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On Today's Daily News - Manchester City agree new defender deal, football is all but ruined, Messi makes Barça return and Emoji Mondays!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
EMOJI MONDAYS: 🔥Best Players: Jamie Vardy and Ansu Fati 💩Worst Player: Benjamin Mendy ➕3️⃣Best Result: Sheffield United 0-1 Leeds United Let us know yours below!
Luke Watchorn
Luke Watchorn Prije mjesec
Hoffenheim: "Am I a joke to you?"
Football is life
Football is life Prije mjesec
West ham: Am I a joke to you?
Dylan Goodwin
Dylan Goodwin Prije mjesec
Its Timo Time your timo got me 6 points from my triple captain I’m fuming
Shane kiernan
Shane kiernan Prije mjesec
Vardy Mendy Leicester
Callum Musik
Callum Musik Prije mjesec
Rodri had a far worse game than Mendy. He was one of the main reasons they were so poor
Tristan Manum
Tristan Manum Prije mjesec
Top 5 WORST team fans
1NFECT3D. Prije mjesec
*3:28** Getting Out Of 'Hand'...* Get It?😅I'm Sorry
Timothy Bent
Timothy Bent Prije mjesec
I believe it should be a foul if the ball touches your hand its a handball
David Khash
David Khash Prije mjesec
What happened to the power rankings😢
Jasper Borst
Jasper Borst Prije mjesec
I hate Tottenham but that was no penalty it was really not
Yahsan 1911
Yahsan 1911 Prije mjesec
come on matt, the manchester united penalty is genuine... it is written in fifa rulebook or something that if there is a handball or if a player fouls his opponent before the final whistle and the VAR confirms it after the final whistle...penalty is awarded... and i am also a bit bias when it comes to manchester united bcoz i am huge fan of theirs....
Sibo Niso
Sibo Niso Prije mjesec
City's problem is not defense. It's midfield and Pep guardiolas pride. Rodrigo and Fernandinho don't match. Fernandinho and Gundogan don't match either because they are similar players. They only work against certain teams. Pep needs a dynamic midfielder to replace Fernandinho and he has not done that. The pride issue is that Pep has so much pride he won't get a proper defensive midfielder and he is paying for it in the Epl, he won't go after players who rejected him. Thiago was available, Jorginho who is available would fit into City's midfield perfectly. This is why he has not won the Champions league since Barca. And for those of you who think Mendy is trash watch the 6 months of the title winning season before he tore his acl. I'm not saying he is has been awesome these past months. Pep needs to adapt period and he won't do any of those.
Ben Scott
Ben Scott Prije mjesec
we need koulibaly (CB) and alaba (LB)
Pa Jarju
Pa Jarju Prije mjesec
Matt the new HANDBALL rule is pretty dumb probably the dumbest rule ever. It's just encouraging attacks to star intentionally striking the ball towards defenders arms example Christiano Ronaldo vs Roma he's so smart
Iason Anastasios Mattios
Iason Anastasios Mattios Prije mjesec
LMAO he goes from talking about the handball rule and then goes into how he thinks they should of won, classic spurs fans.
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez Prije mjesec
I no longer need my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Mario Cecere-Palazzo
Mario Cecere-Palazzo Prije mjesec
🔥 best player: Jamie Vardy 🤢: worst player: Benjamin Mendy 🤩 best match: Manchester City 2-5 Leicester City
David Lambrano
David Lambrano Prije mjesec
Ansu Fati taking lessons from Neymar 👌🏻
Josh Gill
Josh Gill Prije mjesec
I got the Liverpool score right look on fridays vid 😂😂
Dermot Grace
Dermot Grace Prije mjesec
The same thing happened to man united against but no he does no bring that up
Gustavo Hickermaln
Gustavo Hickermaln Prije mjesec
I do not owe anyone anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Bhavishya Yadav
Bhavishya Yadav Prije mjesec
It was also against the rules. The rules say that the penalty should not be given if the player cannot see the ball. I have no idea how the hell the penalty was given. Absolute shit. Even being a Chelsea fan, it felt bad.
