 10 dana
bro c'mon dembele is better than pogba and secondly he is still 23 and pogba will soon turn 27 and not improved matter of fact he has gone down in his level... pogba at this time should have been the best midfielder in the world but he is not even top 20
Jitin Nair
Jitin Nair Prije 11 dana
Pogba is trump, dembele is b tec
Filip Zagar
Filip Zagar Prije 11 dana
I think Vinicius was actually bought by Madrid when he was 16 but spend 2 extra years at Brazil. Yes, I am pretty sure about that
Mattia Codrino
Mattia Codrino Prije 11 dana
Neymar can’t be in the top level, for that amount of money you have to win the UCL
Mattia Codrino
Mattia Codrino Prije 11 dana
Pato was much much better than Vinicius, without the injuries he would have been one of the best ST in Europe
knack crunch
knack crunch Prije 11 dana
Zidane top class
Jonn Stewart
Jonn Stewart Prije 11 dana
the disrespect to pjanic is unreal man is better than busi rn tbh
Jonn Stewart
Jonn Stewart Prije 11 dana
bale below mbappe and psg version of neymar is absolutely crazy they both have not won a champions league at psg while bale has over 100 goals for madrid and won numerous finals by himself this is bonkers
AH1010 Prije 11 dana
Suarez is defently on the first tier, 3rd goalscorer in only 5 years
Zidane Prije 11 dana
6:19 I deserve better!! I thought you were a fan 😤
Nomar Vasquez Polanco
Nomar Vasquez Polanco Prije 11 dana
Ronaldo, Zidane, and Suarez should be in the highest category.
Nomar Vasquez Polanco
Nomar Vasquez Polanco Prije 8 dana
@Rayan Kirmani he has carried juventus what do u mean, and he made history with them becoming their highest goalscorer in one season last season.
Rayan Kirmani
Rayan Kirmani Prije 8 dana
@Nomar Vasquez Polanco I agree with that completely but I don't think he deserves to be in the top category because I don't think that he has been extra special at Juventus.
Nomar Vasquez Polanco
Nomar Vasquez Polanco Prije 8 dana
@Rayan Kirmani Ronaldo is a legend.
Rayan Kirmani
Rayan Kirmani Prije 8 dana
I don't think Ronaldo should be
Diesel Patches Fanboy
Diesel Patches Fanboy Prije 11 dana
Why u gotta do donald trump like that
Shov Dhakal
Shov Dhakal Prije 11 dana
Dembele in BTEC, Bale in Frolich, Suarez in Frolich how is he not, Ronaldo should be Frolich as he has been carrying the side for 2 years
Jason Alvarez
Jason Alvarez Prije 11 dana
Dembele injured has done more than vinicius
pat Prije 11 dana
Ernest Bryan
Ernest Bryan Prije 11 dana
if people don’t rate Neymar higher than, or at least on the same level as, Mbappe’s transfer then they’re just absolute haters or idiots... Neymar is staying at PSG, while Mbappe also has not delivered the UCL... Mbappe was €180 mil after all fees, Neymar was €222.. regardless of how much someone dislikes Neymar, he’s been a top 2 player in the world since joining PSG.
Adnan Cusic
Adnan Cusic Prije 11 dana
Where would you put Dzeko if he was sold this year?
lihle tikwayo
lihle tikwayo Prije 11 dana
Saurez is surely FROLICH, I mean he won the european top goal scorer in the middle of the RONALDO/MESSI era and one of the best strikers PERIOD. Nemars move to PSG is questionable at best when it comes to the perfomances there. Is Neymar even the best player in his team (MBAPPE)
Shams Imam
Shams Imam Prije 11 dana
If you put Ronaldo at triple captain then how is Neymar at fröhlich? They paid more money for Neymar but Ronaldo has been much better than Neymar and Neymar hasn’t won the champions league either like usual they just dominated League 1
Shams Imam
Shams Imam Prije 11 dana
Neymar to PSG should have been triple captain because for the money they paid for him he hasn’t been good
619 Boy
619 Boy Prije 11 dana
A video of players who played for different countries
Klopp 2024
Klopp 2024 Prije 11 dana
That need a Niko or Angelina just to remind Matt on some facts
Jimbo la grattela
Jimbo la grattela Prije 11 dana
Suarez deserves a lot moreee
Klopp 2024
Klopp 2024 Prije 11 dana
Just put a £75m Suarez who is Barca’s 3rd ever highest goal scorer below a £200m Neymar who hasn’t done anything significant for PSG 😳
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 11 dana
But he still could... Suarez time at Barcelona is finished!
