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With the 2020/21 Champions League tournament almost upon us, it's only right that we bought in a few of our team here at OneFootball to make some predictions ahead of the new campaign!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Who is your ONE player to watch out for?
Yagnik Ganguly
Yagnik Ganguly Prije 19 dana
Haaland obviously. He would have overtaken Lewandowski if he had played more matches in ucl last season.
Samet Prije 20 dana
Morata he doesnt miss anymore
Pranamya Rao
Pranamya Rao Prije 20 dana
Aadeeshvar Singh
Aadeeshvar Singh Prije 22 dana
Jota and Kean as both a lfc and psg fan also Reyna and Torres
Baggington Bear
Baggington Bear Prije 22 dana
Maybe mkennie
Khubayb Choudhury
Khubayb Choudhury Prije 6 dana
Mbappe as One to watch, liverpool to win number 7: LIke if uagree reply if no
Edgymnerc Officialled
Edgymnerc Officialled Prije 7 dana
My prediction: Player to watch out: Ansu Fati Topscorer: Messi... Plssss Dark horse: Lazio... They put up a show against dortmund Winners: Bayern Munich(tho im a barca fan i dont think my team will suddenly turn prime 2008-09 barca xD) finalists: Bayern vs liverpool
RID X GAMING Prije 14 dana
As a juve fan im not confident that we can win the ucl because ronaldo will be playing
Oliver H
Oliver H Prije 20 dana
The chance real will win is 0% because Ronaldo is gone and the refferes too so there is no chance for them anymore
Pranamya Rao
Pranamya Rao Prije 20 dana
Manchester United are going to shock everyone by winning champions league
Kwa Khanya
Kwa Khanya Prije 21 dan
Am I the only who forgot about harland To be honest he has a chance tho
Anil As
Anil As Prije 21 dan
0:56 can you tell me who he said
Mayank Jaiswal
Mayank Jaiswal Prije 21 dan
I don't think any single prediction is going to be correct because it's to hard to predict
Katana Gaming
Katana Gaming Prije 22 dana
My moneys on real mafrid
Katana Gaming
Katana Gaming Prije 22 dana
My homr tesm is ferencvaaros
rdjmcfc Prije 22 dana
Super Duper Lucky
Super Duper Lucky Prije 23 dana
Mine Top goalscorer: Lewandowski, Mbappe or Håland Player to watch: Mbappe Group stage surprise: Porto are gonna make it through Biggest win: Barcelona vs Ferencvaros Dark horse: Chelsea Winner: Barcelona
Uh Ghhj
Uh Ghhj Prije 12 dana
Barca? Hahaha
Ben the Football Kid
Ben the Football Kid Prije 14 dana
Lol Barca
Aadeeshvar Singh
Aadeeshvar Singh Prije 22 dana
Mine Top goalscorer RL9 EBH9 or Werner Player to watch: Moise Kean And Giovanni Reyna Group stage surprise: Rennes are a really good team and I won’t be surprised if they don’t make it through Biggest win: Atalanta vs Midjytland Dark horse: Borussia Monchengladbach they weee awesome against Madrid and won’t be surprised if they make it through Winner: Bayern Munich
Anton williams
Anton williams Prije 24 dana
Real Madrid are on the verge of going to the Europa league
Alan Martin
Alan Martin Prije 24 dana
Matt is probably the most knowledgeable about football
Sumedh PAUL
Sumedh PAUL Prije 24 dana
who is here after the real madrid lost to shakhtar and drew magabalch
Cristiano Laha
Cristiano Laha Prije 25 dana
Real Madrid bc😂😂👍 please Stop it
Holly Prije 25 dana
and Thuram already made a name for himself after madrid game
Garvit Chadha
Garvit Chadha Prije 26 dana
Mark what u saying noww utd to top the group
F MW Prije 26 dana
Little did matt know marseille literally lost 3:0 to man City... 😂😂
fisayo omodara
fisayo omodara Prije 27 dana
Neymar is too good
david Carreño
david Carreño Prije 28 dana
Anyone here after real 2-3 shaktar
Akok Alam
Akok Alam Prije 28 dana
If real improve their front line they could win.but I think Juventus will win UCL
FiliX JunioR
FiliX JunioR Prije 29 dana
Player to watch for me is ARON WAN BISSAKA destroying all the wingers😂😂😂😁
Alon Shveiky
Alon Shveiky Prije 29 dana
No chance Juve.. clueless coach
js99 Prije mjesec
Anyone here after Athletico got trashed by Bayern?
