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On this week's TFW we talk to Stephen Howson from Stretford Paddock about Manchester United's EPIC FAIL at home to Tottenham, Depay's transfer to Barcelona, Bayern Munich's slow transfer window and much more!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Who should the captain of Man United be?
Kushagra Saxena
Kushagra Saxena Prije mjesec
Eyasu Ruphael Girma
Eyasu Ruphael Girma Prije mjesec
Bruno fernandes
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan Prije mjesec
De Gea!
Madhur Bhardwaj
Madhur Bhardwaj Prije mjesec
Zahir Abbas Mogul
Zahir Abbas Mogul Prije mjesec
Tanks for getting howson on the show not any wanker like flex or mark
Tiago Gaming
Tiago Gaming Prije mjesec
U copied fng
Nathan Njuguna
Nathan Njuguna Prije mjesec
Maguire has the defending skills of Phil Jones
Dave Prije mjesec
Klopp needs 4-2-3-1 with both Fabinho and Thiago to cover Arnold and Robertson, and even Gomez defensively.
Fabulous K
Fabulous K Prije mjesec
Talks, talks, talks, talks.. "lets get straight into it!"
MetalRocksMe \m/
MetalRocksMe \m/ Prije mjesec
In recent times I’m seeing stronger duel between Kane and son! They compliment one another...not coming from a spurs fan.
Puffin - One Handed Gamer
Puffin - One Handed Gamer Prije mjesec
that last one... hahahahaha!
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma Prije mjesec
In my opinion trent is a right mid not right back
Aayan Masood
Aayan Masood Prije mjesec
Bayern signed 2 wingers Got a backup rb Got a backup striker Got a great talent in midfield which perfectly suits the double pivot I think its benn pretty decent they covered all the areas they were lacking in though they could do better
Ayan Hasan
Ayan Hasan Prije mjesec
mans spittin fax
Burrito bruno
Burrito bruno Prije mjesec
Calvert lewin aint worse than kane than speaking in interviews?
knight walker
knight walker Prije mjesec
Son can perform so greatly mostly cuz Kane takes the pressure of being the poster boy and leading figure of the club. No hate against Son though. He is earning legend status at Spurs
#PgTrym91 Norwegian Sports fan, gamer & Guitarist
#PgTrym91 Norwegian Sports fan, gamer & Guitarist Prije mjesec
well Cavani is a leader, he's a former captain of PSG ... and tend to fight hard for the team to win
X - MAN Prije mjesec
Manchester United should choice Pogba as captain because he is also a leader in the french national team
Upa Dutt
Upa Dutt Prije mjesec
Ever heard of a player called Bruno Fernandes, who was the captain of sporting Lisbon and changed United's season since arriving last season. Maybe he should be captain. Dumarse
Upa Dutt
Upa Dutt Prije mjesec
Joel Jomy
Joel Jomy Prije mjesec
Pep was Arteta's assistant the whole time
DZGN Prije mjesec
Probably the worst person to represent United you could have found. Has anyone else seen that video of him mocking that Liverpool fan for telling him that Mourinho wouldn’t win a league title with United? 😂😂
Captain Roy the 13th
Captain Roy the 13th Prije mjesec
Unpopular opinion how about playing Wan-Bissaka as a centre back?
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan Prije mjesec
He could if he was on the right of a back three.
Introvert Traveller
Introvert Traveller Prije mjesec
I can see a Kane Fanboi crying😭😅
Musa Asif
Musa Asif Prije mjesec
Rashford should be captain. I know he is young in age but he has 5 seasons in the first team. He is not unexperienced
Shadow Production
Shadow Production Prije mjesec
please get goldbridge on the show
mitsu hlanganani mabasa
mitsu hlanganani mabasa Prije mjesec
Son is better than Kane, its okay be honest
Visca Barcelona
Visca Barcelona Prije mjesec
Jesse lingardinho must be the captain of united.
bamlak kassahun
bamlak kassahun Prije mjesec
All pl teams- "yes keep ole"
bamlak kassahun
bamlak kassahun Prije mjesec
Every united fan needs a holiday after that game.
