Klopp will RAID Dortmund + Monaco want Dele Alli and Hudson-Odoi! ► Daily News

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On Today's Daily News - Klopp plans Dortmund raid, Monaco wants England stars, Bayern take home another trophy, a transfer round up and Friday feels!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 2 mjeseci
FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here are Matt's: Real Betis 1-1 Real Madrid Inter 2-0 Fiorentina Sheffield United v Leeds - 2 red cards
Tel Till
Tel Till Prije mjesec
barca 2-1 villareal tottenham - newcastle draw de bruyne assists yet again
Max Delf
Max Delf Prije mjesec
West Brom 0:3 Chelsea Sheffield 3:2 Leeds Real Betis 1:3 Real Madrid
Aaron Joby
Aaron Joby Prije 2 mjeseci
Betis 1-2 Real Inter 2-2 Fiorentina Sheffield 1-3 Leeds
Ahmed Adaji
Ahmed Adaji Prije 2 mjeseci
Barcelona 3-1 Villareal - griezmann to score Real Madrid 2-0 Real Betis Inter Milan 2-1 Fiorentina - Lukaku to score Brighton 1-2 Man Utd
Antesh Tiwari
Antesh Tiwari Prije 2 mjeseci
#Friday_Feels Real Madrid to win Against Betis Bamford on Score Sheet Against Sheffield Werner and Havertz for Chelsea in a win against Westbrom Man United 3-0 Brighton James to score for Everton
Anees Abdulhafid
Anees Abdulhafid Prije mjesec
Victor Babarinde
Victor Babarinde Prije mjesec
Betis 0-2 Real Madrid Sheffield United 0-1 Leeds Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool
Rain Tfue
Rain Tfue Prije mjesec
One football get verified
Rain Tfue
Rain Tfue Prije mjesec
FDS Prije mjesec
west brom 3-3 chelsea
Xasiliao Prije mjesec
Dortmund won't sell Reyna and Reyna said he wanna stay a good time in Dortmund , i doubt he will go to the PL in the next few years
neil mandimika
neil mandimika Prije mjesec
Bruno to assist Aubamayeng to score Kevin de bruyne to assist Sancho to score
neil mandimika
neil mandimika Prije mjesec
Aubamayeng to score
heinz ketchup
heinz ketchup Prije mjesec
Madrid 3-2
Aarya.399 Prije mjesec
Leeds to win 2-1 with Bamford brace Chelsea win 4-0 Timo Hat-Trick Real beat Betis 3-1 with an Assist from Eden Inter 2-0 with goals from Romelu and Martinez
lil fish
lil fish Prije 2 mjeseci
there is no rumor linking hudson odoi to monaco
Hitesh Sangani
Hitesh Sangani Prije 2 mjeseci
My prediction Barcelona with unconvincing win with 1 goal margin Real Madrid will thrash real betis by 2-3 goal margin Inter with easy win 3-1 Leeds United with win 3-1
Pa Jarju
Pa Jarju Prije 2 mjeseci
Juventus to Win 2-0 Man United to win Southampton to win Tottenham to trash Newcastle Werner to score
Lincoln Shrestha
Lincoln Shrestha Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine having your name "LINCOLN" Yeah! I know I know
Soccer God
Soccer God Prije 2 mjeseci
Real Madrid 2 real Betis 1 Inter Milan 3 fiorentina 0 Leeds vs sheffield 1 red card
Redwan Newaz
Redwan Newaz Prije 2 mjeseci
Leeds win 3-1 Everton win 2-1 Spurs win 4-0 Gareth Bale scores 2 Mancity 2-2 draw
dif49 Prije 2 mjeseci
Javi Martinez is going to athleticism Madrid just look at all athleticos resent post Martinez liked all of them
Iron Hide
Iron Hide Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday Feels Liverpool beat Arsenal Werner scores his first Chelsea Goal Real Madrid score 2 goals Love from Nigeria
live life on the gun side live life on the gun side
live life on the gun side live life on the gun side Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool 5-0 Arsenal
Muntasir Riyan
Muntasir Riyan Prije 2 mjeseci
Messi to score a grace against Villarreal
Felix Prije 2 mjeseci
Lazio and chelsea to both win by 3 goals
Øyvind Wien
Øyvind Wien Prije 2 mjeseci
leicester will shcok city, and mane and salah will score
Limpan {}
Limpan {} Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday feels: Bayern, Hertha, Werder Bremen, Leeds, Sampdoria, Athletic club and Juve to win at the weekend with Kulusevski, Klich, Lukebakio, Inaki Williams and Lewandowski scoring
taranjot singh
taranjot singh Prije 2 mjeseci
3 0 for real Madrid, Ramos goal
TDM Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday feels: Jimenez to score from a Traore assist Joelinton to score vs spurs Everton to keep their 100% form
Yasin Chowdhury
Yasin Chowdhury Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday feels: Betis 0-1 Real Madrid Brighton 1-0 United West Brom 1-4 Chelsea
Jude Darcy
Jude Darcy Prije 2 mjeseci
this bayern team has to be one of the greatest of all time longest win streak for any team in europe’s top 5 (23), and 6 wins away for having the biggest win streak of all time outside of the top 5 leagues
Srijan Mishra
Srijan Mishra Prije 2 mjeseci
Man United 3-0 Brighton
Srijan Mishra
Srijan Mishra Prije 2 mjeseci
Leeds beat Sheffield United 2-0
Tywin Lannister
Tywin Lannister Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday feels Real Madrid to win Barcelona to win Dortmund to win City to win Juventus to win
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday Feels: Leeds 3-1 Sheffield United Inter 3-0 Fiorentina Chelsea 5-1 West Bromwich Albion.
