RANKING Golden Boy 2020 Nominees! ► Pecking Order

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Matt and Nico return with another episode of The Pecking Order, OneFootball's version of the Tier List, as they are looking at some of the Golden Boy 2020 Nominees! There's Sancho, Haaland, Davies and more!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Who is your Golden Boy 2020 winner?
Jump Raid
Jump Raid Prije 22 dana
Leo Abrahams
Leo Abrahams Prije 26 dana
Edenlly Prije mjesec
Haaland or Sancho
Jayden Onzere
Jayden Onzere Prije mjesec
Daniel Craig Blaauw
Daniel Craig Blaauw Prije mjesec
@Talk BBMU no
LÆTE Prije 3 dana
I gues They Were Right About Hallånd
Musashi Miyamoto
Musashi Miyamoto Prije 3 dana
Jadon Sancho is cracking under the pressure.
Musashi Miyamoto
Musashi Miyamoto Prije 3 dana
Thomas Müller is platinum boy!
I would like halland to win cause i thinke he would be boosted to play even better
Leo Abrahams
Leo Abrahams Prije 26 dana
Where's Youssofo Moukoko
Joggy Paster
Joggy Paster Prije mjesec
nico is an idiot 13:36
Jeyat Rathan
Jeyat Rathan Prije mjesec
Right now Hernandez is ahead of Davies useless predictions fools
Jeyat Rathan
Jeyat Rathan Prije mjesec
Davies over camavinga 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤨 mutts
yvngcrispy Prije mjesec
Frederick Prije mjesec
Mee being confused why nico frome one football Germany is here
Tom Rademacher
Tom Rademacher Prije mjesec
Greenwood have to be on the same level with Saka he was outstanding
George Mungai
George Mungai Prije mjesec
Never watching this again
Double Check
Double Check Prije mjesec
Putting Greenwood in water just shows off that you rate personal emotions higher then the actual Sport. I mean obv he aint a Golden Boy but according to you saying you based it of the others ... Greenwood is and was better then everyone you ranked Bronze ...
Laura Spolverato
Laura Spolverato Prije mjesec
In Italian "wooden" is "di legno", so Tonali is a "ragazzo di legno" according to your list
Simon Baumbach
Simon Baumbach Prije mjesec
Ami Cat
Ami Cat Prije mjesec
Nico has football knowledge of a potato
katlego Mollowakgotla
katlego Mollowakgotla Prije mjesec
To make it more interesting you could pick one amongst your final Golden boys
Marius Lonsted
Marius Lonsted Prije mjesec
Ansu Fati?
Arthur Something
Arthur Something Prije mjesec
nico Dest to bayern?
Mohamed Koubaa
Mohamed Koubaa Prije mjesec
That Dest bet didn't age very well, now did it lol
Shashvat Singh
Shashvat Singh Prije mjesec
1:27 look at lacazette, what’s he doing during the play?
Collabot Prije mjesec
I love the kid but Davies is so overrated. He is on his way to be one of the best LBs in the world and currently he is maybe the best offensive one. But he struggled nearly every game defensively. No matter if the opponent is PSG or Hoffenheim. He struggles so often and nobody talks about it due to his spectacular capabilities offensively, it’s frightening. Watch his game from the past season and rate his defensive actions. As I said, I love him as a person and the player he will be. But the best LB of the world? No way yet.
mason Wray
mason Wray Prije mjesec
Phil fiden woden are u crazy
Angelo Angelo
Angelo Angelo Prije mjesec
Where tf is ansu fati he is definitely a silver boy or golden boy
pa okuta
pa okuta Prije mjesec
Whats with dennis borkowski
Marcel M
Marcel M Prije mjesec
No Kovac Made him a left back All forgot that but that's the truth
Dennoy Martin
Dennoy Martin Prije mjesec
Lol 17 goals in all competition from Greenwood 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije mjesec
I have zero respect for Nico after putting Greenwood as a water boy, disgraceful, should be Bronze at worst...