Sudipta Mukherjee
Sudipta Mukherjee Prije mjesec
Why does the no. Of subscribers not increasing??🙏
Sudipta Mukherjee
Sudipta Mukherjee Prije mjesec
Chelsea will win premier league..they have the best team
Aman Jha
Aman Jha Prije mjesec
I think liverpool must buy a RCB who can give cover to Trent.... The same way Van Dijk gives to Robertson.....what do you think ???
B P Prije mjesec
Bruno should be captain.
Anay Gokhale
Anay Gokhale Prije mjesec
1:48 I feel like that’s the same with Pep. Man city was brilliant when pep joined because the other teams didn’t know how to stop them, but later the other teams learned and were able to close the massive gap in quality. This season Liverpool is going to be the Man city of last season
Lincoln Shrestha
Lincoln Shrestha Prije mjesec
14:30 liverpool dont conceded 7 against Aston villa 🤣🤣
Travis Godfree
Travis Godfree Prije mjesec
Years ago i thought that Kane would be a 1 or 2 season wonder. As a Chelsea fan it pains me to say that he is definitely the real deal and, imo, he is the best player at Spurs. But only just over Son.
SDB Prije mjesec
Klopp hasnt had a bad start. Wins against Arsenal, Chelsea and Leeds? Yes ofcourse that Villa defeat isnt great, but it doesnt extinguish the 3 very impressive wins against 3 tricky sides
Gagan Kompala
Gagan Kompala Prije mjesec
Bring back Roy 🤣🤣🤣 Although I am pretty sure that he was joking 😂
Selvin Martin
Selvin Martin Prije mjesec
Howson 9:25
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije mjesec
Wait wait wait wtf, what do you mean if people say that Son is the best player at Spurs it's because they don't want Kane to be the best, are you going mad Matt, so if someone says that Ronaldo is the best player at Juve they don't want Dybala to be the best or if someone says KDB is the best player at City they don't want Sterling to be the best! That reasoning is quite frankly stupid to say the least, no hate intended, I love Matt and the videos on the channel but c'mon, and people actually aren't even wrong when they say Son is the best at Spurs because it's honestly just a fact, he's by far the best player Spurs have, who's faster? Son is, who shoots better? Both are just as good, who's the better dribbler? There's no comparison there, who's better with both feet? Son again so there isn't any comparison between those two! Actually the reason why Matt thinks Kane is better than Son is because he's English just like him lmao, that's exactly why, so sad especially because England are too crap to compete for any trophy let alone win it! Again, no hate for England it's just a fact!
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije mjesec
@OneFootball English I didn't pick the things that Son is better than Kane at, I picked the attributes that are relevant to attacking because they are both attackers and Son just destroys Kane in all thr relevant attacking attributes. Sorry Matt but you're wrong whether you like it or not. Son is a much better player than Kane and almost everyone would agree with that. It's true that some people just hate Kane and rightly so because of the selfishness he has displayed over the years so it's his fault he gets hate but that's just some people but anyways that's beside the point. Almost everyone who's simply a football fan would always prefer Son over Kane because he's quite frankly a much better footballer and person!
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
All you've done there is pick the things that Son is better than Kane at... I know its tough to compare because they dont play the same role in the team, but Kane is the best and most important player as Spurs, it's a fact. When Spurs dont have him, they struggle, much more then when they don't have Son. Also, if someone says CR7 is the best player at Juve it's not because they hate Dybala, it's because he is 100% without doubt the best, just like Kane is...
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije mjesec
Did anyone notice Matt said "history injury" instead of "injury history"?😂
Eoin Nisharrig
Eoin Nisharrig Prije mjesec
why do you have crackheads commenting on the show matt? this fool just compared ole golem sholknowsnothingaboutfootballskher to pep and klopp,,,,,,,,,,,, someone givem a swift backhand and knock some sense into him ffs.
