Could Pogba re-join Juventus? + Barcelona to return for Spurs star! ► Daily News

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Prije 19 dana

On Today's Daily News - Juventus to make move for Man United's Pogba, Haaland continues hot streak in the Champions League, Barcelona eye Spurs' Ndombele, PSG in revenge nightmare loss to Leipzig and a news round up!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 19 dana
The big question is: Prime Pogba or Prime Scholes?
Cool Cat
Cool Cat Prije 14 dana
Mumtaz Tarannum
Mumtaz Tarannum Prije 15 dana
_Official_ Royalty
_Official_ Royalty Prije 16 dana
Has pogba even reached his prime?
Skyren Films
Skyren Films Prije 17 dana
Prime Scholes
Mahdi Uddin
Mahdi Uddin Prije 18 dana
Pogba in his prime was unstoppable
Igbegaoluwa Ogundare-Philips
Igbegaoluwa Ogundare-Philips Prije 14 dana
"when you take the best players out of the team, you're not gonna be a GOODER team" ~Matt Frolich, 2020
Jaheim Martin
Jaheim Martin Prije 16 dana
pogba taking the matts hummels road
isaiah spinks
isaiah spinks Prije 16 dana
Nyana nyana spice
Nyana nyana spice Prije 18 dana
If I'm being very honest even though shcoles clearly has the better achievements and a better career I would go for prime pogba
Sayer Al Sayer
Sayer Al Sayer Prije 18 dana
I just came to see if pogba would return
Silently Murdered
Silently Murdered Prije 18 dana
Scholes all day every day
JFlegends247 Prije 18 dana
Prime pogba
The great challenge
The great challenge Prije 18 dana
Scholes over Pogba any day. Even contemporary Scholes would be better than Paul Pogba. Pogba is an absolute waste and his lack of passion for football is pathetic.
ZaeStar Inc.
ZaeStar Inc. Prije 18 dana
Old Scholes young Scholes prime Scholes
Praveen Jr
Praveen Jr Prije 19 dana
Prime paul scholes all day.....
Goal Maestro
Goal Maestro Prije 19 dana
Haaland is the next Lewandowski
GAMER N Prije 19 dana
I am the 666th coment... I am not as bad as the devil why do you compair me to him
HarryTheBoss Prije 19 dana
Prime Scholes
Adam123 Dubs
Adam123 Dubs Prije 19 dana
Prime Pogba
Michael Collins
Michael Collins Prije 19 dana
The slight change in music and animation is making me way too uncomfortable
Hydrofreeze Prije 19 dana
Prime Scholes without a doubt
Raheem Brown
Raheem Brown Prije 19 dana
Am I the only person who heard Matt say "gooder team" ???
BIG SHATT Prije 19 dana
Why didn’t Man U sign halland
Mark Morales
Mark Morales Prije 19 dana
1:30 ¿ASS? 😂😂
B8T MAN Prije 19 dana
Prime scholes, pogba is overrated
Shardul Thakurdesai
Shardul Thakurdesai Prije 19 dana
Prime Pogba
Tax Evader22
Tax Evader22 Prije 19 dana
honestly... prime Pogba
Zidane Prije 19 dana
I'd rather have prime Paul Pogba. He really had the Neymar skills, the Messi dribbling, the Mbappe pace, the Cristiano Ronaldo shot and the Andrea Pirlo technical abillity and he is a more modern player, I don't think Paul Scholes would fit in the modern era.