aomunich Prije 29 dana
yes, this prediction is for the garbage. Bayern are the top favorite like we never have a long time ago before. There is a big gap between Bayern and the rest. Normally you have always 3-4 teams who are strong, but not this season. Just Bayern have a top squad. 4-0 against Atletico without Gnabry and Sané and with a tired Müller and Lewy. No problem for Bayern, they have Coman, Goretzka, Tolisso and Kimmich to destroy Atletico. Next game maybe Coman and Goretzka are tired then Müller and Sané destroy or Lewy and Gnabry. This Bayern team have so much potenzial like no other team and the large part of the team is 25 years old and younger.
Max Power
Max Power Prije mjesec
who is here after West Ham 1:1 Man City
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Prije mjesec
This Season is so open Bayern and PSG are the clearly two best teams but Juventus and Atletico very Unpredictable Barca and Real Rebuilding Man City and Liverpool very very Inconsistent Ranking Most Likely to Least 1.Bayern 2.P$G 3.Atletico 4.Man City 5.Liverpool 6.Barcelona 7.Juventus 8.Real Madrid
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Prije mjesec
Kuluveschi and Camavinga are players to Watch out for
Радостин Лазов
Радостин Лазов Prije mjesec
No way Real will win the UCL lmao
Ben the Football Kid
Ben the Football Kid Prije 14 dana
Rayn Anwar
Rayn Anwar Prije mjesec
Why are people rating juve so highly?
Totzi Toto
Totzi Toto Prije mjesec
Real Madrid😂😂😂Donezk
A.G0901 Prije mjesec
these morons said real madrid lmao
Chunsin Goodwill
Chunsin Goodwill Prije mjesec
I just miss to laugh on time..... your prediction hahaha
Vivaan Singh
Vivaan Singh Prije mjesec
Asking about who will win the UCL... All others: "Bayern Munich will win the UCL." Me: Fair enough... Finally...Matt: "I think..." Me: *Thinking* - 'Just finish the sentence by saying Bayern Munich' Also Me: *Picks up a glass of water beside me* Also Matt: "...Real Madrid is going to win the UCL" Me: *Chokes*
Eshwar Prabhakar
Eshwar Prabhakar Prije 9 dana
@Vivaan Singh every teams spark ends after winning a title and again returns within short time as tournament became highly competitive so no team can win consecutively for doing so luck should favour
Vivaan Singh
Vivaan Singh Prije 19 dana
@Yagnik Ganguly Yeah I know, but currently Bayern Munich are playing the best even though I hate this fact... But you are right, Bayern Munich's wins are coming by very small margins and they are lacking the spark they had last season.
Yagnik Ganguly
Yagnik Ganguly Prije 19 dana
I don't think Bayern Munich will be able to win this time. They played terrific last season but I don't hink they will be able to repeat it.
Valene Gwanongodza
Valene Gwanongodza Prije mjesec
Ruben Dias player to watch
LFC 1892
LFC 1892 Prije mjesec
I can really feel a Liverpool V Bayern Munich UCL Final
LFC 1892
LFC 1892 Prije 24 dana
@Some1 alisson is back?????
Some1 Prije 24 dana
Idk bout that no alisson and van dijk
Be Rice Dashark2
Be Rice Dashark2 Prije mjesec
So no one said Ansu Fati as player to watch 🧐
aomunich Prije 29 dana
difficult to shine when you play in a worse team.
