Man Utd open Ousmane Dembélé loan talks + Bayern win German Super Cup! ► Daily News

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On today's Onefootball Daily News... .Manchester United hold Ousmane Dembele loan talks, AC Milan consider Florian Thauvin bid, Bayern Munich emulate 2009 Barcelona as they win the German Super Cup over Borussia Dortmund, a transfer round up and Thursday Favourites!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Thursday Favourites: What is your favourite deadline day transfer?
Ravi Teja
Ravi Teja Prije mjesec
Cavani to Atletico Madrid 🤩💯🔥🔥🔥
Jc Manish
Jc Manish Prije mjesec
@THE BUZZ uk what I think this shit might happen
Parvej Ahmed
Parvej Ahmed Prije mjesec
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie Prije mjesec
Rice to Chelsea
Shane kiernan
Shane kiernan Prije mjesec
Jason James
Jason James Prije mjesec
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Marvin Nash
Marvin Nash Prije mjesec
Who wants CL final Bayern vs. LFC?
Naim Fury
Naim Fury Prije mjesec
Bayern are better
DripFN07 Prije mjesec
69 lol
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Bayern would win They haven’t lost a game under flick until now and scored 100 goals
VJ10 Phoenix
VJ10 Phoenix Prije mjesec
Miguel Luis Garcia
Miguel Luis Garcia Prije mjesec
Which team is better? Bayern or barca 08/09? HAHAHA lol no question barca HAHAHA not even comparable bruh german cups arent that competitive its always a given for bayern to win those.
Miguel Luis Garcia
Miguel Luis Garcia Prije mjesec
L Maz HAHAHA i can give you that one but... im not talking about the present barca... okay if you’re gonna go to that route... how was the 08/09 of bayern??
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Didn’t Bayern win 7-2?also Barca barley beat Chelsea with a dumb ref
Sandarsh Saxena
Sandarsh Saxena Prije mjesec
Wtf when did he not turn up to training. Pls don't lie matt or you've been mistaken
Sandarsh Saxena
Sandarsh Saxena Prije mjesec
@L Maz ya that used to happen but not this season or the one before.
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
He always late and refused to at Dortmund
Scout Stars
Scout Stars Prije mjesec
Ya dembele also not stupid. He will reject all offers from shit club like this, Dembele know value will decreased a lot and his career will be ruined if go to small club with mediocre squad that impossible to win any title. So dont dream too high and see a doctor. maybe you have acute delutions
CJAOSHENY JC Prije mjesec
fellaini got alot of shit but gas more grit then the entire man u squad atm
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh Prije mjesec
Dj NIKS OFFICIAL Prije mjesec
A lot liar deals are happening
A Person
A Person Prije mjesec
Will Kennedy plays
Will Kennedy plays Prije mjesec
This is forever going to be my favourite video #69
Ajanni Wilson
Ajanni Wilson Prije mjesec
Manifested Logic
Manifested Logic Prije mjesec
I’m a Madrid fan but Dembele never skipped training. He’s just been late so many times. I don’t think he should leave. It’s like Coutinho all over again.
James Kavese
James Kavese Prije mjesec
Ik you hate talking about it but i wanna know your thoughts, has the ball to hand rule replaced the hand ball rule coz it's getting out of hand like the Dier and Maupay penalty( contraversy) plz answer
tortilla man
tortilla man Prije mjesec
i think barca (2009) is better the bayern (2020)
Joshua Spronk
Joshua Spronk Prije mjesec
Ajax liverpool and atalanta😍
Jeronimo 921
Jeronimo 921 Prije mjesec
I hope dembele will leave. He’ll do barca the biggest favor by leaving. He hasn’t brought anything to this team and it’s time to get rid of him
Gorg Pisani
Gorg Pisani Prije mjesec
Ac Milan have signed Hauge do its pretty though to sign thauvin as that would have 4 rw (Castillejo Saelemakers Hauge and thauvin)
HaiderXMD Prije mjesec
What happens to power rankings
Nick Arredondo
Nick Arredondo Prije mjesec
#069 Nice
Jo Prije mjesec
Top 5 strikers outside of the top 5 leagues
Sahil Katarmal
Sahil Katarmal Prije mjesec
Intel Sucks
Intel Sucks Prije mjesec
Bayern 2020>>Barcelona 2009 cause Bayern didn't have any referee help
The Egg
The Egg Prije mjesec
Guys Barca and Juve are in the same group!!!!!!!!
The Egg
The Egg Prije mjesec
I can’t believe it!
Taha Hayali
Taha Hayali Prije mjesec
Tuhin Shaikh
Tuhin Shaikh Prije mjesec
69 nice
Half Skull
Half Skull Prije mjesec
Nice episode number
5 subs with no videos challenge
5 subs with no videos challenge Prije mjesec
Man U have Jones why do the want dembele?
