Man United APPROACH Pochettino + Fabinho wants to stay at Liverpool! ► Daily News

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Prije 18 dana

On Today's Daily News - Man United make Pochettino move, Barcelona in financial crisis, Fabinho wants Liverpool stay along with Van Dijk, a news round up and Friday Feels!
OneFootball Daily News
0:00 Daily News intro
0:17 Man United make Pochettino approach
2:26 Barcelona in financial crisis
4:06 Fabinho wants to stay at Liverpool
5:45 European football roundup
6:37 Friday Feels weekend predictions
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 17 dana
FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here are Matt's: Man City 1-1 Liverpool Dortmund 2-3 Bayern Atalanta 3-3 Inter Milan
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía Prije 14 dana
Incredible, Matt nailed the score in 2 and the result in the other.
Van-Elliott Asoba
Van-Elliott Asoba Prije 15 dana
U were right 1-1 draw 😳
Veljko Loncar
Veljko Loncar Prije 15 dana
What the hell? Matt got all the predictions right, apart from inter v atalanta but they drew 1-1! Great predictions Matt
Alvin Ogutu
Alvin Ogutu Prije 15 dana
I'm here after the City Liverpool game and I have to say Matt you're predictions were unreal that was genius or sheer magic
M K Medamon Iano
M K Medamon Iano Prije 15 dana
Matt got it right
Baby Boy
Baby Boy Prije 15 dana
Who's here after Matt predicted the Man city and Liverpool game to be 1 all correctly
Shreyans Kothari
Shreyans Kothari Prije 15 dana
Matt prediction is lit
James Fahy
James Fahy Prije 15 dana
The top club in Spain was Atleti
Avi Garg
Avi Garg Prije 15 dana
Abhinaya Sapkota
Abhinaya Sapkota Prije 15 dana
Matt predicted Dortmund and Bayern match correctly 👀
Maurice JR
Maurice JR Prije 16 dana
3-1 man utd
Dhanush SR
Dhanush SR Prije 16 dana
Quality content in every aspect 👍🏻
Godfrey Onyango
Godfrey Onyango Prije 16 dana
man city 1 liverpool 0 and sterling will score the only goal, intermilan 3 atalanta 2 perisic and lautaro martinez will be in the score sheet
Prannvir pal singgh
Prannvir pal singgh Prije 16 dana
Man city 0-3 liverpool Atalanta 1-4 inter
Prannvir pal singgh
Prannvir pal singgh Prije 16 dana
Thomas Cruze
Thomas Cruze Prije 16 dana
Liverpool 2- 1 Man city Dortmund 2-4 Bayern Inter Millan 3-2 Atalanta
Call me Daniel
Call me Daniel Prije 16 dana
2-1 to Man city and 3-1 to Bayern and 2-0 to Inter Milan
Jack Kirky
Jack Kirky Prije 16 dana
3-2 Liverpool. YNWA
Omar Ramy
Omar Ramy Prije 16 dana
Inter 2-2 Atalanta Koeman to embarrass Joaquin with a 3-1 win for barca Liverpool 2-1 Man city
Danny Oscar
Danny Oscar Prije 16 dana
Man City 3-1liverpool Ferran Torres to score Chelsea 2-0 shelffield utd Inter 3-1 Atlanta Perisic to score Everton 2-2 man utd
Nice Head
Nice Head Prije 16 dana
Coutinho is on half the wage of de Jong and a quarter of griezmanns. His wage is still a lot but not as much as others not pulling their weight
avinash thakur
avinash thakur Prije 17 dana
Matt i gonna go with you for epl mam city vs Liverpool 1-1 but Dortmund vs Bayern i think even that is going to end in a draw and i would love to see that
fred poligro
fred poligro Prije 17 dana
Friday feels: Man city 1-0 Liverpool Dortmund 1-3 Bayern (Lewandowski scores 2 goals)
Muhilan Subramanian
Muhilan Subramanian Prije 17 dana
Man City 2-0 Liverpool, Sterling will score. Everton 2-2 Man Utd, Rashford and Rodriguez to score, Bruno Fernandes to shine. BVB 1-3 Bayern Munich, Thomas Muller to score.
Afif hossain
Afif hossain Prije 17 dana
Man city 1-6 Liverpool ( scorers: Salah x2 , mane , jota , firmino , shaqiri ) dortmund 2-4 bayern ( Haaland and lewandoski to score ) Everton 3-1 Man United Lazio 1-2 Juventes ( Ronaldo to score ) Atalanta 2-1 Inter milan
876 Vladmaybac
876 Vladmaybac Prije 17 dana
Check las vagas
Bantealum Gonder
Bantealum Gonder Prije 17 dana
Dortmund vs Bayern Bayern will win 3: 1 dortmund
amal rosh
amal rosh Prije 17 dana
Why should utd sack ole the board doesn't support any manager be it a highly experienced one like mourinho or the current one, even if poch comes he will exit after a year or two.......
