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TFW returns with some of your hottest opinions from the community tab plus our special this week, NiiNiiFC from @Blue Lions TV - A Chelsea Channel! We're talking about Man City's defensive issues, whether Ansu Fati can be put in the same category as Sancho, Haaland and Mbappe, why the handball rules are an absolute JOKE plus more!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
How would you solve the problem of the ‘handball rule’?
NSK Prije mjesec
@Shane Lamar that's just mean bro. Let people have their own opinions
Shane Lamar
Shane Lamar Prije mjesec
You really hate fati, unsubscribing
Freakshow217443 YT
Freakshow217443 YT Prije mjesec
Bring back ball to hand
david Okkk
david Okkk Prije mjesec
Handball rule? Did not hear about it 🤣🤣. Love the passion Matt! Keep going
NSK Prije mjesec
change it back to the old rules where ball to hand was there
Marvin Joosten
Marvin Joosten Prije mjesec
17 year old Fati or 17 year old Mbappé?? You've gotta remember Fati is *3* years younger
Jaberr Drammeh
Jaberr Drammeh Prije mjesec
Keep the good work with nini
Charles Ogeto
Charles Ogeto Prije mjesec
My subtitles r saying cancer is an important player in the team instead of Kante😂😂
BJ MAGIQ Prije mjesec
City should have bought Thiago Silva
Thomas Lepcha
Thomas Lepcha Prije mjesec
Blues fans tv .. on the top...💙💙
Got_it Understood
Got_it Understood Prije mjesec
This guy is so underrated. He is very neutral covers and gives unbiased opinions
Zio Power
Zio Power Prije mjesec
Dropped in for NiiNiis views. Always on point!!
Ben Gur
Ben Gur Prije mjesec
Niniiiiiiii!!! LOVE THIS
Londonblue ChelseaArmy
Londonblue ChelseaArmy Prije mjesec
Well done Guys... @Nini ever growing Strong.
BotanicDuck 1077
BotanicDuck 1077 Prije mjesec
Yo nini 😂😂✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
Lara Mbuende
Lara Mbuende Prije mjesec
Niini Knows ✌🏿
Yakuza Rage
Yakuza Rage Prije mjesec
Nini at 9:55
Rajat Chorghe
Rajat Chorghe Prije mjesec
Everton will finish in the top 6 said it before the start of PL and still i feel it will happen.
S P Prije mjesec
I'm gonna come back to this City can't challenge, UTD won't finish in top 4, Chelsea is in trouble and won't finish top 4 videos at the end of the season. Coz I feel these are premature predictions.
Sabal Youtube2
Sabal Youtube2 Prije mjesec
Awa Kingsley
Awa Kingsley Prije mjesec
Petar Jambrisak
Petar Jambrisak Prije mjesec
Like what happened to ziyech
ROCKY. C. S Prije mjesec
Uhm .. Im not really a fan of the music of tfw Just my opinion, i wont miss it if its changed🙃
Gabriel Bernhardsen
Gabriel Bernhardsen Prije mjesec
Eric chuppo moting was poor in stoke but good in psg
Neel Spinoy
Neel Spinoy Prije mjesec
bamford is a meme and that wont change
Freakshow217443 YT
Freakshow217443 YT Prije mjesec
Imagine a collab with aftv 😂 Since he’s a spurs fan it would probably be angelina instead
Keegan Moraes
Keegan Moraes Prije mjesec
He has to use his hands bcus they’re attached to his body unfortunately Mat 2020
Football Plus
Football Plus Prije mjesec
The hand ball rule needs to be fixed.
JUUUS 27 Prije mjesec
I love how youre having the same discussions as us in germany a year ago because you got VAR a season later. Its like timetravel.
