Cristiano Ronaldo's NEXT club is...

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Prije 14 dana

Matt looks at 5 potential challenges for Cristiano Ronaldo if he leaves Juventus next summer!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 13 dana
If you were Cristiano, where would you go?
Darren Aruja
Darren Aruja Prije 13 sati
Back to Man Utd
All that She Hearts
All that She Hearts Prije 4 dana
Man United
Must Playz Animations
Must Playz Animations Prije 4 dana
MR.BS2 Prije 5 dana
@Mohamed Angul àaa
Deepank Devate
Deepank Devate Prije 6 dana
Abraham Mangesho
Abraham Mangesho Prije 14 sati
PSG: Another Country to conquer. He proves his style in England, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Why not bring NMR (Neymar Mbappe and Ronaldo) to the Ligue 1 and tear it up completely. So yes Man Utd: He will be scoring goals as fast as even spelling goals, he will cause other players like greenwood, martial, Cavani, and other strikers to be benched. And UTD has not given up their pursuit for Sancho. But the last dance, Messi in City vs Ronaldo in Man Utd, AW MAN THAT'S THE GOOD REASON. But still. So no Inter Miami: I think yes because clubs in America can pay a serious amount of cash and Beckham there ehhh. Ok. It's a good retirement league not bad. Retirement: My guy is stubborn he won't listen to anyone concerning retirement. He does have a body of a 23-year-old and he is still fit, I think he can play to the age of 42 if he keeps up this rate. So no Madrid: Yes. Because these so-called "youngster wonder kids" are going to be the next Ronaldo. Nah, how about they bring in the actual Ronaldo and start winning Champions leagues again.
Rusty Lino
Rusty Lino Prije 15 sati
trajectory 101
trajectory 101 Prije dan
CPGXdude Prije dan
2021-2023 Paris Saint Germain 2023-2025 Inter-Miami CF
F3 PLAYZ Prije dan
It is inevitable now messi will go to man city so ronaldo should go to man united
Jeffy Mathew
Jeffy Mathew Prije dan
*He'll go out of Europe to MLS when he's 41*
Bibek Subba
Bibek Subba Prije 2 dana
I wish he should be back to manchester united ..........and make them sing again🎶🎶 glory glory man united🎶🎶
All that She Hearts
All that She Hearts Prije 4 dana
CR7 is going to MAN UNITED
Ganesh K R
Ganesh K R Prije 4 dana
What if Ronaldo goes to Man U and Messi to MAN CITY , so it makes the MANCHESTER DERBY more and more interesting . I am this to happen 🔥🔥🔥
Muhammad Ali Qamar
Muhammad Ali Qamar Prije 4 dana
Imagine him uniting with Messi at Barcelona
jor sam
jor sam Prije 4 dana
You're such a bias Clown! RM don't need Ronaldo that's still in top form, but MC needs Messi who's declining and has 1 goal in open play this season. LOL
scot mac
scot mac Prije 4 dana
CR7 looks like he is in better shape than Ibrahimavich and Zlatan is ripping up Serie A at 39yrs old. CR7 could prob play until he's 41-42yrs old. 🤔
scot mac
scot mac Prije 4 dana
Like the old saying goes "you should never go back". I agree with that so he shouldn't go back to Real or Man Utd.
HenSt1985 Prije 5 dana
Real can also play with diamond formation (or 4312) and 2 strikers of Ronaldo - Benzema, with Benzema playing a false 9 role. With Hazard as a central CAM & Kroos/Casemiro/Valverde/Modric as the rest of the midfielders.
Corneilus Grego
Corneilus Grego Prije 5 dana
Nyana nyana spice
Nyana nyana spice Prije 5 dana
If I was ronaldo I would go to sporting
Nyana nyana spice
Nyana nyana spice Prije 5 dana
What about wolves?
Tom Cole
Tom Cole Prije 5 dana
Sporting Lisbon or man united
Rudy Lenk
Rudy Lenk Prije 7 dana
I think Manchester United because our club needs some help
Jack PUGH Prije 7 dana
Manchester united
Ethan Jackson
Ethan Jackson Prije 7 dana
I would go to villa. To be serious I would go to Man U and also if they can’t afford sancho they ain’t going to get ronaldo.