Pavit Singh Panesar
Pavit Singh Panesar Prije mjesec
Cavani should be the captain If he signs
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh Prije mjesec
Depay deal is completely useless. He play at the brilliant level only one he plays around no. 10 position which is already packed
wouter van gils
wouter van gils Prije mjesec
Barcelona doesn't need another CF type. They already have Messi, griezmann or even Coutinho to play there. They need a true number 9 to play off from, so don't feel like Memphis is a needed signing
Seth jason
Seth jason Prije mjesec
Just remember richalison is in trent's side during the derby its about to get lit and alisson maybe out of the game
mosalahh M
mosalahh M Prije mjesec
Can you try to get George Benson from gbfc anyway love the content thanks a lot Matt literally one of the best in the business
ידיד ידיד
ידיד ידיד Prije mjesec
Love your haircut
KEN BEE Prije mjesec
You want small strikers? Italy got small strikers
Cuhh 123
Cuhh 123 Prije mjesec
Bruno should be captain!!
Molly Asalu
Molly Asalu Prije mjesec
Honestly I think saint maximan is overrated because of fifa
Victor Jacobs
Victor Jacobs Prije mjesec
There is absolutely no way you can compare Klopp n Pep to Oli...No way
64 Ahmed
64 Ahmed Prije mjesec
Unpopular opinion: i think TAA's passing and crossing is overstated, don't get me wrong he is good but people are drawing comparisons to dani alves' attacking output and i dont think its even close
Chinonso Ahamefule
Chinonso Ahamefule Prije mjesec
Very correct. Alves was unreal.
Shubham Kharat
Shubham Kharat Prije mjesec
Two of my favourite football guys together howson and matt great work onefootball kooodoooossss
Gregorio Elias
Gregorio Elias Prije mjesec
Kane much better than son he got 5 assist and 3 goals. Son with 6 goals and 2 assist. 8 goal contributions
Soumitra Tarafder
Soumitra Tarafder Prije mjesec
Plz somebody tell me the name of the intro song 0:06
Soumitra Tarafder
Soumitra Tarafder Prije mjesec
@Diogo Jota And divock origi fanboy sry man but that's not the song u mentioned
Diogo Jota And divock origi fanboy
Diogo Jota And divock origi fanboy Prije mjesec
Soumitra Tarafder No problem 👍
Soumitra Tarafder
Soumitra Tarafder Prije mjesec
@Diogo Jota And divock origi fanboy Thanks a lot mate
Diogo Jota And divock origi fanboy
Diogo Jota And divock origi fanboy Prije mjesec
Darude - Sandstorm
Tanay Shah
Tanay Shah Prije mjesec
Matt was spot on b4 the start of the season when he said Calvert Lewin will be the surprise/shining package this season even b4 the season started Kudos to u! Looking forward to further spot on predictions
Gelos Fifa
Gelos Fifa Prije mjesec
Just want a heart
Solomon James
Solomon James Prije mjesec
Asterix Prije mjesec
The amount of people that clicked on the video thinking it was Stephen Tries. 1,689,999 people.
Johannes Ihemba
Johannes Ihemba Prije mjesec
Give the captaincy to Bruno
Rishab Bantiya
Rishab Bantiya Prije mjesec
Mark Goldbridge for TFW 🔥🔥
Kids Drews
Kids Drews Prije mjesec
I think son is better than Kane, but it's only because I think Kane is a bit more dependent on his teammates, but son can make things happen himself. Feel free to disagree
Daniel Abaidoo-Ansah
Daniel Abaidoo-Ansah Prije mjesec
Ngoako Ramz
Ngoako Ramz Prije mjesec
I think it's because he hasn't really featured
Dayemtheking _
Dayemtheking _ Prije mjesec
Devanshu Bharadwaj
Devanshu Bharadwaj Prije mjesec
Bayern signed Chopu Moting so no problems at Bayern I guess 😂😂
Yash Ganatra
Yash Ganatra Prije mjesec
I like kane but still i prefer son. i wish he signed for madrid instead of that lard ass hazard
The Ultimate E
The Ultimate E Prije mjesec
Im probably the only one who likes TFW with Matt alone....