Andy Ickw
Andy Ickw Prije 11 dana
Why the hate for Donald Trump?
armar Prije 11 dana
Pjanic is better than the brazilian back pass merchant
Dhruv George
Dhruv George Prije 11 dana
How about a Ranking Every Record-Breaking Transfer video for each position?
A s
A s Prije 11 dana
Getting a bit fed up of the bias against united. Maguire not been that bad for us. But in general, when we get poor results it is blown way out of proportion compared to other teams similar to us. A perfect example is when we smash leipzig I see no '3 points as we see etc etc' but whenever we get a poor result it comes out almost as soon as the final whistle blows. I used to really love Onefootball and I still like it, but it is starting to frustrate me. I know united are pretty sh1t, but this bias really annoys me.
A s
A s Prije 10 dana
@OneFootball English Hi err probably marmite. Sorry, I really do think you make great content and are the best football app by a mile, I was just focusing on one thing too much, we are pretty terrible lol, keep up the great work! :)
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 11 dana
Hey mate, I'm not quite sure the bias is there to be honest... I mean I also put Griezmann in that category but no Barca fans seem to mind. Lets be honest, the top guys in this list are multi UCL winners, whereas Maguire most likely wont be right? Im just trying to be honest. Where would you have put him?
R K Prije 11 dana
Matt you lost me when you put Suarez in second tier despite him winning as much/more than Neymar wtf
BlackoutHaze Prije 11 dana
Neymar to PSG, 222 mil, is not even their best player, injured whenever they need him, has won nothing but the league, FROLICH. Ronaldo to Juve, 100 mil lesser, easily their best player in the last two years, has won nothing but the league, Triple Cap? Edit: And if we're talking brand value, Ronaldo brings way more value than Neymar. I can agree with all the other rankings but this one was just absurd because of your logic behind it
BlackoutHaze Prije 11 dana
@hehe gugu yeah that one baffled me quite a bit too
hehe gugu
hehe gugu Prije 11 dana
You can't agree with suarez not being there in top tier too
Anonymous man
Anonymous man Prije 11 dana
How did you not put Suarez in top tier? Suarez became the third highest goalscorer of all time at Barcelona, won so much(1 Champions League, 4 La Ligas, 4 Copa Del Rey) and became the only player to win golden boot(59 goals and 22 assists in 15/16) in Messi-Ronaldo era!! And adding to that you put neymar to PSG in Top tier?
Anonymous man
Anonymous man Prije 10 dana
@OneFootball English No worries matt, but i was too baffled.
Sonwabile Booi
Sonwabile Booi Prije 11 dana
@OneFootball English Matt, come on brother. Suarez killed his stint at Barca. The golden boot win WHILE Ronaldo and Messi were at their peak should be enough reason
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 11 dana
Just different opinions I guess...
Samuel Eromafuru
Samuel Eromafuru Prije 11 dana
How can U place Mbappe and Neymar ahead of Suarez & CR7... U gat be kidding me... CR7 did pretty well and delivered when it mattered most for JUVE at the UCL if not for poor performance from his defenders dey could have gone far in the UCL. Suarez was so exceptional and instrumental in Barcelona front three love story, still wondering how u managed to make d decision to 3ple captain him & CR7...
varun singhal
varun singhal Prije 11 dana
Suarez was better at barca than psg Neymar
Asif Shahriar
Asif Shahriar Prije 11 dana
How on warth did you put Neymar to PSG on topmost level but Suarez to Barca and Ronaldo to Juve in the second one? that's just beyond any logic.
