Tier List: Ranking EVERY Man United striker since 2000

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Prije 29 dana

Tier List is back and this week we're taking a look at ranking every Man United striker since 2000! Paddy and Angelina rank the likes of Marcus Rashford, Robin Van Persie, Anthony Martial, Falcao and much, much more!
Where would you rank these players in your tier list?
#ManUnited #MUFC #TierList
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 29 dana
Any rankings on this list you completely agree or disagree with?
Axel Garcia
Axel Garcia Prije 3 dana
@Liverpool 4life Greenwood is Red Legend
Max 77
Max 77 Prije 23 dana
If u rank Sanchez u should have ranked CR7
T M Prije 26 dana
Rooney's place was extremely harsh,Ibrahimovic placing was harsh,Yorke placing was harsh
Muhammad Sikandar
Muhammad Sikandar Prije 27 dana
Technical World
Technical World Prije 17 dana
CR7 not here maybe coz he was a winger 🤔🤔
Vivek Thakur
Vivek Thakur Prije 22 dana
Where the hell is CR7
Ahmed Shahzaib
Ahmed Shahzaib Prije 22 dana
Dead inside L
Dead inside L Prije 22 dana
This was painful to watch you two seriously lack brain cells I beg you never put your opinions in public view ever again
Azhar Hoosain Taliep
Azhar Hoosain Taliep Prije 23 dana
Where's Cantona
Cay Tüfekci
Cay Tüfekci Prije 24 dana
OneFootball Germany > OneFootball English
baba bratan
baba bratan Prije 25 dana
No Nico November?😔😂
Unknown DSC
Unknown DSC Prije 25 dana
יונתן קרסיק
יונתן קרסיק Prije 25 dana
Forlan and Greenwood exist: That Guy: Who are you?
Nicolas Thode
Nicolas Thode Prije 25 dana
You dont know anything about Football if u dont put Rooney in Legend
Soul King
Soul King Prije 25 dana
Surprised not to see tevez here...
Adil Razak
Adil Razak Prije 25 dana
Angelina out...she is too biased to be a host
Kamaldeen Musa
Kamaldeen Musa Prije 26 dana
ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Angelina how can you not put rooney as a red legend I am guessing you are just being biased Btw I am not a united fan but still wtf😤🤔😂
Kamaldeen Musa
Kamaldeen Musa Prije 26 dana
How tf is berbatov in the same category as chicharito the Ranking is bad and trash
Daniel 182
Daniel 182 Prije 24 dana
Right for me Berbatov and Martial are absolute Top Stars 👍🏻
Man Utd Fan #28
Man Utd Fan #28 Prije 26 dana
Sanchez-City Spy (The Flop😠😠)
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh Prije 26 dana
Only player I would say United had who you call the club legend and football legend is Rooney
kembo fun
kembo fun Prije 26 dana
How the f*uck would you not rank ronaldo, but sanchez
Warrior B
Warrior B Prije 26 dana
Where is Ronaldo
Nahom Nigussie
Nahom Nigussie Prije 26 dana
Jesus christ did she said Rooney is not a legend..
Rajat Arora
Rajat Arora Prije 26 dana
Where is Matt??
Bekir Taner
Bekir Taner Prije 26 dana
İf Sanchez is in here, so should be Ronaldo to be honest, and quick note; Ronaldo, Red Legend right ? Has to be ( Not a Man Utd. fan but just really curious why isn't he in the list ? )
Emad Prije 27 dana
Where is cristiano ronaldo he is the only man utd player that won the ballon dor he should be man utds legend or top star
SindSim cZ
SindSim cZ Prije 27 dana
Where’s Cristiano??
zack 41
zack 41 Prije 27 dana
Martial lower than greenwood what a disgrace
Shamsul Arefin
Shamsul Arefin Prije 27 dana
I would slap this girl because she disrespected Rooney 😐
Tafoor Azam
Tafoor Azam Prije 27 dana
Matt Henry
Matt Henry Prije 28 dana
1:46 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
V jith
V jith Prije 28 dana
10:00 she is talking nonsense of her life wtf Just ask her to stfu ffs
mohammad abbas
mohammad abbas Prije 28 dana
1. City Spy 2. Top Star 3. Who are ya? 4. Red Legend 5. Who are ya? 6. City Spy 7. Who are ya? 8. Top Star ( has potential to be a legend but not yet) 9. Top Star 10. Did the job 11. Did the job 12. City Spy 13. Did the job 14. Did the job 15. Top Star ( DEFINITELY has potential to be a legend but same As greenwood not yet) 16. Red Legend 17. Who are ya? 18. City Spy 19. City Spy 20. Top Star 21. Top Star 22. Red Legend 23. Red Legend 24. Top Star 25. Who are ya? ( he did win the PL otherwise city Spy) 26. Red Legend
Mithilesh 10
Mithilesh 10 Prije 28 dana
Did anyone saw ronaldo? Anyone?
