What went WRONG At Barcelona and how to fix it!

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OneFootball English

Prije 23 dana

Matt is back to take a look at what on earth is going wrong at Barcelona! Is it Koeman, Messi, Coutinho, Greizmann, the tactics, the board?! Let us know what you think!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 22 dana
Would you stick with Koeman for the season if you were in charge at Barcelona?
laptop clinic
laptop clinic Prije 3 dana
I am happy barcelona are losing so that Atletico can win the title
laptop clinic
laptop clinic Prije 3 dana
he should be sacked
Soumyo Chakravorty
Soumyo Chakravorty Prije 3 dana
Sack Koeman. Barca rejected two perfect Barca candidates who have great and attractive CV in Ten Hag and Garcia and chose to hire Koeman whose CV says that he was a massive flop at Everton and Southampton and reached the final of a worthless and useless tournament Uefa Nations League which is nothing but a overrated Friendly tournament.This guy even made Messi ineffective
Poornima Subramanian
Poornima Subramanian Prije 6 dana
Thanos Blister eh give him a bit of a chance
Poornima Subramanian
Poornima Subramanian Prije 6 dana
Xavi in as soon as possible
X banner
X banner Prije 20 sati
Robald koeman : write that down , write that down
Samuel Montano
Samuel Montano Prije 3 dana
Hoenstly the 4-2-3-1 ain't working for Barca
Soumyo Chakravorty
Soumyo Chakravorty Prije 3 dana
Sack Koeman. Barca rejected two perfect Barca candidates who have great and attractive CV in Ten Hag and Garcia and chose to hire Koeman whose CV says that he was a massive flop at Everton and Southampton and reached the final of a worthless and useless tournament Uefa Nations League which is nothing but a overrated Friendly tournament.This guy even made Messi ineffective
Soumyo Chakravorty
Soumyo Chakravorty Prije 3 dana
National team football is way wau different than club football
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
@Soumyo Chakravorty he also made the national team way better
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
@Soumyo Chakravorty and when he left the got 17th
Soumyo Chakravorty
Soumyo Chakravorty Prije 3 dana
And by no means is that a huge achievement by Koeman. Before he joined they were in 8th position only under Mauricio.So jothing special
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
At Southampton he reached 8th and qualified for the Europe legaue
rohit s
rohit s Prije 3 dana
Man imagine being a Barça fan right now. As one, I am having a roller coaster of emotions rn. Some big wins followed by losses. Tbh, Madrid is not doing too well as they do as well. La Liga needs a spark, a push. A great defender once said, " F'ing switch on!!"
3fsad 666
3fsad 666 Prije 3 dana
I’m surprised Barcelona didn’t go for maximiliano allegri
Ante Perišin
Ante Perišin Prije 3 dana
WHY IS NO ONE WATCHING THIS GUY? man you should have at least million viewd per video this is just weird that this quality video has this few views
Ravi Mathew
Ravi Mathew Prije 8 dana
I think Ronald Koeman should watch this video
arnik akash
arnik akash Prije 12 dana
Barca r dumb af They letting their best player ever to leave on free when the could got 100m for easy. Selling him would made countino and grizman world class again. And the 100m they would bought de light and Thiago. Suarez grizman countino fati dembele or Messi that is not happy and in bad form for Messi standards
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
Thiago is going to a worse team and same with de ligt
Rafa Soha
Rafa Soha Prije 15 dana
New president should be Messi
Aditya Talati
Aditya Talati Prije 16 dana
Barca should play 4-1-2-3.. this way coutinho and Messi can be free attacking midfielders and Messi can push further Griezmann will have attacking support ... wingers can be used.. pjanic or de jong Can be holding and at times can switch to 433 and substitutions can be made if more defending is required in a match
Akshay Parihar
Akshay Parihar Prije 16 dana
I think 4-2-3-1 is good. Need to replace Busquets and Pique.
marinerphil xavi
marinerphil xavi Prije 18 dana
Y'all should slow down... We are too quick to Criticize Koeman for another man's problem. Barcelona are creating loads of chances under Koeman but they aren't converting the chances. Koeman isn't gonna score the goals. The middle of the defense is also very weak. Barcelona needs a new Centre Back and a Striker.