Abhik Mazumder
Abhik Mazumder Prije mjesec
Surprised no one picked liverpool to win
Mohd Rabi
Mohd Rabi Prije mjesec
Back here to laugh at all those who thought Real Madrid will win the title let alone challenge for it. What an absolute joke these guys produce sometimes
shadow 0614
shadow 0614 Prije mjesec
Did anyone real medrid are gonna win the ucl there defence and there overall game is so bad they lost to shakhter🤣🤣🤣
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Prije mjesec
Why tf is everyone praising real Madrid they have no chance. Dark horse will be man utd, always play well against big teams. That lad from Juventus is nothing special compared to other youngsters.
MTX_MRC'-' Prije mjesec
I would say Barca but....... so Chelsea or Liverpool
Aryan Jangra
Aryan Jangra Prije mjesec
Just bcuz Real Madrid won LaLiga last season doesnt mean they are European favourites you bullshitters.....Even Barca won the Liga in 17-18 and 18-19 seasons and we all know the European results.....League win should NEVER EVER be compared to European win........
AlphA RitviK
AlphA RitviK Prije mjesec
Its simple the clubs who have a chance are psg, man city,real these 3 have the most chance. Liverpool is also another one but virgil’s injury will be tough to handle. Barca will also not win as they are still rebuilding but after 2-3 yrs they will win if they have young players and messi. Man united? No chance.
Eshwar Prabhakar
Eshwar Prabhakar Prije 9 dana
@AlphA RitviK dont be confident anything may happen
AlphA RitviK
AlphA RitviK Prije 28 dana
@aomunich dude bayern will win the champions leauge. They are stronget than psg,madrid by a mile. Just saying that psg, madrid are contenders for semi finals,finals. Everyone knows bayern will win ucl again
aomunich Prije 29 dana
@AlphA RitviK Bayern are the big favorite and there is a big gap to the next teams. Normally you have 3-4 strong teams but not this season. Only Bayern have a strong team. Flick have 14-15 A-class field players. Maybe Süle, Goretzka and Gnabry are out of shape or injured, the Flick brings Boateng, Tolisso and Sané/Coman. Against Atletico Müller and Lewy have a average day and Sané and Gnabry was injured, then Coman, Goretzka and Tolisso destroy Atletico. What makes Zidane, Pep and Tuchel when Ramos, Benzema, de Bruyne, Sterling, Neymar and Mbappe are injured? Or who wins the games when this players have a bad day? Bayern is stronger then last season and all the other teams are not better then last season.
AlphA RitviK
AlphA RitviK Prije mjesec
@vibes bro i mean to say that these teams might win. Bayern may slip u never know
vibes Prije mjesec
Real and PSG over Bayern? Never
vladimir zareski
vladimir zareski Prije mjesec
why do you all hate barca??
aCe OfSpAdEs
aCe OfSpAdEs Prije mjesec
Little does everyone know, Ousmane will get on the scoresheet along with Coutihno, Pedri, Fati and ofc the GOAT Messi(for barca). Who saw that coming?
Zayanullah khan
Zayanullah khan Prije mjesec
Amir Prije mjesec
Someone actually said Benzema is his 2nd choice for top goal scorer. Does this guy even watch football? Benzema is having trouble scoring in La Liga. Imagine him in the CL
AJIN LAL Prije mjesec
Bruno will show his class.
D. BARTL Prije mjesec
It's FerenZvaroSH!*
good ebinig
good ebinig Prije mjesec
Top goalscorer: messi One player to watch: mbappe Group stage surprise: Manchester United Group stage biggest win: PSG VS Istanbul basikseher Dark horse: Atlanta Winner: man city Runner's up: Barcelona
Micheal Joseph
Micheal Joseph Prije mjesec
Mancity wont even qualify for semis 😂
Aditya Rai
Aditya Rai Prije mjesec
Winners : Man City 😅😅😓???
