Is Jota BETTER than Firmino? + Sergio Ramos is THE GOAT 🐐

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Prije 21 dan

On today's OneFootball Daily News... does Jurgen Klopp have a selection headache with Diogo Jota's outstanding form leaving Firmino's position in doubt for Liverpool? Plus Sergio Ramos proves he's the GOAT once and for all as Real Madrid defeat Inter Milan in the Champions League, Conte wants rid of Eriksen at Inter, plus all the latest transfer news and rumours from around the world!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 20 dana
Is Diogo Jota a better choice to start over Firmino at Liverpool?
snipin4dayyyz gaming
snipin4dayyyz gaming Prije 18 dana
Angelo Kabeya
Angelo Kabeya Prije 19 dana
Amita Prakash
Amita Prakash Prije 20 dana
Samuel Prije 20 dana
I trust Klopp, glad we have both and we have options We've been struggling for depth for years and now we are at the point where we have world class players not even making the XI
Angelo Alpha
Angelo Alpha Prije 20 dana
@dhanush s but he still scored a hat trick Oh wait wasn't Ronaldo a winger not a striker. Oh wait wasn't Mbappe a winger not a striker. Oh wait I forgot your a dumbass
Harry Nuttall
Harry Nuttall Prije 16 dana
I think sirea a will be the best tittle race too
Freddy McM
Freddy McM Prije 16 dana
I think the Scottish league
E REKT Prije 17 dana
My man can you define cintilating
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby Prije 17 dana
Ramos does not prove he is the best.prove shows it that he is the best
Umesh Gaikwad
Umesh Gaikwad Prije 18 dana
Is virgil better than ramos? I won't think being a madrid fan I think ramos is best
kaiserHD Booi
kaiserHD Booi Prije 18 dana
Last season Ramos scored more goals than Firmino,
John Tubman
John Tubman Prije 19 dana
Jota Is young but he is already amazing 😍
Tejiri David
Tejiri David Prije 19 dana
I rather have Sergio Ramos as a no 9 than Firmino 😂
Ricardo Prije 17 dana
sometimes I use him as ST in fifa
Jan Heimanm
Jan Heimanm Prije 19 dana
Ramos is the best defender of all Time
Rishab .b
Rishab .b Prije 19 dana
I feel for hakimi, lost against his former club AND contracts covid the very next day! Poor guy
krim belkacem
krim belkacem Prije 19 dana
supratik roy
supratik roy Prije 20 dana
Even though I am a die-hard barca fan but still I would say he is the best defender otg..he is at his top level for last 12-13 years...YES HE IS THE BEST
Jazorique Williams
Jazorique Williams Prije 20 dana
I think Klopp will go with the 4-2-3-1 formation. Salah up front with Mane, Bobby and Jota behind him. Thiago and Hendo holds in front of Gomez and Philips.
Yahsan 1911
Yahsan 1911 Prije 20 dana
i still feel that EPL is the toughest and the most challenging league in the world
Maksud Hossain
Maksud Hossain Prije 20 dana
Matt is back. He's back!!!!!!!! 😀😀😀
Nirvaan Datta
Nirvaan Datta Prije 20 dana
Ruth KL
Ruth KL Prije 20 dana
Surely he is the best defender in the world ❤
RipJaw Prije 20 dana
Barca Pur Release Clauses In Players Like Me in Fifa Career
RipJaw Prije 20 dana
Ramos Is The Bast Defender.I Hate People That Are Always Saying "OOOOHHH Van DIjk"Not Yet Boi
Joao Abreu
Joao Abreu Prije 20 dana
The most exiting title race will be the serie a no not the italian one the brazilian one but if you want europe I think Premier league the italian serie a
Tekkz Football
Tekkz Football Prije 20 dana
Ramos the goat?! Bruh no way😂😂😂 just cuz he scores lots pens
Tekkz Football
Tekkz Football Prije 17 dana
@Ricardo ok
Ricardo Prije 17 dana
@Tekkz Football The conversation was about Goals and I dont really have to talk that much about Sergio's defending capabilities
Tekkz Football
Tekkz Football Prije 17 dana
@Ricardo ok idc but just cuz u score goals as a defender doesn't mean you are a goat
Ricardo Prije 17 dana
less than 30 goals are penalties
Ken Minx
Ken Minx Prije 20 dana
RAMOS IS THE GOAT. NO DEBATE. Isco to everton would be wild. He deserves to play. Legend
Sami Alga
Sami Alga Prije 20 dana
6:13 is that even ronaldos? look at his thigh mine is bigger then that and i dont even go to the gym
Weldon Sirloin
Weldon Sirloin Prije 20 dana
Diogo Jota was fantastic for Wolves (alongside Jimenez and Traore) so he's perfect as that third man at the front that Liverpool likes. Let the bandwagoning begin.