Alphonso Davies's Memes
Alphonso Davies's Memes Prije mjesec
Nah, me too
Rishab Bantiya
Rishab Bantiya Prije mjesec
I think everyone is at fault. The board are obviously to be blamed. But lets not forgot we were loosing in the first 10 minutes. Van Da Beek should have started considering Pogba was horrible in the last 2 PL matches. There was no hunger. Barcelona after losing 8-2 did a complete replacement of the board. Can the glazers do that? I say sack the board and the manager. Ole is the last person to be blamed but we have seen this before. A few good months of good football followed by a complete disappointment ( which we always tend to forget). There will never be a new takeover. That's evident enough considering how the glazers are managing the club. Everything looks realistic except a change in owners. They need to be reached out. Pochettinho is the perfect manager. There is no point of short term changes which wouldn't last long enough. We need to think of long term prospects. Poch did it at Spurs and He could develop players here too. He is a manager who asks less ( also The glazers would love that) but can at least put us in the top 4 on a consistent basis. He could attract players.OGS isn't even consistent that he could be in the club for another year. Two things we need this year are a sporting director and a new fucking fitness team. Look at Bayern Munich. Their squad was fit enough to beat Barcelona and go on win the champions league even after the lockdown. Things that need to be given importance this year:- 1) Sporting director along with a change in the board ( separate for business and sporting decisions) & also whoever decides the Wages. 2) A New Fitness team. 3) A Change in Manager ( Ole has never been consistent) and the entire staff.
Eyasu Ruphael Girma
Eyasu Ruphael Girma Prije mjesec
But I think ole has done a good job with the rebuild so far but I'm afraid he may not be backed and lose control of the whole team. Its sad really but I feel we can only realistically keep ole for this season unless he gets top four. Which he wont. Otherwise the whole team will turn sour and players may start to leave
Eyasu Ruphael Girma
Eyasu Ruphael Girma Prije mjesec
@Hasan 577 ole is not the manager to get us to our glory days and yh instead of loch we should get naglesman at leipzig. He's also not a huge winner but he's young and has high energy football that suits our players
Hasan 577
Hasan 577 Prije mjesec
What has poch actually won? He had the best striker in the league and couldn't win anything. Mouriniho will win with that Spurs team even though Poch couldn't. Back Ole he will get us back to the glory days.
Eyasu Ruphael Girma
Eyasu Ruphael Girma Prije mjesec
We should work on the sporting director/ the board srtructure and fitness team before a new manager so as to give the manager a chance to succeed
Eyasu Ruphael Girma
Eyasu Ruphael Girma Prije mjesec
I agree but we should get the structure right before we get a new manager
Yusuf Chagtai
Yusuf Chagtai Prije mjesec
Man like rag’n’bone man. Never thought he’d feature on onefootball😂
MiNi Prije mjesec
Sia Prije mjesec
Yeah I see it now he legit looks like him 🤣
Reece-Arukoe Prije mjesec
Loving the new haircut Matt
Vaibhav RK
Vaibhav RK Prije mjesec
Bruno penaldez lol
Vaibhav RK
Vaibhav RK Prije mjesec
Antony partial lol
Vaibhav RK
Vaibhav RK Prije mjesec
Marcus trashford lol
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem Prije mjesec
Son > Kane
miguel araujo
miguel araujo Prije mjesec
I think Heung-Min Son is better than Harry Kane and i like Kane and don´t hate him. But the best Tottenham player is Bale.
Ntsakiso Chauke
Ntsakiso Chauke Prije mjesec
Van Dijk is a bit overrated
Ankit Parajuli
Ankit Parajuli Prije mjesec
Every one is talking about Ousmane Dembélé ,Memphis Depay. What griezmann gonna do? .where will be he playing? Did he did mistake joining Barcelona ???
TheTwicksShow Prije mjesec
In my opinion,Greizman is a great player but with Messi and Coutinho (as well as Suarez last season) He doesn't fit well in the Barcelona system.
Joe Aniekan
Joe Aniekan Prije mjesec
Love the intro
Tino 123
Tino 123 Prije mjesec
Liverpool loses 7-2 Aston villa 🤣🤣🤣 I thought there was something wrong with my eyes when I saw it for the first time
מיכאל רחמילביץ'
מיכאל רחמילביץ' Prije mjesec
KeGGs Prije mjesec
How any times has Matt said laptop instead of iPad
Aman Jha
Aman Jha Prije mjesec
@OneFootball English I think liverpool must buy a RCB who can give cover to Trent.... The same way Van Dijk gives to Robertson.....what do you think ???
