Man City to spend MORE! + Barcelona BEAT Bayern to Sergiño Dest! ► Daily News

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Prije mjesec

On today's Onfootball Daily News - Pep Guardiola wants another signing at Manchester City, Sergiño Dest arrives in Barcelona from Ajax, Eric Dier helps Spurs flush Chelsea out of the Carabao Cup, a transfer roundup and the Great Debate!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
THE GREAT DEBATE: Which ONE transfer you would like to see before deadline day?
Dean Henderson
Dean Henderson Prije mjesec
A Centre back for Middlesbrough FC lol
BoutDaCheck Prije mjesec
Dest is American not Dutch
Ian Turana
Ian Turana Prije mjesec
tahmina mushtaq
tahmina mushtaq Prije mjesec
Sancho to man u.
Tanishk Patidar
Tanishk Patidar Prije mjesec
Sancho Sancho And Sancho
Edwin Bowah
Edwin Bowah Prije mjesec
Mourinho should sign braithwaite from Barca
Abdullah Huzaifa
Abdullah Huzaifa Prije mjesec
Alex telles ffs
Ezorelle Prije mjesec
Alaba to man city maybe if not joao cancelo should start in that position
ZombaHenry garrotKomp
ZombaHenry garrotKomp Prije mjesec
Elias Brown
Elias Brown Prije mjesec
Dest isn’t Dutch. He’s a Dutch-born American.
Zac Levy
Zac Levy Prije mjesec
i wonder why matt is so happy
Shakir Ahmed
Shakir Ahmed Prije mjesec
Depay to Barcelona. I really like Depay and I would like to see him wear a Barca Jersey
Krishnakant Tiwari
Krishnakant Tiwari Prije mjesec
Dest is American.. Matt
Emmanuel Stephenson
Emmanuel Stephenson Prije mjesec
Eric Garcia to Barca will be exciting!!
Ahmed Ebaa
Ahmed Ebaa Prije mjesec
Dest... Which is not dutch
N Kalam
N Kalam Prije mjesec
Matt do u think now jota has arrived Mané will play better because of the competition love your vids have a good day!! 👌👌
Kaylum Collins
Kaylum Collins Prije mjesec
Tells to united ❤❤❤😆😆😆
Dasfa Müller
Dasfa Müller Prije mjesec
Dest is so dumb
Michael For real
Michael For real Prije mjesec
If city get telles,
David Lambrano
David Lambrano Prije mjesec
Lol Dest is American not Dutch Matt
Mark Terence
Mark Terence Prije mjesec
Declan Rice to Chelsea
BarmenEnzio Batjies
BarmenEnzio Batjies Prije mjesec
I want to see Lamptey move to baryen he could be a beast like alphonso Davies
Ephraim Ajuyah
Ephraim Ajuyah Prije mjesec
lampty just turned 20
UCL Core
UCL Core Prije mjesec
Deron Macasky
Deron Macasky Prije mjesec
Alaba to city
Tanjib UL Hossain
Tanjib UL Hossain Prije mjesec
Aouar to juve
Dane JA
Dane JA Prije mjesec
Would Love a good cdm like Henderson or Kanye to United.
Yahsan 1911
Yahsan 1911 Prije mjesec
I would love to see Jadon Sancho in man utd for gods sake pls pay the money Ed Woodward it will return to you with great titles
Harwan Alaatre
Harwan Alaatre Prije mjesec
Lacazette to Bayern. Lewa is the best out and out striker in the world but he needs a decent backup and Laca is not a bad choice. He wouldn't be expensive and he's a great option off the bench.
Lich Cherimond
Lich Cherimond Prije mjesec
Im Warning you guys from rightnow, Koeman is litteraly only gonna buy Dutch players and Players that play in the dutch league
NOREEN Mc Carthy
NOREEN Mc Carthy Prije mjesec
Oblak to Bristol city
ambesh karanjit
ambesh karanjit Prije mjesec
Dest will shine bright in Barcelona 😎🔥
Anej Horvat
Anej Horvat Prije mjesec
Hey matt! Not 100% sure if you have new invisalign braces, or you're teeth are just that shiny. None the less looking good mate! 😉👌
M NK Prije mjesec
Dest is american cuz his father is american and he is playing for usa
Keelan Cowan
Keelan Cowan Prije mjesec
So is destroyed confirmed or has he only done a medical
Joel Hedin
Joel Hedin Prije mjesec
Aouar to ARSENAL
Shyzy Prije mjesec
Alphonso Davies would be a really good signing for city
Sixpacklean 21
Sixpacklean 21 Prije mjesec
Woodward needs to go
Joshua David
Joshua David Prije mjesec
I want to see Jadon Sancho at Man Utd. Probably won't happen and if it doesn't then I'd like to see a good alternative maybe Ousmane Dembele(loan) or David Brooks.
