WONDERKIDS you HAVEN'T heard of...

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Rashford, Felix, Mbappe... we all know these wonderkids, but what about the ones you HAVEN'T heard of? Today, Angelina gives you the inside track on 5 of the world's future footballing stars!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 8 dana
Which other wonderkid should football fans be looking out for in the future?
Sambit Basu
Sambit Basu Prije 7 dana
what about muokoko??
Rishab .b
Rishab .b Prije 8 dana
Producer Ryan Face Reveal!!
Vaibhav Teotia
Vaibhav Teotia Prije 8 dana
@Simon Pierre spelling op
unun septium
unun septium Prije 8 dana
Liam Delap if he leaves City.
PARTHA konwar
PARTHA konwar Prije 8 dana
silentTyson Prije dan
Love how she said Rachford first
XDLuis Prije 2 dana
Warum macht der englische OneFootball HRpostkanal viel mehr als der deutsche Kanal
James Kavese
James Kavese Prije 3 dana
Is Yousaffa Mokoukou not considered coz he hasn't even played a 1st team game yet
paurakh shah
paurakh shah Prije 5 dana
Remember the name Kay ruiz atil
Mr proffeser Trim
Mr proffeser Trim Prije 5 dana
Moribabe should replace Sergio Busquets
ambesh karanjit
ambesh karanjit Prije 7 dana
Ilaix Moriba is the future 💎❤️
Awa Kingsley
Awa Kingsley Prije 7 dana
😂😂😂 loved how you sneaked in rashford
Rahul.R R
Rahul.R R Prije 7 dana
What about me😝
Filip Prije 7 dana
Filip Stevanovic, Strahinja Pavlovic, Moukoko?
noel JOHN
noel JOHN Prije 7 dana
every fifa carer mode players know ryan cherki
יונתן קרסיק
יונתן קרסיק Prije 8 dana
Chris Richards, Jean-Claire Todibo, Musiala
Aaryan 12776
Aaryan 12776 Prije 8 dana
Why does her wonderkid sound like wunderkid?
Insta: _boaz_
Insta: _boaz_ Prije 8 dana
Where was Ryan Gravenberch, Ajax midfielder who was the youngest player ever who ever played in the first team. He is already with the Dutch national team and he is compared with Paul Pogba by Pogba himself! Even Samuel Eto'o spoke to him and said to him: "I really like your way of play, you are a special player. Keep going and then i'm sure you will reach the top, top level of European football!"
tewsgcdc Fgech k
tewsgcdc Fgech k Prije 6 dana
Already too famous. If we were to include gravenberch, we would have to include moukoko as well
Rania Qaisara
Rania Qaisara Prije 7 dana
I believe he is famous enough and this video is for the unknown wonderkid
Rishab .b
Rishab .b Prije 8 dana
Producer Ryan Face Reveal!!
Fletcher Cruz
Fletcher Cruz Prije 8 dana
No Moukoko? Y’all gonna admire that man before he even turns 19 Mark my word. He’s the Messi of Dortmund’s youth academy
Andrei Ginju
Andrei Ginju Prije 7 dana
A bit more like ronaldo in terms of skillset
Ratnesh Yadav
Ratnesh Yadav Prije 8 dana
Can some one please list every player's name mentioned?
Manish Bastola
Manish Bastola Prije 8 dana
Me watching this and saying where is my name😝😝😝😁😁😁
Khandaker MURSHED
Khandaker MURSHED Prije 8 dana
0:06 Rashford?? He's been here for years, i feel he's into his prime
Shams Imam
Shams Imam Prije 8 dana
He’s 22 bruv but it does feel like he’s been there for ages
RONAL Fernandes
RONAL Fernandes Prije 8 dana
I don't understand why these retards call a young prospect 'the next this or next that' bitch they have their own identity let them grow as a player and make a name for them...where tf is Bojan, Xavi Simmons or any other next dubbed legend now?? Y'all literally killed the talent by putting emense pressure on young shoulders
Lime - Die Comedygoldminen. Humor, hab ich Recht?
Lime - Die Comedygoldminen. Humor, hab ich Recht? Prije 8 dana
Nohan Kenneh from Leeds looks like a baller
Lime - Die Comedygoldminen. Humor, hab ich Recht?
