The Best XI Transfers for 20/21 feat. Suárez and Thiago! ► Who's In

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As the transfer window draws to a close, Matt looks at some of the best deals out there and creates his final XI featuring Thiago, Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale and more!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Who would you put into this transfer XI?
Jacob Peake
Jacob Peake Prije mjesec
Takshila V. Kandukuru
Takshila V. Kandukuru Prije mjesec
Maybe Rakitić instead of Havertz
MATIN STEAVIS Prije mjesec
Bale is extraodrinary
Anthony Calderone
Anthony Calderone Prije mjesec
Vinamr Madan
Vinamr Madan Prije mjesec
@Noof Taheri I agree but he is better than Castagne so put Hakimi at left back and put Dest as right back
SAI CHARAN Prije 20 dana
I would Mendy in goal.
Takshila V. Kandukuru
Takshila V. Kandukuru Prije mjesec
Maybe Rakitić instead of Havertz .
فيصل محمد
فيصل محمد Prije mjesec
Pianic instead of Rodriguez
Junior Ncube
Junior Ncube Prije mjesec
Marcelo bielsa Allan napoli
LEGO Loser
LEGO Loser Prije mjesec
Partey woulda been here if Matt had waited
Sanket Pol
Sanket Pol Prije mjesec
When should expect UCL group stages prediction ?
Sanket Pol
Sanket Pol Prije mjesec
I overall thinks its a great team no changes as of now that I can think of either than maybe Timo werner ahead of luis suarez just because Suarez is older and Werner is going to be a long term striker for chelsea
I I Prije mjesec
The whole ziyech deal and packages puts it ahead of bale
Arijit Seal
Arijit Seal Prije mjesec
Diego jota would be better than same given his medical conditions..
TDM Prije mjesec
Ziyech is better than bale
Marvin Nash
Marvin Nash Prije mjesec
Tonali, Thiago Silva and Werner as subs :)
Alex Lol
Alex Lol Prije mjesec
And on the bench: Nübel, Vidal, Morata, Pjanic, Icardi, Thiago Silva, Diogo Jota, Reguilon, Werner...
Stepan V
Stepan V Prije mjesec
vidal? hahahahahahah nice joke
Saivarun Prasad G
Saivarun Prasad G Prije mjesec
More like Best transfers for premier league..............
Luka Vidmar
Luka Vidmar Prije mjesec
I think Jota is missing though I respect your decisions Matt
1NFECT3D. Prije mjesec
1:03,Perfectionists Be Like... "NO GOD No God Please No , No, Noooooo.*
Eshan Basheer
Eshan Basheer Prije mjesec
Werner instead if sane .I think
Raheem Sterling
Raheem Sterling Prije mjesec
Nathan Ake (The Next Van Dijk)
ANi Prije mjesec
Jeson Prije mjesec
if its abt the best and not abt value for money then vdb should be there
Axel Reinas
Axel Reinas Prije mjesec
you could have put edouard mendy and sergino dest.
Rudra Roshan
Rudra Roshan Prije mjesec
Guys like this comment if u wanted serginio dest to be in this 11
NBT #97
NBT #97 Prije mjesec
Yay Greenwood and Foden are friends
Yay Greenwood and Foden are friends Prije mjesec
Alfe Inge Haaland
Khan umar Shazil
Khan umar Shazil Prije mjesec
Rb sergino dest 21mill real bargain
Debanjan Ghosal
Debanjan Ghosal Prije mjesec
No doubt Matt's a Spurs fan. Imagine leaving Werner, Ziyech and Thiago Silva out of this team.
Manoj Bhatta
Manoj Bhatta Prije mjesec
Ferhan torres looks like he is quality. To think that city didn't even paid 30 m for him is bargain.
epic videos
epic videos Prije mjesec
I agree the rest but i would go left forward as Timo Werner and right forward as Leroy Sane......Bale are u kidding me
Tril Ks
Tril Ks Prije mjesec
Sergino Dest is anyday better than Hakimi ...... Look how Dest destroyed Alphonso Davies and Canada in their International game
dhayanandh Prije mjesec
Alexander nübel 🤨
DrStormpooper Prije mjesec
Havertz is not a great choice. Allan instead of him.
