The five BEST replacements for Sergio Aguero at Man City!

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OneFootball English

Prije 18 dana

With Aguero's contract running out and Gabriel Jesus the only other recognised striker at the club, how will Man City replace their all-time leading goalscorer? Matt looks at 5 potential options in attack for Guardiola!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 17 dana
Who would you pick to replace Aguero at Man City?
Troy Lawrence
Troy Lawrence Prije 5 dana
Haaland or Martinez
JDAlion 200
JDAlion 200 Prije 7 dana
Jesus will replace Aguero and then we will need to get a backup to Jesus I mean we could use Liam Delap as a backup to Jesus might be a possibility and would save us some money ? Idk but I think we will still go into the market anyway for a backup to Jesus. 💙💙
Neeraj Singh
Neeraj Singh Prije 8 dana
@spurs fan innit fockland.
Vishaal Jayant
Vishaal Jayant Prije 9 dana
Messi, of course.He is UNSTOPPABLE and even lewandowski can’t match up to him
Jake Barlow
Jake Barlow Prije 12 dana
ben gurner
ben gurner Prije 6 sati
You forgot to mention Haaland's father was City's captain once. Hopefully the fairytale will come true.
Marvin Nash
Marvin Nash Prije 2 dana
Haaland has to go to LFC. Perfect mentality and ability for Klopp's football.
Mr Blue
Mr Blue Prije 2 dana
I was watching until you mentioned DCL.
Alama Eyob-Austin
Alama Eyob-Austin Prije 3 dana
Before Jesus went to Manchester city he should have made up his mind to go to a team we’re he is gonna play and show us for a whole season the player he was a few seasons ago
Alama Eyob-Austin
Alama Eyob-Austin Prije 3 dana
If Jesus is not gonna be the number one striker after aguero then Jesus is gonna go
Alama Eyob-Austin
Alama Eyob-Austin Prije 3 dana
Theirs not gonna be any striker ahead of Gabriel Jesus inless he leaves Manchester city
Alama Eyob-Austin
Alama Eyob-Austin Prije 3 dana
It’s gonna be Gabriel Jesus
Muhammad Aizad
Muhammad Aizad Prije 4 dana
for me five player that would replace aguero: 1). Jao Felix 2). Dybala 3). Lautaro 4). No idea.. no need because have gabriel jesus
Abri Prije 4 dana
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Leatile Motsheja
Leatile Motsheja Prije 5 dana
Long term replacements for Agüero : 1. Erling Haaland(20) 2. Lautaro Martinez(23) 3. Darwin Nunez(22) 4. Patson Daka(22) 5. Gabriel Jesus(23)
cogamers84 Prije 5 dana
The only player I would want as man city is Martinez
cogamers84 Prije 5 dana
We have Gabriel Jesus, we need another reserve Striker
vkaivos Prije 5 dana
Devin Prije 6 dana
We should keep Jesus and make him the true #1
Adit RAMADHIN Prije 6 dana
Lautaro is really overrated and really shit
Adit RAMADHIN Prije 5 dana
@Leatile Motsheja mans can’t score for shit misses 4 out of 5 shots and doesn’t know how to pass with appropriate weight it’s either too hard or too soft a pass the only reason we know his name is because Barca were about to prove their lack good decision making
Leatile Motsheja
Leatile Motsheja Prije 5 dana
LTH gaming
LTH gaming Prije 7 dana
i think it accually could be ollie watkins caus he is in great form and he has a future he might be a 2nd rate Mbappe but he could be a star there
Airborne Assassin
Airborne Assassin Prije 8 dana
Aguero staying to partner Messi in January. It's coming, the Argentinian partnership of the century.
Movie Moments
Movie Moments Prije 8 dana
Jesus left the chat
Ahas Iikuyu
Ahas Iikuyu Prije 9 dana
Anupam Hang Subba
Anupam Hang Subba Prije 11 dana
Zanders Official
Zanders Official Prije 11 dana
As man city fans i hope haaland join city next season💙
AllRounder UG
AllRounder UG Prije 13 dana
Pep After Watching this Video: Call the Sheikh!! Sheikh!! Sheikh!! Sheikh!! @OneFootball English
keerthichandra40 Prije 13 dana
Guardiola made Messi the player he is today?🤔 More like Messi made the Guardiola the Manager he is today
Declan Meiring
Declan Meiring Prije 14 dana
Has anyone else remember that they have Wilfred bony easy world class striker that scored a goal for Swansea
Ashley Tanaka Chifeya
Ashley Tanaka Chifeya Prije 14 dana
They also have Ferran Torres who did a pretty decent job in the absence of Aguero and Jesus
Tobenna Agbakuru
Tobenna Agbakuru Prije 14 dana
City_xtra was right. This channel is good and informative. Gonna get the app now
Only Football
Only Football Prije 15 dana
Lautauro is as perfect a replacement as you can have for Aguero. Good in the air, scores from both inside and outside the box, elite movement, good with both feet, dazzling pace and could link up play as well as anyone. Plus he's Argentinian as well.