Lime - Die Comedygoldminen. Humor, hab ich Recht? Prije 8 dana
OneFootball: Wonderkids, you've never heard of FM Players: I doubt that
Whis Prije 8 dana
Siciid Yaasiin
Siciid Yaasiin Prije 8 dana
Where is Harvey elliot the boy is amazing and he has fantastic skills Just he playing Blackburn on loan from Liverpool 🔴🔴
Sean David Zonde
Sean David Zonde Prije 8 dana
Clicking the video to see compare my shortlist on football manager 😂😂
Joe Aniekan
Joe Aniekan Prije 8 dana
Chelsea: * Watches the video* Abrahamovic: Sign them all
Adir Chowdhury
Adir Chowdhury Prije 6 dana
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Prije 7 dana
He can't lol. Bigger clubs in the race
Matthew Sum
Matthew Sum Prije 7 dana
Thijs Galmart
Thijs Galmart Prije 8 dana
I knew them all
Fayaadh Hoosen
Fayaadh Hoosen Prije 8 dana
Angelina is so beautiful
Leroy Bhuy
Leroy Bhuy Prije 8 dana
Angelina 😍
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije 8 dana
TheRealJR7 Prije 8 dana
Calvin Stengs should definitely get a look in
Dhruv Jain
Dhruv Jain Prije 8 dana
Tf does onder 19 mean
Theo The'Ore
Theo The'Ore Prije 8 dana
Me wondering why Moukoko hasn't been mentioned
Anouar Chahti
Anouar Chahti Prije 8 dana
Tuanzabe is a Wonder Kid
Tafoor Azam
Tafoor Azam Prije 8 dana
What is she doing here
Shashwat Singh
Shashwat Singh Prije 8 dana
Dantas should have been on the list. He's so amazing on the ball.
Shashwat Singh
Shashwat Singh Prije 6 dana
@Ellie Manuella Flick wants him so I guess they will.
Ellie Manuella
Ellie Manuella Prije 7 dana
Tiago right? I've seen him play for BM II😍. I hope they end up buying him.
Muhammed Nasir
Muhammed Nasir Prije 8 dana
Vishark107 Prije 8 dana
Riqui puig. Man puts MOTM matches but still doesn't get even a single appearance at Barca this season
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 8 dana
Angelina wsup! ?
worldclass Prije 8 dana
Saw Angelina Kelly instantly liked the video sorry Matt
Axel Garcia
Axel Garcia Prije 8 dana
El Ntino
El Ntino Prije 8 dana
But arp is also very underrated
El Ntino
El Ntino Prije 8 dana
Also marcos antonio . Brazilian cm who plays for shaktar
El Ntino
El Ntino Prije 8 dana
It has to be alex kral . From the Chec Republic and he plays at spartak Moscow
Joe Prije 8 dana
Yo where Mat? (No hate tho)
neel Prije 8 dana
Oliver skipp remember the name
Alex McShane Hill
Alex McShane Hill Prije 8 dana
Adam hlozek
Nuclear Atoms
Nuclear Atoms Prije 8 dana
Well this will probably help me with football manager! 👏
human rocket
human rocket Prije 8 dana
Can neymar and mbappe play in next leipzig match
aCe OfSpAdEs
aCe OfSpAdEs Prije 8 dana
Oh no. The girl who doesnt have a single shred of respect for Barca is back.
Jordan Rajh
Jordan Rajh Prije 8 dana
Angelina !!!
Physic Cyan
Physic Cyan Prije 8 dana
Buffon's the best wonderkid
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije 8 dana
0:04 hold on, felix aint a wonderkid, he is trash and alredy flopped.
Shree 5 Studios
Shree 5 Studios Prije 8 dana
Well someone hasn't seen Rhys Williams !
Ayush Jhuraney
Ayush Jhuraney Prije 8 dana
yes exactly, no one ever has heard about Ryan Cherki...
Gameplaytv Prije 8 dana
apparently not enough to spell his name correctly
John Mwangi
John Mwangi Prije 8 dana
I did see this coming
Dijon Dennis
Dijon Dennis Prije 8 dana
The Barca kid won't make it at Barca look how much midfielder we have even alena, , puiq can't find gaming time
Arsenix World
Arsenix World Prije 8 dana
Ansu Fati will be the best
Jordan dos santos
Jordan dos santos Prije 8 dana
@Physic Cyan stop lying to yourself
Physic Cyan
Physic Cyan Prije 8 dana
He's too fat
Shriniwas Gouda
Shriniwas Gouda Prije 8 dana
First make a Hype about "WonderKids" then after some time, make a report on "What's gone wrong with Renato Sanches?" Eg. Stop doing That guys, Messi is one in a million, every talented young player can't reach at top level 😉
James Martin
James Martin Prije 8 dana
Young hummels? I think that means he is going to sign for bvb then bayern again
Ascended Lad
Ascended Lad Prije 8 dana
Add Jamal Musiala to this list
Ascended Lad
Ascended Lad Prije 8 dana
That'll help my Eintracht Frankfurt Football Manager save thanks a bunch.
