Why João Félix to Manchester City will make him a LEGEND

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João Félix is one of the world's most expensive footballers, yet he's only played two full seasons of professional football. The Atletico Madrid forward has been dubbed the next Cristiano Ronaldo and with this current season proving that could be the case, bigger clubs than Atletico may come sniffing around the Portugal star. But which clubs would he fit perfectly at? We take a look at the clubs that could afford João Félix and the one particular one where he could become a club legend.
0:00 Introduction
0:17 Rising Star
4:36 João Félix's next options
5:42 Man City. The Perfect Fit
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 3 dana
Could Felix be Man City’s Ronaldo? How would he fit in Guardiola’s team?
Haizil Mohammed fayaz
Haizil Mohammed fayaz Prije 7 sati
@Connorgunalose how is he even like aguero 😆 🤣
Mikhail Shklover
Mikhail Shklover Prije 20 sati
Overall, this transafer seems possible, however I am not Sure Atletico spent 126 million on a player they would sell 2 or 3 seansons after. Also looking at the La Liga table now Atleti have a good chance of competing for the title. Simeone is building a descent team and I actually see Felix staying at Atletico for many years and become a club legend.
arjun viswam
arjun viswam Prije dan
Felix would thrive under guardiola but they don't have the cash to spend on felix and then Bring in messi. They need halaand a tall fast striker who can be the target man for kevin , foden and walker .
The Blue guy
The Blue guy Prije dan
@Connorgunalose no augero has a different playing style
Eshaan Naik
Eshaan Naik Prije dan
Of course
Queen rose on roblox
Queen rose on roblox Prije dan
joa felix will be our next aguero because kun was from atleti
CozierFerret727 Prije 22 sati
He’s not downgrading doh
zeroismust Prije dan
Moving to any big club, real madrid barcelona, juventus, bayern munich would make him legend. What a silly argument...
lovemylife 2005
lovemylife 2005 Prije 18 sati
@CozierFerret727 To be considered an elite club,a team has to win the UCL. But yeah,Atleti are a big club
CozierFerret727 Prije 22 sati
Already at one
Nasif Tahmeed
Nasif Tahmeed Prije dan
Where met is.your prediction of lfc is fuckd
thisisa kodibox
thisisa kodibox Prije dan
About time someone gives the nod to Benfica for producing quality players. Portugal in general is poo-pooed upon saying liga nos can't compare to la liga, premier, etc. Here's the thing; IT'S NOT MEANT TO. Liga NOS is an academy of its own within the academy. Its a business. Portugal's top exports are wine, sunshine, and quality footballers.
1234567890 0987654321
1234567890 0987654321 Prije dan
Prateek Bhatta
Prateek Bhatta Prije dan
Think he will join barcelona lets hope
Pacific Abir
Pacific Abir Prije 2 dana
listen bro,average means average. It's a bit hard to mark felix but,not that level of hard. you need skills,patience to be a legend. Only decision making and arrogance can't make you a legend. Still,Felix is extremely overrated. I don’t know why people are taking about him.Still,he hasn’t shown anything that we need to discuss about him.
Rodrigo Tex
Rodrigo Tex Prije 2 dana
Well... “chances of them winning the title are so slim” they are now first with 1 less game😬 lmao
Samuel Prije 2 dana
Felix career? The other Lisbon. The other Madrid. The other Manchester. The other Turin? Probably rather the other team from the derby d'italia.
Omar Srez_2
Omar Srez_2 Prije 2 dana
400 million release clause he is ours 🔴⚪
qw Li
qw Li Prije dan
@Omar Srez_2 sorry my mistake
Omar Srez_2
Omar Srez_2 Prije dan
@qw Li atlético fan
qw Li
qw Li Prije dan
I don't know if you're a arsenal fan or liverpool or man United one. but anyway none of these clubs don't have that money
Oktamjon Dilbarov
Oktamjon Dilbarov Prije 2 dana
I hope he will stay at Atleti
Hrishikesh Nadkarni
Hrishikesh Nadkarni Prije 2 dana
This lighting does not suit Matt.. he looks whiter than a vampire with really dark bulges for eyes
Uwaish Al-Qarni
Uwaish Al-Qarni Prije 2 dana
To become a Ronaldo, you need to be consistent for almost two decade and it's very hard.