MANCS ISHOTRED Prije 15 dana
Nhlamulo Velly
Nhlamulo Velly Prije 15 dana
Gabriel Jesus could be a balon dor winner at some time?! Since when do we win the balon dor by goals ? Football is really messed up nowadays i guess....
Harshiv Kapoor
Harshiv Kapoor Prije 15 dana
I think haaland suits pl And man city very much Lautaro Martinez in city yeah pep cab develop him very much
yeehaaww itspotato
yeehaaww itspotato Prije 16 dana
Hey Matt, Can you make one about 5 potential Replacement for Robert Lewandowski at Bayern Munich? Thank you
Helvetica Standard
Helvetica Standard Prije 13 dana
@Ⲓⲉϣⲩⲁ Ⲏϣⲉⲣ ܝܫܘܥ ܡܫܝܚܐ ܝܚܝܐܠ The natural option, he comes from Dortmund after all
Ⲓⲉϣⲩⲁ Ⲏϣⲉⲣ ܝܫܘܥ ܡܫܝܚܐ ܝܚܝܐܠ
Ⲓⲉϣⲩⲁ Ⲏϣⲉⲣ ܝܫܘܥ ܡܫܝܚܐ ܝܚܝܐܠ Prije 13 dana
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan Prije 16 dana
Another great OneFootball video can’t say I’m surprised.
GAURAV sharma
GAURAV sharma Prije 16 dana
João Félix ..??
cogamers84 Prije 5 dana
He seems like more of a 10 than a prolific goal scorer, would take Darwin Nunez tho
Djordje Milutinovic
Djordje Milutinovic Prije 16 dana
Filip Stevanovic is gone replace him he is a good talent and only 18 years old
Leatile Motsheja
Leatile Motsheja Prije 5 dana
Nah Filip is a winger not a striker
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem Prije 16 dana
Jesus is the best replacement to aguero , they can bring a young prospect behind him and they’ll be set for years
Alligator Uno
Alligator Uno Prije 16 dana
Lautaro Martinez is my pick, countryman he will adapt easily just like Kun did
ahyan qadri
ahyan qadri Prije 16 dana
lol no Messi is going back to Argentina like Aguero
HenSt1985 Prije 16 dana
what about Joaquin Correa ?
Sapana Shrestha
Sapana Shrestha Prije 16 dana
Imagine if pep actually watched this vid and signed one of the players.
Jacob McMahon
Jacob McMahon Prije 16 dana
Matt not willing to say Harry Kane😂
Gabriel Jesus is soooo underrated!
Nikola Goluža
Nikola Goluža Prije 16 dana
Where is dybala,he dont want new contract with juve
Why not Sancho ??? He was a city player until 2017
HOME MADE STUDIO Prije 16 dana
Do you really think Messi won't fit in Manchester City??
Sapana Shrestha
Sapana Shrestha Prije 16 dana
HOME MADE STUDIO Prije 16 dana
@Sapana Shrestha Your wish is fulfilled.......
Sapana Shrestha
Sapana Shrestha Prije 16 dana
Messi lol.
Ed Chavez
Ed Chavez Prije 16 dana
Think Harry Kane could be a good option
_''The Therapist'_
_''The Therapist'_ Prije 16 dana
Stop whatever you’re smoking mate, if you think DCL will ever interest City. Lol.
cogamers84 Prije 5 dana
Great player but I don't think he suits city, Everton is his club
Nirzs xtry
Nirzs xtry Prije 16 dana
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 16 dana
Watch out for Myron Boadu and Adam Hlozek
Sreejith Prije 16 dana
6:20 Did I hear it right?
pseudonym Prije 17 dana
Messi would have to be stupid to move to premier league at this point in his career. Premier league is more physical and fast paced, and let's be honest Messi career is on a decline. I want to remember Messi at his best, I don't want Messi to move premier league and not able to maintain his standard.