#the_ Dream
#the_ Dream Prije 8 dana
Dominic szoboslai 🔥
Elon Dietrich
Elon Dietrich Prije 8 dana
Caspar siebel from germany is a very promising Player. I watched him play and he is amazing. Sadly he is not planung for a big Team yet
Alix Sthilaire
Alix Sthilaire Prije 8 dana
Ronald araujo
Rocket Racoon 2.0
Rocket Racoon 2.0 Prije 8 dana
Ughhhhh why is Angelina here😤😤😤
Zé Marques
Zé Marques Prije 8 dana
Threw rashford like we wouldn't notice
Zidan ShittyShit
Zidan ShittyShit Prije 8 dana
Petition for kicking out Matt. Like to be a part of it
NiDAL Prije 8 dana
I've been playing with cherki in fifa since last year. Guy has a similar playstyle of Hazard.
Zidan ShittyShit
Zidan ShittyShit Prije 8 dana
Finally!!! Angelina for president!!!
Abraham Mangesho
Abraham Mangesho Prije 8 dana
Caspar Siebel
Caspar Siebel Prije 8 dana
Cherki? 16? Stop the cap
OneFootball: No one knows Moriba Football Manager 2020 fans: Oh really?
xastric Prije dan
@qizar 6 ur mum might have a clue after last night
Rania Qaisara
Rania Qaisara Prije 7 dana
Everyone plays football manager while I play soccer manager and still stuck in 2020 season
qizar 6
qizar 6 Prije 7 dana
@xastric how old are u? lmao
PAINNN666 Prije 7 dana
@xastric of course. And out of this world too for 4 years.
xastric Prije 7 dana
@PAINNN666 ur mom absent from the game
Buckduke 1
Buckduke 1 Prije 8 dana
Forgot reyna
Jordan dos santos
Jordan dos santos Prije 8 dana
Half of the world already knows reyna
Jordan dos santos
Jordan dos santos Prije 8 dana
The title of the video is wonder kids you don't know
Ray Prije 8 dana
Scotland have failed to produce top level talent recently? Gilmour says LOL😂
One Indian boy
One Indian boy Prije 8 dana
@OneFootball English always?? 👎👎👎👎
Thabiso Mpisane
Thabiso Mpisane Prije 8 dana
Onefootball always hatin on the blues now that facts
T M Prije 8 dana
@OneFootball English facts they are deluded
Areeb Siddiqui
Areeb Siddiqui Prije 8 dana
@OneFootball English ok
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 8 dana
It's always Chelsea fans who take things the wrong way haha
Nur Zaman
Nur Zaman Prije 8 dana
Names you haven't heard because ThE pReMiEr LeAgUe Is ThE oNlY lEaGuE tHaT mAtTeRs
Minas Eskander
Minas Eskander Prije 8 dana
What about mostafa mohamed
Csokops10 Prije 8 dana
Mbappe is barely 22 and we already have young players being compared to him🤦🏾‍♂️😂 let's not put pressure on these lads. We don't want them to think they are expected to be top class at 18 like Mbappe was at that age
Patton Jesus Jr
Patton Jesus Jr Prije 8 dana
Hi Angelina
DieRotenDullen - Stadiums
DieRotenDullen - Stadiums Prije 8 dana
Is Youssoufa Moukoko famous in England? Im Germany he's still a superstar. And he's still 15...
reynard rey
reynard rey Prije 7 dana
@The guy, whose friend got rekt by Amumu-Bot bruh he is just 15 how is he too old to be a youngster
Lol lol
Lol lol Prije 8 dana
@Johnny Boi Sancho is one of the greatest talents
Lol lol
Lol lol Prije 8 dana
@Johnny Boi no one said that
Johnny Boi
Johnny Boi Prije 8 dana
@Lol lol but he hasnt matured yet. to say he should replace sancho already is dumb.
Lol lol
Lol lol Prije 8 dana
@Johnny Boi He turns 16 on friday and then he can play against hertha one day later bro
ian deleon
ian deleon Prije 8 dana
Nicolo Zaniolo is so underrated for a wonder kid he deserves recognition
Houston Houston
Houston Houston Prije 7 dana
He's great but he's not a kid, he's already 21. People in this list are under 18.
trapdaddy dromme
trapdaddy dromme Prije 8 dana
everybody knows him...
Nikola Marković
Nikola Marković Prije 8 dana
Yes but he is known to the football world
Ramses Alkan
Ramses Alkan Prije 8 dana
Jou missed doku
joel masasu
joel masasu Prije 8 dana
Jamal Musiala and Chris Richards
Shubham Pawar
Shubham Pawar Prije 8 dana
I have played football manager and I know all them. In my save cherki has won back to back ballonDor so signed him for 120M euros
xastric Prije 7 dana
bruh i got him for 300k
Leroy Highlights
Leroy Highlights Prije 8 dana
The amount of respect given to Cherki is like saying Zidane is a Mediocre midfielder
Whis Prije 8 dana
@Juwon Likes Soup yes that’s the point.
