Barcelona to 'DEMOLISH' Juventus? DON'T THINK SO! + Hazard will improve!

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Prije 29 dana

On this week's TFW Angelina takes a look at whether Real Madrid can get the best out of Eden Hazard, whether Barcelona will be victorious against Juventus in the Champions League, Mesut Ozil's future at Arsenal, plus much more including a chat with John Gibbons from The Anfield Wrap about all things Liverpool!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 28 dana
What is your prediction for Juventus vs. Barcelona?
The Egg
The Egg Prije 25 dana
@goldfiremb that aged well.
Micah Mokua
Micah Mokua Prije 25 dana
@Rekha D actualy there were three
Shahan Islam Zim
Shahan Islam Zim Prije 26 dana
2-0 in your face🥴
Rekha D
Rekha D Prije 26 dana
One football english :- Barca to " demolish " juve? Nah! Me :- Who's here right after Barca " demolished " juve 2-0 with four offside morata goals!!🤣
Maria Ransika Newton
Maria Ransika Newton Prije 26 dana
3-0 barcalona win
DarkSkye Prije 23 dana
This football week? FNG is typing...
raja singha
raja singha Prije 24 dana
Barcelona litreally battered Juventus's midfield completely
Betty Fils aimé
Betty Fils aimé Prije 24 dana
D Mason
D Mason Prije 25 dana
You do know that Barca has played 2 games less in Laliga.......obviously not. Pretend to do some research.
Joe TV
Joe TV Prije 25 dana
Ooops 0-2 to Barca 🤭 Could have easily 0-5 😅 Visça Barça 💙❤️
Micah Mokua
Micah Mokua Prije 25 dana
well this video aged well
Sumon Sarkar
Sumon Sarkar Prije 25 dana
Now tell her berça actually demolished Juventus 😏🙂
Kishorini Pasupuleti
Kishorini Pasupuleti Prije 25 dana
ansar ahmed
ansar ahmed Prije 25 dana
Rewatching this vid cus its a real good stand up special
Duck Nation
Duck Nation Prije 26 dana
JAAAAAA 2 0 (with a little help from referee hehe)
ansar ahmed
ansar ahmed Prije 25 dana
All the decisions were correct tho ..but yeah she has no idea what she is talking abt
Benard Muchiri
Benard Muchiri Prije 26 dana
Am here after barcelona win over juve,
איתן לוין
איתן לוין Prije 26 dana
Well barca did demolish, barca are 12 but they have 2 games less
Daniel Younes
Daniel Younes Prije 26 dana
Why does she hate Barcelona that much 😩
Aadit Mohatta
Aadit Mohatta Prije 26 dana
They only speak crap about Barca
Samdapro 20
Samdapro 20 Prije 27 dana
Barca got rules out by VAR
Soumyadip Bandyopadhyay
Soumyadip Bandyopadhyay Prije 27 dana
Real ka choda....
Jean Gede
Jean Gede Prije 27 dana
Angelina is beautiful damn!
Nick Gorges
Nick Gorges Prije 27 dana
All juve got to do to win the game is to shut down ansu
Saud Masood
Saud Masood Prije 27 dana
Barça will do it,mark my words on that day Matt.
Prashant Manral ktklLlleb
Prashant Manral ktklLlleb Prije 27 dana
arteta is overrated shit manager
Roberta Muscat
Roberta Muscat Prije 27 dana
Barcelona 2-1 Juventus
nico cepeda
nico cepeda Prije 27 dana
Lol, this woman does not know what she's talking about
Jeremiah Nsube
Jeremiah Nsube Prije 27 dana
Am I the only one who wonders how much I burns Angelina to say that Leeds will do well🤣
Maria Ransika Newton
Maria Ransika Newton Prije 27 dana
Juventus - Barcelona 3 0
braidy morris
braidy morris Prije 27 dana
Zlatan is currently one of the best players in the world. He is 39 and still bagging goals left and right.
