Fernandes to Barcelona or Real Madrid!? + Van Dijk could MISS SEASON! ► Daily News

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Prije mjesec

On today's OneFootball Daily News... Barcelona and Real Madrid could swoop in for Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes, Virgil Van Dijk has thrown Liverpool's title chances into doubt and could be out for the rest of the season, Juventus and Dybala's relationship gets even more strained and all the rest of the day's best football news and transfer rumours.
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
With Van Dijk injured can Liverpool still win the title or not? Who could they buy in January to replace him?
Rewan 10
Rewan 10 Prije mjesec
@Mikhail Shklover I don't see you come in the top 8
Mikhail Shklover
Mikhail Shklover Prije mjesec
I don't see them winning the title without Van Dijk and to at least reach into the Top 3 they need to sign Upomecano by the end of January
Rewan 10
Rewan 10 Prije mjesec
@Mango G 🤣🤣🤣😅
Mango G
Mango G Prije mjesec
@Ocobs Esaba I totally agree
Mango G
Mango G Prije mjesec
@Rewan 10 Everton or city will
A ZoNe
A ZoNe Prije mjesec
I want Matt back
Navin Manogaran
Navin Manogaran Prije mjesec
Bruno's news to Real & Barca is Bonkers, dont know why you still cover stories as such. Its time to validate your source before presenting. Media will always come up with "exciting story", doesn't means its real. The story of Bruno being unhappy is just a clickbait by Media!!!
Soccer Skiller
Soccer Skiller Prije mjesec
She did the lewindowski celebration
sam3806 Prije mjesec
maybe Liverpool realistic option will be Jules Koundé
23aetos Prije mjesec
Kelly you are useless reporter. Bruno to Barcelona? I am laughing my ass off.
Joshua Coaker
Joshua Coaker Prije mjesec
Bruno ain't going nowhere🤣
Amazin D
Amazin D Prije mjesec
Fernandes going nowhere Stay away from him 😡😡
New Breaker
New Breaker Prije mjesec
Bruno Fernandez wouldn't never go left Man United at this situation at least it should be bigger price than Neymar because he is what man United really need and Bruno want to become a legend of Man United
100K WITHOUT NO VIDEO CHALLENGE !!! pls subscribe
100K WITHOUT NO VIDEO CHALLENGE !!! pls subscribe Prije mjesec
Nooooooo not Brunooooooooo noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Studio Fones
Studio Fones Prije mjesec
Bring back Matt
khal Prije mjesec
These bruno transfer rumours are some of stupidest I've ever seen, why would he leave for Barcelona? They're just as bad as united and will get worse when messi leaves, real are average, and all their money will go into mbappe, pogba or haaland. Bruno actually has a personal affiliation to united and genuinely loves the club, he's not leaving for at least 4 years.
scooby2 flyy
scooby2 flyy Prije mjesec
van dijk is the only liverpool defender that can defend
Syed Musa Muzaffar uddin
Syed Musa Muzaffar uddin Prije mjesec
Wht do u mean by bot!
Tubevox Prije mjesec
I feel like I'm watching it at 0.5x
aditya gupta
aditya gupta Prije mjesec
Matt is on a break.....and so is Sydney Goodman from ign..... coincidence 😌.....I think not😏
Sifat Rumman
Sifat Rumman Prije mjesec
We miss Matt!!!
M&TV YT Prije mjesec
fernandes aint going nowhere. He loves united and united loves him
Roman Empire and fifa
Roman Empire and fifa Prije mjesec
They not getting Bruno tbh
Dhanush SR
Dhanush SR Prije mjesec
Pretty gud job....but miss matt
Mario Cecere-Palazzo
Mario Cecere-Palazzo Prije mjesec
Best player 🤩: Hirving Lozano Worst player 🤢: Kurt Zouma Best results 🥰: Napoli 4-1 Atalanta, Inter 1-2 Milan, Everton 2-2 Liverpool
rajinder pandita
rajinder pandita Prije mjesec
no one can take matt and angelina place
Johnny vidal
Johnny vidal Prije mjesec
I dont know why the hell we didn't sign cover for lovren.