Ryan Riley
Ryan Riley Prije 20 dana
Erm nah I haven't seen many of us say Bobby should play tbh I think most of us have come to the realization that he's not that good
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts Prije 20 dana
Start both Bobby and Jota, 4-2-3-1 with Bobby playing behind Jota
Jackson K
Jackson K Prije 20 dana
most exciting title races will be serie a and premier league
Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali Prije 20 dana
Vishark107 Prije 20 dana
I miss the old onefootball show u guys did before
Abhideep Jain
Abhideep Jain Prije 20 dana
Jota better then firmino but the goat is always origi
Zoro San
Zoro San Prije 20 dana
Greatest ever? It seems today all it takes to be labelled as the greatest of all time is number of goals and trophies won. You honestly believe he's above Franz Beckenbauer? Oh wait Der Kaiser played in a less challenging era with Pele, Johan Cruyff, Charlton and many other legends in the game at that time.
Heba M elsayed
Heba M elsayed Prije 20 dana
EPL with liverpool, everton and aston villa
August Thuesen
August Thuesen Prije 20 dana
So basically, you say That Eriksen is not a good player? Look at his stats from the First few years He was at Tottenham, it’s just That Conte didn’t reallly want Eriksen in the First place
Ritez Tamang
Ritez Tamang Prije 20 dana
Also the best defender in the world
Dídac Luther-Pérez
Dídac Luther-Pérez Prije 20 dana
Serie A
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije 20 dana
If conte wants Eriksen out he should come to Barcelona
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije 20 dana
Lukaku big miss against real Madrid
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije 20 dana
Play 4-2--3-1 klopp with jota up front and Wjanaldum or shaqiri or Henderson in midfield and regular front 3
Tunde Samod
Tunde Samod Prije 20 dana
mat is back
“The cojones” 😹
Umair Ali
Umair Ali Prije 20 dana
4:20 you mean 17 million pounds
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Prije 20 dana
Where's Angelina?
Adam October
Adam October Prije 20 dana
My signing of the season is regulion he already has 2 assist and is a very versatile player and is quick i think he will flourish in this spurs team with better players !
Grim Reaper 14
Grim Reaper 14 Prije 20 dana
I think firmino should play in CM role At Liverpool and play Diego jota upfront.
Cameron McKinley
Cameron McKinley Prije 20 dana
They already did this great debate a few months ago.
Jack Potter
Jack Potter Prije 20 dana
Ramos the best defender of all time .i agree.what funny is this guy has more goals in his hold carrier than must attackers🤣🤣🤣 .i think he didn't choose his post well from his debut
Mosjti_fin Prije 20 dana
Hey Matt hope you’re ok since you have been gone
skatertreflipable Prije 20 dana
Liverpool gunna get smashed if the dont play jota its too easy to nullify firmino when he drops deep as defenders knows not to get dragged with him Jota on the other hand is constantly moving around the front line of the pitch
Sanket Chopda
Sanket Chopda Prije 20 dana
Juventus and intermilan
SilverJag Prije 20 dana
Diogo Jota is the next Ronaldo and I'd play him IMO, I'm a Liverpool fan
Kevin Karlsson
Kevin Karlsson Prije 20 dana
Ramos has for me always been the greatest defender of all time.