Sixpacklean 21
Sixpacklean 21 Prije mjesec
I caught somebody saying “Greenwood is far better that fati” 😂🤣
BrianneBritt Irubor
BrianneBritt Irubor Prije mjesec
To be honest the worst player is Fifa💩💩💩
Manoj Bhatta
Manoj Bhatta Prije mjesec
Ake,laporte, diaz.😱😱. This defense is now fucking class. The only weakness is now Benjamin mendy.
Jim Stebbins
Jim Stebbins Prije mjesec
West Ham 4-0 Wolves is more shocking than Leeds over ShU
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Dias isn’t good enough
Nganji Noah
Nganji Noah Prije mjesec
Dude if the hand is not touching the body, it is a penalty. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
So a accidental handball is not a handball?
Ak 4T7
Ak 4T7 Prije mjesec
When is the top 10 coming...just🔥
Finley Rogers
Finley Rogers Prije mjesec
Of course when Eric dier gets done for a handball everyone gets annoyed bit when it happens with Leeds nobody cares
Razmig Garboushian
Razmig Garboushian Prije mjesec
“It’s just getting out of hand” I see what you did there
FizzyG Prije mjesec
This guys racist here boys
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Nehemyah Prije mjesec
Rodri used to play at Athletico. He can't say anything about style of play💀
Football Club David
Football Club David Prije mjesec
They want the goals. That's the whole reason for the rule change. They believe it means more money.
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Football Club David the league which scored the most goals last years was ser i a and they don’t have as much fans
Football Club David
Football Club David Prije mjesec
@L Maz More goals equals more viewership. There is no other premise other than generating more goals with the rule. (Also answering a question with a question is not polite).
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Football Club David how would it give then money?
Football Club David
Football Club David Prije mjesec
@L Maz Ok, what then?
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
jtbaldur Prije mjesec
How is Hoffenheim's result not the best of the weekend?
pat Prije mjesec
Carlos Quesnel
Carlos Quesnel Prije mjesec
What happened to the power rankings?
בעז ספיר
בעז ספיר Prije mjesec
Did you hear matt? Its getting out of hand Get it?
Snt. Drip
Snt. Drip Prije mjesec
VAR was first getting wrong decisions against City, everyone didn't believe, VAR wrong against other teams, everyone starts complaining, the handball rule against city, everyone didn't care, wrong against other teams, everyone complains, away goals in Champs league apply to City, everyone say we sore losers, applies to Liverpool, everyone says it is nonsense
Gregg B
Gregg B Prije mjesec
They tried to fix the handball rule but have only made it worse. The same with the offside rule but the handball rule is truly worse.
hashim hussein
hashim hussein Prije mjesec
V.a.r is great in it
san Prije mjesec
Fun fact : Zinchenko is better than Mendy
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Why doesn’t he play?
LAKOUNAME Prije mjesec
As soon as Matt spoke about the VAR handball decision, all I thought about was Man U vs Crystal Palace problem. Outrageous!
Rohan Purandare
Rohan Purandare Prije mjesec
If the penalties continue at this rate, we are expecting about 253 penalties this season.
Harrison Shaw
Harrison Shaw Prije mjesec
Dier literally punched the ball
Lwando Madikizela
Lwando Madikizela Prije mjesec
#EmojiMondays 🔥Vardy, Suarez and Ansu Fati. 💩 Benjamin Mendy, Wolves and Manchester United. 📈 Manchester City 2-5 Leicester and Hoffenheim 4-1 Bayern.
Yvan Sainathan
Yvan Sainathan Prije mjesec
I know it's not gonna happen, but can you imagine if united got Kante? We'd have the strongest midfield in the world!