Mada Aubrey
Mada Aubrey Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it only me or Matt has a new haircut 😂
Euphoria Prije 2 mjeseci
Minamino is underrated. Convince me otherwise
hmmer Prije 2 mjeseci
That guy is better than Minamino and Jota?
Abhijit Das
Abhijit Das Prije 2 mjeseci
#Friday feels Liverpool 4- Arsenal 1 Sheffield United 2 - Leeds 2
PacyEDZ Prije 2 mjeseci
J P Prije 2 mjeseci
Matt what are on about minamino? He's a excellent player he will come good this season
Mikhail Shklover
Mikhail Shklover Prije 2 mjeseci
FRIDAY FEELS: Crystal Palace 1 - 2 Everton Manchester City 4 - 1 Leicester Roma 0 - 2 Juventus
Muttakin Mufti
Muttakin Mufti Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday feels: United to win 2-1
TheScratchNugget Prije 2 mjeseci
leeds win 2 nil, sheffield utxd are in bad form
Susheel Chandra
Susheel Chandra Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool should sign Haaland
mo. aon
mo. aon Prije 2 mjeseci
2-2 Madrid betis 3-1 barca villareal
moon8983 Prije 2 mjeseci
0:30 he wont have a release clause, dortmund don't do those ever
Willem Zuidersma
Willem Zuidersma Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday feels Süle to score for Bayern...
Germa42 Prije 2 mjeseci
You mean *Ligue 1 Uber Eats 😂
no ah
no ah Prije 2 mjeseci
Hudson-Odoi should move to dortmund
L Maz
L Maz Prije 2 mjeseci
Yllii Prije 2 mjeseci
Give shaqiri more props he scored a great goal and i think he should start more because he has great pottencial. Like if you agree!
L Maz
L Maz Prije 2 mjeseci
Wym potential hes almost 30
no ah
no ah Prije 2 mjeseci
Jota shouldn't have signed for liverpool
ALI 5 Prije 2 mjeseci
Juve 7:1 Rome
Malang Colley
Malang Colley Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool to win 3_0 Man United to win 2_0 BVB win 3_1 Atlanta to win 2_0
Esa Mahmood
Esa Mahmood Prije 2 mjeseci
Ali to monoaco 😂 their worse then spurs
L Maz
L Maz Prije 2 mjeseci
He doesn’t play
Attah Macanthony
Attah Macanthony Prije 2 mjeseci
Chelsea 5 vs 0 West Brom
Modou Faye
Modou Faye Prije 2 mjeseci
Man U to win 3-1 Juventus to win 2-1 Ronaldo to score Liverpool to win 4-0
Mahmoud Hamed
Mahmoud Hamed Prije 2 mjeseci
Barca to win 5-0
Jet De’ath
Jet De’ath Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool vs arsenal 2-1 Liverpool Rodrigo to score for Leeds
TSM navigators mahdami
TSM navigators mahdami Prije 2 mjeseci
2 1 to Liverpool vs arsenal 3 2 to leeds vs sheffield
Ghally Frank
Ghally Frank Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday feels Kdb to get an assist and a goal Manchester United to win 2-1
Nècro Màncèr
Nècro Màncèr Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't think hudson odoi is going any where since chelsea lack any backup wingers unless we buy somebody for wings
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva Prije 2 mjeseci
Come on dude Reyna is staying at Dortmund for 4-5 years for sure then bring 100M to the table and he will able to leave
Tausif Karim
Tausif Karim Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool 2 arsenal 4
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem Prije 2 mjeseci
Man united win vs Brighton Bvb win vs Augsburg Chelsea to crush West Bromwich Inter win vs fiorentina OM win vs Metz Real Madrid win vs Betis Leeds win can Sheffield Tottenham win vs Newcastle Man city win vs Leicester Juve win vs Roma Psg win vs stade renais with a great comeback to Neymar
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem Prije 2 mjeseci
Stade de reims *
sergio aguero
sergio aguero Prije 2 mjeseci
Real betis 1-3 real Madrid Inter 4-1 Fiorentina Sheffield 3-4 Leeds
MAJDEN TV Prije 2 mjeseci
Bamford will scoee brace
Y T Prije 2 mjeseci
Real 4 1 betis Inter 3 0 Fiorentina Bamford to score
rohit s
rohit s Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't think anybody has yet realized the fact that One football's thumbnails are made in a way that their background blends with HRpost's dark mode.
Kai. Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly, Monaco should get Alli and CHO permanently. They need to rebuild and it would be fantastic for both players careers.