Samson Girmay
Samson Girmay Prije 28 dana
Angelina ur not a fan ur a traitor
rahul dabas
rahul dabas Prije 28 dana
I like the way she pronounces "but" as "boot"...lol
Umair Ali
Umair Ali Prije 28 dana
You forgot Memphis Depay he was a flop but now he's great
Aimee Bisimwa
Aimee Bisimwa Prije 28 dana
How is Ronaldo not included
DZGN Prije 28 dana
Angela covering One Football for a week.. bound to have an entire video dedicated to United obviously 🙄
4P SCYTHE Prije 28 dana
why was ronaldo not included?
sexy ass
sexy ass Prije 28 dana
Angelina what you on about, Rooney is the best player to ever put on the shirt
Swedish Football kid
Swedish Football kid Prije 28 dana
ronaldo than
Yusuf Hassan Razmy
Yusuf Hassan Razmy Prije 28 dana
Zlatan is the god of Manchester
Shayan Ahmad
Shayan Ahmad Prije 28 dana
wut bout cr7???
Garry Moore
Garry Moore Prije 28 dana
He was a winger when he played for Manchester United.
Diarmuid Forrest
Diarmuid Forrest Prije 28 dana
Its so stupid why players still playing are on the list because are how are you supposed to rank them if their career isnt over
Finlay Troughton
Finlay Troughton Prije 28 dana
Forlan was great at the end....
Gamer Dude
Gamer Dude Prije 28 dana
Please do this for midfielder
Spy _88
Spy _88 Prije 28 dana
As much I love this channel, they are so dumb to put Zlatan in this rank.
Adon Saab
Adon Saab Prije 28 dana
Didn't matt say that paddy can sing?
Alvin Bahizi
Alvin Bahizi Prije 28 dana
Where is Matt
Typz Prije 28 dana
there aint no soft spot for ole he won us the champions league
0_0 Prije 28 dana
Where is cantona?
kundan pawar
kundan pawar Prije 28 dana
Where is Cristiano Ronaldo 😒
Stefan Maschl
Stefan Maschl Prije 28 dana
Where is Mat he wasn't here for ages
Ali The beast
Ali The beast Prije 28 dana
Angelina: the overhead kick against city Remember Rooney 😑
Nihar Gawand
Nihar Gawand Prije 28 dana
Rooney's attitude off the pitch? I get that he wanted to leave at the end of 2009-10 but apart from that? He played for the club through injuries, taking painkillers, put his body on the line the whole time so much so he was burnt out by 31... He had his disagreements doesn't mean he wasn't loyal enough... I wouldn't break my bones and play through injury or offer to go in goal as a striker if I wasn't loyal enough... Not to mention the countless times he sacrificed his personal glory so players like Ronaldo, van Persie, Tevez even the likes of Welbeck could be accommodated in the team... Even Lionel Messi threatened to leave Barcelona now don't tell me he isn't loyal enough
Nihar Gawand
Nihar Gawand Prije 28 dana
How is Zlatan ahead of Berbatov? 😂😂 And many like this coming through... For Greenwood? Only Rooney had a similar amount of goals as Greenwood around the same age
Shrsth Prije 28 dana
That Martial picture tho 8:08
John Huj
John Huj Prije 28 dana
You should have created a “God” tier for Zlatan
Fade Yahya
Fade Yahya Prije 28 dana
Where is CR7 he was one of the best players for man united
Abilash k
Abilash k Prije 28 dana
Where is Cr7🤨 if sanchez gets featured
BANG BANG Prije 28 dana
Where is the GOAT?????🤔🤔
Aadib Abrar
Aadib Abrar Prije 28 dana
Angelina is doing a great job. And is Matt still at holiday.
FA Kazama
FA Kazama Prije 28 dana
Dislike. Just because u don't put Rooney on legend
Rishab .b
Rishab .b Prije 28 dana
10:39 Angelina , what about attitude of legends like Cantona ,keane and the sort? ....p.s. not a united fan
AKASH GARAI Prije 28 dana
affaan ahmad
affaan ahmad Prije 28 dana
Angelina:i can't be brutal to these players Puts 6 united strikers in city spy
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh Prije 28 dana
8:06 that looks like a Bruce lee kick bruv
PureAsGold Prije 28 dana
How on earth are you guys forgetting Ronaldo hells wrong with you lol
Garry Moore
Garry Moore Prije 28 dana
He wasnt a striker at Manchester United you idiot.
S T Prije 28 dana
why didn't CR7 if Sanchez is featured they played more or less in same position
PureAsGold Prije 28 dana
Studio Fones
Studio Fones Prije 28 dana
Wheres Matt?