goldfiremb Prije mjesec
Yeah there getting Ruben Diaz but I don’t think he good enough to win them champions leagues cas do you realy think that someone like Ruben Diaz can defend against messi Ronaldo Bayern like come on Matt
WR3D Wrestling
WR3D Wrestling Prije mjesec
21 penalties in only 3 match weeks in the prem
Blanket Man 69
Blanket Man 69 Prije mjesec
When a other team get f over Matt you should have finished your chance When spurs get f over Matt rant
Football is life
Football is life Prije mjesec
3:28 “It’s just getting out of *hand*” lol
J L Prije mjesec
Funny how everyone laughed at united when palace got the penalty but now it’s happenin to others everyone’s crying
Black Doug
Black Doug Prije mjesec
One bites and the other kicks - D. Costa 2020
ChRoNiClEs OF GAMING Prije mjesec
Longest winning streak in recent years was of Barcelona in season 2017-18 they only lost their last matchday game against Levante
Mikhail Shklover
Mikhail Shklover Prije mjesec
Matt, this is really becoming unfair, I guessed the exact score of the Everton vs Crystal Palace game and wasn't mentioned while the person mentioned just said that Everton would win, that is quite unfair)))
CT ShielsJ
CT ShielsJ Prije mjesec
Everyone was talking about the dier handball but no one talked about how joelinton dived to win the free kick in the first place to win the free kick that caused the handball
rhuds 06
rhuds 06 Prije mjesec
West brom got absolutely robbed for Chelsea's second goal there was a foul to us that wasn't gi en and in their equalizer there was a clear hand ball from havertz
Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man Prije mjesec
Palace, spurs and Brighton were robbed 🤬
Football Nation
Football Nation Prije mjesec
Not the Messi saga
Toon Army Gamer
Toon Army Gamer Prije mjesec
as a newcastle fan i was still raging
Keran Figuera
Keran Figuera Prije mjesec
Matt why not put Walker in playing shit is it because he is english?
rrberair1 Prije mjesec
Im a unbiased united fan but maupay handball was defo a pen. Like if u agree
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Nope The game has ended you can’t bring it back
akile fessha
akile fessha Prije mjesec
5-2 isn't lucky Rodri is raged
MLD_WARRIOR 17 Prije mjesec
Zinchokko guy i think will be better then mendy
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Why doesn’t he play,he’s bette?
N30 _
N30 _ Prije mjesec
17yr old Atsu Fati could have easily scored a first half Hat Trick and 'it could have been more worthy history and Yes' Messi selfish and greedy enough not allow it to happen!😜
farmers league fans cant watch prem highlights
farmers league fans cant watch prem highlights Prije mjesec
After City’s complete disaster vs Leicester, Dias is a good signing. He’s young and has potential. Mendy needs to be sold, he’s the LB of Kepa. Otamendi gone is a relief at this point, and Cancelo needs football. Play him at LB, train him to be good with both foots. But unless they somehow sign a world class defender like Koulibaly they will not win the league
Musaed sami
Musaed sami Prije mjesec
Eric deir handball of ridiculous🤯
F7 MTB Prije mjesec
This season in the premier league currently there are 18 penalties in total
Kian Cawtheray
Kian Cawtheray Prije mjesec
I love Newcastle and I think that was not a penalty
konnel madiba
konnel madiba Prije mjesec
It is just getting out of hand 🤣😸🤣 while talking about hand ball 👍
Y T Prije mjesec
It's funny Teams choking at the last moment but not when such ididotic rules are in place
Enosh Ndafoka
Enosh Ndafoka Prije mjesec
Man City will win there next game with a bang
Sawyer Bitner
Sawyer Bitner Prije mjesec
I personally can’t stand how man united got a penalty after the final whistle. No matter what happens, even shit refereeing, the game should end after the whistle.
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Prije mjesec
Hey Matt
James Grant
James Grant Prije mjesec
West ham score?????
English Ginger Man
English Ginger Man Prije mjesec
Honestly man that decision against Newcastle it ruined my day yesterday absolutely shocking decision
L Milani
L Milani Prije mjesec
As a Newcastle fan we didn't deserve that goal we didn't deserve anything u were robbed matt
Apple Juice
Apple Juice Prije mjesec
It’s so annoying how no body gives credit to Leicester when they beat a big team, but instead talk about the things that the good team did wrong
Friction Prije mjesec
Man United was so lucky
Hari Krishnan Nu
Hari Krishnan Nu Prije mjesec
Maupay was correct decision i don't known about dier i really think there is no right rule
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Nope The game has ended it’s either you call it then or you don’t
Chinmay Das
Chinmay Das Prije mjesec
No, when you mention messi and suarez, you gotta mention neymar
Chinmay Das
Chinmay Das Prije mjesec
Can we have the player rankings back?
