The REAL reason Liverpool have so many injuries!

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Prije 7 dana

The OneFootball x 442oons show is back and brings you the conspiracies behind Liverpool and their recent injury worries. With Van Dijk, Gomez, Salah, Henderson, Trent AND Robertson among the names on the injury list, Jurgen Klopp tries to figure how who has been damaging his team's chances of defending their EPL title!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 6 dana
Which theory do you think is the best?
Video Sahota
Video Sahota Prije 18 sati
Lovern one
Riano Beano
Riano Beano Prije 2 dana
@KingCurtmo I lbl
Ivanhoe Sanchez
Ivanhoe Sanchez Prije 3 dana
Samuel BEBB
Samuel BEBB Prije 3 dana
Inside job
Charlie Wilde
Charlie Wilde Prije 4 dana
Nothing cause 442oons is shit
Bager Mohd
Bager Mohd Prije sat
Black guy always dies first
Abdullah Algain
Abdullah Algain Prije 18 sati
They're stuck in a series of unfortunate events. 😑
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Prije 19 sati
Hey Bro
Mathias Giraud
Mathias Giraud Prije dan
Nice work Milner
Pineapple Prije dan
Our injury Crisis is so bad.
Ginger Jaysus
Ginger Jaysus Prije dan
Notice how they voted the black man out in the imposter theory
I think its the bad guy theory
Lucas Hjermitslev Kjelgaard
Lucas Hjermitslev Kjelgaard Prije dan
I want revenge of Liverpool won the tilte last season
Umber Singh
Umber Singh Prije 2 dana follow this account if you hate tik tok
PPG-rare Prije 2 dana
Abdullah Bany Hamdan
Abdullah Bany Hamdan Prije 2 dana
Firmino test positive
Abdullah Bany Hamdan
Abdullah Bany Hamdan Prije 2 dana
@Ramses bruh
Ramses Prije 2 dana
Finally, good news for Liverpool
Phazyo Prije 2 dana
All the simps went to the hospital for the hot nurse all the remaining ones are not simps
Darius David
Darius David Prije 2 dana
5)Bad guys
cristyoutube 21
cristyoutube 21 Prije 2 dana
the scouses theory
Luke Akinremi
Luke Akinremi Prije 2 dana
This comment section is hilarious. I've enjoyed reading all sorts of theories.
User 1
User 1 Prije 2 dana
Milner and Firmino have to be in on all of these injuries it’s obvious they want game time
Ahmed- Brawl stars
Ahmed- Brawl stars Prije 2 dana
Salah got covid cuz he was at a marriage of his brother
Project V
Project V Prije 3 dana Who can replace Virgil?
Nachiket Sachin
Nachiket Sachin Prije 3 dana
3:20 was that messi?
Ivanhoe Sanchez
Ivanhoe Sanchez Prije 3 dana
nogame 1214
nogame 1214 Prije 3 dana
When u realise man city have the exact same this season
Zak Ihsan
Zak Ihsan Prije 3 dana
The curse theory: Liverpool weren’t supposed to win the premiere league and now they are cursed the only way to break it is if someone else wins the league
Artthepoptart Prije 3 dana
3:07 JaSONS sus
emublaze Prije 3 dana
I really liked the soue reference. And the “snicket” theory
Oumar Doukoure
Oumar Doukoure Prije 3 dana
Thw inside job theory
JUSTIN DIB Prije 3 dana
Among us hihihi
DANZO Rider for life
DANZO Rider for life Prije 3 dana
Star wars theory: the residence have took the real LFC players to save the universe from the Darth Vader and his troopers. 😂
Arcoos Oofer
Arcoos Oofer Prije 3 dana
I think it was the coutinho theory Where coutinho injures the players so klopp makes an emergency signing and hopefully buys coutinho
Tony Robins
Tony Robins Prije 3 dana
Love it how klopp sounds like arnie
Rupam Aditya
Rupam Aditya Prije 3 dana
Didn't get the last one
SIM Sean09
SIM Sean09 Prije 3 dana
Atleast alison mane and kota and firmino are still here
CraJi Gamer
CraJi Gamer Prije 4 dana
I Think it was the 442oons therory (he is a man united fan 🤫🤫)
Muhhammed Yazeen
Muhhammed Yazeen Prije 4 dana
Who is the imposter among Liverpool A - Pep B - Karius C - Adrian D - Lovren E - Ramos
englenn806 Prije 3 dana
All of them
Only Football
Only Football Prije 4 dana
This is as believable as some of those Football Daily transfer rumour videos.