Thulungga Mwshahary
Thulungga Mwshahary Prije mjesec
AC Milan are going to win scudetto whether you like it or not, 4-2-3-1 formation fit perfectly for the team. Matt was right last time they've got fantastic squad just didn't workout earlier. But now they are complete as a team and have remarkable squad depth.
sasinator69 Prije mjesec
Matt’s lying his favorite deadline day signing is Aubameyang
KillerMonkey835 Prije mjesec
Where’s Ozil when he moved from Real Madrid to Arsenal? That was a shock for me
Muttakin Mufti
Muttakin Mufti Prije mjesec
Nothing to say but, NICE
Filip cz
Filip cz Prije mjesec
Rishab .b
Rishab .b Prije mjesec
Why is every single club on the face of the Earth Raiding barca? Bayern,ManU,Roma,Liverpool,Real Madrid and the list goes on and on! Also ep 69...😐
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva Prije mjesec
And who says that next summer United will be still the only club going for Sancho? Probably either Madrid or Barza and also Liverpool will join the race
Senapati Entertainment
Senapati Entertainment Prije mjesec
Honestly we were close to winning against Bayern yesterday at the Allianz, but our feeble grandpa coach f*cked it up.
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
oladipo caroline
oladipo caroline Prije mjesec
Barca were better Dan baryen
YNB FROSTY Prije mjesec
Man U fans are talking like Barcelona are stupid enough to loan out dembele, why don’t you guys just loan Messi while you’re at it😂 might as well try and loan Lewendowski or Neymar😂😂😂
Aakash Baid
Aakash Baid Prije mjesec
worldclass Prije mjesec
raja singha
raja singha Prije mjesec
Being a madird fan Barcelonas 2009_10 team is the best club team ever
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Pineapple Prije mjesec
69, nice.
Gursheesh Singh
Gursheesh Singh Prije mjesec
Just makes sense for ManUtd not Barca.
Cameron Storey
Cameron Storey Prije mjesec
Nice episode ;)
aditya gupta
aditya gupta Prije mjesec
Matt what are your 5 favorite hairstyle/haircut of footballers of all time
Asutosh Mahapatra
Asutosh Mahapatra Prije mjesec
Ramos and Ronaldo Nazario were also two of the best deadline day transfers.imo
Kai havertz
Kai havertz Prije mjesec
Haha 69 nice
Risuna Mashaba
Risuna Mashaba Prije mjesec
stop being naive matt, if united dont get sancho now, they aint getting him ever, we dont work well under competition from other clubs
Edmilson Lennon
Edmilson Lennon Prije mjesec
Damn, I'm 3 hours late to say EP. 69
Soyuz Shrestha
Soyuz Shrestha Prije mjesec
when you realize that its the 69th daily news!!!!!!!!
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques Prije mjesec
I think that the Real Madrid team from 2016-2018 was better than both 2009's barca and 2020's Bayern Munich. 2017 being the best year for that team. Across all 3 years they won the UCL which just proved that they are the greatest team in the world. at their very best in 2017 they won 5 out of 6 trophies that they competed for, the only one they missed out on was the Copa del Rey, probably the least important. They went on a 40 game unbeaten run, had the greatest midfield of their generation and arguably one of the greatest midfield of all time, Sergio Ramos in defence who is arguably the best centre back of all time and Marcelo who is the greatest left back of all time as well as an on fire Cristiano Ronaldo who along with messi is the greatest player of all time, and insane squad depth. James Rodriguez, Morata and Bale who would start for any other team in the world, were on their bench. So yeah 5/6 trophies for them just like Bayern and if they deserve to compete with Barca of 2009 who won 6/6 Madrid are definitely better because they won the UCL the year before and after that one making their era of dominance longer and harder to forget.
Jordan Keats
Jordan Keats Prije mjesec
Rutwik Tasgaonkar
Rutwik Tasgaonkar Prije mjesec
Why does Matt look like he has smoked a large batch of pot?
Sucheth Hegde
Sucheth Hegde Prije mjesec
Brazzo masterclass for Thauvin incoming, fellow Bayern fans
boy 123
boy 123 Prije mjesec
Bayern is good but barcelona 2009 is better
Salman Elahi
Salman Elahi Prije mjesec
five favorite captains for this new season
notJAY Prije mjesec
barca 14-15
EZ TV Prije mjesec
I think that 2009 Barcelona is better than 2020 Bayern
Naman Kumar
Naman Kumar Prije mjesec
Bayern are good but barca was GOD
KianBAzad Prije mjesec
Sorry Bayern fans but Barça 2008-09 is a much better team than yours and so is united 08
Kyle Gambling
Kyle Gambling Prije mjesec
I've been looking forward to this video for 69 days
Alexander Jr
Alexander Jr Prije mjesec
How about sancho? im confusing
Ousmane Dempele
Ousmane Dempele Prije mjesec
Take me United, take me.
atul pokhrel
atul pokhrel Prije mjesec
you don't know matt how long i've been waiting for this episode. sweet 69.
vijju k
vijju k Prije mjesec
Why are Liverpool selling their future in Brewster???