Zuhair Prije 2 dana
bro felix might be the luckiest player ever he plays with ronaldo at portugal and he might play with messi at manchester city
CozierFerret727 Prije 21 sat
@Zuhair lol, next year? 😂
Zuhair Prije 21 sat
@CozierFerret727 he might go in 2021
CozierFerret727 Prije 22 sati
He’s not going to man city 😂
Marco Carlos
Marco Carlos Prije 2 dana
Am i the only one who was hurt when he called Benfica the reigning Portuguese champions?
thisisa kodibox
thisisa kodibox Prije dan
Found the Porto fan. Its a force of habit.😉 I mean they have won it more than not the past 7 years and when they didn't they were 2nd.
Desporto Prije 2 dana
It's Jo-ão. 2 syllables
Rodrigo Gomes
Rodrigo Gomes Prije 2 dana
Wtf? Portuguese reigning champion? With all respect for your work, this is the worst, but also the only bad video you've ever made
Rizaru Mariku
Rizaru Mariku Prije 2 dana
Why should he go to City??? Is City bigger and better club than Atletico??? lol 😂
ManCityScot Prije 2 dana
I would love him to join City but we also do not spend big money on any single player , our record signing circa £60M . So cannot see this happening as they will demand a massive fee .
Education ,life and Football
Education ,life and Football Prije 2 dana
his first season at atletico was not good but this year he is a Jim he is a classy player
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 2 dana
Atletico Madrid are among top 10 best teams in Europe so there's no reason for him moving he's already the star man and has 6 years remaining on his contract it would take a world record fee to get him
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 2 dana
Joao Felix is the most talented U23 player currently not haaland not sancho not mbappe but felix this guy will be the best player in the world if everything goes right
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 2 dana
he signed a 7year contract there I don't see him moving anytime soon maybe 2025 but surely atletico is turning out good he's their best player alongside oblak
Jordan Prije 2 dana
Joao Felix should go to Man City, then when he's in his 30's, move to AC Milan so he's at all rival clubs of Ronaldo's during his career.
Ayushh Garg
Ayushh Garg Prije 2 dana
If psg sell either ney or kylian then why not psg
Panda gamings centre
Panda gamings centre Prije 3 dana
there is no way joao felix can be ronaldo theoretically. jaoa felix came from benfics , ronaldo sporting cp . went to athleti , went to real marid . maybe he ll join man city , man utd
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh Prije 3 dana
Most DISGRACEFUL vedio I ever seen . Not expected from one football.😬😬😬☠☠☠
Shotin Thoudm
Shotin Thoudm Prije 3 dana
Felix,Sterling,Messi,Jesus,Aguero(if he stays) what a attack it will be
Fast and Curious • 9 years ago
Fast and Curious • 9 years ago Prije 3 dana
Manchester City aren't bigger club than Atleti. Hope this helps.
CozierFerret727 Prije 22 sati
@qw Li we have a better goalkeeper, better defense and better midfield (other than KDB, no one starts for us)
qw Li
qw Li Prije dan
@Fast and Curious • 9 years ago thay have better players but they are not in a good form
Fast and Curious • 9 years ago
Fast and Curious • 9 years ago Prije dan
@qw Li Right now ? 12th in PL 😱 2nd in LaLiga ( with 2 less games )
qw Li
qw Li Prije dan
maybe they are not a bigger club but they are a better team
MYP Prije 3 dana
I like how he plays but he can’t come to Madrid. I don’t think he’ll do a Morata
Zain Attiq
Zain Attiq Prije 3 dana
Why not get haaland over Felix. I mean city have Jesus already. It would be hard to fit Felix in especially when Messi might join. Felix can thrive at city but thinking where would u play him? I do want Felix at city tho.
Believe Suele
Believe Suele Prije 3 dana
I don't think he will go to Man City he's still pretty young in his early 20s he could be a club legend at Atletico
Brownie Dawg
Brownie Dawg Prije 3 dana
I would like to see felix become at atleti winning la liga, CDR, and eventually UCL to become a club legend there. I hope he doesn't move to a club with no soul like Man City
Mark N
Mark N Prije 3 dana
No pls no
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Prije 3 dana
His release clause is 350 million.