The Flame Thrower
The Flame Thrower Prije 17 dana
4-2 Manchester City
Rikith Abeysinghe
Rikith Abeysinghe Prije 17 dana
Who do u guys think will start start, Diogo Jota or Roberto Firmino. Personally, I think Klopp will go with Firmino, but Jota will come on at least by 65 mins, which is actually quite late for a player like him. I just think Firmino knows City better, and playing his deeper role will be important to win the midfield battle. For me, I have a feeling Jota can make an impact in this game only off the bench, and won't quite be at it if he starts, but thats just a feeling.
Enyinnaya Iheanacho
Enyinnaya Iheanacho Prije 17 dana
Sterling to score against Liverpool Everton to draw with Manchester United
Thembela IIV
Thembela IIV Prije 17 dana
City wins 3:1
XERO BOND Prije 17 dana
2-1 liverpool 3-1 bayern atalanta 3-2
Sheja Regis
Sheja Regis Prije 17 dana
Everton 1:0 man u
Prathmesh Bojalwar
Prathmesh Bojalwar Prije 17 dana
Inter Atlanta 2-1
K.M Matiur Rahman
K.M Matiur Rahman Prije 17 dana
What happened to your light?
Russell Mike
Russell Mike Prije 17 dana
Man city 1-2 liverpool Dortmund 2-2 bayern Manchester united 2-0 Everton
Stanley Okonkwo
Stanley Okonkwo Prije 17 dana
Ole sacked in the ole sacked in the morning ole sacked in the morning ole sacked in the morning. song from 442oons
Stanley Okonkwo
Stanley Okonkwo Prije 17 dana
Ole sacked in the morning
Klopp 2024
Klopp 2024 Prije 17 dana
Liverpool v Man City draw Chelsea’s to beat Sheffield Utd by 2 goals or more West Ham to beat Fulham
rithvik gaming
rithvik gaming Prije 17 dana
Friday feel: Dortmund to beat bayern (I'll admit this is a bit of a punt)
Jet De’ath
Jet De’ath Prije 17 dana
Bobby to score for once and Sterling to score
Shay Gonzales
Shay Gonzales Prije 17 dana
"Check Bartomeu's pockets" 😂😂
N Kalam
N Kalam Prije 17 dana
Bayern Munich are well Bayern Munich
live life on the gun side live life on the gun side
live life on the gun side live life on the gun side Prije 17 dana
Liverpool 5-0 Manchester City
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem Prije 17 dana
Liverpool 2-2 man city Atalanta 1-2 inter Dortmund 1-3 bayern
Edwin Bowah
Edwin Bowah Prije 17 dana
I feel like you and Angelina should take term on the daily news. miss her on here.
Pritam Biswas
Pritam Biswas Prije 17 dana
Man City 2 Liverpool 2 Dortmund 3 Bayern 2 Everton 2 Man United 2
Thaw Zin Naing
Thaw Zin Naing Prije 17 dana
4-2 Bayern Wins
AJD Prije 17 dana
Would be very interested to see behind the scenes and how these videos are made. Who does the news gathering, how the set looks and so on. CONSIDER THIS!
Joshua David
Joshua David Prije 17 dana
Friday Feels: Man City 2-1 Liverpool Everton 2-0 Man Utd Chelsea 3-1 Sheffield Utd Also, predicting Ole to be sacked sometime next week.
faiyaz hossain
faiyaz hossain Prije 17 dana
Liverpool 3 - Man City 1
N U Prije 17 dana
*Ed Woodward is the one who should leave*
Joel Jomy
Joel Jomy Prije 17 dana
A good move of introducing chapters in the video! Really helps when you are out of time but still want to see Matt's Daily News!
Viktor Gustavsson
Viktor Gustavsson Prije 17 dana
Friday feels: Dortmund 2-2 Bayern Man City 3-1 Liverpool Atalanta 2-2 Inter
Hiren Sharma
Hiren Sharma Prije 17 dana
Liv: 3 city: 1 Man u: 1 eve: 1
En.nas9 Prije 17 dana
Poch coming plz. Ole is ass. He’ll never win a trophy. Jose at least won us trophies with Jones playing
Sharaf Shafiq Rehaman
Sharaf Shafiq Rehaman Prije 17 dana
Friday feels Liverpool win 2-1 against City Jota scores again
Janette Daeth
Janette Daeth Prije 17 dana
Friday Feels : Liverpool 2-1 Man city , Bayern 3-1 Dortmund , Man united 1-2 Everton
Elijah Nissi
Elijah Nissi Prije 17 dana
Barcelona 2 - Betis 0
Elijah Nissi
Elijah Nissi Prije 17 dana
Liverpool 3- City 1
Marcho Kamati
Marcho Kamati Prije 17 dana
Arsenal 3-1 aston villa
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 14 dana
Marcho Kamati
Marcho Kamati Prije 17 dana
Matt left out arsenal he is such a hater
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 14 dana
David Gomez
David Gomez Prije 17 dana
Inter to beat Atlanta 3-2
David Gomez
David Gomez Prije 17 dana
Bayern to beat Dortmund 2-0
David Gomez
David Gomez Prije 17 dana
2-1 Liverpool and jota scores the winner
Ian Cousins
Ian Cousins Prije 17 dana
Chelsea will win tomorrow
Ananya Mukherjee
Ananya Mukherjee Prije 17 dana
Arsenal 2-0 Aston Villa
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway Prije 17 dana
RYAN Prije 17 dana
3-1 liverpool
Shadique Rahman
Shadique Rahman Prije 17 dana
check barthamewo's pocket...😂😂😂that one was nice
Jesse Beard
Jesse Beard Prije 17 dana
Liverpool will win 2-1 Everton will draw 2-2 with United with a late goal disallowed Barcelona will get a shock loss in la liga
QuasarQuay Prije 17 dana
Messi score a pen Everton 2-1 Man U
Max Koenig
Max Koenig Prije 17 dana
City 1 - 3 Liverpool. Jesus scores, Jota scores a brace Everton 5 - 2 United
Abhinav Sharma
Abhinav Sharma Prije 17 dana
Friday feels Messi will score a brace without penalty Man City 3-2 Liverpool Bayern 0-1 Dortmund
Sandaled Halo52
Sandaled Halo52 Prije 17 dana
Where are the power ranking
Alfie Parker
Alfie Parker Prije 17 dana
Leicester won 4-0 in europa league but still can’t get mentioned
Elimz ran u Down
Elimz ran u Down Prije 17 dana
Friday feels Man City 3-1liverpool Dortmund 2-4 Bayern Lewandoski to score Atalanta0-2milan
Sandith Perera
Sandith Perera Prije 17 dana
600 k a week is too much actually for a 33 year old
TheBeesKnees Prije 17 dana
ter stegen barely gets paid at barca. In fact, he should be getting a rasie!