RB9_10 _
RB9_10 _ Prije mjesec
Why does matt look like hes at a lemonade stand??😅
jay romeo
jay romeo Prije mjesec
Big UP my man Niinii.
agentaikk Prije mjesec
Ruben Diaz will be as average as Linderlöf. Change my mind.
latiefa Isaacs
latiefa Isaacs Prije mjesec
And brighten
Raja The 01 Guy
Raja The 01 Guy Prije mjesec
Man City needs a goal scorer player just like Sergio ..... Sterling is totally flop ....
Raja The 01 Guy
Raja The 01 Guy Prije mjesec
@QUAGMIRE India You?
QUAGMIRE Prije mjesec
@Raja The 01 Guy where are you from by the way??
Raja The 01 Guy
Raja The 01 Guy Prije mjesec
@QUAGMIRE yess 😜😜😜
QUAGMIRE Prije mjesec
@Raja The 01 Guy let's leave that to pep should we?😂
Raja The 01 Guy
Raja The 01 Guy Prije mjesec
@QUAGMIRE I think 4-4-2 tactics is now good for City . Forward : Delep , Foden , Jesus ( Substitute) . Middle position : De Bruyne , Mahrez , Silva , Rodri Defence : Ake , walker , stones , Laporte
Abhinav Sharma
Abhinav Sharma Prije mjesec
Are they on the same house??😂
MYP Prije mjesec
Mbappe is clear off all the other wonderkids
Rishi Kamath
Rishi Kamath Prije mjesec
Jeez Matt seems more and more wound up with every passing video...
SirDigby Prije mjesec
Not sure there is much cause for optimism based on Chelsea second half performance. They were 3 goals down against, at least on paper, the worst team in the league. I'd be more hopeful if they appeared to have an idea of what they should be doing on the pitch even if they lost in the end.
Lucas Arcaro
Lucas Arcaro Prije mjesec
Matt is better alone, change my mind
nikhil karamchandani
nikhil karamchandani Prije mjesec
Koulibally kounde to Dias is the biggest downgrade
Travis Godfree
Travis Godfree Prije mjesec
I was watching the Leeds - Sheffield game and my wife asked why Harry Potter (Bamford) was playing for Leeds. Lol
Miguelito Prije mjesec
The rule is that every handball on offense is a handball no matter what.
Macarios Kindamba
Macarios Kindamba Prije mjesec
Which is shit
Ryux shi
Ryux shi Prije mjesec
Ohh nice nini on onefootball seems the sponsorship paying of for both sides pls more! :D
Iamnotapickle Prije mjesec
People underestimate the need for a pre-season; city, United and Chelsea will soon get better
Tax Evader22
Tax Evader22 Prije mjesec
VAR is a joke. If VAR upholds these rules they at least need to be consistent, but it can't even do that. If Eric Dier's handball is a penalty how was Lescelle's or whatever his name his handball not a penalty
R K Prije mjesec
Chelsea have a better chance at the title than Man City
QUAGMIRE Prije mjesec
@R K well both teams have their flaws not to add managerial issues but .... What could we say. Both have spent quite an amount but still some areas are lacking
R K Prije mjesec
@QUAGMIRE Well, lets see what happens. I think Chelsea have put together a great team this year. Ok, maybe not quite as good as City but I wouldnt be surprised if they finished above or very close to them
QUAGMIRE Prije mjesec
I disagree with you on that topic..... And i would love to have a hearty discussion plz put your points first.... If you may
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie Prije mjesec
Chelsea win
Ratnesh Yadav
Ratnesh Yadav Prije mjesec
It's astonishing that people forget that city is missing 9 main team players and about the Leicester match,city were good offensively but 3 easy penalty given and Mendy /Sterling/Walker were the main reason for the defeat.Eric Garcia did mistake but he was brilliant,sterling wasn't even trying to score,pep should've kept Foden and subs sterling at that point!