Jack Prije mjesec
Brock Stevenson
Brock Stevenson Prije mjesec
He's gonna be 100 million
Adam Talks Sports
Adam Talks Sports Prije 16 dana
More than that
Brock Stevenson
Brock Stevenson Prije mjesec
You idiot Bruno is the captain on Tuesday
Victor Tandino
Victor Tandino Prije mjesec
I'm your host Mark Frohlich, you are the One Footballers and this is the Daily News 😎😎😎
Arnav Saxena
Arnav Saxena Prije 28 dana
It is matt frohlich but thanks anyway I'm kinda missing that
Sagun Sigdel
Sagun Sigdel Prije mjesec
Where did he go
CEONHD Prije mjesec
Isn't barca broke?
Ocobs Esaba
Ocobs Esaba Prije mjesec
Bruno pernandes
Gérard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieu Prije mjesec
Angeliiiiiiiiiina! ;)
James Fahy
James Fahy Prije mjesec
700th comment
akinlade ayomide
akinlade ayomide Prije mjesec
sorry Matthew's * holiday
akinlade ayomide
akinlade ayomide Prije mjesec
Can we extend David's holiday cause i want Angelina giving the daily news #Angelinatostay
Samarth Joshi
Samarth Joshi Prije mjesec
Where is mattt???
Samith Gurung
Samith Gurung Prije mjesec
No offense but your casting is very bad
Mwiza Phiri
Mwiza Phiri Prije mjesec
I love her accent
AJD Prije mjesec
Did she say de jong?
Brain Brown
Brain Brown Prije mjesec
Damn sergio busqet skinny asf he shape like a biscuit
pat Prije mjesec
Cameron Prije mjesec
Kurt Zouma wasn't the worst player??? who is this girl? Yea he had one bad play, but Kepa was by far the worst player on the pitch... Bring Matt back from vacation!
Wayde Belgrave-Haynes
Wayde Belgrave-Haynes Prije mjesec
Kurt Zouma worst player??? He made an awful mistake that led to a goal but he was by no means the worst player of the weekend wtf? The rest of his game was pretty decent. There were much worse players on the weekend like Kepa and Adrian.
David Corro
David Corro Prije mjesec
Are the rumors of Dybala heading to Chelsea true? Like for real?
Tora Xenos
Tora Xenos Prije mjesec
why are u looking over the camera lol
Yashraj Prije mjesec
These video are not the same
Anish Ap
Anish Ap Prije mjesec
Matt i will pay you bro but please don't go and if u go shoot daily news outside where u go i think it take an hour
Ihab Ammoury
Ihab Ammoury Prije mjesec
EMOJI MONDAYS 🔥 Best player: Marcus Rashford 🤯 Crazy moments: Kepa howler vs S'oton 💩 Worst player: Kepa Arrizabalaga Best Result: Tottenham 3-3 Westham
Mão Noir
Mão Noir Prije mjesec
Pickford not being sent off is a huge wtf
Fahim ali
Fahim ali Prije mjesec
I would rather have matt doing news
Umair Ali
Umair Ali Prije mjesec
1:41 yep definitely only two minutes 😂😂😂
401, Sumer Rana
401, Sumer Rana Prije mjesec
I literally want to lynch Shitford right now
Faraaz Rahman
Faraaz Rahman Prije mjesec
Why do I miss Matt already.???
KeGGs Prije mjesec
The music seems so quiet
M R R Prije mjesec
I’m sorry but when Matt leaves I will probably unsub, just isnt the same
Gerardo Simental
Gerardo Simental Prije mjesec
Angelica sound more excited 💔 put some flavor in your talk.
Limpan {}
Limpan {} Prije mjesec
Imagine Real letting Jámes Rodriguez go for free then buying Bruno who is the same level for a fortune
NBR X LØFT Prije mjesec
Bruno not leaving so sorry little buddy
muazam ali
muazam ali Prije mjesec
Sorry to say>>>>> Energy in the show was missing
Tahsin Mollik
Tahsin Mollik Prije mjesec
Missin Matt alreadyy
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf Prije mjesec
Football is life
Football is life Prije mjesec
West ham: Am I a joke to you?