Daniel Moses
Daniel Moses Prije 7 dana
go to City
Aasrav Gyawali
Aasrav Gyawali Prije 7 dana
Real madrid 50 : PSG 50 if I was CR7 but I prefer PSG!!!!!!!!!!11
Aasrav Gyawali
Aasrav Gyawali Prije 7 dana
If ronaldo in PSG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PSG will take every trophy of every compitition , and their attacking will be a 💥💥💥💥💥 with di maria attack mid-feild, MBAPPE , NEYMAR and RONALDO!!!!!!! Neymar"s MSN( Messi ,Suarez, Neymar ) trio"s end will again regenerate RMN(Ronaldo , Mbappe , Neymar) trio
Aasrav Gyawali
Aasrav Gyawali Prije 7 dana
Ronaldo was fine in real madrid / RONALDO back to man utd , no way it is trophyless for more than 4 years no way!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣
PyneCone Prije 7 dana
PSG would definitely get him if he is available
Amith bharat
Amith bharat Prije 8 dana
he will come to the indian league
waheed Alhamaid
waheed Alhamaid Prije 8 dana
I want him to join man u soo bad
Shadow Slayer
Shadow Slayer Prije 8 dana
Athletico madrid
VIDEO GAMING HD Prije 8 dana
Matt: Ronaldo on the right side for Man United..... Also Matt: Ronaldo CAN ONLY play STRIKER for Real Madrid and forgets he can paly right wing
Aditya Rangari
Aditya Rangari Prije 9 dana
PSG,Real or Man U
Avocatobigpp Prije 9 dana
Should move go wolves
Sasson Gideon
Sasson Gideon Prije 9 dana
Imagine both Ronaldo and Messi goes to inter Miami
Mohammed Abdelatty
Mohammed Abdelatty Prije 9 dana
Ronny comeback
Ostoja Stojanovic
Ostoja Stojanovic Prije 9 dana
Oh yes the man u deal sounds perfect! Think of all the pl fantasy points!
꧁prince M꧂
꧁prince M꧂ Prije 9 dana
Imagine if a club like Fulham signed ronaldo
Heinz-Wilhelm Guderian
Heinz-Wilhelm Guderian Prije 9 dana
So you wanna tell me That Ronaldo cant replace Rodrygo, vinicius, or hazard? Pls
Smitha Reji Mathew
Smitha Reji Mathew Prije 9 dana
Tigran Ter-Matevosyan
Tigran Ter-Matevosyan Prije 9 dana
The GOAT should come back to Real Madrid
VMRRandomFilms Prije 9 dana
he would get so much hate lol
Pramit Dey
Pramit Dey Prije 10 dana
Karim El Malt
Karim El Malt Prije 10 dana
Maybe cr7 could finally learn Rashford that knuckle ball.
2ZeK Prije 10 dana
Mate, i know the messi and man city V ronaldo and man united but i think messi has a small chance of getting messi i double it but just IMAGINE if they also somehow got Sancho so the front three of Sancho Ronaldo and Messsi ir whatever order you want it would help sancho loads to improve even more by having to of the best players ever
David Jordanov
David Jordanov Prije 10 dana
Swapping pogba for ronaldo
Mo - Redah
Mo - Redah Prije 10 dana
Ronaldo is treating to play until he’s 78 years old retiring unrealistic
Sumita Jagga
Sumita Jagga Prije 10 dana
I hope he leaves for psg
masgos 10
masgos 10 Prije 11 dana
imagen if ronaldo goes to barcelona
Ranjeet Kaur
Ranjeet Kaur Prije 11 dana
tbh all these people are only saying wolves because they are portugal fc like ronaldo is but he has ACTUALLY been linked to wolves lately
Fardin Sarwar
Fardin Sarwar Prije 11 dana
Who thinks his going to Wolves to Represent his country?
pharoah P
pharoah P Prije 11 dana
he is not going to MLS for money,he is retiring at juv
Raheem #
Raheem # Prije 11 dana
He’s not going to spain for obvious reasons 😭😭😭 man utd or psg
Zayd Muhammad
Zayd Muhammad Prije 11 dana
Manchester United for sure.
AZRAEL LEGION Prije 11 dana
This video sucks
Shebul Miah
Shebul Miah Prije 11 dana
I wanna really see to PSG for the new challenge even boss CR7 will be play with Neymar,Mbappe😍that’s will be outstanding...even PSG will be more then more stronger then any other club..
Prince Nkansah
Prince Nkansah Prije 11 dana
Aditya Shankar
Aditya Shankar Prije 11 dana
He should stay in juventus
Pby Games
Pby Games Prije 11 dana
if i were cristiano i will go to manchester united
Andy Shizells - Jeffanaut
Andy Shizells - Jeffanaut Prije 11 dana
Hell go to wolves
Noscp Games
Noscp Games Prije 11 dana
Firepro Prije 11 dana
Wow the night after watching this video I had a dream that Ronaldo played for man utd and messi played for man City in the premier league 🤯
piyush parihar
piyush parihar Prije 12 dana
if he goes juve would be in same condition as real madrid right now - facts
The Warrior
The Warrior Prije 12 dana
not united cr7 has no class to be compare to united players😡 u should know who is those players
Bharat Shukla
Bharat Shukla Prije 12 dana
He'll go to Barcelona.
Angelツ Prije 12 dana
I miss 5 days of football and I come back to see this, wtf did I miss?!
Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz Prije 12 dana
I will continue to follow him but yes, I see him as a coach! It's naturally him.
Bhavik Akshaj
Bhavik Akshaj Prije 12 dana
Please come to United! PLEASE!!!