Johnny vidal
Johnny vidal Prije 3 dana
Jota is better than Joao Felix
destiny freeman
destiny freeman Prije 3 dana
We don't need messi or felix we need a backup full back, back up cdm and a goal machine.
thisisa kodibox
thisisa kodibox Prije dan
Yeah Man city defenders must all be Swiss with all them holes in defense 🤣
Mark N
Mark N Prije 3 dana
@destiny freeman I just want a natural LB. I'm tired of seeing us always bandage that LB spot, but never trying to actually fix it. First it was Delph then Zinchenko now Cancelo. Delph and Zinchenko were also class when they first played in that position, but eventually they started performing bad/average.
destiny freeman
destiny freeman Prije 3 dana
@Mark N cancelo is not that bad as left back to be honest and ake can play left back as well, mendy just needs a loan move and Walker is so unpredictable but I'm still comfortable seeing him in the first team lineup but we should either leave cancelo at left back then sign a back up for Walker or share right back with Kyle and Joao and sigh a solid left back like Ferland mendy or even Kieran tierney.
Mark N
Mark N Prije 3 dana
Why a backup full back? We need a proper LB that will start
Hasanul Banna
Hasanul Banna Prije 3 dana
Atletico female team is bigger than Manchester City
Simpa Baba Lawal
Simpa Baba Lawal Prije 3 dana
I ain’t gonna lie, it huts me when people can’t see that Messi works hard too
Raaz Prije dan
The thing is ronaldo improved through out the years messi prime 91 goals if he trained hard enough he would have made another 2 3 seasons of 91 goals. But ronaldo he was not the best starting his career at sporting. People laughed at him when he said he wanted to be the best but people said messi would be the best just by looking at his talent. The thing is every footballef works hard but cr7 is a different breed there is no one in this world that doesnt acknowledge his hard work. He works harder than anyone you can learn that from even team nates that they both have played with.
Turn it Off
Turn it Off Prije 2 dana
@JASON KARUE true.agreed.
JASON KARUE Prije 2 dana
It's because he doesn't show it off
Irtaza studio
Irtaza studio Prije 2 dana
Yeah people havent even attended both of their training sessions so how do people who works hard posting videos on twitter of your workout doesnt mean you work harder than others
Youssef Shapoup
Youssef Shapoup Prije 3 dana
سلام عليكو سلام عليكو يوسف شابوب بيحيكوا
arjun viswam
arjun viswam Prije 3 dana
The only player man city needs is halaand , the one who can put all those wonderful through balls and corner kicks for city. A true replacement for aguero . And he will be 2nd gen in the team as well. What say matt ??
newplayzRB Prije dan
@arjun viswam yeah they have a really good midfield for the future odegaard and valverde they just need like one mre
arjun viswam
arjun viswam Prije dan
@newplayzRB Real need a striker , and mbappe is someone who the real fans needs . real has good talents who can fill lw and rw. They need to reinforce mid and ageing defence for a long run. Maybe a new coach and a good striker is what real would really need
arjun viswam
arjun viswam Prije dan
@tittymeister Clubs like real and barca have been in a downwards spiral bcoz of many reasons. Just having player in front won't bring chemistry in team. Just look at PSG mbappe , neymar , di maria and still couldn't score against man utd . halaand has a brilliant future. If any club wants him . they have to build the team around him
arjun viswam
arjun viswam Prije dan
@tittymeister every player who are shining are on real Madrid's and man utd radar. But it doesn't mean clubs like city , Bayern , barca can put a plan infront of player like halaand , mbappe And lure them in.
newplayzRB Prije 2 dana
@tittymeister yeah he could end up at real tho,i think real need haaland or mbappe,cuz benzema is getting old but hes still good,he might choose bayern but thats a low chance,cuz its their rivals
Mr Dube
Mr Dube Prije 3 dana
Mbappe and haaland are decently gonna be the next legends
jim jimmy jr
jim jimmy jr Prije 3 dana
Early shout: Atléti is gonna win LaLiga this year
Edu Soares
Edu Soares Prije 3 dana
Porto are the champions of Portugal in 2020 not Benfica
thisisa kodibox
thisisa kodibox Prije dan
Ey lay off the Bacalhau bud, you're already salty as it is! 😉
M NK Prije 3 dana
Why the f*** are you not uploading qna
Yt Callmeisoak
Yt Callmeisoak Prije 3 dana
He should stay at atlectio
mate it's not rocket science to understand this even after a decade....Messi is a gifted player he has the gift of god and ronaldo is a beast he has the work ethic that has made him THE RONALDO...do if any player trying to match these two then either he should he gifted technically or he should have the work ethic of ronaldo whoch is just insane....Ronaldo does something like 20000 kg weights every week...INSANE
Mr. Jennings
Mr. Jennings Prije 3 dana
Seems like Matt and the Crew really sat down and smoke some good weed lol, to cook up this conspiracy theory, but I’m not gonna lie they kinda sold it lol..