Malhar Dave
Malhar Dave Prije 4 dana
the thiago theory : thiago gave them his infected blood as a covid vaccine but forgot to tell them bout his arthritis
Jaden Dunyi Zheng
Jaden Dunyi Zheng Prije 4 dana
Adrian was the imposter
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway Prije 4 dana
Count Peplof
Asare Boakye
Asare Boakye Prije 4 dana
Can you do 5 ways to replace trent
AydLikesToads Prije 4 dana
Liverpool F.C's Christmas present *diogo jota, mane and Salah injured*
N&L Stabana Bhambra
N&L Stabana Bhambra Prije 4 dana
Task Force
Task Force Prije 4 dana
Messi the Chucky Doll. 😂🤣
Kelly Read
Kelly Read Prije 4 dana
It was Robert levondskie
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan Prije 4 dana
And Man United also suffering from this
englenn806 Prije 3 dana
And Leicester City too
Rocky Prije 4 dana
This imposter among us games/cartoons/memes though.... I tried playing the game but was confused. Will try it again
Dante' Mitchell
Dante' Mitchell Prije 4 dana
Ok I know this is the wrong place but anybody remembers the 2011 Manchester derby bicycle kick by Wayne Rooney
DanThe VillaFan
DanThe VillaFan Prije 4 dana
A series of unfortunate events! 😂
November kid
November kid Prije 4 dana
I LOVE MAN CITY my favourite player is aguero
Logic Frog
Logic Frog Prije 4 dana
There is blood on milner suit but you can't see it cuz the suit is red That's why they didn't vote him off
NoccPro Prije 4 dana
*Laughs in 49ers*
Slappy III
Slappy III Prije 4 dana
well...Jurgen didn't see anything suspicious, he heard it
Slappy III
Slappy III Prije dan
@Ramses yeah it does
Ramses Prije 2 dana
Lmao, makes sense
Irish Lad
Irish Lad Prije 4 dana
Bad Luck:Adrian is fit
Foxic Phantnumb
Foxic Phantnumb Prije 4 dana
Conspiracy: liverpool became shit and are covering for Relegation so they want an excuse for relagating. Sorry for bad english Btw
Brian Cook
Brian Cook Prije 4 dana
Pep been planning this evil scheme against Liverpool player n Jurgen
Henry's Football Experiments
Henry's Football Experiments Prije 4 dana
or the bomb theory where pep puts an invisible bomb down in each stadium liverpool play in where a player is most likely to step
Toby Child
Toby Child Prije 4 dana
The jealousy theory cause we're the best in the league and the world wants us on a level playing field
Iestyn Allen
Iestyn Allen Prije 4 dana
And now their first choice young lb has covid
englenn806 Prije 3 dana
@Iestyn Allen oh my bad I never heard of him
Iestyn Allen
Iestyn Allen Prije 3 dana
@englenn806 I meant he's injured. Rhys williams
englenn806 Prije 3 dana
Which one?
Smayan Bohidar
Smayan Bohidar Prije 4 dana
i think the bad guy theory is one possibility.....
Hasby Maulana
Hasby Maulana Prije 4 dana
count olaf wtf
Dilan Abdulla
Dilan Abdulla Prije 4 dana
Bad luck theory
Perry Unity
Perry Unity Prije 4 dana
Lovren sounds like Jose!! Conspiracy? No conspiracy?
Thando Manana
Thando Manana Prije 4 dana
Why does everyone forget man city has had the same problem too?😂😂
Михаил Мухлинов
Михаил Мухлинов Prije 4 dana
О ,Зенит
Onionlegand Is awesom
Onionlegand Is awesom Prije 4 dana
Everton theory: Pickford was sent to injure every Liverpool player.