Ye Ma
Ye Ma Prije 18 dana
I’m an Everton fan and I’m still so confused why Barca assigned Ronald Koeman the only thing he done was qualify us to Europa league then the next season he let Russian teams fuck us up
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
And he also did good at Feyenoord and Southampton
Sunita Pokhriyal
Sunita Pokhriyal Prije 18 dana
Matt you forgot the goat, the legend No. 9 Martin Braithwaith.
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX Prije 19 dana
Why do u think Roberto will play at right back they bought dest for a reason
Susi Vaknin
Susi Vaknin Prije 20 dana
Me:watching matt say grizmann isnt so good in a 433 Also me: sees grizmann miss a open goal against dinomo Kiev 😂 😂 😂
Panagiotis Baltatzis
Panagiotis Baltatzis Prije 20 dana
What about Coutinho broooooo
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
He’s injured
Dinmahomed Cassamo
Dinmahomed Cassamo Prije 20 dana
Fantastic analysis! I absolute agree with all aspects that you said.
Sugma Dick's
Sugma Dick's Prije 21 dan
Fati mbappe
Toxic Chicken
Toxic Chicken Prije 21 dan
If Messi leaves, then the current players can reach their full potential.
Janek Janek
Janek Janek Prije 21 dan
What went wrong 1. Valverde 2. Neymar (and because of him 3-7 3. Dembele 4. Coutinho 5. Setien 6. Griezman 7. Koeman (not Xavi) 8. Bartomeu went crazy 9. Suarez 10. Messi 11. No money = no one wants to play And now good things 1. Bartomeu got sacked
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
Xavi isn’t good my dude Valverde was 1st place Setien wasn’t respected by messi
Daniel choi
Daniel choi Prije 21 dan
Wow so complicated
Vedant Gupta
Vedant Gupta Prije 21 dan
Provides more tactical information than @TalkFcb
Lonewolf Vfx & Gaming
Lonewolf Vfx & Gaming Prije 21 dan
coutinho and many youngsters are shining this season so how can you say it does not work
scot mac
scot mac Prije 21 dan
There is no longer a saying that "you're the next Messi", it will blow your career.
Moinuddin Ahmed 134
Moinuddin Ahmed 134 Prije 21 dan
Griezmann isn’t slow. Not as fast as dembele but not as slow as Busqets
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
Busquests is extra slow
Nilesh Mehta
Nilesh Mehta Prije 21 dan
My problem with koeman is he's completely ignoring riqui puig even though busquets is struggling, puig was showing great promise in friendlies
Remya Reejish
Remya Reejish Prije 21 dan
Hey Matt , Just wondering, if Koeman got sacked, could you apply for the job? You'd make a great manager, considering your deep knowledge of football
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
He wouldn’t be good
Remya Reejish
Remya Reejish Prije 21 dan
Who else is a Barca Fan?
Abir Prije 21 dan
Xavi will be a failure at barca ... with the whole zidane phenomena now fans find it convenient to put any older club legend and do miracles , it won’t work , you heard it hear first Ps : i doubt if barca would put the responsibility of scoring on fati and dembele straight away ... that’s way too much pressure
Introvert Traveller
Introvert Traveller Prije 21 dan
Matt brooo😭😭❤We all missed you brooo😭😭😭
Its Everything
Its Everything Prije 21 dan
They r getting trophies, trust me😜
Abe Moedt
Abe Moedt Prije 21 dan
Regarding the critics on Ronald Koeman, yes he did not do amazing on club level but he was a very very good coach for the netherlands. Not only did he help them in a strong qualifying run after not qualifying for two tournaments but he also brought them to a nations league final ending first in a poule with the last two world champions
Dave Prije 21 dan
Griezmann didn't work out wide when a proper number 9 played centrally. Take out Suarez and put Messi in as a False 9 and Griesman works perfectly well on the "wing". He's done very well there before.