Idris Bassir
Idris Bassir Prije 28 dana
Don't like angelina sorry
Levi Chavers
Levi Chavers Prije 28 dana
Can you guys make MLS news, transfers, and Friday feels
anir s
anir s Prije 28 dana
PureAsGold Prije 28 dana
Levi Chavers
Levi Chavers Prije 28 dana
Can you guys make MLS News, Trasfers, And Friday Feels
Xolani Mncube
Xolani Mncube Prije 28 dana
Mhhh dude d.yorke ... Did a job. Lol dude u Dont know anything about soccer ... Wow do u even know how to play soccer... That's a legend
William Patrick
William Patrick Prije 28 dana
I'm gobsmacked that's criminal to put martial in "did the job" he's done way more than the fucking job
Jacob Escobar
Jacob Escobar Prije 28 dana
Real co
Real co Prije 28 dana
Sanchez.. Who is am i....😂😂😂
打日麻很菜的菜 Prije 28 dana
You guys should do man u center backs ranking
Marvel Idemudia
Marvel Idemudia Prije 28 dana
What about ronaldo
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown Prije 28 dana
Rooney is one of the best players to ever play for us Angelina how could u not put him as a legend
Garry Moore
Garry Moore Prije 28 dana
I am an Arsenal fan, but I can agree that Rooney is an incredible player and deserves to be a legend.
whysl TheFruitDude
whysl TheFruitDude Prije 28 dana
This is very intersting and cool you should do that with more teams+positions however ‚since 2000‘ is a little to long ago
KS77 Prije 28 dana
I agree with most of the list but Yorke and martial in did a job. Yorke is a legend and martial is underrated he does so much not only scoring goals but his movement of the ball shows he is a great player.
Street Light
Street Light Prije 28 dana
That's a ugly yellow thingy... get rid of it.... I miss matt
PureAsGold Prije 28 dana
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije 29 dana
What the hell are Angelina saying about Rooney wanting to leave the club, gosh that was absolutely daft. Rooney never had such an attitude, fully red, I mean he's one of the richest footballers ever so he didn't need more money. He's the Greatest Man U player of all time and Premier League too tbh!!🔴🔴
Bilbo Beutlin
Bilbo Beutlin Prije 28 dana
Ronaldo? Henry? LORD BENTNER?
TheAAMGamer Prije 29 dana
Where's ronaldo
PureAsGold Prije 28 dana
They forgot he existed somehow
John Donohoe
John Donohoe Prije 29 dana
Wait ronaldo??
PureAsGold Prije 28 dana
A J Prije 29 dana
Disrespect to Forlan smh
N A Prije 29 dana
PureAsGold Prije 28 dana
Ik that was a mega cringe video lol
Srijan Mishra
Srijan Mishra Prije 29 dana
Yorke is a legend but Rooney was doubtful? Are you kidding me?
Zaid Massad
Zaid Massad Prije 29 dana
Angelina talking about Teves is so funny, it’s more dramatic than a Egyptian soap opera
juicelee Prije 29 dana
martial and zlatan below greenword at this point in time is criminal to even suggest
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway Prije 29 dana
I know my guy didn't just say Dwight Yorke did a job. Definitely a citizen spy commentating in this video
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX Prije 29 dana
You forgot Memphis depay and Wilfred zaha
PureAsGold Prije 28 dana
Never mind them, they forgot Ronaldo lol
Ilya Andreychenko
Ilya Andreychenko Prije 29 dana
Why is this girl in every video now , like ok, it’s good you have both genders as professionals as she has some valid decisions but I just for fucking once want to see matt instead of her.
Dillon Walton
Dillon Walton Prije 29 dana
Ronaldo ??
Brock Stevenson
Brock Stevenson Prije 29 dana
OLE 1999
Brock Stevenson
Brock Stevenson Prije 29 dana
Danky-Boy Prije 29 dana
Phil Jones and maguire is easily the best defenders Maguires no look defending tops him as if not the best defender without him man utd are going downhill Phil Jones is past his prime so he's not amazing as te used to be in his prime he was rivals with puyol
Arabia animation
Arabia animation Prije 29 dana
What about Ronaldo?
Tanush vazirani
Tanush vazirani Prije 29 dana
Rename yourself to the United stand mate ever since she has been involved you only talk about United only. Bring back mat
anir s
anir s Prije 28 dana
@PureAsGold agreed the guy is bloddy prat
PureAsGold Prije 28 dana
This will never be as good as the United Stand lol, no mark goldbridge
phil coutinho
phil coutinho Prije 29 dana
Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh Prije 29 dana
Where is Matt ?
Moa Deme
Moa Deme Prije 29 dana
I think you dont know because red legend and city spy
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