Mohammed Hanif
Mohammed Hanif Prije 4 dana
My theory..... Opposition players have realised you can assault our players after the whistle blows !! VAR officials have decided ALL 50/50 decisions will be against Liverpool International tram managers will continue to pick players even if they're carrying knocks !! Biggest theory .... Have no regard for player welfare by sending them all around the world in the middle of a Plandemic'! BOOM
PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre Prije 4 dana
Johannes M. Bennington
Johannes M. Bennington Prije 4 dana
I think FIFA bet on every Liverpool Player to get injured.
Doctor Prishnicov
Doctor Prishnicov Prije 4 dana
I realised after 10 minutes that I'm not on 442oons channel lol
BOATS99 Prije 4 dana
I know it'll be Firmino
Nkweto Tembwe
Nkweto Tembwe Prije 4 dana
Song nation
Song nation Prije 4 dana
Liverpool walkway that liverpool banner .. Its cursed They have touched the banner for sure aftr winning trophy
englenn806 Prije 3 dana
Yikes is that bad?
Renthlei Chhanhima
Renthlei Chhanhima Prije 4 dana
Salah corona lol
Samuel Watson
Samuel Watson Prije 4 dana
I think Ramos is behind all of the injuries. 🤔
Miha Pintarič
Miha Pintarič Prije 4 dana
I love the Among us part
Fahad Rahman
Fahad Rahman Prije 5 dana
bad guy theory
Yacine MK
Yacine MK Prije 5 dana
Lovren 😂😂😂😂😂
Mohammed Aadhil CS
Mohammed Aadhil CS Prije 5 dana
I loved inside job theory
S C Prije 5 dana
Plot twist Its all of them
Nunk Al-Habsy
Nunk Al-Habsy Prije 5 dana
poor Andreas Kornmayer lol.
ninth king. 427
ninth king. 427 Prije 5 dana
Muhammed Yaqhuba
Muhammed Yaqhuba Prije 5 dana
Do a video on the top 10 transfers of 2020 and top 5 free transfers
Stephen O'Connell
Stephen O'Connell Prije 5 dana
Wouldn’t believe any lol but Number 1 was my favourite hehe.
james milner
james milner Prije 5 dana
Lachlan The Football Fanatic 2612
Lachlan The Football Fanatic 2612 Prije 5 dana
The jealous Coutinyho theory Coutinho: “I wish I had never left Liverpool, I should’ve never left Liverpool”
Oji Okechukwu
Oji Okechukwu Prije 5 dana
It's Jota. He's taking out the competition for liverpool's best player
Hüseyin Tok
Hüseyin Tok Prije 5 dana
They also had injuries before the Liverpool Barca game last year! Salah and Firmino were injured, yet they won 4-0 as known as a comeback from 3-0 down. Everything is going to be alright! :-)
rayyan kashif
rayyan kashif Prije 5 dana
Sarvont Prije 5 dana
Robertson’s old face
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley Prije 5 dana
Uh,Oh, Liverpool are in BIG TROUBLE! LOL!
Awet Hagos
Awet Hagos Prije 5 dana
Bad guy
jedi knight
jedi knight Prije 5 dana
The 442oons theory: everyone 442oons said would get injured in the laugh you lose video got injured. coincidence?
David Muchiri
David Muchiri Prije 5 dana
The sergio ramos theory: Ramos had a taste of liverpool blood by injuring salah and now he's back for more😎
Kris Gordon
Kris Gordon Prije 4 dana
His master has decreed the death of the teams title challenge.
Mohammed Elnaghi
Mohammed Elnaghi Prije 5 dana
All above 😉😉😉
Requlix Prije 5 dana
He’s trying to get himself fired so he can take the manager job for Germany
Tigry Yt
Tigry Yt Prije 5 dana
Kyle Mccabe
Kyle Mccabe Prije 5 dana
Messi as chucky fits so well with his size
Joe Blaylock-Gould
Joe Blaylock-Gould Prije 5 dana
You can't do milner like that
Nick Eldredge
Nick Eldredge Prije 5 dana
Bad guy theory
Tobiloba Akinyosoye
Tobiloba Akinyosoye Prije 5 dana
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