Jake Pool
Jake Pool Prije mjesec
@David Sim Nah mbappe isn’t good
David Sim
David Sim Prije mjesec
Goalscorer not messi not CR7 mbappr
Jake Pool
Jake Pool Prije mjesec
@parker 93 Well this aged well, go see Madrid are losing already
Phillip Ortiz
Phillip Ortiz Prije mjesec
Sleeping on PSG like always lol
Chikezi Alexis
Chikezi Alexis Prije mjesec
Rennes will be second and play Lazio in last 16.Beat them and make last 8
DDog21 Prije mjesec
Jeronimo 921
Jeronimo 921 Prije mjesec
If barca get everything right this season I can see them winning everything but I can also see the refs and var helping Real Madrid out for la liga and how the refs try to stop barca from winning the league. Also I wouldn’t be surprised to see the refs favoring real in the UCL as usual but they won’t win it
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques Prije mjesec
for me the favourites are juve. Ronaldo was on fire before getting covid, chiesa has finally signed with them, kulusevski looks bright, and for once they dont have to rely on ronaldo just dragging them all the way. In fact ronaldo will benefit from having a half decent team in juve because if he could score 37 for them when they had the worst midfield in Europe I think he might destroy the UCL with a good team. Just my gut feeling. That this will be Ronaldo, buffon and Juventus's year. But obviously u cant bet against Real Madrid because they can win UCL's in their sleep.
Ben the Football Kid
Ben the Football Kid Prije 14 dana
Zahir Abbas Mogul
Zahir Abbas Mogul Prije mjesec
Agree with angelina choices first halland & then camvinga
Francisco Leon
Francisco Leon Prije mjesec
No one pick Barcelona to win the champions league
Francisco Leon
Francisco Leon Prije mjesec
Bayern Munich will repeat
JA 10
JA 10 Prije mjesec
Real Madrid can't score against Cadis man
Srinivasan K
Srinivasan K Prije mjesec
I think De Bruyne will impress. Do you?
Jake Pool
Jake Pool Prije 14 dana
@Ben the Football Kid ok
Ben the Football Kid
Ben the Football Kid Prije 14 dana
@Jake Pool You can’t play with two clubs in the Ucl the same year Couthino couldn’t play.
Jake Pool
Jake Pool Prije mjesec
Same. Imagine if Messi joins in January. The Messi and Kdb will feed the strikers. If Messi does join in jan, then the top scorer has to be a city player
Alexander Chronos
Alexander Chronos Prije mjesec
I'm a Madridista and I don't see us winning the Champions league this season. Period......... Dortmund is the favorite now
Sonwabile Booi
Sonwabile Booi Prije mjesec
Barca fan here. I wish the whole Barcelona community would remain silent while we figure ourselves out and let the football do the talking. We are massively looked down upon and that could work to our advantage. If we have a bad season, it's expected. I wish we could preform well but on the DL. Even if we get to the UCL final, we must remain quiet. Let the rest of world keep talking badly about us
Chaitanya Jha
Chaitanya Jha Prije mjesec
Real Madrid? Us, really of all the teams? Damn, we just struggled to beat a newly promoted Cadiz. I can only imagine us winning the UCL this season. *IMAGINE*
Dr Overide
Dr Overide Prije mjesec
Mahmoud Sabouni
Mahmoud Sabouni Prije mjesec
Why people think that Real Madrid have even the slightest chance of winning the Champions League is beyond me. Let them win La Liga first, and then we'll talk. They deservedly lost to a newly promoted side in Cadiz, and last year (supposedly in form) lost to an injury plagued Manchester City that always chokes in the Champions League. Come on guys!
Bexar Prije mjesec
Real is honestly bad this season.
Marcus Luka
Marcus Luka Prije mjesec
I just got back my account thanks to @steve.watcher such an incredible hacker. Find him on Instagram to get this and more services✅👍🏾
Jean aime Ngarukiye
Jean aime Ngarukiye Prije mjesec
Futbol club barca will win 123456 trophy's I mean it seriously after bartomeu leaves
Πίκλας Ντικ
Πίκλας Ντικ Prije mjesec
Rennes will be Atalanta of this season. Screenshot this.
Mark Morales
Mark Morales Prije mjesec
Real Madrid 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sugma Dick's
Sugma Dick's Prije mjesec
Nicos english is so well!