Brian Matenga
Brian Matenga Prije 3 dana
Big man you just said Nolito had an excellent season
Kurdan Prije 3 dana
6:25 benfica are not the reigning champions
Afonso Lei
Afonso Lei Prije 3 dana
Had to scroll so much for this comment...
Iker Echeveste
Iker Echeveste Prije 3 dana
Félix moving to the blue side of Manchester would be a weird mirroring of CR career, Benfica instead of Sporting, Athletic instead of Real and City instead of United, the guy would just need a end of his career move to inter to finish it all up
Gausaliya Chandrasekhar
Gausaliya Chandrasekhar Prije 23 sati
And ADIDAS instead of NIKE
Nick Esko
Nick Esko Prije dan
I also call him the Ronaldo regen
Nick Esko
Nick Esko Prije dan
I've been thinking about this since he went to athleti
Cri darkness
Cri darkness Prije 2 dana
Or torino considering he always moved to city rivals
Chulumanco Hlazo
Chulumanco Hlazo Prije 2 dana
Yeah bro that’s facts actually
Ocobe esaba
Ocobe esaba Prije 3 dana
Proving he is worth whatever tf Atletico paid for him you called him a flop he is turning those words into shit and making you eat them Needed time to adapt to Cholo's tactics
Ocobe esaba
Ocobe esaba Prije 3 dana
He won't go I think so
Ocobe esaba
Ocobe esaba Prije 3 dana
Pep won't be there forever
Ocobe esaba
Ocobe esaba Prije 3 dana
I think he should stay at Atleti can became a legend there If they win La liga this season Cholo's contract might be extended so he can get the best out of him But still not sure he has his freedom to play in best position when I said not sure I mean the winning La liga this season
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb Prije 3 dana
If he wants to win the champions league he won’t go to Man City.
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb Prije dan
@REEFAHFORFIFA Then that’s a tainted title if you do win it after spending 2 billion
@Aaaa Bbbb naaa once we get Felix and Messi we will win. We won’t win any time soon but soon one yea like 5 or 6 years after we use more oil money then we will win.
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb Prije 2 dana
@REEFAHFORFIFA Man City will never win the champions league. Just face it.
Yea he would.
Semilore_ J
Semilore_ J Prije 3 dana
Next messi v ronaldo Felix v sancho
Ocobe esaba
Ocobe esaba Prije 3 dana
Mbappe haaland
Semilore_ J
Semilore_ J Prije 3 dana
Imagine felix and messi in the same team
CozierFerret727 Prije 21 sat
@Ocobe esaba 😂
Ocobe esaba
Ocobe esaba Prije 21 sat
@CozierFerret727 tbh that's more possible
CozierFerret727 Prije 22 sati
Messi to Atleti 🤩
Ocobe esaba
Ocobe esaba Prije 3 dana
I don't think it will happen
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques Prije 3 dana
I think just because atleti play a defensive style of football and dont win their league too much people call clubs like Man City bigger than them. If atleti played in the premier league like city, they would smash it. Ronaldo who has played in both leagues once gave an interview in 2012 saying that both la liga and premier league are great and tough but if the top 2 premier league teams came to la liga not even one would finish in the top 4. But I still agree that even though atleti are probably better than city, because of city's attacking qualities and mindset they would be better for Felix.
Prince 13
Prince 13 Prije 3 dana
It's where he should have gone in the first place. Atletico is not a place where a player of Felix's profile can express himself fully.
Shreyash Nath
Shreyash Nath Prije dan
Shut up.
Ocobe esaba
Ocobe esaba Prije 3 dana
He can !!!!!!!!!!
MrGameControler Prije 3 dana
I'd like Felix at City but I'm not sure if Atletico will be willing to sell him to us, they seemed very pissed when we triggered Rodri's release clause. I think they would ask something ridiculous like 200M
Zantos theripper
Zantos theripper Prije 3 dana
Nope they will say pay the realise clause which is 350M
rocky gourdet
rocky gourdet Prije 3 dana
Joao felix doesn’t have to go anywehre to become a legend and why would he move to a club like man city lol
Ocobe esaba
Ocobe esaba Prije 3 dana
Correct 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Patrick Duncan Jr.