SAFWAAN L Prije mjesec
Andi Udo
Andi Udo Prije mjesec
Ermm..... Matt, you should've bet with Nico. Sergino Dest is a Barcelona player now
Krish Rao
Krish Rao Prije mjesec
foden was praised by pep as the best player he ever coached....above messi....iniesta...xavi...so maybe call him overrated and putting him in bronze is underrating....(lol)
King Nagabhushan
King Nagabhushan Prije mjesec
where is ansu ???
ganesh sai
ganesh sai Prije mjesec
Where is hudson- odoi. Saka is in the list but not Hudson odoi🙄
Nice Head
Nice Head Prije mjesec
4-1 hoffenhiem Lewa
Nicolas Jr Villasenor
Nicolas Jr Villasenor Prije mjesec
Where is asui fati? 🤔 I will rate him about silver boy
Jace Prije mjesec
Phonzy is NOT the best LB in the world. He is class but he's not better than robbo I'm not even Sorry i said it.. phonzy is not as good a crosser of the ball and sure as hell isn't the defender robbo is . Y'all just don't like lfc and I get it. But don't say hes the best LB in the world flippin hell fam. Chatting shit
Noble Chamberlain
Noble Chamberlain Prije mjesec
Niko just insulted mason
Bundesliga Bugle
Bundesliga Bugle Prije mjesec
Usman Aslam
Usman Aslam Prije mjesec
Ansu Fati
Goran TODOROVIČ Prije mjesec
Fagoat Prije mjesec
Actually kovac was the one who started davies as a left back but flick was the one who developed him.
Fonetiker Prije mjesec
A. Davies is not a Ballon d'or candidate because it's not arranged this year . . .
James Atlas
James Atlas Prije mjesec
matt would have won the bet , dest joined barca
Iver Hanslien
Iver Hanslien Prije mjesec
Greenwood is a silver..you lot have lost the plot
marinerphil xavi
marinerphil xavi Prije mjesec
The World's Best of anything football is only contested in Europe. Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije mjesec
Tariq lamptey will be top 5 full back in the next 10years what a phenomenal player
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije mjesec
where's rodrygo ? fati? you put dest in here this must be a joke and just because tonali got relegated doesn't mean a thing if he's a good player robertson maguire and many other world class players were relegated and are world best nowadays
Tore Wilken Nitter Walaker
Tore Wilken Nitter Walaker Prije mjesec
Dest is going to Barca
rrberair1 Prije mjesec
My respect for nico is gone. DEST OVER GREENWOOD (Dont upset this united fan more after the palace disgrace) Edit: The confidence when u said 'Dest is going to Bayern' 😂 PS: I dont hate u
Surendra Timilsina
Surendra Timilsina Prije mjesec
Foden is the water boy. Most of the last season he was just carrying water to his teammates.
God's Home
God's Home Prije mjesec
Ansu fati
Julian Schmitt
Julian Schmitt Prije mjesec
Davis is overhyped... Only that good since Flick took over. He has to prove it. BTW Robertson is the best LB!! Just look at the numbers...
Adnan Cusic
Adnan Cusic Prije mjesec
I wanted to put a video the 27th of September, but I hate ManUtd so much I don't want to now.
Debajit Jha
Debajit Jha Prije mjesec
dest to barca confirm
Edward Elric
Edward Elric Prije mjesec
14:30 you'll lose Nico
Umer515K Prije mjesec
Where is Ansu Fati?
Imaad Batchelor
Imaad Batchelor Prije mjesec
I love the pecking order and nico and matt have this chemistry 🔥
Edward Elric
Edward Elric Prije mjesec
Sancho, Haaland or Davies
FOOTBALL Prije mjesec
Mason Greenwood is not a water boy.Come on now like why do you rate a player according on how you like the team he plays for.
ambesh karanjit
ambesh karanjit Prije mjesec
Ansu Fati????
Krishiv Kalia
Krishiv Kalia Prije mjesec
Greenwood is better than cammavinga i am unsubscribing
Yarin Levi
Yarin Levi Prije mjesec
Where the hell is Manor Solomon ???????
dif49 Prije mjesec
I have a reason Davis isn’t in the balondor running, because it got canceled
Lame Kyle Modise
Lame Kyle Modise Prije mjesec
Nico are you okay?😭😭😭
Lame Kyle Modise
Lame Kyle Modise Prije mjesec
Think about it, Mason Greenwood is as good as Sancho😭😭❤️
Abdallah Arafat
Abdallah Arafat Prije mjesec
PL fans always keep ignoring Ansu Fati... just a matter of time before you count him among your young talents list😉
Kymani Francis
Kymani Francis Prije mjesec
Why tf is dest there
Peter Acheampong
Peter Acheampong Prije mjesec
Where’s Ansu Fati?