SKB Prije mjesec
Players to watch 1. Dominik Saboszlai 2. Camavinga 3. Immobile 4. Bruno Fernandez 5. Greenwood 6. Havertz 7. Musiala
Vedant Singh
Vedant Singh Prije mjesec
The people saying Real Madrid are going to win the champions league have honestly no idea about football unless it's English football, have you guys seen how Madrid are playing at the start of this season and last season? They won the league last season due to lucky decisions and the terrible form of Barcelona, and they just got beaten by Cidaz, a newly promoted side, yesterday 0-1 at home, and they were so so so terrible!!! How can you expect such a team to win the Champions League!?!? It's going to be Bayern Munich again no argument about it.
Sazzad ABRAR
Sazzad ABRAR Prije mjesec
Haaland Vs Mbappe & The winner will first arrive in Real Madrid. I hope both.
Ray MondO
Ray MondO Prije mjesec
Matt knows everything🐐🐐🐐🐐 Allez l’ommmmⓂ️
k.m.vimala manoj
k.m.vimala manoj Prije mjesec
Come on there is absolutely nooo way real are going to win it.. They can't even get through a promoted team
Marvin Nash
Marvin Nash Prije mjesec
Winner: Liverpool Top goalscorer: Ronaldo or Salah
Paul Bloggs
Paul Bloggs Prije mjesec
Angelina heads up, a W in polish is a v! Being a British pole it does my head in hearing lewandowski pronounced like the big Lebowski
Jericho Madrigal
Jericho Madrigal Prije mjesec
Lewandowski Camavinga/Fati OM Lazio/OM Barcelona Barca VS Ferencvaros
Avaflakiez Prije mjesec
ronaldo said 2022 world cup will be when he retires
Denim Kh
Denim Kh Prije mjesec
Real madrid won't win this champions league. They can't even score a goal.
Orlo Prije mjesec
Things can change very quickly so I wouldn’t say all that
em alee
em alee Prije mjesec
Top Scorer: Lewandowski Player to watch: Gio Reyna Darkhorse: BVB or Leipzig Winners: FC Bayern
Shaharin Ahmed
Shaharin Ahmed Prije mjesec
please @OneFootball English reply. Matt, this is for you, i have just seen the ucl prediction video in german onefootball channel where i was surprised to see you speak in german, i thought you were english? did you teach yourself german? or you have german roots or something? Mainly i wanna know why have you learn german, please reply
Nevalth Prije mjesec
Bayern going for the 7th for sure
Darnell Williams
Darnell Williams Prije mjesec
Yes sir 😍
Samuel Simpson
Samuel Simpson Prije mjesec
Who is Camavinga?
Darnell Williams
Darnell Williams Prije mjesec
Barca fans really need to start watching football outside their club
RITIK SHAH Prije mjesec
How could one possibly predict Madrid as winners when they do not have Cristiano with them. I mean just look at the past 2 UCL Campaigns!
Vedanth Nair
Vedanth Nair Prije mjesec
I dont think Bayern will win it cuz they've looked just a bit shaky Not real either they have had a terrible start scraping wins out of shit teams and losing to Cadiz
aomunich Prije 29 dana
shaky? 4-0 vs Atletico without Gnabry and Sane and a average Müller and Lewy. 5-0 against Frankfurt with the new Backups Sarr and Costa and other players on the field in the rest mode. More clear favorites like Bayern you have the last 10 years not really.
Darnell Williams
Darnell Williams Prije mjesec
Compare Bayern to every other team right now their clear favorites
FrizBee Prije mjesec
Favourites to win the UCL: 1) Bayern Munich 2) Paris Saint Germain 3) Juventus 4) Real Madrid 5) Liverpool 6) FC Barcelona Anyone agrees with me? 🤔
Jake Pool
Jake Pool Prije 13 dana
@Ben the Football Kid That was a whole different Bayern. If you seriously think Liverpool are better then Bayern, then your just a delusional Liverpool fan
Ben the Football Kid
Ben the Football Kid Prije 13 dana
@Jake Pool Bayern were poor for 80 minutes vs Salzburg they give away chances but team can’t finish. You don’t win back to back these days a Liverpool vs Atalanta would beat Bayern did we let Lewandowski score vs is in 2019 no did we beat Bayern yes.