Nyana nyana spice
Nyana nyana spice Prije 17 dana
I was about to comment the same thing
Sheja Regis
Sheja Regis Prije 19 dana
Of course prime scholes
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije 19 dana
Lucas! Prije 19 dana
Prime Scholes
Rishab Bantiya
Rishab Bantiya Prije 19 dana
Prime Scholes... Prime POGBA is the best dancer
FIFA Fuadinho
FIFA Fuadinho Prije 19 dana
James Pemberton
James Pemberton Prije 19 dana
Scholes not even a debate #legend
Jack Glynn
Jack Glynn Prije 19 dana
Scholes alwaya
A-Kalia Prije 19 dana
Barcelona need a lb and cb not a damn cm
Skully Boiii
Skully Boiii Prije 19 dana
prime scholes
PES 20 HD GAMER Prije 19 dana
Reb Prije 19 dana
£125 for a fucking football what is going on
James Fahy
James Fahy Prije 19 dana
Obviously Pogba
Jules Crak
Jules Crak Prije 19 dana
Prime Scholes
Mo street
Mo street Prije 19 dana
Watching pogba at united this season he looks slow and uncoordinated I don’t think he wants to play
banbebu latif
banbebu latif Prije 19 dana
prime pogba
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije 19 dana
I don't think prime Pogba is even half the quality of prime Scholes!!!😂
Tommy TwoShot
Tommy TwoShot Prije 19 dana
Prime Lallana
Peter Rise 23
Peter Rise 23 Prije 19 dana
Prime Pogba, Scholes was great but prime Pogba was just spectacular
Ruben McCammon
Ruben McCammon Prije 19 dana
Imagine saying a World Cup winning CM isn’t world class (Prime Schols any day)
Ishan Singh
Ishan Singh Prije 19 dana
Arnav Shingote
Arnav Shingote Prije 19 dana
Just an weired opinion- Barca must sell grizeman and use that money in buying haaland and a probably a defender .
Vatsal Agarwal
Vatsal Agarwal Prije 19 dana
It is a no brainer........Prime Scholes for sure. But the real question is that Prime pogba or Scholes?
Armaan Majmudar
Armaan Majmudar Prije 19 dana
Man's comparing a pl and cl winner to a French barber.
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar Prije 19 dana
Take a bath matt , before the shoot
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 19 dana
pogba is nowhere near world class there's no world class player in united apart from Fernandez and maybe de gea IMO
Vasista D
Vasista D Prije 19 dana
Is that even a question, scholes obviously
Cianjj007 Prije 19 dana
Praful Shrestha
Praful Shrestha Prije 19 dana
Paul scholes 🔥
Hari Krishnan Nu
Hari Krishnan Nu Prije 19 dana
Paul pogba its make easier for leicester
Omarie Nelson
Omarie Nelson Prije 19 dana
If man utd sell Pogba we can afford Sancho and even someone like Ndidi.
Duke Prije 19 dana
Scholes or Pogba? Scholes any day, this is disrespectful to Scholes.
Big D
Big D Prije 19 dana
What is prime Paul Pogba😂😂
Q Prije 19 dana
I think it's not fair to compare scholes to pogba . I mean just just at it pogba is surrounded by kids not so superstar players totally opposite to scholes
J Kali
J Kali Prije 19 dana
Prime scholsie
Christian Egbelo
Christian Egbelo Prije 19 dana
Pogba has never had anything like Prime. So the question is a wrong question. Pogba has been over rated for yrs but thank God we can see that he is a waste of resources
pat Prije 19 dana
Basaksehir are awesome 🇹🇷🔥🔥
James Martin
James Martin Prije 19 dana
Prime Scholes all day every day
the cool man
the cool man Prije 19 dana
no way our boy "Ndomballer" is going toleave spurs. he's a real baller
Nyana nyana spice
Nyana nyana spice Prije 18 dana
We r finr
Nyana nyana spice
Nyana nyana spice Prije 18 dana
Yes please keep him
Crunchynutman YAYEET
Crunchynutman YAYEET Prije 19 dana
Now PSG and real might no go through who will win the Europa league
Abir Prije 19 dana
I honestly can't extrapolate how good halaand will be when he's 25 ... fucking hell .. he'll feast defensive midfielder for breakfast , defenders for lunch and goalkeeper for dinner