Kushagra Bharti
Kushagra Bharti Prije 11 dana
"He got Frohlich written all over him" What a remark, Matt!! 1:29
Kumkum Bose
Kumkum Bose Prije 11 dana
Ronaldo is Ronaldo nothing less🔥
Ollie Broderick
Ollie Broderick Prije 11 dana
I’m fuming fernando the goats position on this list
Priyanshu Das
Priyanshu Das Prije 11 dana
Great video idea
Silva L
Silva L Prije 11 dana
Trashlist. Neymar on The top what a joke🤣🤣
Vedant Gadhvi
Vedant Gadhvi Prije 11 dana
How is Suarez in triple captain and psg neymar in forlich. If you see the list of players in triple captain and forlic, I'd say triple captain better than forlich
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 11 dana
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Prije 11 dana
Mbappe and Neymar has been a total flop in Europe
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Prije 11 dana
@OneFootball English in that case Mbappe has been a bigger Disappointment in Europe Member you all say He Is the Main Man PSG he Doesn’t need Neymar Neymar the first time he is not injured they make the final Mbappe Disappointing when PSG needed him most He Was supposed to step up against Madrid and Very Disappointing against United
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 11 dana
@Jose Hernandez Thats true, but since when has this Tier List been about teams? It's literally about the individual players 😂
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Prije 11 dana
@OneFootball English and 300+M players couldn’t beat a 100M Bayern Squad just shows Team > Individual Player
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 11 dana
Despite the fact they pretty much carried PSG to the final the first year they were both fit?
Sofe Ghost
Sofe Ghost Prije 11 dana
This channel doesn’t know soccer at all
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 11 dana
@Sofe Ghost Who is Squarez?
Sofe Ghost
Sofe Ghost Prije 11 dana
@OneFootball English how is squarez not a frohlich that is disrespectful towards squarez.
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 11 dana
Because I have a different to opinion to you Im guessing? Haha
100k subs wid no Vids
100k subs wid no Vids Prije 11 dana
Neymar is too overrated, he’s good but he’s not a top 3 player
Lightning Prije 11 dana
Ronaldo is still 33 so triple captain
Sofe Ghost
Sofe Ghost Prije 11 dana
Are you mad squarez is a frohlich
eminex _jr
eminex _jr Prije 10 dana
are you mad? look how you spelt Suarez's name mate
Lightning Prije 11 dana
Suarez highest their
Anonymously Yours
Anonymously Yours Prije 11 dana
With that zidane statement mat made me feel so old I'm offended 😝 not majority 9f your viewers are in their teens I don't think so
slyce ya mwisho
slyce ya mwisho Prije 11 dana
Neymar psg cant be better than Suarez barca
Syed Tauseef
Syed Tauseef Prije 11 dana
I don't think Ronaldo will win another Champions League Again In His Career. What do you guys think?
Liverpool Club
Liverpool Club Prije 11 dana
I love this but I still always get upset when people compare Neymar and Mbappe. I don't know why, but I just don't think Mbappe is there yet ON THE PITCH. People give Ney a lot of crap because he is immature off the pitch but he is MAGICAL on the pitch and one of the all time greats. Mbappe has a VERY good chance to get there but at 23 Neymar won everything with Barca and was, imo, more important in PSG's UCL run last year than Mbappe. If you disagree, let me know why I am not hating on Mbappe he is AMAZING but not yet Neymar stop throwing him shade ppl!
Hassan Younous
Hassan Younous Prije 11 dana
Ronaldo and Neymar are in the top three players right now. Both players has joined big clubs that have been winning their league for years. And you put Neymar ahead of CR7 in the tier. Comme on Matt Ronaldo is slightly better than Neymar.
Cameron Prije 11 dana
Honestly, the rankings are pretty solid. Just would have liked to see the transfer of CR7 to Real Madrid instead of to Juve.
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 11 dana
It wasnt the most expensive at that age, so we couldnt put it in :(
Hassan Younous
Hassan Younous Prije 11 dana
I think CR7 should be alongside Neymar and Mbappé. He completely changed Juventus style of play. Top scorer of the old lady last year. And without CR7 Juventus wouldn’t have win the series A
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