GDMSsam Prije 21 dan
Anioram 11
Anioram 11 Prije 21 dan
Puig or Alena would be perfect for replacing Busquets
Obinna Shalom
Obinna Shalom Prije 22 dana
He is back. Matt mate 😍😍
HunterX Hisoka
HunterX Hisoka Prije 22 dana
Seems like in both the situation messi is the problem if he always starts
Murtaza Umair
Murtaza Umair Prije 22 dana
Imagine wat will happen when messi leaves
Ryan Prije 22 dana
Barca is so bad rn😞
Tanay Shah
Tanay Shah Prije 22 dana
Do for utd
Sidharat Mohanty
Sidharat Mohanty Prije 22 dana
People don't forget we are have our 2nd choice keeper and are still having better defence than Liverpool and real.
Ruth KL
Ruth KL Prije 22 dana
Messi is the main problem because he drifts from right to centre 💢
Kai Prije 22 dana
Enjoyed this video....
Finu Faiz
Finu Faiz Prije 22 dana
Even though koeman wont do that a 3 4 2 1 would work well Neto Dest pique lenglet Roberto de jong pjanic alba Messi griezmann Fati
Tejas Pugalia
Tejas Pugalia Prije 22 dana
Barca can get rid of Greizman and Messi can be at the front and dembele at right Coutinho at no. 10 and Ansu Fati at left this can also work well
Mrinmoi Borah
Mrinmoi Borah Prije 22 dana
I know people will kill me for this. But just think of this, Pedri Dejong in midfield with Coutinho in no 10, Fati and dembele/trinkao in wings with griezzman as ST. This is a more balanced 11 then barca currently have.
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma Prije 22 dana
It's clear that most people in the comments know nothing about barca.
Jude Mathew
Jude Mathew Prije 22 dana
Is DEST make over ROBERTO??
Vishark107 Prije 22 dana
Koeman has to give Puig, Alena and other young talents a chance in the league or the UCL. Friendlies and cup games don’t really prove someone’s talent and potential.
Alex Tham
Alex Tham Prije 22 dana
Hi Matt, u have brilliant football knowledge. Ever thought of managing any club (big or small)
Azay lama
Azay lama Prije 22 dana
It’s bitter but truth Koman here is for nothing.... He sells Saurez were is No9 is? Basquet,Pique they’re Legend but please we don’t need right now onward.Where Is Umttiti?What he is doing always injured????
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
He didn’t sell suarez bartamoue did
Antonio Asa Julian
Antonio Asa Julian Prije 22 dana
Make it in 442oons video please 😁
Haritashva Shrivastava
Haritashva Shrivastava Prije 22 dana
Hope KOEMAN is listening or watching it!!!!!!!!spread this message.....GOOD JOB MATT!!!!!!!great to have you back....
Shiv Sai
Shiv Sai Prije 22 dana
ZERO Dsouz
ZERO Dsouz Prije 22 dana
What I understand from this video is Matt doesn't watch Barcelonas matches
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
Sanjith Keshavmurthy
Sanjith Keshavmurthy Prije 22 dana
If u don't want koeman sack him if u keep him get messi out and restructure the team to be a whole and not messi FC the intricate tiki taka isn't working anymore not it's about fast and direct football and even pep at man City is trying to keep it but very little even he is being more quick and direct
Dom Elliott
Dom Elliott Prije 22 dana
So happy to see matt back, after I heard Messi should be sold pique and Sergio should stay, you must of lost 100,000 followers
Fadhlurrohman Ammar
Fadhlurrohman Ammar Prije 22 dana
Ter stegen Dest pique lenglet alba De jong Messi coutinho Dembele griezzman fati 433 single pivot, 2 cams with free roams, inverted winger, and overlapping wingback
Scott Dally
Scott Dally Prije 22 dana
Thinking, could a 4-5-1 work for Barca? Same back 4 and GK, of course a weak point but that's the best they got atm CM of probably De Jong, Fati and Dembele on the wings, then 2 CAMS with Coutinho and Messi then Greizmann up top? I mean, I feel it would work and get's their best players in their best positions and you could easily swap De Jong for any of their other midfielders except maybe Busquetes who probably doesn't have the legs
Pavit Singh Panesar
Pavit Singh Panesar Prije 22 dana
Either Xavi or Guardiola need to come in to save Barcelona
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
Why Xavi
Sanket Hande
Sanket Hande Prije 21 dan
Xavi is inexperienced
toxic chelsea fan
toxic chelsea fan Prije 22 dana
We should have more fate in trincao and play him more
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije 22 dana
Barca has the best midfield depth in the world. World Class players in De Jong, veterans in Busquets and Pjanic and exciting young players in Pedri, Puig and a few others. Their main problem is despite also having world class forwards, they cant fit in(formation), and if they get rid of some of those forwards, and the others get injured then they are fucked and have nobody and its the boateng and braithwhite story all over again. I have no idea who is going to solve their problem, or how, but i sure as hell know i dont want to be the man who tries to figure out how.