Joshua Nikhil
Joshua Nikhil Prije 27 dana
Juventus 3-2 Barcelona
Krishnakant Tiwari
Krishnakant Tiwari Prije 27 dana
I don't Angelina watches any games of barcelona.. she might watch the prem but when she said Barcelona are 13th in the league and battered 3-1 by real Madrid 😂😂 it makes me doubt if she knows what she's talking about this seems like a different team then it has been they are pressing they are defensively sound they have the pace on the counter they seem to be doing the right things I think barcelona will have a good game against Juve and Maybe even do demolish because it's a different barcelona team.. and I don't think Juve will be able to handle them and it's just the start of the season and Aston villa are in the top of the prem u should not make predictions based on position in table after 5-6 games and watch a bit of la liga Angelina and look how fluid barcelona have been playing these days..
Shu Za
Shu Za Prije 27 dana
When is matt coming back
Abir Prije 27 dana
Hazard isn't even needed at madrid , never was . Vazquez is more important to madrid than him atm ... they are doing al8 without him . Imagine buying a player for 100 m ( allegedly 160 m ) and then hardly using him and actually doing good without him .... madrid made a mess of that ronaldo money , gargantuan L for perez
T M Prije 27 dana
The 4:51 opinion is the stupidest opinion of this video LEEDS CHALLENGE FOR TOP6 HAVE A LAUGH(IM TALKING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO COMMENTED OT)
Bongumusa Sibisi
Bongumusa Sibisi Prije 27 dana
Oh Angelina😍🔥
Ankur Sharma
Ankur Sharma Prije 27 dana
Good thing about Matt he doesn't let his club bias obvious
Qetuo 047
Qetuo 047 Prije 27 dana
I am a simp for angelina
Aaditya Parekh
Aaditya Parekh Prije 28 dana
I hate her
Tilen Silich
Tilen Silich Prije 28 dana
Its so stupid how People think barca are 12th. But They played 2 games less then everybody else
Ehan Syed
Ehan Syed Prije 28 dana
Plz matt come back
Rahul Prije 28 dana
Bruh Arthur?? He is not even that creative, pjanic was doing much better but quarrel with management and sarrie led him to push back from the club.i haven't even seen one moment of creativity from Arthur this season, all he do is back pass. No key pass no chance creation and do risky passes to the teamamtes who are in bad position. Really average and disappointed. We are using Mckenni against Barca, atleast he gives some defensive stability to the team .
yky 565
yky 565 Prije 28 dana
Tbh as a madrid supporter; hazard's form cannot stoop lower than this ; the only way is up for him and we know that he has a habit of turning around a bad season like 2016 .
Deeksha Rastogi
Deeksha Rastogi Prije 28 dana
angelina,utd aint gonna finish top 6 or 4,they got no shit
Sarvesh K
Sarvesh K Prije 28 dana
Onefootball guys are clear Barca hater. They always talk negative about Barca. I know Barca are bad but they always talk shit about Barca. They said Dembele should be sold because of his injuries but favour Hazard when he has also been injured many times.
Ehan Syed
Ehan Syed Prije 28 dana
I dont think matt is like that,but of course angelina hates barca
Eshan Basheer
Eshan Basheer Prije 28 dana
Hazard has 4 assist if I am not wrong 3 are penalties I guess
The Soccer Player
The Soccer Player Prije 28 dana
I hate when they talk about barça being 12th in the league etc. Literally every pundit talks about it. Do they forget barça has played 2 games less? Not saying they would be 1st rn but 6 points makes a big difference especially when we’re not even 10 games in don’t you think?
Banana Duck
Banana Duck Prije 24 dana
Exactly they say the facts but out of context
Naman Kumar
Naman Kumar Prije 28 dana
She is biased af #thisgirlout #mattplzcomeback
Naman Kumar
Naman Kumar Prije 26 dana
@Ehan Syed yup
Ehan Syed
Ehan Syed Prije 28 dana
I agree.She is always hating on barca
Akshaj Phadnis
Akshaj Phadnis Prije 28 dana
anybody can win a clasico with a ref scandal! sport have reported that the ref was a madridsta and his father was a founder of a real madrid fan club1
yky 565
yky 565 Prije 28 dana
Oh pls .. if that wasnt a pen then explain the last 3 pens of la liga el clasico that went in barca's favour. If varane had a handball then what piue has been doing in the last 11 years against big teams it was non intenional. Salty barca fan. We dominated possession in the first half; something you take pride of and missed 5 sitters so pls dont spam
Mzamo Gagai
Mzamo Gagai Prije 28 dana
Always entertaining 🔥
Mani H
Mani H Prije 28 dana
where is matt?