Patrick Duncan Jr. Prije 3 dana
This is why players don’t perform to there full potential. Way to much expectations. This is like comparing an up and coming golfer to tiger woods. Cmon man
Atleti provided some wonder full strikers but they did not do well first season becaz they need time to adapt to el cholo system and stop saying atleti playing defense and not attack atleti have scored 16 goals in 7 games by far the most attack ing atleti side I've ever seen
CozierFerret727 Prije 22 sati
@Ocobe esaba thanks mate
Ocobe esaba
Ocobe esaba Prije 3 dana
I agree mate
Bhavishya Yadav
Bhavishya Yadav Prije 3 dana
Of all the debate regarding Messi being god gifted and Cristiano doing all that hard work, I have just one thing to say. The ability and will to work that hard is itself god gifted. Not everyone has that ability either. For me they are both gifted, just in different ways.
StraighTMurkZ Prije 2 dana
Too some degree I think it’s natural, but I think it’s environmental that Ronaldo wants to work so hard. Like Messi doesn’t as hard cause Messi has had so much given to him compared to Ronaldo
Saswata Kar
Saswata Kar Prije 3 dana
You are best But will Joao Felix really go to city ? Imagine city's squad if Felix joins and Messi also Thanks for giving us daily football news One Football English I love you Will you pleaase give me a heart
Sanjith Keshavmurthy
Sanjith Keshavmurthy Prije 3 dana
Felix is good but needs a bit more to get to level of sancho and haaland are right now and copying Ronaldo's style and his way of life doesn't work for every player all they need to learn from Ronaldo is what happens when talent and hard work come together
Mr proffeser Trim
Mr proffeser Trim Prije 3 dana
Let's not forget that Barca gave athletico Felix 😌. Bad scouting buy 28+ aged players instead of buying wonderkids like Daka ,halaand but Barca chose to buy greizy instead
Reece-Arukoe Prije 3 dana
Has anyone noticed how disrespectful Laliga wonder kids are Besides Ansu Fati and De jong
Oscar Martinez
Oscar Martinez Prije 3 dana
That blue and purple background is 🔥
Stryker Ninja
Stryker Ninja Prije 3 dana
onefootball pls like me comment i love your vids
Praise Emerhirhi
Praise Emerhirhi Prije 3 dana
When is the weekly power rankings coming back 😔
Dexter Croal
Dexter Croal Prije 3 dana
I will compare him with kaka
laptop clinic
laptop clinic Prije 3 dana
Joao Felix is proving he is worth 126 million, his shots per game,shots on target and dribbles per game have also gone higher and I think he should stay at least may be 2 more seasons to develop himself and becoma a superstar and make a move to a new club
tittymeister Prije 2 dana
Then that club has to pay his 350M release clause, there's no way felix leaves until the end of his 7 year contract, and even then, if he still likes it there and does well, he will sign a new contract.
Arjun Pant
Arjun Pant Prije 3 dana
bruh he's staying at atléti go away yall can get the 350 mil RC if y'all want
Angelo Assaf
Angelo Assaf Prije dan
Yeah bro felix should stay
Merick Niyongabo
Merick Niyongabo Prije 3 dana
I just adore this guys amazing
Kboss 2016
Kboss 2016 Prije 3 dana
1000th like
Los Colchoneros
Los Colchoneros Prije 3 dana
Well Pep ain’t gonna be at city for long.. can only see Mancity going downhill after pep
Los Colchoneros
Los Colchoneros Prije 3 dana
@Michael man said Arteta yk💀
Michael Prije 3 dana
Nah. We have him till 2023 at least then next is probably Nagelsman or Arteta and unless oil in the UAE runs out. We will always be a force.
Abhishek Baba
Abhishek Baba Prije 3 dana
Comon it I'm bored of football being dominated by a single league buying everything, we need some spice he should become legend at atleti let atleti be a legendary club too, we always talk about premier league
Joe Aniekan
Joe Aniekan Prije 3 dana
Matt's a legend
WaveWarrior Prije 3 dana
the background is just 🔥🔥🔥
Jadon Prije 3 dana
Well someone said , he was a bargain at 125 million!