Ajayi Ifeoluwa
Ajayi Ifeoluwa Prije 18 dana
I do😊😊😊,I have a ton of ideas and they all work, theoretically.
Steven Prije 22 dana
The loss of Carles Puyol was the death of Barca’s defense. Not only was he an amazing defender but was also the greatest captain, neither of which Barca has right now
Hope 777
Hope 777 Prije 22 dana
I agree 100%
turtle_sandwich Prije 22 dana
Matt's back
Jattin Badrinath
Jattin Badrinath Prije 22 dana
Somebody please send this video to koeman.
CuzitoLGD shhnhh
CuzitoLGD shhnhh Prije 22 dana
433 Messi as false 9 and Fati as pure 9 when he plays in Messi position Fati/Pedri Messi/Fati Dembele/Trincao Puig/Pedri Pjanic/Roberto/Aleña DeJong/Busquets Alba/Firpo Lenglet Pique/Araujo Dest/Roberto Sell Coutihno and Griezmann Buy Eric Garcia and Memphis Depay Sell Firpo if he doesn't provide anything this season Sell Umtiti if he can't recover from is injuries
R K Prije 22 dana
SIIIIIICK! Love how Matt just chats it up like he doesnt have a script. Man has a big football brain
Jaden Short
Jaden Short Prije 22 dana
So happy Matt is back 😃
Yuran Abdul
Yuran Abdul Prije 22 dana
finally someone that talks about puig and Alena ..those are a good duo..i like them ..And i want them to play for fcb..i have been crying for it
M.x.o. 7
M.x.o. 7 Prije 22 dana
Dembele should go
M.x.o. 7
M.x.o. 7 Prije 22 dana
This is absolutely crazy Barcelona are spolit of choice in attackers who should be considered world class but they are just not getting the job done( dembele, coutinho, griezmann)
YNB FROSTY Prije 22 dana
What Barca need to do: 1) stop playing Busquets (use as a 70th min sub to kill the game) 2) sign a centre back who can actually run (Araujo is a good start) 3) let Messi leave, he obviously isn’t enjoying his time at our club 4) bring in a real 9, maybe trade Griezmann cuz he clearly doesn’t fit 5) Sign a young left back to compete with Firpo, and PLAY DEST
Imran Prije 22 dana
I would start Coutinho over Pedri in that 4-3-3 System
Reece-Arukoe Prije 22 dana
Barcelona should watch onefootball Matt is smarter than anyone in charge of Barcelona 😅
Whis Prije 22 dana
No, I don’t think Koeman wants to get relegated
Semper Fi
Semper Fi Prije 22 dana
4 2 3 1 is the best for barca cause of their defensive issues
Reece-Arukoe Prije 22 dana
Daily news #200 Koeman sacked, Matt has been hired as Barcelona coach
Reece-Arukoe Prije 22 dana
Matt, *YOU* Should be manager of Barcelona You're really making sense here You really know what you're talking about 💯💯
Whis Prije 22 dana
Oh god, relegation to segunda B at best....