Charles Ejikeme
Charles Ejikeme Prije mjesec
He picked barca🤪
Charles Ejikeme
Charles Ejikeme Prije mjesec
Tf!!!! Fodens face 11:52🤣🤣🤣
Harry B
Harry B Prije mjesec
Greenwood ratings are horrible but I can’t hate on these guys 😂😂 Niko is so good to watch
Elvis Tekena
Elvis Tekena Prije mjesec
I think Robertson is still slightly better than Alphonso
Remi younan
Remi younan Prije mjesec
Where is Ansu fati ????
Ajiboy Dax
Ajiboy Dax Prije mjesec
Wheres fati
cailen Forrest
cailen Forrest Prije mjesec
Whets havertz
Taha Saeed
Taha Saeed Prije mjesec
Off topic, but we need an iOS14 update for your app that allows adding a widget that shows the upcoming game for your favourite team lads or something like that.
Fatile Prije mjesec
I think people don't appreciate foden enough
JOLLY SONIA Prije mjesec
How the hell did saka and camavinga get on this list ahead of ansu fati
Noob geimer
Noob geimer Prije mjesec
You hate Manchesters United
Sim Stander
Sim Stander Prije mjesec
Whaaaaaaaat? Phil Foden is the greatest ever English player.
Kais Al
Kais Al Prije mjesec
Niko Kovać made Alphonso a left back not Hansi
no ah
no ah Prije mjesec
How is Foden starting for guardiola and wooden he's bronze or even silver
Jonathan Maze
Jonathan Maze Prije mjesec
no ah because they’ve just been spanked by Leicester
M NK Prije mjesec
None of these players deserve to be water boy
no ah
no ah Prije mjesec
Davies is one of the best full backs not the best
no ah
no ah Prije mjesec
2nd behind trent
no ah
no ah Prije mjesec
Top 5
JMN Prije mjesec
What abot Riqui Puig?
Bruno Assad
Bruno Assad Prije mjesec
Bruh Rodrygo scored a CL hattrick and Kulusecski gets on the list
Ayan huss
Ayan huss Prije mjesec
NIKO you were my favourite until u did this video 😂😂😂
Elijah Ede
Elijah Ede Prije mjesec
Matt: We got golden boy, wooden boy..... Roc: Oh boy
Morgan Brock
Morgan Brock Prije mjesec
Water boy greenwood agreed man has more scandals than trophys
Morgan Brock
Morgan Brock Prije mjesec
Saka won the fa cup and community shield and u rating these guys above them camavinga eg. In the farmers league
Morgan Brock
Morgan Brock Prije mjesec
Whos won nothing
Kemit Oladuwa
Kemit Oladuwa Prije mjesec
They put saka over greenwood
Elias Hardy
Elias Hardy Prije mjesec
Greenwood water boy? Nico clearly had a clown for breakfest.
eminex _jr
eminex _jr Prije mjesec
mate where is Ansu fati? how is tonali there or even foden or even dest and no Ansu? you are a joke mate
AdamHudson Prije mjesec
Matt literally said why hes not in balon dor running cuz hes a lb
Shantanu Thakare
Shantanu Thakare Prije mjesec
Fuming rn that you classified Foden as Bronze boy. He's a Playboy
Mouhcine Taoufiq
Mouhcine Taoufiq Prije mjesec
10/10 Peak Humor
Գեղամ Առաքելյան
Գեղամ Առաքելյան Prije mjesec
I’m your golden boy, Come here to enjoy. I’m the king of fun, Let me show you how we do it. I’m your golden boy, Come here to enjoy. And before I leave, Let me show you Tel Aviv
dmsknb Prije mjesec
The disrespect for Saka is so obvious the Italian boy is better footballer than him?
Ezra Luiz
Ezra Luiz Prije mjesec
Whats wrong with germans hating on england
Toby Prije mjesec
Alphonso Davis Ballon'Dor really?🤦🏾‍♂️
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