Juwon Likes Soup
Juwon Likes Soup Prije 8 dana
That no respect?
Hlogi Lehlogonolo
Hlogi Lehlogonolo Prije 8 dana
I don’t understand
Mops Mops
Mops Mops Prije 8 dana
Too bad you didn't manage to write all the names in the video description..
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 8 dana
Abe Moedt
Abe Moedt Prije 8 dana
Great video Angelina!
GhadiPlayz MC
GhadiPlayz MC Prije 8 dana
Good vid agelina
thesaurus rex
thesaurus rex Prije 8 dana
Laughs in football manager.
I191694 Muhammad Abdur Rehman
I191694 Muhammad Abdur Rehman Prije 8 dana
@PAINNN666 4 actually apart from the kelvin john. Knew the rest from fm. the brilliant thing about extended databases so "laughs at you".
PAINNN666 Prije 8 dana
laughs at you. there only 2 people. or you play beta& so it's 3 )
Satyam Singh
Satyam Singh Prije 8 dana
Haha....last one looks like atleast 20 . ...... I am not buying he is 16😂😂.....I don't know why players do that
Rachit Agrawal
Rachit Agrawal Prije 8 dana
Who doesnt know about cherki? Guess they don't know much about football.
ProfessionalPogger Georgie
ProfessionalPogger Georgie Prije 8 dana
@Wolfob I know
Wolfob Prije 8 dana
@ProfessionalPogger Georgie He played in the champions league last year though
Paigon Merchant
Paigon Merchant Prije 8 dana
Never heard of him
ProfessionalPogger Georgie
ProfessionalPogger Georgie Prije 8 dana
Correction: don’t know much about fifa career mode lmao
Hotspur 23
Hotspur 23 Prije 8 dana
Career Mode players be like... That guys again
ToxicGas Toc
ToxicGas Toc Prije 8 dana
No offense but career mode is trash like actually if u wanna play career mode play football manager or pes
Arne goedeme
Arne goedeme Prije 8 dana
Jeremy doku from rennes is the new eden hazard style belgian winger
xastric Prije 7 dana
cant finish to save his life
PAINNN666 Prije 8 dana
i heard)
Srineevas Sriram
Srineevas Sriram Prije 8 dana
Leon Dajaku?
Clare Igbinomwanhia
Clare Igbinomwanhia Prije 8 dana
I heard that if ur early u can get a heart from onefootball
LFC ALLEZ Prije 8 dana
LFC ALLEZ Prije 6 dana
@Csokops10 YEAH U GENIUS
LFC ALLEZ Prije 8 dana
LFC ALLEZ Prije 8 dana
Csokops10 Prije 8 dana
@Kxng Tavii in his save he is 24
Kxng Tavii
Kxng Tavii Prije 8 dana
sourabh jain
sourabh jain Prije 8 dana
Remember the name.....FLORIAN NEUHAUS
Denim Kh
Denim Kh Prije 8 dana
He isn't a wonder kid cuz he's 23 but he is a beast. Will become a legend.
John Huj
John Huj Prije 8 dana
OneFootball: No one knows Cherki Everyone playing FIFA 21: Oh really
Aayush Lamsal
Aayush Lamsal Prije 8 dana
@Naman Kumar don't be gutted just say you dont know how to play or you cant have it thats all
John Huj
John Huj Prije 8 dana
@Naman Kumar ?
@Naman Kumar yes
Naman Kumar
Naman Kumar Prije 8 dana
if u play fifa 21 you are the part of problem
John Huj
John Huj Prije 8 dana
@LFC ALLEZ I liked your comment even though I hate LFC
Mo Gnabry
Mo Gnabry Prije 8 dana
Liam Morrison isnt even the best defender in the bayern youth teams...
Sanket Hande
Sanket Hande Prije 8 dana
@XxAquaFreshGxX under 19 , not in first team
XxAquaFreshGxX Prije 8 dana
@ishimwe sabin sule
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 8 dana
who's better?!
Shorya Vats
Shorya Vats Prije 8 dana
Hi, on the road to getting 10 hearts from one football so far I got 1 but idk how youtube works One football make this dream happen please
Shorya Vats
Shorya Vats Prije 8 dana
Lol I'm being greedy but if I get 10 hearts then can you shout out my best friends Mr.bunnyteeth XxgamerdudexX and shaurya moholkar
Shorya Vats
Shorya Vats Prije 8 dana
Ayye you made it 2 thanks luv yall football gurus. You my religion st this point
Shahed Ali
Shahed Ali Prije 8 dana
He even looks like Pogba lol
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