Miguel Pereira
Miguel Pereira Prije 3 dana
If Félix had Salah pace he would be unstoppable. I don't think he will leave any time soon, he signed a 7 year contract with Atlético
Visca Barcelona
Visca Barcelona Prije 3 dana
Why would he move to City?Athelti are much better side than City.They at least pass the Quarterfinals of UCL.😁😁😁
Soulsmurf Prije 3 dana
CHICKEN WINGS Prije 3 dana
Man City tf mans goint to Wolves
Orlo Prije 3 dana
Ight my Nigga shut up 💯
Abir Prije 3 dana
Atleti has a history of finding and making one of the greatest strikers of the game and felix is no different ... but i feel they wont chug felix out so soon , it's quite clear that they sold Griezmann to make space for Felix . I personally feel atleti needs a fresh idea , where felix plays as SS along side a hefty target man with a 4-2-2-2 formation. Internal structure of atleti also need to be questioned , like how the hell did they let go Thomas P ... ridiculous PS : Cruyff's style of play starts with making a team of players who aces in their own position and none should leave their own position ... that's his style . Not sure where did matt come up with this idea of "everyone can play in every position" , that's not cruyff style at all
Dark Genesis
Dark Genesis Prije 3 dana
@Abir "change in philosophy" is the point of the comment, wether or not it pans out is a different story, I'm calm. Side note Thomas Partey is decent definitely not world class like some people seem to think
Abir Prije 3 dana
@Dark Genesis dude its just the start of this season ... calma
Dark Genesis
Dark Genesis Prije 3 dana
I suggest you watch Atleti this season, a lot of ur questions would be answered, we don't have the second highest goals scored without a change of philosophy
Weird Al
Weird Al Prije 3 dana
Never compare anyone to the GOAT CR7 except messi
nvm icak
nvm icak Prije 3 dana
many club offered his release clause but he choose atleti
Amogh Vardhan
Amogh Vardhan Prije 3 dana
U forgot about psg
CozierFerret727 Prije 3 dana
@Amogh Vardhan they don't but ok
Amogh Vardhan
Amogh Vardhan Prije 3 dana
@CozierFerret727 but I look at the present city has a better chance than athleti
CozierFerret727 Prije 3 dana
@Amogh Vardhan city does not lol, we've made 3 UCL semifinals and 2 finals in the last decade, man city has only made 1 semifinal, no final at all
Amogh Vardhan
Amogh Vardhan Prije 3 dana
@CozierFerret727 I won't say It will be a downgrade. City n psg has better chance of winning the champions league than athleti
CozierFerret727 Prije 3 dana
why would he downgrade to psg or man city other than money?
Khev Blond
Khev Blond Prije 3 dana
Am I the only one who thinks this is huge for Man City?
Mark N
Mark N Prije 3 dana
We don't buy players that cost 80m+
CozierFerret727 Prije 3 dana
not happening
Tushar Kasana
Tushar Kasana Prije 3 dana
I hope Felix win a lot of trophies cause I think he is a champion material player but atleti,I don't think they can,maybe some other club other than man City,although man city would be the best case scenario for Felix.
Koushik Joseph
Koushik Joseph Prije 3 dana
I don’t think he will be signed by city
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije 3 dana
OH SHUT UP. we all know he will flop. oh wait, he´s alredy flopped.........MOST OVERRATED PLAYER EVER!!!
Aryaman P
Aryaman P Prije 3 dana
@Alexandre Nabais Understandable.Have a nice day
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije 3 dana
@OneFootball English dont need to. He's dogshit. Period. Ederson at Striker would score more goals than him.
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 3 dana
He’s 20 years old 😂 Come back here in 15 years and we will make a judgement 👍🏼
S h o e
S h o e Prije 3 dana
I didn't even know he was linked to man city.
CozierFerret727 Prije 3 sati
@REEFAHFORFIFA nah, Atleti dont want him gone unless they receive 350mil which they know no one will pay
@CozierFerret727 i remember very clearly. altetico madrid did not want to let him go for less then 168 million.
CozierFerret727 Prije 22 sati
@REEFAHFORFIFA we did not want 168, we didn’t want to sell him Plus, no reason for him to downgrade
@Shreyash Nath yea he was. I remember. He was linked for like a week. Man city offered 150 million but aletico want 168 million so man city did not get him.
Shreyash Nath
Shreyash Nath Prije dan
The Brothers
The Brothers Prije 3 dana
Interesting vid. I think Felix is gonna be an incredible player.
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez Prije 3 dana
I think that Felix has a lot of potential. The thing is, Messi and Ronaldo at his age were BEAST. So it’ll be kinda hard to live up to their level. BUUUUUTT, I’m not saying he’s going to be bad. N0. He’s going to be great especially since pep is a great coach (one of the best in my opinion) I think Joao can be a better player in man city. It’s a win win because man city needs a good forward. In conclusion I think Joao Felix NEEDS to go to man city. He’ll be a great player there!
CozierFerret727 Prije 3 dana
downgrade for felix
MarcyyD Prije 3 dana
I already knew it when he was at benfica, that boy the truth!
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