Itsmeyounie Prije mjesec
Gk: Martinez(Mendy) Rb: Hakimi(Dest) Cb: Nianzou(Silva) Cb: Godin(Mancini) Lb: Castagne(Reguilon) CDM: Tonali(Allan) CM: Thiago(Arthur) CAM: James Rodriguez(Van de Beek) RW: Ziyech(Willian) ST: Suarez(Werner) LW: Sane(Kulusevski)
Asish Varghese Neil
Asish Varghese Neil Prije mjesec
I dont disagree with you bale is a talented player he has the potential to improve Tottenham's game
Alexander Chronos
Alexander Chronos Prije mjesec
James was a free? I thought real got 25 mil for him
Tity Thomas
Tity Thomas Prije mjesec
Leicester just upgraded from Europa league/sortta average left back to a champions league level left back and made a profit of around 29 million
Sam Stanley
Sam Stanley Prije mjesec
Chilwell was a good transfer for everyone, Chelsea got a very good left back who got an assist in his first 10 minutes of playing, they only paid 50 million which is good considering the circumstances , and Leicester got pretty good money.
Rishi Kamath
Rishi Kamath Prije mjesec
Van De Beek should be in there because - imagine a club the size of Man Utd, makes only one signing in such a crucial window, so that one signing has to be a God Level signing. Hence Proved - Van de Beek is the best signing of the window. Also proved - Glazers out.
Abdi Adan
Abdi Adan Prije mjesec
Liverpool will dominate not shity
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith Prije mjesec
Pssst hey Matt I think Man United need a New manager of transfers
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem Prije mjesec
Gareth bale ? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahaha joke or the year 😂
What To say?
What To say? Prije mjesec
Yeah bale is a decent golf player. i agree
Jack Prije mjesec
What about Sancho? Did this too soon
Jack Prije mjesec
@anir s 90% club is bopping
anir s
anir s Prije mjesec
80%club wya
thomas hanrahan
thomas hanrahan Prije mjesec
Doucoure, Allan and Nkounkou.... All worthy of a shout. Everton doing absolute bits this season.
Luca Santillo
Luca Santillo Prije mjesec
Its just a list of prem players lol
léukos Prije mjesec
banger backgroundsound!💥 more of that 🦑great video as well ^^
Soccer! Prije mjesec
I think Aston Villa definitely overpaid for Martinez. 20 million? Martinez is a great keeper, but he's had very little Premier League appearances despite the waves he made in those limited appearances.
Dave Prije mjesec
Gabriel looks terrible on the ball !!
Dave Prije mjesec
Lamptey on right back !!
Dave Prije mjesec
I guess Hakimi is great as well
mooly gettingpro
mooly gettingpro Prije mjesec
im not sure if loans count but if it does then gk should be areola
Molly Asalu
Molly Asalu Prije mjesec
Naaa ziyech over bale
Jake Moran
Jake Moran Prije mjesec
Werner should have been in
Ashhad Siddiqui
Ashhad Siddiqui Prije mjesec
Warner or hakimi
Charles Lovell
Charles Lovell Prije mjesec
Martinez over Mendy
Kais Al
Kais Al Prije mjesec
The best transfers XL or the best PL transfers?
Abdul Alli
Abdul Alli Prije mjesec
Werner and Ziyech 🤦🏾‍♂️
trapdaddy dromme
trapdaddy dromme Prije mjesec
goa music! nice
Youssef Mokhtar
Youssef Mokhtar Prije mjesec
you should've picked Dejan Kulusevski
Abhik Mazumder
Abhik Mazumder Prije mjesec
Didn't Everton pay €20m for James?
andi knox
andi knox Prije mjesec
garth bale !!!!!!!
Adinarayan Sarangi
Adinarayan Sarangi Prije mjesec
James was free, I thought it was around 25 million
Kenenna Udochukwu
Kenenna Udochukwu Prije mjesec
TheTwicksShow everyone saying it was free to hype it up. It wasn’t. It was 20 million pounds.
TheTwicksShow Prije mjesec
nope it was free but with add ons it added up to 5 mil
Joel Jomy
Joel Jomy Prije mjesec
oh who was that ? angelina kmaooo
Marshmallow Minecraft
Marshmallow Minecraft Prije mjesec
TIMO WERNER!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to Chelsea transfers after Havertz? Werner is better!!!