Kevin Sunny
Kevin Sunny Prije 17 dana
aguero is unreplaceable and city wont let him go
Callum Coman
Callum Coman Prije 17 dana
Yes i just got a heart from one football 😆
Leatile Motsheja
Leatile Motsheja Prije 5 dana
Nah u didn't 😂
Joe Aniekan
Joe Aniekan Prije 17 dana
I'm sure 24 year old Matt will do o good job at city 😉
MLD_WARRIOR 17 Prije 17 dana
they should have sold sterlling insted of sane
Tamim Ahmed
Tamim Ahmed Prije 17 dana
Jesus for ballond'or. Oh my thats a big statement
Byron Prije 17 dana
what about saint maximan
Nancy Saju
Nancy Saju Prije 17 dana
Actually the perfect Aguero replacement is at Manchester itself ; Gabriel Jesus.
cogamers84 Prije 5 dana
We also need a replacement for him in the reserve Striker role
FIFA SKILLZ Prije 17 dana
I would be surprised if the new fcb president would sell Messi when the a new one gets chosen for fc Barcelona
Athabile Nzele
Athabile Nzele Prije 17 dana
Jeses a Top Level no.9😍
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Prije 17 dana
Pep take notes!! 😄
Dre' Don
Dre' Don Prije 17 dana
Liam Delap or Jovic
Gerard Prije 17 dana
De Bruyne and Haaland in a same team should be illegal
Rysslass Prije 17 dana
Think you're wrong about Messi, Zlatan still does he's thing for Milan why wouldn't Messi and Ronaldo keep their streaks on? They're younger!!!
Joel Doosey
Joel Doosey Prije 17 dana
i think DCL is more likely to go to arsenal since he is a BIG arsenal fan and arsenal will need a new striker in the next few years if eddie and balgoun dont work out or they just want a big name like DCL
Xavier Santiago
Xavier Santiago Prije 17 dana
so really, we need a Gabriel Jesus replacement, maybe a young striker who will breakout this season
Giovanni Bianchi
Giovanni Bianchi Prije 17 dana
Nobody: Matt Frolich: So, sit down Pep
2 wavy XAYV
2 wavy XAYV Prije 17 dana
5 replacements for Sergio Aguero: Gabriel Jesus: SRSLY
Believe Suele
Believe Suele Prije 17 dana
Haland would be an interesting fit to replace Aguero at Man City the strength and the agility of this man is outstanding he would definitely be one of the best players in the years to come. If Aguero leaves this season that could be a great opportunity for him to shine and become an excellent candidate.
Teuboua Pristelle
Teuboua Pristelle Prije 17 dana
Leon bailey from Bayern leeverkunsen is the perfect replacement very energetic
Lewin can only score with his head so i think that's a no
Umair Ali
Umair Ali Prije 17 dana
Jesus vs Jota rising stars to be honest I prefer jota who do you think They are both 23 let me know 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
Anmol Makin
Anmol Makin Prije 17 dana
I really don’t think messi will be able to adapt to Premier league...
ChromeLizard Prije 17 dana
Seems like people are overlooking Ferran Torres who's already on Man City's books. He might not be an out and out striker but he's shown what he's capable of for a couple of games now and I think he should continue getting the chance top play up top. City might not need to spend any money at all for the time being, having both him and Jesus as well
Mark N
Mark N Prije 17 dana
No that's just dumb
Mark N
Mark N Prije 17 dana
I hope we don't go for Martinez, Gabby is way better than that guy.
J M Prije 17 dana
*Matt:* Lautaro, Haaland, DCL, Messi, Jesus *Me, an intellectual:* Eric Choupo Moting
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 16 dana
Antony Prajin
Antony Prajin Prije 17 dana
It's DCL right?
Sarvesh K
Sarvesh K Prije 17 dana
Me: Martin Braithwaite(TheGoat)
Notorious Arry
Notorious Arry Prije 17 dana
Me, an extraterrestrial intellectual creature : Liam Delap
ripped pants
ripped pants Prije 17 dana
Njabulo Ndhlovu
Njabulo Ndhlovu Prije 17 dana
Thumbnail and video looking so clean man🔥🔥
Nikola Marković
Nikola Marković Prije 17 dana
What about Luka Jović? Yes i know he flopped at Real but he is similar type of player to Agüero, so if he can perform i don't see why this wouldn't work out.