Chinonso Ahamefule
Chinonso Ahamefule Prije 17 dana
My Friday feels: Real Madrid to drop points and Barca to win their own game
Zachary Davis
Zachary Davis Prije 17 dana
Friday Feels Man City 2 - 2 Liverpool Dortmund 1- 3 Bayern Atalanta 1 - 2 Inter Milan
Wayne Waithaka
Wayne Waithaka Prije 17 dana
City - Liverpool 2-3 Bvb - bayern 1-3 Atlanta - milan 0-2
PRMTNG Rxality
PRMTNG Rxality Prije 17 dana
3-2 Liverpool to win. 4-3 Bayern 1-2 United
Football Album
Football Album Prije 17 dana
3-1inter vs Atalanta 1-0 Barca betis
Tanaka Poshiwa
Tanaka Poshiwa Prije 17 dana
everton 1-united 1 liverpool 3-4man city
Alex Argotsinger
Alex Argotsinger Prije 17 dana
FRIDAY FEEL: Tottenham 5-0 Westbrom with Kane, Son, and Bale scoring. COME ON YOU SPURS!!!
Jp tyrannosaurus 29
Jp tyrannosaurus 29 Prije 17 dana
Poch would already have a kane type striker like cavani a traditional no.9
Luka Vidmar
Luka Vidmar Prije 17 dana
FRIDAY FEEL: Man Utd can't disappoint us in disappointing us .
Luka Vidmar
Luka Vidmar Prije 17 dana
Liverpool 4-2 city Bayern 4-4 Dortmund Inter 2-1atlanta
Borussia Patriot 09
Borussia Patriot 09 Prije 17 dana
I Like your Denglisch
Rhaystormz 9ja YT
Rhaystormz 9ja YT Prije 17 dana
Chelsea wins SFU , Man City wins Liverpool
SDB Prije 17 dana
1:41 Editing mistake?
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson Prije 17 dana
Liverpool 1:3 man city Man U 2:2 everton Chelsea 2: 0 sheffield Totteham 3:1 brighton Arsenal 1:1 villa
Luca Baglioni Gutierrez
Luca Baglioni Gutierrez Prije 17 dana
Liverpool to win 3-0
Burnz_11 Prije 17 dana
The green screen weren’t good today?
sergio aguero
sergio aguero Prije 17 dana
FRIDAY FEELS Man city 2-0 liverpool Bayern munchen 4-2 Dortmund Atalanta 1-3 inter milan
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 17 dana
Knowing VAR they will try some way to screw over Liverpool like with Mane vs Everton.
Noahbob Prije 17 dana
Man City 1-2 Liverpool Borrusia Dortmund 2-1 Bayern Munich Atalanta 0-2 Inter Milan
Daniel Pieterse
Daniel Pieterse Prije 17 dana
Everton 3-1 Man United
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 17 dana
4:20 Matt we know it's Madrid already. Barcelona wouldn't buy him based on their current situation and he did pass through Madrid
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 13 dana
@prodipta talukder Real always prepared to buy big. Barcelona on the other hand are sadly broke
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 17 dana
No Poch don't waste your time 😩😫 The young what now? Let Ole stay. I would want Poch to manage an Italian side since he has been in Spain, England Or take over from Pep when his contract is up
JOSEPH COPPOLA Prije 17 dana
2-1 Manchester city over Liverpool and 3-2 for Bayern over Dortmund 2-1 Atalanta over Inter Milan.
ryan sebastian valles
ryan sebastian valles Prije 17 dana
Man City 1 - 0 Liverpool Dortmund 2-1 Bayern Munich Man utd 1-3 Everton
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