WOLVES. GC Prije mjesec
All barcalona transfers 2020 hrpost.info/history/oLRzl8_HqJR_g3o/video
Joel Jomy
Joel Jomy Prije mjesec
Its one minute from Ars vs Liv kickoff and I predict Arsenal to win🔥
Joel Jomy
Joel Jomy Prije mjesec
@Samuel 😅
shishir geel
shishir geel Prije mjesec
Don't compare Fati with Shancho. Even Foden is better then him.
Kartik Tyagi
Kartik Tyagi Prije mjesec
If Chelsea sign Declan Rice then Kante will move on..not sure why they are linked with Rice when they have a world class talent like Kante for the same holding position
You're Dead
You're Dead Prije mjesec
Imo Joao Felix is better than Fati clearly
Jason Black
Jason Black Prije mjesec
Big shout out.to Nini we love you bro thanks for havig him on matt dude knows what he is talking about he understands football so much
Christopher Saouma
Christopher Saouma Prije mjesec
mu new hobby has become: shouting at VAR for ridiculous decisions against my (tottenham) 🙄
Eben Diendoh
Eben Diendoh Prije mjesec
You said that signing Ruben Diaz will improve city's defence but what if it doesn't improve the city's defence at all like Hazard going to real and he didn't play as what Real Madrid expected him to play and now Diaz going to city what if he doesn't play as city expect him to play in improving their defences .
Lazyeight01 Prije mjesec
Hi Matt. Big fan and very impressed with what you’ve been doing with the channel for last couple of years. I’ve noticed that you’ve been swearing a lot more in the last couple of weeks. Is this lockdown fatigue related? Or perhaps VAR frustration? All the best, you &@#%!
Lazyeight01 Prije mjesec
OneFootball English COYS ✊🏿
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
😂😂😂it’s the VAR frustration
Football 4life
Football 4life Prije mjesec
The people who only like the handball rule because it favours them, wait till it happens to you.
S V Prije mjesec
I'm a liverpool fan but anyone who genuinely thinks this is reactionary and don't know what they're talking about
beggus neggus
beggus neggus Prije mjesec
i hope your life is going good you're an amazing man
Vp Football
Vp Football Prije mjesec
My guy Nini yunoooi
Dylan Cooney
Dylan Cooney Prije mjesec
My league table looks something like this: (points examples) 1.Liverpool (90) 2.Man City (80) 3.Arsenal (75) 4.Chelsea (74) 5.Everton (72) 6.Man Utd (67) 7.Leicester (67) 8.Wolves (66) 9.Spurs (65) 10. Leeds (60) 11. Burnley (59) 12. Sheffield Utd (58) 13. Brighton (53) 14. Southampton (51) 15. Newcastle(48) 16. Crystal Palace (45) 17. West Ham (42) 18. Aston Villa(41) 19.Fulham(36) 20. West Brom (34)
Aaish zaidi
Aaish zaidi Prije mjesec
hey do you think ronaldo can yet again a 40 plus goal season
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma Prije mjesec
4-1s Bayern lost
Subaash Radhakrishnan
Subaash Radhakrishnan Prije mjesec
Last week crystal palace got a even worst penalty
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Prije mjesec
Hey Matt
Hectic Bellow
Hectic Bellow Prije mjesec
While speaking to the Chelsea guy matt says Werner's signing was required because top clubs require squads but in another video he says van de beek is the worst signing this season because he couldn't see where he would fit in utd's midfield..hypocrisy.