Viktor Strandberg
Viktor Strandberg Prije mjesec
Spurs: *concedes penalty* Matt: F0otBALL iZ rUIned I actually agree with you, but just couldn't resist
Dandre Ehlers
Dandre Ehlers Prije mjesec
I say that its handball if the player intensionally sticks his arm out or controlls the ball with his arm and if u shoot at goal and it is on targett but an arm of a defender hits the ball then its handball...anything else nope no hand ball If the defender is making his body bigger with his arms then it is an advantage and is handball
Bardan Basnet
Bardan Basnet Prije mjesec
can you please create a petition to change the handball rules ASAP ? It was disgrace this weekend with Brighton conceding after the full time whistle. Crystal palace defeat was a shame. Spurs draw was ridiculous. It’s not same anymore
Funhistani Prije mjesec
Remind me again when the handball rule change was started to be discussed ? Oh yeah, when Tottenham won against Man City in UCL 2019 through handball rule. You were happy then, weren't you ? 🤣
Thando Manana
Thando Manana Prije mjesec
I cried when city lost, i thought sterling had won it after the handball but he was offside
Putera Danial
Putera Danial Prije mjesec
I feel u bro
Akshat Khurana
Akshat Khurana Prije mjesec
I knew Matt would talk about Tottenham game, the penalty was unfair .
Leon Maposa
Leon Maposa Prije mjesec
if im being totally honest if it werent for that redivculously shit and unfair rule Man Utd would've not given away the pen to Palace and would not have beaten Brighton... so as a fan i have mixed feelings
Mr. Hannibal
Mr. Hannibal Prije mjesec
My perfect Backline for City. Cancelo/Ake at LB, Laporte - Dias at CB , Walker at RB
Shahed Ali
Shahed Ali Prije mjesec
Man United have all the penalties 😭😂🤣
Kai Prije mjesec
Not gonna lie, this is one of the best football news I've ever met so detailed and precise. It's so underrated and I hugely recommend u all to sub to this channel.....
Puffin - One Handed Gamer
Puffin - One Handed Gamer Prije mjesec
I've said it at least a hand full of times and I will say it again, I love VAR, I'm a Liverpool fan and before you go "oh of course you love VAR", the first game I saw in, I don't remember what competition they first had it, but it was a game that Liverpool lost, they made 2 fouls in the box and the opposing side was awarded 2 penalties. I wasn't even mad, it was completely fair. But the rule should be changed. ball to hand is not a penalty. that said, if the hand is in an unnatural position and you are just making yourself wider than you are, so you can block a shot, its a foul. I'm not sure if that was the case at tottenham, I'll have to watch that. After having watchewed that, I don't think it should have been given. when you jump like that, you use your arms and there is no way to control any of that. so it was unjust to give a penalty there.
Brook Daniel
Brook Daniel Prije mjesec
Matt why don't u guys do watch along
Brook Daniel
Brook Daniel Prije mjesec
Waiting for matt to get mad
aradhya baheti
aradhya baheti Prije mjesec
U r such a cry baby just because Spurs drew u r saying that VAR has ruined it u will never say this if it was other way around and Spurs get a point because VAR
Yona_E Prije mjesec
When are the power rankings coming back?
Football Nation
Football Nation Prije mjesec
Bayern got slammed
onen bazil
onen bazil Prije mjesec
Like your energy; always!
Vladimir Vladimir
Vladimir Vladimir Prije mjesec
Just pointing out that roy said the same about the handball rule after it went to palace's favor after the penalty vs man u
sky 7
sky 7 Prije mjesec
Bro B mandy isn't 5 gud at attacking nor defending I have watch city game this new season an Angelino would have been better to keep.... to me he offer more going forward... maybe the same defensive but he will take players on an rent at dem...mendy just look dull..
Scarred Hunter
Scarred Hunter Prije mjesec
Ok just don't forget Ruben Dias overall deal is above 80 M euros. So if he's shit he deserves the same slander like MAGUIRE
Adi V
Adi V Prije mjesec
The new handball rule is ridiculous, how was Dier supposed to stop the ball from hitting his hand exactly?!
lance pereira
lance pereira Prije mjesec
The best result was Hoffenheim beating Bayern.
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