T0RNADO Prije 12 dana
Ronaldo should go to Wolves. Portuguese coach, loads of Portuguese players that he plays with in Portugal. My opinions, don’t judge me.
Wizard Wolf
Wizard Wolf Prije 12 dana
I realy like Ronaldo unless he scores goals to my favorite team ATLETI
Fahad Daniyal
Fahad Daniyal Prije 12 dana
I Would love to see him back at Manchester United playing against Messi of Manchester City in the Manchester Derby !!! 💗
Rafael 669
Rafael 669 Prije 12 dana
Imagine Ronaldo joining Messi in Barca that will never happen
Rafael 669
Rafael 669 Prije 12 dana
Imagine Ronaldo joining the MlS
Rafael 669
Rafael 669 Prije 12 dana
I want Cristiano Ronaldo to join PSG Neymar Ronaldo Mbappe
allan foster
allan foster Prije 12 dana
Manchester United
Bhaveer Singh
Bhaveer Singh Prije 12 dana
Ed woodword: are you sure about that?
TheMasterChannelYT Prije 12 dana
I would move to Man U
Navin Joseph
Navin Joseph Prije 12 dana
He'll end up in PSG if Neymar, Mbappe or Di Maria leaves
Mr. Wiktor
Mr. Wiktor Prije 12 dana
United can't sign Ronaldo, alexis was great before joining, can't take that risk
Ahmed Yahyaoui
Ahmed Yahyaoui Prije 12 dana
manchester united
Cameron Birch
Cameron Birch Prije 12 dana
Kiran Sai
Kiran Sai Prije 12 dana
Wolves could be a better option instead of real madrid
AEmmanuel Official
AEmmanuel Official Prije 12 dana
RIP Ghana Former President JJ Rawlings For the video
Hamze Hakim
Hamze Hakim Prije 12 dana
ManchesterUnited don't need ronaldo b/c he is old
Kushal Roy
Kushal Roy Prije 12 dana
Good analysis. But Ronaldo is also an extremely passionate player and his relation with United I think he has a good chance. Also United owners are about money and merchandise sell will go through the roof. Favorite PSG, but if mbappe and Neymar sign new contract then it's United. Sancho will go elsewhere after this windows saga
picture perfect
picture perfect Prije 12 dana
Meanwhile Indian news channels are claiming that cr7 will play for some indian club next 😂😂😂😂😂😂.......
Callum Mitchley
Callum Mitchley Prije 12 dana
Ronaldo to United and Messi to City 😍😍
Akok Alam
Akok Alam Prije 12 dana
Juventus 70% Psg 20 Real 5% United 5%
Samuel Prije 12 dana
I don't think Ronaldo will leave Europe yet. Maybe in 2/3 Years, after the Qatar World Cup.
Mazhar Hussain
Mazhar Hussain Prije 12 dana
I say Ronaldo will move to utd
ITS FOOTBALL Prije 12 dana
Darth Kendrix
Darth Kendrix Prije 12 dana
Manchester United
Subigyan Mishra
Subigyan Mishra Prije 12 dana
Damn Ronaldo in Man U and Messi in City duuude that would be crazy...
prabhash singh
prabhash singh Prije 12 dana
I think he'll go to PSG or Real Madrid CF......
You're Dead
You're Dead Prije 12 dana
Cristiano already said he'd play in world cup 2022 and he has to stay in Europe for that, if he goes to MLS I'd hate it at least
Tech Evolution
Tech Evolution Prije 12 dana
what ronaldo did at Juve? They didn't make CL QF with him They narrowly won the league He didn't won any league top scorer either anyway Paulo Dybala was the MVP last season, not the player who's had a rape case , remember Katherin Mayorga?
navadeep sharma
navadeep sharma Prije 12 dana
Substitue for ansu fatti😂😂
Bornik Prije 12 dana
Football is not an American sport (soccer for them), they don't treat football with as much importance as they do with the mlb, the nba and the nfl. England, Italy, Germany, France, Spain etc. live and breathe football. Anyways, there's not much competition in the US.
Bornik Prije 12 dana
Football is not an American sport (soccer for them), they don't treat football with as much importance as they do with the mlb, the nba and the nfl. England, Italy, Germany, France, Spain etc. live and breathe football. Anyways, there's not much competition in the US.
Bornik Prije 12 dana
Imagine if Messi and Ronaldo meet in the premier league, that would be epic. What would be more epic is if they met at the Manchester derby.
scot mac
scot mac Prije 12 dana
When CR7 finally hangs up his boots, I'd like to see him go back to Real Madrid as a coach to help the youngsters coming through
scot mac
scot mac Prije 12 dana
If I was CR7, I wouldn't go back to Real Madrid or Man Utd bcoz you've prob heard ex pros say that and I think the same. If I was him I might go to Beckhams Inter Miami. 🤔⚽🥇
Tuchel to get the sack at PSG?! + Grealish to Man City?
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