TDM Prije mjesec
Matt dest is American not dutch
Arnav Rishi
Arnav Rishi Prije mjesec
Sancho!!!! The saga will happen
N30 _
N30 _ Prije mjesec
It's so funny how the so-called greatest football manager on Earth always start solving his football problems by spending big in the transfer markets. No folks, thats not a manager, that's a rich guy with all the new toy cars but doesn't know how to drive or manage their high speed lol😂😂😂
Friction Prije mjesec
I want to see Lamptey go to bayern
Josh Duggan
Josh Duggan Prije mjesec
Spurs Won a trophy never thought I would see the day and I'm 15
Robert Watson
Robert Watson Prije mjesec
To I lost mother to 😭😭😭😭😭😭day
Cristian Bonilla
Cristian Bonilla Prije mjesec
when does the the transfer window close
Omer Dvir
Omer Dvir Prije mjesec
It’s not likely but if I just want someone I’d say Sancho to united
Ujjwal Singh
Ujjwal Singh Prije mjesec
Is Barcelona signing a CB other than Eric garia
Faiz Hameed
Faiz Hameed Prije mjesec
Eric dier used shitty 💩 tactics to beat chelsea
R7 Football
R7 Football Prije mjesec
Big debate: depay at Roma.. as a Roma fan we really need to start think about the future and replace dzeko soon and is a gr8 forward to have :)
weds toussaint
weds toussaint Prije mjesec
5:51 🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Taeed
Daniel Taeed Prije mjesec
Aouor to Arsenal!!!!
Jonno Hicks
Jonno Hicks Prije mjesec
Ye dest is american not dutch😂
aisaam asim Student
aisaam asim Student Prije mjesec
Sergino Dest is American, not dutch .
Anjali Yadav
Anjali Yadav Prije mjesec
Aouar to Arsenal he surely gonna boost arsenal squad
Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man Prije mjesec
I wanna see Deeny to spurs 😂
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko Prije mjesec
Garcia to Barca🥺
Justin Khakhu 7
Justin Khakhu 7 Prije mjesec
MKS Prije mjesec
Can’t wait for episode 69
Saraswathy Muthuswamy
Saraswathy Muthuswamy Prije mjesec
Hey we Indians are good at football but here football is not givien preference Like this comment so we Indians have great passion in football
Kian Cawtheray
Kian Cawtheray Prije mjesec
Take more about Newcastle
Paul Steopan
Paul Steopan Prije mjesec
The great debate:Auar to Arsenal I think it would be a fantastic singing because arsenal have been lacking in the midfield.
Dorian Bolsec
Dorian Bolsec Prije mjesec
City should try to sign Gaya from Valencia, he fits Pep's playing style perfectly
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh Prije mjesec
Chiesa and Milenkovic to AC Milan will make them title contenders if it happens
Mani Chidambaram
Mani Chidambaram Prije mjesec
City sign tagalifico
Mattie Junior
Mattie Junior Prije mjesec
Masons Mounts pen 😭😤
TECH BY ESHU Prije mjesec
Last signing that i want as a barca fan is real madrid buying lingarrd/jones/ mustafi for 100 million .🤣🤣🤣🤣jokes apart ,i dont want any signing now ,except a good left back like grimaldo /alaba if firpo leaves
Hugo Mullahy
Hugo Mullahy Prije mjesec
Me when I saw sancho: 😒😒
Reuben Halsey
Reuben Halsey Prije mjesec
I would love to see rice at Chelsea We rlly need a holding dm
FanOfl4ndo Norri s
FanOfl4ndo Norri s Prije mjesec
Matt you made an error you said 'dest is koeman first dutch signing' but dest has the american nationality
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre Prije mjesec
Sancho to manchester United mbappe to real Madrid and camavinga to real Madrid kulibaly to man city onana to Chelsea and declan rice
English Ginger Man
English Ginger Man Prije mjesec
I hope skrinar to spurs
Victor Ero
Victor Ero Prije mjesec
Spurs are always a laughing stock. The other time the story was Son and Lloris fighting
CHUKES JR Prije mjesec
Lamar Wright
Lamar Wright Prije mjesec
Matt I’ve learned a new work today, astronomical
Sarosh Sanaullah
Sarosh Sanaullah Prije mjesec
Aouar to Arsenal.