Solar_blizard Prije mjesec
What the hell is this chicks fake tan
Sem Simon
Sem Simon Prije mjesec
You can present well but needs more energy
Hyper Ok
Hyper Ok Prije mjesec
The edit on Bruno fernades head is too dead
olamide balogun
olamide balogun Prije mjesec
are matt and angelia like a thing just asking
xomerxkhanx x
xomerxkhanx x Prije mjesec
That dcl jump
Charles Ogeto
Charles Ogeto Prije mjesec
Matt is the rock of the this channel no hard feelings though
xomerxkhanx x
xomerxkhanx x Prije mjesec
Matt come back
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX
Crafted Golden plays ROBLOX Prije mjesec
Dybala will 80% leave juventus in the summer to somewhere like United tottenham Man City or a different big club
Silent Gaming
Silent Gaming Prije mjesec
having 2 or 3 good seasons does not mean that he can challenge the consistency of ron or messi.
Indrajeet Dey
Indrajeet Dey Prije mjesec
Hands off our Bruno 🤬🤬🤬
Fat Boi
Fat Boi Prije mjesec
They can use fabinho as a cb he was very good against chelsea and then they could by varane
Sazzad ABRAR
Sazzad ABRAR Prije mjesec
Real don't need Bruno they need Haaland or Mbappe first.
Quala Prije mjesec
Everyone on this planet is linked to barca n real
spaghett1 123 with 0bama
spaghett1 123 with 0bama Prije mjesec
Samuel DeRousse
Samuel DeRousse Prije mjesec
This is such karma for Liverpool fans after shaming city for not buying a replacement for kompany
thembeni masanganye
thembeni masanganye Prije mjesec
She's finding her groove🔥. Lovely watch.
Nicolas Diane
Nicolas Diane Prije mjesec
This Bruno news from the Sun?
Aceul Ashu
Aceul Ashu Prije mjesec
Valverde is a beast. Noway they will swap him for bruno
Sandro Quintanilla
Sandro Quintanilla Prije mjesec
why is a girl doing this shit
adam johnson
adam johnson Prije mjesec
kane 2 goals 1 assist 2 goal preventing tackles
Pujakanta Elangbam
Pujakanta Elangbam Prije mjesec
Where is Matt
Alban Manjengwa
Alban Manjengwa Prije mjesec
Okay the Fernandes story is ridiculous, come on guys, seriously?
neel Prije mjesec
Angela i love you but you have the energy of Joe Biden
AasHaY GArG Prije mjesec
de jong is pronounced as de yong
Christian Zimmer
Christian Zimmer Prije mjesec
I miss Matt already
August Thuesen
August Thuesen Prije mjesec
bUt WhErE iS mAtT?
Raress Prije mjesec
Martha Guerrero
Martha Guerrero Prije mjesec
Did anyone forget they bought Pjanić so Bruno would replace Sergio busquets cause he is getting old
Neffie Kaypee
Neffie Kaypee Prije mjesec
Wow😍 onefootball England looks much better than the german Partner 😁 you make a great job👍
Azlan Khan
Azlan Khan Prije mjesec
Barca will get Depay probably so Fernandes isn't needed.
Manuel Maisky
Manuel Maisky Prije mjesec
I pressed the video waiting for matts intro and then was so surprised when I hear angelina
Tenzin samchok
Tenzin samchok Prije mjesec
What a stupid post...Bruno is going no where
Manifested Logic
Manifested Logic Prije mjesec
Bale missed a sitter LOL
Victor Ogonyo
Victor Ogonyo Prije mjesec
Fabinho as CB
Amine BENSID Prije mjesec
Liverpool needs to get a look at MANDI from real betis
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Prije mjesec
I think Fernandez will stay it would be a waist to go to the Spanish clubs. Just to be on the bench..i hope he doesn't do it
Sarosh Sanaullah
Sarosh Sanaullah Prije mjesec
Fića Stefanović
Fića Stefanović Prije mjesec
Liverpool should buy Phil Jones he is better than VVD 😂😂
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije mjesec
Angelina you're so beautiful
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