Hectic Bellow
Hectic Bellow Prije mjesec
@Kenneth Banegas of course one of the 3 won't get the game time they deserve and it will probably be kdb because he is new..I just think he is a class addition to the midfield and squad and that matt was hypocritical due to the points he made in this vid..cheers👍🏿
Kenneth Banegas
Kenneth Banegas Prije mjesec
@Hectic Bellow You misunderstood me, you cannot let like VDB play games in the EFL Cup or the smaller games or with pogba, both are too world class for that. Bruno has been really really good, of course one is not going to play 60 games a season, but one will play more than the other but by a lot, and they can defend, I am not denying that, But they are mainly better at attacking, I am not saying VDB is bad or anyone else, just it will be hard to please someone's playing time
Hectic Bellow
Hectic Bellow Prije mjesec
@Kenneth Banegas pogba or van cannot play 60 games a season so it's very dumb to assume one will be on the bench the whole season and you say vdb is better at defending than bruno and pogba but that just isn't true..if anything they are all similar defensively and at their best while attacking so don't know what you are on about🤷‍♂️
Kenneth Banegas
Kenneth Banegas Prije mjesec
Tbf, Bruno and pogba do not defend and take away fred and only attacking midfielders, VDB can play defensive but why do that when you have fred, you cannot have VDB or Pogba in the bench the whole time so yeah a dumb signing, not the player, VDB is really really good
MG Phopla
MG Phopla Prije mjesec
Football was a lot better without VAR! We can't be 100% correct all the time. VAR is giving us the idea of a flawless game, but we will always have mistakes, why not just let things be?
knight walker
knight walker Prije mjesec
Matt : "You cant just go looking for them or winning them left right and centre." Man U Players: Hold my beer.
Ak 4T7
Ak 4T7 Prije mjesec
Just loved "The Beauty big Kante"❤️
nein9 Prije mjesec
Players will intentionally hit oppositions hands to get pen now
Aayush Baniya
Aayush Baniya Prije mjesec
Blooly fucking tot fan
Gunnin Sikka
Gunnin Sikka Prije mjesec
Var should be used only one time in a match not again and again or it should be a option do team want var if they have dought and both teams have one var call just like in cricket
Shams Imam
Shams Imam Prije mjesec
How does Vinicius Jr. compare with Sancho, Haaland, Mbappe, please let me know. Also is Vinicius Jr. as good as Fati? Is he better or worse?
Sanket Hande
Sanket Hande Prije mjesec
Sancho and mbappe are better than vinicius
Alvin Ogutu
Alvin Ogutu Prije mjesec
7:38 Eric Chuopo😂
Umar Muhammad
Umar Muhammad Prije mjesec
Please make one with talkfcb!
Captain Smog
Captain Smog Prije mjesec
Manchester city vs tottenham( champions league)😢
Alexandr Steiger
Alexandr Steiger Prije mjesec
Imagine don Robbie from AFTV collab with OneFootball 😂
anir s
anir s Prije mjesec
And mg in the house
Diwani Masters
Diwani Masters Prije mjesec
NiiNiii we made it bro
Saud Masood
Saud Masood Prije mjesec
Mbappe is way better than Fati right now.
Akshaj Phadnis
Akshaj Phadnis Prije mjesec
Matt, as you are talking about handballs, i think newcastle would've protested if they weren't given the penalty. In my opinion, the handball rule is most controversial rule. The decision depends on the situation. And thanks for including my opinion!
Nadeem Elhadidi
Nadeem Elhadidi Prije mjesec
Unpopular opinion but villa will stay up
Temur Maksudov
Temur Maksudov Prije mjesec
As a City fan, I wouldn't say that I am really happy about Ruben Dias signing. I would characterizes him as a mix of Laporte and Garcia. But I think City needs a defender such as Upamecano.
Adityasai VP
Adityasai VP Prije mjesec
Still we ve got pep to improve him. Sterling is a perfect example
Death Broot
Death Broot Prije mjesec
Nini 💙💙
Chad Tyrone
Chad Tyrone Prije mjesec
Please do Football Therapy next mate.
TheTwicksShow Prije mjesec
Try collabing with Talk FCB! Alot of your collabs are people who support the Prem maybe shake it up and get some collabs with la liga channels!