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Too much monye Also they haven’t sold him
R. Daneel
R. Daneel Prije mjesec
As a Bayern fan I have to say: 2009 Barca reinvented and inspired football for an decade. You can't quantify this accomplishment only with trophies, it was amazing. Bayern are far away from that
Gerardo Castro
Gerardo Castro Prije mjesec
2009 barca is better I dont think they would lose 4-1 to hoffemfim
Aman Goel
Aman Goel Prije mjesec
Yes. 2009 barca would rather lose in CL group stages to european giants shakhtar..
AnanasIGaffeltruck ,
AnanasIGaffeltruck , Prije mjesec
Nice episode
TheRealDeal Prije mjesec
This is the #069th episode. Nice.
Lwando Madikizela
Lwando Madikizela Prije mjesec
No question Ousmane Dembele is talent but he can't stay fit and makes Mario Balotelli look like a saint. I would rather sign Ismaila Sarr to Manchester United at least he can become a great player unlike Daniel James.
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije mjesec
Bayern Munich would DEMOLISH that Barca 2009 team, the 8-2 result last season in the UCL would look like nothing!!!
Rakshin R.N
Rakshin R.N Prije mjesec
Barca under pep is better
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma Prije mjesec
Video length over 8 mins Me - so Matt letting his emotions out
Romi Prije mjesec
secretaria general colvatel
secretaria general colvatel Prije mjesec
Bayern is the best
Ramsey Williams
Ramsey Williams Prije mjesec
Matt when is the power rankings coming back
Mlando Mthethwa
Mlando Mthethwa Prije mjesec
Nicholai Ratoo
Nicholai Ratoo Prije mjesec
I think the barca from 2009 is the best team ever to play football
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Bijen Atom
Bijen Atom Prije mjesec
Matt, Plz answer this. Who are your five favourite greatest player of all time?😝
Dede Ahmad Ramdhan
Dede Ahmad Ramdhan Prije mjesec
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Prije mjesec
Hey Matt
Abdullah Huzaifa
Abdullah Huzaifa Prije mjesec
Is no one gonna appreciate the fact that we made it to episode #69 ? Nice
S T Prije mjesec
Dimitar Berbatov was also pritty exciting & quality deal for Man Utd with all the drama at the last hour ,but Matt won't mention that cz it hurts spurs fan lol😂🤣
Darius Edwards
Darius Edwards Prije mjesec
Brandon Almanzar
Brandon Almanzar Prije mjesec
Are we gonna see a return of power rankings
Navendra Rajah
Navendra Rajah Prije mjesec
jtbaldur Prije mjesec
Thursday Faves: Who have been the 5 worst transfer deadline day signings?
snahasish chowdhury
snahasish chowdhury Prije mjesec
dembelle in Epl....injury is must....
scot mac
scot mac Prije mjesec
Why would anyone, never mind Man Utd buy Dembele?? He will start 2 games then spend the rest of the league on the injury table
Kamaldeen Musa
Kamaldeen Musa Prije mjesec
Bayern has won more trophies in 2020 than spurs throughout the past decade
Prod C.V.L.i
Prod C.V.L.i Prije mjesec
BEEG Banana
BEEG Banana Prije mjesec
Episode 69 let’s GOOOO
Omlimana Tryhard
Omlimana Tryhard Prije mjesec
Hahah funny 69 number
Parteytime69 Prije mjesec
2009 had to much controversy
nancie benars
nancie benars Prije mjesec
Don't love anything more than God eg football
dan mas
dan mas Prije mjesec
I know I am a salty Chelsea fan so I am going to say that this Bayern team is better because at least they smashed us fair and square instead of barely scraping past us on away goals after one of the most controversial champions league games ever.
Aman Goel
Aman Goel Prije mjesec
Some are saying that bayern had an easy group. I mean wtf. Barca had sporting, shakhtar and basel in its group while bayern destroyed previos season's finalist spurs on their home ground in the group stage.I won't necessarily say that this bayern side is better than peps barca of 2008-09, however what is unarguable is that bayern in 19-20 had the most historic season in terms of sheer dominance that they displayed and toyed with all its opponents with the notable exception of PSG in finals.
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