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football Prije 22 dana
real madrid to play europa league as they can't beat inter & marcus thuram's team
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
They beat inter
Dhanush SR
Dhanush SR Prije 22 dana
Matt finally.... couldn't withstand her brainless pointers (not to forget the accent 🤒 )
Ibrahim Ali
Ibrahim Ali Prije 22 dana
Should be playing messi rw Griezmann st Ansu Fati lw Coutinho cam
phil coutinho
phil coutinho Prije 22 dana
no he shouldent messi rw is terrible yeah he scores more but still it disbalances the whole team he doesent track back and defend cause he has way to big ego
Mahmoud Ahmed
Mahmoud Ahmed Prije 22 dana
Joseph ashipala
Joseph ashipala Prije 22 dana
The should sell messi and try 2 rebuild
SirLIoneL YT
SirLIoneL YT Prije 22 dana
YAYYY matts back, Angelina, you did very well, good to have you back matt
ashish john
ashish john Prije 22 dana
He has more clue than setien ever had managing us :/
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
@Kamla Devi is it raplh hassunhuttle fault for losing 9-0?
phil coutinho
phil coutinho Prije 21 dan
@Kamla Devi koeman i have mixed feelings about him first things first i have no idea why he is starting busquets over pjanic kudos to him tho for useing coutinho properly and playing griezman right these past 2 games and also we are doing great in ucl not so much in the league unusual right
Kamla Devi
Kamla Devi Prije 21 dan
@phil coutinho bro he also had some great young tallent such as puig and fati which could have flourished under him but he played Vidal and rakitic , look at Komen he is using youth , and also setien didnt knew how to use subs and no matter who ever the coach is, you cant loose 8-2 for the club as big as Barca so he needed to be sacked, he might be a good but but he cant deal with the dressing room which players with such a big egos as Barca.
phil coutinho
phil coutinho Prije 22 dana
setien good manager if he was given the team after enrique left i dont think he would have been sacked this was his first big job before he only managed 2 top flight teams las palmas and real betis and he did amazing with them he was given a shit team his first 2 months we litteraly played vidal up front with greizzy and messi thats how bad injuries were
Nana Yaw
Nana Yaw Prije 22 dana
Today I find no problem with your thoughts on Barça, you were a 100% right and on point.
Nana Yaw
Nana Yaw Prije 22 dana
We all know Busquets isn't fitting but Koeman is being stubborn selecting Pjanic, Puig or Alena, he's letting his ego take place because he is asked Puig to go out on loan and he didn't do it so he isn't played. It's heart breaking to see that we are going to make the same mistake with Puig as we did with Thiago
Daniel Naidoo
Daniel Naidoo Prije 22 dana
Im so happy matt knows what he's talking about no offense to Angelina... I think she watches only premiere league... Also matt... You literally said what every Barcelona fan has been saying... Thank you for saying this and this shows you've been reading comments and keeping up with all football
Makweti Sishekanu
Makweti Sishekanu Prije 22 dana
Excellent analysis. I hope Koeman sees this.
Abinan Sriranganathan
Abinan Sriranganathan Prije 22 dana
U need to help KSI grow a real beard
JM10 Bland
JM10 Bland Prije 22 dana
Bro we need to go ahead and hire Matt as Barcelona head coach
ansu the beast
ansu the beast Prije 22 dana
Mate he did an exceptional job at Netherlands. I am Dutch, and you have no idea how shit we were before koeman took charge.
L Maz
L Maz Prije 3 dana
And good at Feyenoord and then Southampton
Nduvho Phophi
Nduvho Phophi Prije 22 dana
I'm happy Matt is back, Angelina did such a great job, she should be on the show more often.
Introvert Traveller
Introvert Traveller Prije 21 dan
Introvert Traveller
Introvert Traveller Prije 21 dan
Ismail Garmate
Ismail Garmate Prije 22 dana
Welcome back man😂
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia Prije 22 dana
Where is tfw
Marc Lamparter
Marc Lamparter Prije 22 dana
Agree about Koeman being the wrong man ...they actually need to get rid of him now!!!
Luca Ellerington
Luca Ellerington Prije 22 dana
Didn’t he say that keoman was a great fit for the job
Sashwot Dongol
Sashwot Dongol Prije 22 dana
Barca should have gone for max allegri
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