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre Prije mjesec
Congrats to Liverpool wining premier League
Dennis Hansen
Dennis Hansen Prije mjesec
The question at 10:02 is so stupid, you could turn the question around and ask if Westbrom plays likes they did in the first half they would win the season or if Chelsea plays like they played in the first half they would get relegated. It’s a about being consistently good over the entire season or at least most of the season. One good half against the worst defence in the league and people are now talking about Chelsea winning the league. I don’t think that Chelsea would win the season if they played like they played in the second half. First of all there is no way the better teams in the league would of allowed Chelsea to be that dominant, and second of all Chelsea would of gotten punished so hard in defence with pretty much no defenders even by the weaker sides
Muhilan M
Muhilan M Prije mjesec
Now that handball can be given after full-time and if ball hits the hand then it's a penalty, can we give man city the 2 penalties they deserved last time when they faced Liverpool ? I am still gutted about that
Declan Meiring
Declan Meiring Prije mjesec
Yes that is fair l guess
MidfielderParadise MatchHighlights
MidfielderParadise MatchHighlights Prije mjesec
Tbh faith is consistent but he hasn't played enough, so he isnt on their level yet
Анастасия Мирошниченко
Анастасия Мирошниченко Prije mjesec
0:44 I will setup your blog and setup it to earn money w h a t s a p p +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1
Terrence Udoma
Terrence Udoma Prije mjesec
pls where is the community tab i can't find it on my one football app
Terrence Udoma
Terrence Udoma Prije mjesec
okay thanks
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
It’s on HRpost, under the header where it says videos, playlists, etc
Liverpool Club
Liverpool Club Prije mjesec
I actually dont think that CHELSEA will challenge for the title this year mainly due to Frank Lampards inexperience as a manager. He doesnt know how to use his world class players properly, as seen in their draw to West Bromwich
Football Fan
Football Fan Prije mjesec
Weekly forecast Arsenal 2-1 liverpool Tottenham 3-2 chelsea Man city 4-0 Leeds
Football Fan
Football Fan Prije mjesec
Shoot I'm already wrong
Lenny Leonard
Lenny Leonard Prije mjesec
@Football Fan fair enough
Football Fan
Football Fan Prije mjesec
@Lenny Leonard I'm going big!
Lenny Leonard
Lenny Leonard Prije mjesec
Some shocking predictions there
Nikhil Vadakkan
Nikhil Vadakkan Prije mjesec
hasmmaaab Prije mjesec
7:35 Harry Kane
Sanchit Khemka
Sanchit Khemka Prije mjesec
Alright you can say it isn't handball if it is unintentional but just consider the opponent team's stance. Player struck the ball which will probably be a goal but the defender's hand comes in between. Even if unintentional but it eventually denied a goal. I think it's much more complicated then just to swipe off the rules.
RONAL Fernandes
RONAL Fernandes Prije mjesec
VAR is gonna spoil the beautiful game...by cancelling goals because of centimetre of a toe nail infront as offside and giving away penalties for no reason...
avantular Prije mjesec
Ved Prakash Sahu
Ved Prakash Sahu Prije mjesec
A Collab with Angry Rantman ?? 😂😂
Ivan Cronje
Ivan Cronje Prije mjesec
I feel for Brighton
MOHIT Prije mjesec
Love this channel
Sahoo Somansh
Sahoo Somansh Prije mjesec
The IFAB has stated in its handball rule that if the player cannot see the ball or the ball hits his hand while jumping then it is NOT a handball but Premier League does not regard that part of the rule and we should find out why. Love your videos, Matt.
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
God knows why, probably the refs didn’t know that
Ved Prakash Sahu
Ved Prakash Sahu Prije mjesec
can you do a Barca talk with Jamie from Talk FCB at a later date?
Shumi Chy
Shumi Chy Prije mjesec
@I'm Happy yup
I'm Happy
I'm Happy Prije mjesec
That would be cool
Shumi Chy
Shumi Chy Prije mjesec
Elkin Ampadu
Elkin Ampadu Prije mjesec
Same thing happened with lindelof against palace the hand ball rule is atrocious
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