ANJ 13
ANJ 13 Prije mjesec
Ohhh... what about this player......
Simon Barrett
Simon Barrett Prije mjesec
Timo Werner how is he not in the lineup how!!?!??!
Mutabazi Davy
Mutabazi Davy Prije mjesec
Replace bale with ziyech
Plash Mehta
Plash Mehta Prije mjesec
i would put anyone but bale in that right wing position even if i have to put thiago silva with his debut performance but agreed with the rest of the line up
Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson Prije mjesec
Martinez isn't better then Alphonsa Arreola ❌
Joe Winder
Joe Winder Prije mjesec
No Ruben diaz ??
Chevaughn Crowl
Chevaughn Crowl Prije mjesec
Mia San Mia
Souvik Saha
Souvik Saha Prije mjesec
Bale the golfer🤣🤣🤣
A M Prije mjesec
Van de Beek
Mu'min El Haj
Mu'min El Haj Prije mjesec
Attacking options are trash lmao but matt knew that, I think the front three should be sane, werner and osimhen
B15 Jane
B15 Jane Prije mjesec
Cool Video but I think it would have been better to have done it after deadline day
Rachit Agrawal
Rachit Agrawal Prije mjesec
Kadafi Prije mjesec
Best signing has to be Real Madrid buying the referees😅😅😅
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
In 2017 barca has the most penalty’s ever
Arjun Choudhary
Arjun Choudhary Prije mjesec
No doubt Bale is good signing. But come on, Hakim Ziyech for 35m is the best signing. And Timo Werner will be one of best goal-scorers in PL in upcoming seasons.
E Prije mjesec
So you telling me that James is better of a signing than Arthur Melo
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
James Rodrigues maybe
Lister Limo
Lister Limo Prije mjesec
What about Trincao
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
Lister Limo wym no pressure you guys are hyping him up
Lister Limo
Lister Limo Prije mjesec
Trincao has shown promise n can actual since there is no pressure on him to perform like dembele n griezmann
Dwayne Mclennon
Dwayne Mclennon Prije mjesec
Answer your phone
Toby Tullis
Toby Tullis Prije mjesec
I won’t tell you what my favourite attacking signings are idiot I hate you channel the only good thing in this channel is the 442oons vids
Abdul Muiz
Abdul Muiz Prije mjesec
Werner for sane maybe
Bryan Prije mjesec
Ziyech over Bale
Nganji Noah
Nganji Noah Prije mjesec
You said that everton bought james for free.Why does your app say otherwise?
Ryan Padmanathan
Ryan Padmanathan Prije mjesec
Nganji Noah no problem
Nganji Noah
Nganji Noah Prije mjesec
@Ryan Padmanathan ok thanks
Ryan Padmanathan
Ryan Padmanathan Prije mjesec
Nganji Noah if i’m not mistaken it’s how much everton paid to buy out his contract
aRCHISMAN sEN Prije mjesec
Sane Suarez Ziyech James Arthur Thiago Castagne Hakimi Gabriel Mancini Martinez My 11:-
Tristan Searcy
Tristan Searcy Prije mjesec
Ruben Dias is going to be a great signing for Man City, he was captain of Benfica and future captain of Portugal and he's only 23. Defiantly better than Gabriel and Gianluca Mancini.
MegaGay FatBoy
MegaGay FatBoy Prije mjesec
@cinecfull if you look at his stats he is very good. I would say his biggest weakness is positioning, because he is veru agressive. But I think it is because at times hewas the the only person defending for Benfica.
Luka Vidmar
Luka Vidmar Prije mjesec
@MegaGay FatBoy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
cinecfull Prije mjesec
@MegaGay FatBoy well a good deal isn't decided by who has the most money to waste. A good deal id about the ratio of skill/talent devided by the price
Shine banana
Shine banana Prije mjesec
@MegaGay FatBoy yeah ik its big, but if it is not one of the 5 big ones pepole dont rate them very high. Like i dont watch liga nos all i know about dias is what folks are saying and his fifa potensial
MegaGay FatBoy
MegaGay FatBoy Prije mjesec
@Y T who cares if hes 65 mil, thats pocket change for our Arabian sugar daddy
Sanchit Khemka
Sanchit Khemka Prije mjesec
Matt putting Bale on this list. At the same time "yes there's risk of injuries, yes he's very expensive, yes he's old, yes he loves golf more than football and yes he's a piece of s*it as a player".