RONAL Fernandes
RONAL Fernandes Prije 28 dana
Angelina has got pretty messed up footballing opinions ...but hey! What can we expect from a Manchester United Fan?😂😂
ansar ahmed
ansar ahmed Prije 25 dana
Yeah and people simping for her in the comments is soo cringe
TECH BY ESHU Prije 28 dana
I dont know why is she(angelina) gets so much offended as she gear anything about barcelona .whether u see any vedio .U cannot rule the possibility of any team winning .i know we lost to madrid But that isn't all the fault of players Fu##ing Var screwed us .last season too Var never ended up in our favour nor this season .U didn't took up this topic .Always praises Bayern ,madrid .if madrid hadn't won the league last year .they would have been on the same page with barca .just cuz they had won the league everyone thinks barca are screwed and madrid are op
Martin Avalos
Martin Avalos Prije 28 dana
Can we just get the regular instead of u like just stfu already ur so annoying
krishna kandel
krishna kandel Prije 28 dana
Barca will win but not demolish Juve.
RAGHAV MOHAN 17 Prije 28 dana
Whoa... Barca are only 12th because they have played a match less....and I'd like to see your team play sevilla(uel champions), getafe and real Madrid consecutively....I'd doubt ur team could do anything
Shahzaib Khan
Shahzaib Khan Prije 28 dana
Barca sucks
Sihon Jean
Sihon Jean Prije 28 dana
Bhargav Ramki
Bhargav Ramki Prije 28 dana
O geez what happened to Matt mate..?
Street Light
Street Light Prije 28 dana
I miss Matt 😣😣😣.
Ben Kay
Ben Kay Prije 26 dana
tony tony chopper
See you at your funeral
See you at your funeral Prije 28 dana
Game will be boring without Ronaldo. At least would like to see him come on as a sub
The New King
The New King Prije 28 dana
When Hazard came to our club that was my favorite days in fotball. Seeing him constantly injured really sucks.
Kanye Hernandez
Kanye Hernandez Prije 28 dana
Angelina you what team do you support because you clearly hate Barcelona
Marcus Fernandes
Marcus Fernandes Prije 28 dana
How does she hate Barca?
Awe5ome Prije 28 dana
Does anybody else get a sort of ping sound sometimes whilst using the app. When I look at the audio, it says ‘reward pending’.
Abdullaahi Ahmed
Abdullaahi Ahmed Prije 28 dana
Why does everybody insist on Hazard becoming good and should be given time to do so? If Jovic, Rodrygo and Vinicius all are younger and future prospects then why do rely on this overhyped waste of spade?
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije 28 dana
Nahedh Siraj
Nahedh Siraj Prije 28 dana
I am truly sorry I don't know how to put it nicely Your opinion about Oziel situation was terrible. Just be honest and say you don't know what is going on , don't say that you understand where Arteta is coming from. Arteta is a COWARD and worried about his job. No offence Please accept my respect.
Hydrominant Prije 28 dana
watching a Liverpool fan and a Man united fan talk so peacefully is glorious, coming from a Liverpool fan
Brian Matenga
Brian Matenga Prije 28 dana
7:49 slapman is coming Angelina
Lakshya Vason
Lakshya Vason Prije 28 dana
Sandith Perera
Sandith Perera Prije 28 dana
KarmaS Prije 28 dana
she just doesn't bring the same energy like matt does
NGE0219 Prije 28 dana
Thorgan is the better hazard now
Kenneth Ajay
Kenneth Ajay Prije 28 dana
Vinicious hasn't been that good for Madrid last season
krishna kandel
krishna kandel Prije 28 dana
This season he is good. He has improved his finishing as well.