DHAIRYA SHAH Prije 20 dana
Ezinne Ebele Adinnu
Ezinne Ebele Adinnu Prije 20 dana
You're telling me he signed eriksen to want to sell him
An ordinary Liverpool fan
An ordinary Liverpool fan Prije 20 dana
I think playing a 4-2-3-1 vs City is better
Rahesh s Karan
Rahesh s Karan Prije 20 dana
Anthony Regina
Anthony Regina Prije 20 dana
sergio ramos is not the goat
Ben Savage
Ben Savage Prije 20 dana
I've only just noticed he has a very slight lisp like kane
Jamie Clements
Jamie Clements Prije 20 dana
The amount of goals Ramos has scored is “Utterly Ridiculous” as Matt would say 😂🐐
Eshan Basheer
Eshan Basheer Prije 20 dana
Ramos has been one of the best players and goalscorers after the break
FUNKTUBE GH Prije 20 dana
The Serie A is gonna be the most exciting but Juve still gonna win guess why
FUNKTUBE GH Prije 20 dana
4:50 Matt looks like a younger chubby Eriksen 🤣🤣
Tech Evolution
Tech Evolution Prije 20 dana
ramos >>> Drogba Kante >>> Ramos You need a little bit of knowledge to understand what I mean
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije 20 dana
SHAHID WILLIE Prije 20 dana
Boots Gray
Boots Gray Prije 20 dana
Jotas positioning and awareness this season just makes Bobby look bad. I hate to say it but he should start over Bobby.
Leon Eric Avrutin
Leon Eric Avrutin Prije 20 dana
RFPL. No other league worth talking about in Europe has had more winners in the past 6 seasons than them. Simple as that. Is it going down in quality? Yes. Do Russian teams do much of note in Europe? Not really. Is it a competitive league? You bet it is.
Bad man Like Trent
Bad man Like Trent Prije 20 dana
I’d start Jota vs City
Axel Schlecht
Axel Schlecht Prije 20 dana
Ramos is a beast, but don’t forget Hierro when you talk about the best defender in Madrids history 😊
Axel Schlecht
Axel Schlecht Prije 20 dana
Overall 127 goals for Real Madrid, just checked it
Levi Chavers
Levi Chavers Prije 20 dana
pat Prije 20 dana
Sushant Khadka
Sushant Khadka Prije 20 dana
I wouldn't get shocked if firmino ends up behind ramos's total goals at the end of his career😂😂😂
Swastik Dwivedi
Swastik Dwivedi Prije 20 dana
In my opinion, PL will be again the most competitive league to watch this season
Ricardo Prije 17 dana
@phil coutinho Bundesliga competitive? my ass
phil coutinho
phil coutinho Prije 20 dana
nope bundisliga
Javier Torrealba Cordero
Javier Torrealba Cordero Prije 20 dana
I feel like Jota should start over Firmino for a few games and Bobby will eventually get in shape. I also think that Shaqiri should get more playtime than Minamino, he does good on the pitch.
Aniket Shukla
Aniket Shukla Prije 20 dana
Firmino is not a striker. I don't know why people term him as a striker.
Mithilesh 10
Mithilesh 10 Prije 20 dana
Who will choose a guy not in form and acting like a defencive forward I choose jota
M Saileshkumar
M Saileshkumar Prije 20 dana
I hate seeing matt's face,bring back angelina kelly to do daily news.
Bicikl biciklich
Bicikl biciklich Prije 20 dana
Ramos is best defender ever. I mean for that many years to be in such form.. For me, he is best defender ever and maybe best player to score with head.