Jay Majdoub
Jay Majdoub Prije mjesec
@Drsoumen Biswas we wouldn't have hated on him if it weren't for his qales golf .adrid falg and other antics
Drsoumen Biswas
Drsoumen Biswas Prije mjesec
@Jay Majdoub you can't say that ..........if you are a Madrid fan nothing to say you guys are disgrace ., didnt give farewell or respect to any legends Casillas ronaldo pepe and paid no respect to Gareth bale and created pressure on him and blamed him throughout his career created rumours and if you are not a Madridista then it is shame that as a football fan you don't know these things what have happened with Gareth bale ........when he nearly stopped shining at Madrid he was still scoring crucial goals for his comparatively weak national team Wales not only the goals but he played with a immense energy also .........he told recently I am very happy to be back at this club(spurs) ...,.and when you are happy you play your best football ......he is motivated he is getting ready HE IS COMING
Shrish Trivedi
Shrish Trivedi Prije mjesec
Bale will prove you wrong. He is still a top player
Jay Majdoub
Jay Majdoub Prije mjesec
@Aynite exactly Bale is washed up
Tusidex Prije mjesec
didnt put Reguilon tho
Haseeb Shah
Haseeb Shah Prije mjesec
I think Werner should be in place of Suarez. And Dest should certainly be there. Rest of the team is good.
Declan Meiring
Declan Meiring Prije mjesec
Definitely Werner should be in there
Mandla Simango
Mandla Simango Prije mjesec
Timo werner is better than suarez
Fabio Lo Gerfo
Fabio Lo Gerfo Prije mjesec
Sanchit Khemka
Sanchit Khemka Prije mjesec
Title should be "Best XI Premier League transfers and one or two from other leagues"
F L Prije mjesec
No. It should have been "Matt's biased transfer starting XI with some others to fill the gaps" 😂
Sarosh Sanaullah
Sarosh Sanaullah Prije mjesec
DEST 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Margaret Ngianaeli
Margaret Ngianaeli Prije mjesec
211th comment wahooo
felegush dargie
felegush dargie Prije mjesec
if suarez is in because of his past ...thiago silva should be no brainer but if tis for near future timo werner should be in because he was second top scorer in bundesliga
prof_ pure
prof_ pure Prije mjesec
Raja Sarkar
Raja Sarkar Prije mjesec
lol Its really funny to see Matt's Hypocrisy there was Jota, There was Willian, there were so many good wingers in the transfer but he picked Bale 😂😂😂 Who need Atleast 1 month to get fit to play in EPL....,😂😂😂 Ooh Matt. U don't know to stop do U? 😂😂😂
Areeb Siddiqui
Areeb Siddiqui Prije mjesec
Imagine picking Bale over Ziyech. Bale USED to be world class. Now he's just a golf loving injured mess.
David Raoult
David Raoult Prije mjesec
Whats up with the music?
anir s
anir s Prije mjesec
Music is all right
no ah
no ah Prije mjesec
Hakimi shouldn't go to Dortmund
L Maz
L Maz Prije mjesec
He’s at inter milan
Hydrominant Prije mjesec
Why do I agree with his front 3...
Hydrominant Prije mjesec
@Jay Majdoub Lol
Jay Majdoub
Jay Majdoub Prije mjesec
Cause you haven't watched Bale since the 2018 UCL final
Abdallah Abdulaziz
Abdallah Abdulaziz Prije mjesec
It's messi vs Ronaldo in the champions league 🔥🔥
Football Nation
Football Nation Prije mjesec
Suarez is doing good in atletico madrid
Nur Zuschauer
Nur Zuschauer Prije mjesec
I would prefer Werner over Suarez. Not because I think he is better right now, but in the future, he is going to be incredible
Jay Majdoub
Jay Majdoub Prije mjesec
I think Werner is slightly better now
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