WIV_ PRO Prije 28 dana
When the girl make these videos I don’t watch them cuz she is boring
pott Prije 28 dana
pott Prije 28 dana
Shut up
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre Prije 28 dana
Im scared for hazard im real Madrid fan
Dowin Elliot
Dowin Elliot Prije 28 dana
Pochetino never won anything and yet he is considered as one the best. Joke ting
Csokops10 Prije 28 dana
who considers him as the best? deluded Tottenham fans? lmao 😂
Rarul Clan
Rarul Clan Prije 28 dana
Özil at Real Madrid was beast
Rarul Clan
Rarul Clan Prije 28 dana
I think Arthur is going to score against Barca just like coutinho
Joseph Muyunda
Joseph Muyunda Prije 28 dana
Finally Videos from one Football been Craving these, Well Juve is not too much in Shambles, if Pirlo gets his Mid field right they might out work Barca, i see it going 2:1 to Juve, a gooal for Morata and a worldie from Dybala
Rarul Clan
Rarul Clan Prije 28 dana
Barca are not going to beat juve they just too horrible all my Real Madrid fans hala Madrid to all Barca fans Messi is gone
Dowin Elliot
Dowin Elliot Prije 28 dana
Just saying he is unlucky is bullshit... the guy has been out for 2 years and came to the side as a fat guy. Angelina needs to get her shit right
Praise Mukono
Praise Mukono Prije 28 dana
it's Funny how she and Mat are always positive about Real Madrid but so negative about Barcelona, even Hazard whose been horrible the times he played they are still optimistic but mention Griezman or Dembele and they completely count them out, these are double standards.
Banana Duck
Banana Duck Prije 24 dana
@Michael Boateng Madrid this season is far from well
Michael Boateng
Michael Boateng Prije 28 dana
Cause madrid is doing well. And Griezmann unlike Hazard hasn't been injured . I do agree that Hazard so far has been a waste... but barca hasn't got their money's worth on those two players
Luke Mack
Luke Mack Prije 28 dana
Barca vs Juve 1-1
Joe Aniekan
Joe Aniekan Prije 28 dana
Nope Hazard won't improve
Infernocus Prije 28 dana
He will improve At the buffet line.
Liverpool Club
Liverpool Club Prije 28 dana
Zlatan is currently one of the best players in the world. He is 39 and still bagging goals left and right. And also, there can only be one lion ;)
elite_billy7 Prije 28 dana
big juve news bonucci chellini and de ligt are out personally that seals the fact barca are winning this
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan Prije 28 dana
I'm telling it'll be a 0-0 draw
Joab Smith
Joab Smith Prije 28 dana
Who needs Matt ur way better 😉👊👊👌👍
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan Prije 28 dana
To be fair to Moyes, if not for Liverpool pulling a miracle out of their jacksie in Istanbul, he'd have led them into the Champions League for the first time. They finished 4th that season, above Liverpool. They were shit that year, how Gerrard lifted that trophy that night, I'll never know. Very glad they did though. Dad hasn't been as drunk since.
jorge medina
jorge medina Prije 28 dana
don’t talk about football every again Barca are 12 with 2 games less than the majority of the league and if you actually paid attention or watched any thing you would now they’re not playing that bad
Ulyses 27
Ulyses 27 Prije 28 dana
Arthur is overrated
arnik akash
arnik akash Prije 28 dana
Personally think Ozil should do to spurs but Kane is playing well tho
Jordan Rajh
Jordan Rajh Prije 28 dana
Ozil is not in the 25 man PL squad ...
LizTan PT
LizTan PT Prije 28 dana
Angelina has been subbed ON for M. Frohlich and she’s SMASHING IT
Tarang Prije 28 dana
No,she totally screwed last video and she is talks so highly of Madrid in the videoes resulting in the biased opinion even though she is United fan and i don't get it.
Asbin SOLICE Prije 28 dana
SDB Prije 28 dana
What does everyone see in Kabak? He's not that good, part of a woeful Schalke 04 defence. Save that money and spend it on Upamecano
T M Prije 27 dana
Maybe bc the rest of the Schalke04 team is $h1t
Gérard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieu Prije 28 dana
Fantastic, this little TAW excursion! ;)
Adi V
Adi V Prije 28 dana
Leeds are going to fall off hard, look at the way they play, they can’t sustain that over an entire season with the squad they have. They’ve had a strong start and they’ll keep it going for maybe a few more months but by the time February rolls around they’re going to collapse and finish well into the bottom half.
Adi V
Adi V Prije 28 dana
@Csokops10 no team can sustain that level of intensity over a whole season. This was the the Liverpool problem early under Klopp, they’d strong out super strong and then fade away, Leeds will go the same way.
Csokops10 Prije 28 dana
I hope so 😂😂😂😂
Ravi Ojha
Ravi Ojha Prije 28 dana
Hazard has the no. 7 curse
Csokops10 Prije 28 dana
there is no curse!