KeGGs Prije mjesec
OneFootball English thanks for the reply keep up the good work
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Too many!
rayun mahbub
rayun mahbub Prije mjesec
I like it when it's just you
Football 4life
Football 4life Prije mjesec
Man utd feeling like Why didn't we sign David luiz
Athulkrishna Prije mjesec
the added responsibility could possibly bring the best out of Pogba. He has some good leadership qualities.
Ramzy Hussein
Ramzy Hussein Prije mjesec
I agree Allan saint is underrated.🤔🤔Not a Newcastle fan BTW.
Sidharat Mohanty
Sidharat Mohanty Prije mjesec
5 goals a season man even injured dembele can score
Balthazar Werner
Balthazar Werner Prije mjesec
Have ppl forgotten that sane signed for Bayern, I mean everyone always says they’ve had a poor transfer window but they got sane
Alphonso Davies's Memes
Alphonso Davies's Memes Prije mjesec
That's true, maybe some people think the summer window is different to the September- October window, when it's the same window
Abir Prije mjesec
The only reason depay is more of a practical choice for barcelona at the moment is coz of dembele's recurring injury problems .... when fit , he has the potential not only to bear the responsibility of barca's attack but also to become one of europe's top players . He is an ambidextrous and agile player with fair bit of finishing ability which will only get better with age .... it's always good to have players like him who can settle on either wings. Considering the shambolic situation of United , he might find his rythm back as there will be less pressure on him compared to barca 10:30 McTominay 13:56 nearly yup 2 months break isn't good enough to replenish previous season's fatigue ... bollocks.
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma Prije mjesec
@Abir i definitely agree with your point, even i was surprised when I saw messi play sort of like a striker, I just don't know what koeman has in mind and why he changed his decision to play griezmann on the right, idk
Abir Prije mjesec
@Aditya Verma lets get one thing straight , Antoine isn't a winger he's a CF or false 9 to some extent ... and barca will never be able to harness his abilities if they continue to put him on left wing
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma Prije mjesec
No even if Memphis is coming, he is a griezmann replacement coz if dembele is injured barca have trincao and pedri to play and even messi sometimes on the wings but barca don't have a finisher in the team and oh I even forgot about konrad de la Fuente on the wing
Badly made Content
Badly made Content Prije mjesec
Aaron Wan Bissaka Should Be CB With Bailly
Adam Prije mjesec
Nope, AWB likes to go to ground which is not ideal for a CB
Emperor Prinzy
Emperor Prinzy Prije mjesec
I have been saying that
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway Prije mjesec
Ole has the same shortlist as last summer, upamecano and sancho. Glazers stalled and their prices doubled
Sidhayan D
Sidhayan D Prije mjesec
Goat Lingard can be the captain
Ashmeet Singh
Ashmeet Singh Prije mjesec
Up the paddockkkkk
Sidhayan D
Sidhayan D Prije mjesec
I think man united need to re build the whole team including the manager instead of changing team captain. I know its not possible because transfer window already at the end.
Sidhayan D
Sidhayan D Prije mjesec
@Marcus Holloway Yeah that's the sad truth
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway Prije mjesec
@Sidhayan D that's the point, they do that, don't back the manager after success and we blame the next manager. Stop the cycle of scapegoating managers
Sidhayan D
Sidhayan D Prije mjesec
@Marcus Holloway in the next transfer window they need to rebuild it like selling unwanted players or flops and buying youngsters with a good manager.
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway Prije mjesec
Tried that with Van gaal, mourinho, and ole and it failed everything. Wakeup and realise it's the glazers fault
Whis Prije mjesec
Dembele for depay? Possibly one of the worst deals this board will do, which is saying a lot.
Funhistani Prije mjesec
Don't get 20 year old player ? Buy 33 year old free agent instead. Don't get Barca player ? Buy a Watford player. Sad times to be a Man Utd fan 😅
phil coutinho
phil coutinho Prije mjesec
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway Prije mjesec
So many former united players succeed elsewhere
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway Prije mjesec
Henderson and Pogba made a mistake returning
Adi V
Adi V Prije mjesec
“If you’re sacking ole, you’re also sacking Pep and Klopp”- is this guy delusional!? Yo, I get fans are going to have a biased view of their team and manager but this is ridiculous. Can one football background check their guests from now on and make sure they’re not this level of incompetent? Klopp has won 2 bundesligas, a German cup, a champions league and a prem, pep has won an insane amount of trophies and revolutionized the way football is played. Ole has gotten Cardiff relegated. Klopp and Pep can have shaky starts to a season and point to their immense success as reason to stick by them, what exactly can Ole point to again?