Geilie Prije 20 dana
Unpopular opinion: Van Dijk is the defender with the most individual quality but Ramos is the most successful/decorated defender
Cadaats Prije 20 dana
I love Matt I’m glad he’s doing it again 👌
Sumit Sen
Sumit Sen Prije 20 dana
Come on matt, in the long run ac milan cannot maintain this incredible performance nor napoli. So I can't see juve having any problem to win seri a. Last year, seeing the points table one can argue that it's very close juve just win the title by 1 point but they already won it before the last two games. I think if there will be any contest for who is winning the league it should be in either epl or la liga. In la liga both real and barca plays like shit so it will be difficult to predict who will win the race. And in epl, since vvd is injured so it will be difficult for liverpool to maintain the winning run.
Geilie Prije 20 dana
“All that defensive work and that nonsense...” Firmino has been a world class player for Liverpool since he has joined them. He’s playing in a role where he is not the main goal scorer, as his job is to drop back and distribute the ball to the wings. Jota played because Firmino needed a break, as well as Klopp changing tactics for the Atalanta game. With his statement Matt is discrediting the work that Firmino has done week in and week out for Liverpool for the past years. Think again before you only judge players based on their current form...
J p b Dude Reviews and Collects
J p b Dude Reviews and Collects Prije 20 dana
Tangeni Iiputa
Tangeni Iiputa Prije 20 dana
For the great debate I think it's the premier league that is the most exciting league.
Abhyuday Kotamarthy
Abhyuday Kotamarthy Prije 20 dana
Umm.. 4-2-3-1.. With both Jota and Firmino.. Firmino in the 10 and Jota up top..
G elite
G elite Prije 20 dana
As a liverpool fan I think you guys should care about your team my team is good it does not matter who start but I rather firmino starting
Ahmed Siddig
Ahmed Siddig Prije 20 dana
Idk I think the premier league will be more competitive as Liverpool lost van dijk so it won’t be that easy and man city are not in their best and we r seeing a lot of clubs not including the big 6 who are stepping up
Shreetam Dash
Shreetam Dash Prije 20 dana
F$$k man i was a barca fan but i cant stop inner support to wards kloops brilliance
MrTerrificH Prije 20 dana
Ngl I was excepting Matt to make a funny remark about how Lucas Vasquez player RB that match 😅🤣🤣😂🤣
Leon Hutchie
Leon Hutchie Prije 20 dana
People fail to remember that firmino isn't a striker. He is an attacking midfielder
Scheree Coleman
Scheree Coleman Prije 20 dana
Nobody: Matt when he starts a rant: *smack*
BEEG Banana
BEEG Banana Prije 20 dana
Nahhh I’m a lfc fan and I think jota is 10x better
DimiTayet Prije 20 dana
"Eriksen doesn't have cajones"- Matt 2020
Alex Seunarine
Alex Seunarine Prije 20 dana
Can firmino play like a cam hmm or in the back of jotaa and the front 3 and if fabinho is fit just put him in cb so that would be a really good idea and he would be closer to the defence
Pranid subedi
Pranid subedi Prije 20 dana
One Football: Sergio Ramos is the GOAT Messi: *stares into the distance*
Uh Ghhj
Uh Ghhj Prije 20 dana
Did you see his back heel tackle on Messi during el Classico
Vidit Nair
Vidit Nair Prije 20 dana
Ramos is better than pique in every aspect of the game and I am a Barca fan
Trystan Grant
Trystan Grant Prije 20 dana
The commentators said that Benzema was only behind Lewandowski
d1realspartan ps4
d1realspartan ps4 Prije 20 dana
Our number 9 give him the ball and he will score every time
Yusuf Ali Sen
Yusuf Ali Sen Prije 20 dana
Best goal scoring defenders are Ronald Koman and roberto Carlos
notJAY Prije 20 dana
i'd choose divok origiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Trystan Grant
Trystan Grant Prije 20 dana
As a Liverpool fan I love Bobby he's got the skills and the tekkers but he's been shit for a while now so I would pick Jota over Bobby any day
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