COYS Prije 28 dana
It’s not a curse mate it’s just a little thing called pressure
wer erwrwre
wer erwrwre Prije 28 dana
Gérard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieu Prije 28 dana
Angeliiiiiiina! ;)
yadvender chahal
yadvender chahal Prije 28 dana
Barça are 12th in the league because they are 2 games behind the others . Get your facts straight gal
yadvender chahal
yadvender chahal Prije 26 dana
@ishaan sethi go check the league table bruh , they played the tournament in Lisbon so they didn't have any laliga matches for MD1 and MD2
ishaan sethi
ishaan sethi Prije 26 dana
Really?? How can they be 2 games lesss
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan Prije 28 dana
Want some chips with that salt?
F L Prije 28 dana
Calm down
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques Prije 28 dana
I do expect barca to destroy juve if Ronaldo doesnt play. They haven't won a single league game so far this season without him and almost lost to Roma if it wasn't for his brace. Also they haven't managed more than 1 goal in both their league games without ronaldo. Their defence isnt the strongest while barca have an unbelievable attack.
Abdullah Maqsood
Abdullah Maqsood Prije 28 dana
@Miguel Jaques but barca don't have an unbelievable attack they have good attacking players tho
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques Prije 28 dana
@Abdullah Maqsood no because real Madrid have an unbelievable defence. They were the best defensive side in Europe last season even ahead of atleti.
Abdullah Maqsood
Abdullah Maqsood Prije 28 dana
Unbelievable attack, i doubt that if they had an Unbelievable attack they would have demolished real Madrid
logan w2s
logan w2s Prije 28 dana
ok she is a man united fan . that is the reason she rated antonios performance better than bamfords
mohammad abbas
mohammad abbas Prije 27 dana
@football Fan how is she not biased. bamford scored a hat trick and single handedly won leeds the game on friday. antonio scores one great overhead kick and he somehow had a better game than bamford and west ham didn't even win
football Fan
football Fan Prije 28 dana
Maybe she's not biased
Julinho Prije 28 dana
Says the person who said to sell messi and keep griezmann and pique
Csokops10 Prije 28 dana
Anthony Sulca
Anthony Sulca Prije 28 dana
Bruh everyone in this channel are madridistas lmao
ierbutza21 Prije 27 dana
@TyneeMax she's not wrong, the longer they wait the worse it may be for them, I get being bias (like most blind fan boys) towards a player but the team comes first and Barcelona needs major changes and a complete rebuild and it's clearly shows also they need a leader badly because currently there's not a single player that deserves to be captain. Might sound harsh but if one loves the club they should move past an individual
TyneeMax Prije 27 dana
@John Smith she said to sell messi and keep griezmann and pique
Ehan Syed
Ehan Syed Prije 28 dana
@Anthony Sulca yea,they hate barca
John Smith
John Smith Prije 28 dana
Anthony Sulca not really they just call out all the deluded Barca fans
Anthony Sulca
Anthony Sulca Prije 28 dana
@Ehan Syed I was talking about the people that work in the channel
Rico Piil
Rico Piil Prije 28 dana
When will matt be back☹
F L Prije 28 dana
Probably in a week but don't quote me on that
boy 123
boy 123 Prije 28 dana
I feel juventus are going to beat barcelona
Vedanth Nair
Vedanth Nair Prije 28 dana
Didnt know that finishing 17th in the league with Everton and with Wayne Rooney was such a great Job Good job David
Srijan Mishra
Srijan Mishra Prije 28 dana
@Cian Dolan Poch useless? Wow. I prefer not to speak
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan Prije 28 dana
@Srijan Mishra They will win something though. And yes, Pochettino is useless as well. He didn't win that final with Spurs, so who cares?
Srijan Mishra
Srijan Mishra Prije 28 dana
@Cian Dolan so? Wolves haven't won shit either, does that mean Nuno is crap? Same for Pochettino and Dyche.
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan Prije 28 dana
@Srijan Mishra Won fuck-all though, didn't they?
Srijan Mishra
Srijan Mishra Prije 28 dana
There's a lot you don't know, apparently. Moyes managed Everton for 11 years before moving to United. In that time they finished top 4, reached FA cup finals and he's won 3rd most manager of the month award, only behind Fergie and Wenger
Raton Roy
Raton Roy Prije 28 dana
If we need to beat juve we need to play at our best and we need a lot of luckkkk!😖😖
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