Chinonso Ahamefule
Chinonso Ahamefule Prije mjesec
You're so correct
Shantanu Thakare
Shantanu Thakare Prije mjesec
He's such a clown 😭😭😭😭. The main difference is Pep,Klopp have delivered success recently unlike Ice Cold Ole. But hey, he's a club legend so he cannot be the problem.
Finu Faiz
Finu Faiz Prije mjesec
Bayern are the best but they are not perfect
ARJUN 2204
ARJUN 2204 Prije mjesec
No one is perfect City spend loads of money and still not perfect take any team in the world none are perfect. If bayerns squad stay fit for the season they are just fine Lewandowski,sane, gnabry, Costa , muller, kimmich, Alphonso Davies,nuer, goretzka But they have to improve in defence
ARJUN 2204
ARJUN 2204 Prije mjesec
No one is perfect
GrAzZ Prije mjesec
Hi matt
Willis Assounga
Willis Assounga Prije mjesec
13:02 this delusion is unreal. pep and klopp are already well proven and have done the job with their respective teams over the last 3-4 years. ole has done nothing to warrant such a free pass.
Enciam Prije mjesec
@Puffin - One Handed Gamer Totally agree and the parallels between the Glazer kids and Hicks and Gillette are clear. I imagine your feelings on United are similar to mine about Liverpool under H&G- some perverse pleasure at seeing your closest rival floundering and struggling, but ultimately solidarity that a great football institution is being ruined by greedy predatory capitalist owners. It goes beyond rivalry to me, and I celebrated when Liverpool supporters managed to rid their club of their predatory owners. It's just sad to see two enormous cultural institutions being at the whim of rich ghouls who want to own them as a status symbol and a source of wealth. Oh well. Hopefully we can rid ourselves of our parasites and it'll have a similar effect.
Puffin - One Handed Gamer
Puffin - One Handed Gamer Prije mjesec
@CYYLEE you will do "a liverpool". I don't see you winning anything major for the next 30 years at least unless you do the following: A: get a new owner then B: get a top manager and then C: get a decent squad
Puffin - One Handed Gamer
Puffin - One Handed Gamer Prije mjesec
the problems at Manchester United are so deep rooted, that sacking the manager will not help. the problem is at the top. Joe Glazer and the rest of the board, they all need to go, THEN you fire Ole and never look back. don't hire one of "The class of 92" (Fergie's kids). none of them are good enough, just look at Gary Neville, such a shite manager. Poch would be ideal. after you get Poch in, then you start buying players and fixing the team. but first thing's first. get rid of the glazers, they are destroying Man utd. sincerly - A liverpool fan P.S. Not all American owners suck, I love ours, but we know how it feels (Hicks & Gillette)
Enciam Prije mjesec
@CYYLEE Interesting theory about Poch's demands. At this stage I think even if Woodward is removed / moved away from operations, the Glazers still wouldn't sanction the type of investment we need. The Glazers just don't give a shit if we're successful on the pitch as long as their dividends keep flowing, and I can't see them sanctioning a massive speculative spending spree to try and go from 3rd to 1st when the risk is big and the reward is low (financially). It's difficult not to be hopeless as a United fan these days because the problems at the club run right from top to bottom- from the players to the coaches to the directors to the owners. It's so difficult to imagine a scenario where all of these things are fixed (aside from the Glazers giving the club to the fans for free).
Enciam Prije mjesec
@CYYLEE Agreed pal. They've hung Ole out to dry and will not give a second thought to using him as a convenient lightning rod for the ire of fans when the predictable happens and other sides who have strengthened overtake us this season. The interesting thing with Poch is whether he would take the job. Given that the last 4 managers have been undermined and ignored I think any in demand manager would be very hesitant to take this poisoned chalice.
Dp Prije mjesec
Matt your Dressing sense is so good ❤️
Kai Aruo
Kai Aruo Prije mjesec
Hi Matt!!!
Adam October
Adam October Prije mjesec
Harry kane - u hate to love him !
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