Onelovegaming Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday Feels: Juventus vs Roma 3-1 to Juventus with Ronaldo to score and Mckennie to provide an assist to one of the goals
HRY 1043
HRY 1043 Prije 2 mjeseci
Real Betis beat Madrid like they did last season, Barca beats Villarreal ,city beats Leicester and arsenal beats Liverpool once again!
UV Prije 2 mjeseci
Real Madrid win 2-0 scorers-Ramos, hazard
Josh Gill
Josh Gill Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool 3-1 v Arsenal
J M Prije 2 mjeseci
Everton 3:2 Crystal Palace PSG 4:0 Reims Brighton 2:1 United Leeds 4:2 Sheffield
Mahmoud Ahmed
Mahmoud Ahmed Prije 2 mjeseci
matt can't afford a flat cap apparently
Liam Leonard
Liam Leonard Prije 2 mjeseci
Byern will score 4 goals
kenners reaction
kenners reaction Prije 2 mjeseci
Betis 2 - 3 Real Madrid Inter 2 - 1 Florentina Sheffield 0 - 1 Leeds
Kaung Khant Kyaw
Kaung Khant Kyaw Prije 2 mjeseci
My Friday Feels: 1. Brighton 1-3 Man United 2. Real Betis 0-2 Real Madrid 3. Inter to beat Fiorentina. 4. Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal 5. Bayern to win with LewanGoalski to score.
CHB Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday Feels : Man utd to win Atalanta to win Dortmund win Lazio win Chelsea win Inter win Madrid draw
Jason Nwaeze
Jason Nwaeze Prije 2 mjeseci
Ronaldo scores 2 goals against ROMA.
Hugo Castelo-Branco
Hugo Castelo-Branco Prije 2 mjeseci
Friday Feels: 1. Roma 1-3 Juventus 2. Ronaldo will score
kshitibhusan bhoi
kshitibhusan bhoi Prije 2 mjeseci
Arsenal to beat liverpool 2-1
Kaif Tango
Kaif Tango Prije 2 mjeseci
Arsenal gonna win 2-1 Inter gonna win 3-0
Senapati Entertainment
Senapati Entertainment Prije 2 mjeseci
Fkin hell, Dortmund isn't there to develop players only. We would destroy any Prem team other than Liverpool or City, even with 1/4 of their resources.
Sanket Hande
Sanket Hande Prije 2 mjeseci
Idk why BVB don't keep their star players if they keep they certainly can challenge for UCL. Thats the reason why Bayern are dominant in BL and unlike BVB no team can take Bayern stars unless player himself wants to leave.
L Maz
L Maz Prije 2 mjeseci
No you wouldn’t even get top 4
Rohan G
Rohan G Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool win 2-1
kuchki clan
kuchki clan Prije 2 mjeseci
Sheffield United 5 leads United 4
Chrissy Francis
Chrissy Francis Prije 2 mjeseci
Les 2-2 man city Palace 1 -3 eve, james to score Bale to score Leeds to win
cat castillo
cat castillo Prije 2 mjeseci
How has Liverpool complained about money all summer and in 3 weeks they’ve splashed the cash or are talking about it. Don’t come at chelsea for buying the league 🙄
ramz 73
ramz 73 Prije 2 mjeseci
Melvin Chew
Melvin Chew Prije 2 mjeseci
If Liverpool sign Reyna, they have a future gem who might be even better than Mbappe.
Baummann Prije 2 mjeseci
there is no way he will leave in the near future. he is 17 and needs game time, as much of it as he can get. At Liverpool he would likely be benched, at BVB he will be an integral part of the squad. It would be a dumb decision to leave now...
Muhammad Makhdoom
Muhammad Makhdoom Prije 2 mjeseci
Delle should be muller's replacement
Blanket Man 69
Blanket Man 69 Prije 2 mjeseci
Let be honest sevaila was Bayern biggest herd this season
Kevinjr713 Muundjua
Kevinjr713 Muundjua Prije 2 mjeseci
Madrid win 3-1 and Benzema scores
Daniel Pieterse
Daniel Pieterse Prije 2 mjeseci
Chelsea 5 - 0 West Brom.
Kenechukwu Esekody
Kenechukwu Esekody Prije 2 mjeseci
West Brom 1- 5 Chelsea Will be 1 if kepa keeps
Raimbek Khamitov
Raimbek Khamitov Prije 2 mjeseci
Real Madrid 4-0
Kalash Bheda
Kalash Bheda Prije 2 mjeseci
City will edge past lecister 2/1
Kalash Bheda
Kalash Bheda Prije 2 mjeseci
Arsenal liverpool 2/2 draw
Kalash Bheda
Kalash Bheda Prije 2 mjeseci
Werner will get a goal
Kalash Bheda
Kalash Bheda Prije 2 mjeseci
Ronaldo will score
Kalash Bheda
Kalash Bheda Prije 2 mjeseci
Barcelona will win Messi score
Kalash Bheda
Kalash Bheda Prije 2 mjeseci
Bruno fernandes martial rashford or greenwood will score
Tuchel to get the sack at PSG?! + Grealish to Man City?
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