Luca Baglioni Gutierrez
Luca Baglioni Gutierrez Prije 19 dana
Y don’t u talk about Morata’s insane form
MJenius MJ
MJenius MJ Prije 19 dana
Who the hell is going to take Prime Pogba over Prime Scholes,sure at Juventus Pogba was good but even there he wasn't the finished product which was why he was worth 90ish million,he was meant to develop but he hasn't at United
Alexander Kenechukwu
Alexander Kenechukwu Prije 19 dana
I'd give a liver to have Prime Scholes back in united for one season
Fishy Icee
Fishy Icee Prije 19 dana
Maybe Prime Paul
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco Prije 19 dana
What type of question is that. Scholes by a mile
Sankaran CB
Sankaran CB Prije 19 dana
I would take prime Matic but playing at CB :)
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco Prije 19 dana
Yes Juve, take Pogba
Abel Siji
Abel Siji Prije 19 dana
Prime scholls by a mile
James Manning
James Manning Prije 19 dana
Sarosh Sanaullah
Sarosh Sanaullah Prije 19 dana
Kurt Prije 19 dana
One football just unironically asked prime schols or prime pogba 😂😂
Titus Trotty
Titus Trotty Prije 19 dana
A prime Paul scholes would be a nightmare for everyone in premier league! Paul pogba is a good player , just not in man United first 11
Atharav singh
Atharav singh Prije 19 dana
Hey Matt there might be slight problem in the green screen.
Antonio Kisna
Antonio Kisna Prije 19 dana
I'd like jesse lingard
Savage Gun bunny
Savage Gun bunny Prije 19 dana
I’ll rather have a prime sirloin steak
Sheikh Mosheul Akbar
Sheikh Mosheul Akbar Prije 19 dana
if u have other Good midfielders around you, Pogba in for creativity, and if u have average midfielders amongst the team, then Paul scholes defo.
Weldon Sirloin
Weldon Sirloin Prije 19 dana
Prime Scholes is the no brain choice here. Pogba is a great player but his performance is too erratic every year.
Anurag upadhaya
Anurag upadhaya Prije 19 dana
Victor Ladefoged
Victor Ladefoged Prije 19 dana
I would take prime Pogba👑 over prime Scholes🤢 every day!
Ayooluwa Adigun
Ayooluwa Adigun Prije 19 dana
Prime Scholes no question. It's like asking Spurs who they would take between Eriksen and Kane
David Clarke
David Clarke Prije 19 dana
A retired never mind a prime Scholes over Pogba the biggest underachieving footballer.
neel shah
neel shah Prije 19 dana
1:53 did matt just say Champions Eauge?
Hanh Ly
Hanh Ly Prije 19 dana
Definitely prime Pogba YNWA.
Abang Asyraaf
Abang Asyraaf Prije 19 dana
Psg playing europa league 🤣🤣
Abhishekh Ravi
Abhishekh Ravi Prije 19 dana
All coming up in the next few minutes as im your host matt frolic you’re the one footballers and this is the daily news ❤️❤️
Watches with George
Watches with George Prije 19 dana
Also .. started filming in 50P..!this is what you see when you watch everyday !:)))
TANAKA MAL Prije 19 dana
Prime Pogba
Jamie Clements
Jamie Clements Prije 19 dana
Is it just me or does the camera look weird?? 🤔
Caleb Nauseb
Caleb Nauseb Prije 19 dana
I hope Tuchel gets sacked nd Poch comes in👑🔥cause at man utd he'll never achieve anything there
Muhammad Nuaym
Muhammad Nuaym Prije 19 dana
Pogba is in his prime and look how shit he is Prime scholes
Sam Amakutuwa
Sam Amakutuwa Prije 19 dana
Paul Scholes obviously 🙄
Henry Coates
Henry Coates Prije 19 dana
Paul Scholes
ASAP TV Prije 19 dana
i will take injured scholes over paul pogba errday
Advit Sethi
Advit Sethi Prije 19 dana
Prime scholes
Bishal Pathak
Bishal Pathak Prije 19 dana
Prime Scholes any day
Adam Knights
Adam Knights Prije 19 dana
Man united lost it after they lost fergie Real madrid lost it after losing ronaldo Psg lost it after losing choupa moting