Jake Pool
Jake Pool Prije 13 dana
@Ben the Football Kid Have you seen Bayern so far!? No way in hell Liverpool are winning. Even Barca have a better chance
Ben the Football Kid
Ben the Football Kid Prije 13 dana
@Jake Pool Why are they a lol they have been humiliated a few times and won the Ucl Bayern lost 4-1 City lost 2-5 Oshkosh lost there first two games Juventus keep dropping points it’s 2020
Jake Pool
Jake Pool Prije 14 dana
@Ben the Football Kid Are you high? Liverpool LOLLLLLL
Harish Hazard
Harish Hazard Prije mjesec
oh god why would u choose real, did you see them play this weekend
Darayes Prije mjesec
Bayern Winner💖
Sunil Umoh
Sunil Umoh Prije mjesec
Player to watch: Florian Neuhaus cuz I h a vs borussia monchengladbach
Charlie Rawlings
Charlie Rawlings Prije mjesec
And if Everton make it then Calvert Lewin?
Naivedhya Khatri
Naivedhya Khatri Prije mjesec
Player to watch? Jamal Musiala. 🔥
Dude Dude
Dude Dude Prije mjesec
Everybody: Real Madrid will win CL Real Madrid: They lose to a newly promoted pub team in La Liga
aomunich Prije 29 dana
@Mouhcine Taoufiq Kovac was not worse he makes the cut and form a new team. 18/19 Ribery, Robben, Boateng/Hummels, Martinez and Rafinha out, Coman, Gnabry, Goretzka and Süle in. 19/20 normally Hernandez in for Boateng/Hummels and Sané in for Coman. Also Thiago with a different roll next to Goretzka. Bayern have a lot of injury problems at the start of the last season and also new players and a small squad. Hernandez and Pavard new, Hernandez was injured like Alaba, Goretzka and Süle. Against Frankfurt the new Pavard plays next to the shapeless Boateng, the new center back Alaba and the new left back Davies. After 10min Boateng gets a red card and Kimmich goes back as center Back. Also the new Coutinho must plays because of Rummenigge. Kovac never wants Coutinho because he had Müller for the 10. But Rummenigge hates Müller and this was the reason why Coutinho have to play on the 10.
Harun Ahmed
Harun Ahmed Prije mjesec
@Olu Williams true, I don’t think that Madrid will get far, I just think that every team has bad days
Olu Williams
Olu Williams Prije mjesec
@Harun Ahmed Yeah you are somewhat right. But i think its also about how they lost, Bayern were down to 10 man in the first 15 or so min (might have lost anyway). Real just looks like a team that cant score more than 1-2 goals a game and now they dont even look good defensivley.
Harun Ahmed
Harun Ahmed Prije mjesec
@Mouhcine Taoufiq my point was that just bc you lose to a bad team doesn’t mean you won’t do well, I don’t think Madrid are favorites either but Cadiz winning doesn’t mean anything really in the ucl, psg lost to 16th placed dijon early in the season and still made the ucl final
Mouhcine Taoufiq
Mouhcine Taoufiq Prije mjesec
@Harun Ahmed Bayern had the personnel, but the coach was the worst we had since 2009, Real still needs some new and fresh blood, they'll go for Camavinga and/or Mbappé or Haaland next season. then I'll place them as favourites yet again.
Subhajit Paramanik
Subhajit Paramanik Prije mjesec
I want to work for onefootball what should i do ?
Samuel Montano
Samuel Montano Prije mjesec
Honestly would love it if there was a group stage if Red Bull sponsor😂
Ansh Prije mjesec
Real Madrid to win the thing wtf 2 people actually consider them that worthy xD they just lost to Cadiz bayern Liverpool city psg?????????
Visca Barcelona
Visca Barcelona Prije mjesec
Who is here to see these clowns after Cadiz defeated Real Madrid.
Joban Sidhu
Joban Sidhu Prije mjesec
Ha barca lost 1-0 too u 🤡
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