cogamers84 Prije 5 dana
No thanks
Rahul.R R
Rahul.R R Prije 17 dana
Every time you say ' having said that ' is interesting 😂
Toshidou Prije 17 dana
Get back-up gabi first choice
AJD Prije 17 dana
Sergio Ramos is the best replacement for Sergio Aguero. Haters gonna hate 😌
Wayne Corbin
Wayne Corbin Prije 17 dana
Barcelona front three of Depay,Fati and Messi
Akhilesh Kalase
Akhilesh Kalase Prije 17 dana
video going smooth , and boom "jesus could be a Ballon D'or winner in the future!" , Brave choice of words! lol
Aparta Neymar
Aparta Neymar Prije 10 dana
He will win it easily
Luka Prije 14 dana
Id like him to prove everyone wrong here
Abir Prije 17 dana
*pep thinks of kun aguero replacement* matt : I will do it myself for you bald fraud
Aarav the math guy
Aarav the math guy Prije 17 dana
I dont watch all that much Serie A , but I saw the Europa league final , and there Lautaro Martinez , OVERHYPED
Mark N
Mark N Prije 17 dana
@Y T Some people are
Y T Prije 17 dana
@Mark N no one is
Mark N
Mark N Prije 17 dana
Yes man, I don't why people are putting him in the same bracket as Haaland and Mbappe
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije 17 dana
Rueieiiei Uheheheheuwjqbbw
Rueieiiei Uheheheheuwjqbbw Prije 17 dana
Haaland would be perfect for city HE has the strength and height to win every header so all the good high passes by the creative players city have and he is also able to drop back or protect the ball
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Prije 17 dana
Hey Matt
Shree 5 Studios
Shree 5 Studios Prije 17 dana
Matt always does lewendoski celebration while saying: Click here or here 😆😁😅
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Prije 17 dana
Dybala under Guardiola My God
Umair Ali
Umair Ali Prije 17 dana
Finally someone who appreciates Dybala . He is so underrated
Jithin Puthur
Jithin Puthur Prije 17 dana
This list is applicable to Barca for suaraz replacement..but no money with barca
Abraham Mangesho
Abraham Mangesho Prije 17 dana
I am a boy, but tbh I think that DCL (Dominik Calvert-Lewin) is handsome man. Like if u agree
Jared Rodney
Jared Rodney Prije 17 dana
Come on Wilfred Bony score some goals for City
R K Prije 17 dana
Legend says when you’re this early you’re this early
R K Prije 17 dana
@Turn it Off it was a joke bro calm down 🤣 I know it’s overused, I didn’t think I needed to explain
rob hillock
rob hillock Prije 17 dana
haaland his dad played for city might want to follow in his footsteps
Samuel Stephen
Samuel Stephen Prije 15 dana
He does not have to worry about Roy Keane.
Purushothaman Prije 17 dana
Niclas Bendtner would be a good shout
OM BHRAMBHATT Prije 17 dana
Gabriel Jesus, 70 goals in 155 matches.
cogamers84 Prije 5 dana
Nobody has a better G/A per 90 in the prem
Ⲓⲉϣⲩⲁ Ⲏϣⲉⲣ ܝܫܘܥ ܡܫܝܚܐ ܝܚܝܐܠ
Ⲓⲉϣⲩⲁ Ⲏϣⲉⲣ ܝܫܘܥ ܡܫܝܚܐ ܝܚܝܐܠ Prije 13 dana
That’s quite a good record
HenSt1985 Prije 16 dana
he really need more game time.
Muhammad-Zaid Ahmed
Muhammad-Zaid Ahmed Prije 17 dana
I really hope haaland doesn’t go to City and goes to United instead. I know Haaland’s father was a City player but I just want to see him in a United shirt. He’d help Man U soo much
Muhammad-Zaid Ahmed
Muhammad-Zaid Ahmed Prije 17 dana
@HypeBeast 1000 Dortmund are a team that develop players into world class superstars. They’re not really interested in trophies.
HypeBeast 1000
HypeBeast 1000 Prije 17 dana
Yep, there is something about them that is not right 🤔🤔🤔. Going to United and leaving a stable and performing Dortmund would be a costly decision.
Mark N
Mark N Prije 17 dana
United would just ruin his career
Shantanu Thakare
Shantanu Thakare Prije 17 dana
The First thing we should keep in mind is that we won't be able to find like to like replacement for Sergio, it's about finding a perfect striker who can suit our club amongst the available.
Ahmed Mansoor
Ahmed Mansoor Prije 17 dana
I think messi should stay at Barcelona cus they have given him so much .
Ahmed Mansoor
Ahmed Mansoor Prije 16 dana
@Chris Wolf Well its up to him
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf Prije 16 dana
@Ahmed Mansoor well he could be going to Argentina if he wants he had a amazing career
Ahmed Mansoor
Ahmed Mansoor Prije 16 dana
@Chris Wolf But he is 34 Or 33 he doesnt have that much time left so he might aswell retire now or next year IDK
Ahmed Mansoor
Ahmed Mansoor Prije 17 dana
@Chris Wolf True
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf Prije 17 dana
Then they wiuld be bankrupt
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