David Fidgeon
David Fidgeon Prije mjesec
Sancho to utd
Arka Kumar
Arka Kumar Prije mjesec
Cristiano ronaldo to Wolves 🤣🤣
Sylvestre Genus
Sylvestre Genus Prije mjesec
Cavani to atletico Madrid.💯🔥🔥
Bhavyen Patel
Bhavyen Patel Prije mjesec
I would like to see Lewandowski to Real or Messi to Man United
Usman Mahmood
Usman Mahmood Prije mjesec
Arsenal to aoaur or partey to arsenal
Shayan Ahmed
Shayan Ahmed Prije mjesec
auoar to arsenal PLEEEEEAAASEEE
Philemon Othieno
Philemon Othieno Prije mjesec
For next week, Matt what are your 5 favorite groups of death in the champions league of all time?
KeGGs Prije mjesec
I’m a man utd fan and I’m kinda surprised that others fans are not pissing us off more about how we paid 80 mil for maguire
Bibhushan Rajthala
Bibhushan Rajthala Prije mjesec
love that eric dier flush pun
Ashwin Abraham Jacob
Ashwin Abraham Jacob Prije mjesec
2:09 Dest isn't a Dutch player. He is an American international.
Asaph Grave
Asaph Grave Prije mjesec
Jadon Sancho
Aravindh Annamalai
Aravindh Annamalai Prije mjesec
I don't know why I come to this channel even after knowing all the news
Fahim ali
Fahim ali Prije mjesec
City should sign telles
Mops Mops
Mops Mops Prije mjesec
Lamptey meanwhile turnt 20 :)
Kai havertz
Kai havertz Prije mjesec
Close to number 69 nice
Moises Hernandez
Moises Hernandez Prije mjesec
VVD to barca
Shawn Ako-Arrey
Shawn Ako-Arrey Prije mjesec
FIFA should add Matt frolich to daily news when you make a transfer in career mode
Shawn Ako-Arrey
Shawn Ako-Arrey Prije mjesec
Milan Skriniar to Tottenham or Milik
Fuad Hasan Damanhuri
Fuad Hasan Damanhuri Prije mjesec
Why don’t City and Chelsea and whoever else just invest in better Defensive coaches, train them better
Ionic Fade
Ionic Fade Prije mjesec
@pat I mean I think Ederson is good but most his mistakes come from defensive errors
pat Prije mjesec
Yeah same with the goalkeepers
Alexander Jr
Alexander Jr Prije mjesec
Did u know man u still progress with jadon sanco 25% chance but man u still have alternative that is Ousama Dembele 70% chance. But i m fan man u wish there be an miracle.
Amal David
Amal David Prije mjesec
Liverpool signing Mbappe as backup...
David Brielmaier
David Brielmaier Prije mjesec
Dest is American! and Dutch.
sam3806 Prije mjesec
0:38 Grimaldo or Gaya?
M4R1U5 hanssen
M4R1U5 hanssen Prije mjesec
I want to see Joshua King go back to the prem🇳🇴🇳🇴❤️
Ifeanyi Okonkwo Levi
Ifeanyi Okonkwo Levi Prije mjesec
Man City is not going to sign another defender. Ake can always fill that left-back if needed.
Ishan Singh
Ishan Singh Prije mjesec
matt, should spurs sign martin braithwate as their backup striker ?😂
M&TV YT Prije mjesec
Pep Fraudiola for a reason
Lwando Madikizela
Lwando Madikizela Prije mjesec
#Greatdebate Alex Telles to Manchester United and Ismaila Sarr to Manchester United
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