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On this week's TFW Matt discusses who is the better left-back: Manchester United's Alex Telles or Tottenham's Sergio Reguilón, if a fit Dembélé for Barcelona could be better than PSG's Mbappé, whether Aaron Wan-Bissaka should get an England call up and if Liverpool's Mo Salah is overrated!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije mjesec
Could Jurgen Klopp win World Cup 2022 with Germany?
Barca Boy
Barca Boy Prije mjesec
Nathan Gebremichael
Nathan Gebremichael Prije mjesec
100% YES
Awesome_HH Prije mjesec
Mikhail Shklover
Mikhail Shklover Prije mjesec
No, Even if he gets hired he would need time which he will not really have. Secondly, there are some sides such as France,England, Portugal, Brazil for instance that look much stronger at this stage
cinecfull Prije mjesec
@Vaclav Kubis he would never accept the role by now already tho
Natalie Mathee
Natalie Mathee Prije mjesec
Where is Matt frohlich
Alexander Chronos
Alexander Chronos Prije mjesec
Goalkeeper is a bit of a stretch 🤣🤣🤣
RB Sporting TV
RB Sporting TV Prije mjesec
Spurs got the best LB in EPL
Awesome_HH Prije mjesec
What's your prediction for PSG - Man utd? my pessimistic (for PSG) prediction: 2-0 for PSG my optimistic prediction: 7-2 for PSG
Febin Firoz
Febin Firoz Prije mjesec
Of course Muller is underrated 🤦‍♂️
Emperor Ceasar
Emperor Ceasar Prije mjesec
I personally think TFW with Matt alone is better than we with guests😊
ÖMER KARAMAN Prije mjesec
Popular oppinion: FTW > TFW
Nguyen G
Nguyen G Prije mjesec
I am french and i love your youtube chanel !
Daniel oyedeji
Daniel oyedeji Prije mjesec
Matt just talks shit
Sufiyan BSB
Sufiyan BSB Prije mjesec
Telles won the player of the year award in liga nos😌😏
Snigdha Ray
Snigdha Ray Prije mjesec defendef only
Sean Of The Head
Sean Of The Head Prije mjesec
Reguillon: Europa League Winner and the first player to properly displace Marcelo in the Madrid team for pretty much an entire season Telles: ???
Singoller Prije mjesec
I think regulion is not as good as telles but was waaaaaaaay better for the future
The Premier league Podcast
The Premier league Podcast Prije mjesec
TWF btec FTW
Feral Homeless
Feral Homeless Prije mjesec
❤️ the background
Footballogy 2.0
Footballogy 2.0 Prije mjesec
Wan Bissaka could be a very good Centre Back. Even though I hate United.
Lourens Preller
Lourens Preller Prije mjesec
Telles is beter than reguilon in attacking but reguilon is better in defending
DZGN Prije mjesec
Religion 100% from a neutral
mrnicewatch 88
mrnicewatch 88 Prije mjesec
Thanks for making me feel better l guess
Arco Lee
Arco Lee Prije mjesec
NoahKappa Prije mjesec
am i the only one who thinks that it looks like 2010 quality
Shiv Puri
Shiv Puri Prije mjesec
Telles is a better LB but Regulion is younger and higher potential.
Big chungus Eat fungus 123
Big chungus Eat fungus 123 Prije mjesec
Do you think regulion could become one of the best LB In the premier league right know?
Big chungus Eat fungus 123
Big chungus Eat fungus 123 Prije mjesec
Do you think bale will be better for spurs than he did for real in 17/18?
scot mac
scot mac Prije mjesec
Sebastian Galetar
Sebastian Galetar Prije mjesec
3:20 the biggest cap i ever heard
Arhaan Aslam
Arhaan Aslam Prije mjesec
Salah doesnt create chances Dude he created 14 big chances the most in the league as of now
Alistair Prije mjesec
aye that setup lookin hella clean 👀
Vaclav Kubis
Vaclav Kubis Prije mjesec
Van Bissaka is not ready for English national team at maximum he is ready for United bench. He can make sense only when Walker is injured as his potential replacement, but with his defensive form this year is for bench in United. He is not usable in offence and in future he will have to move to defender or defending midfielder position
Joseph Kariuki
Joseph Kariuki Prije mjesec
calvert - lewin will in 2 years
ami ramlan
ami ramlan Prije mjesec
Mo salah overated? Now I know where united fan get their delusions
Samuel Prije mjesec
Dembele was/is way more talented than Mbappé. But he has such a bad attitude.
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije mjesec
dembele is nowhere near the quality mbappe has he will never reach his level
Purushothaman Prije mjesec
0:22 does it really matter. It's only a problem when you're not there
LPR Geddes
LPR Geddes Prije mjesec
Matt ripping that Salah opinion to shreds. Legend!
RebelXian Games
RebelXian Games Prije mjesec
WOW the disrespect in the first question about United not being a big club is insane! Okay, Man Untd has been going through a rough time since Alex left but Saying that PSG is a bigger club? PSG hasn't been able to win a Champions League yet and they're only wining League 1 since they were bought by their current owners. PSG is still far from being a big club despite having very good players atm
Yash Ranjan
Yash Ranjan Prije mjesec
Man utd can use Aaron wan bisaka as a cb in a 3 back formation . 3-2-3-2
Advit Aggarwal
Advit Aggarwal Prije mjesec
I think Aaron wan bissaka can play at center back better as he better at defending
Hruday Venkatnarayan
Hruday Venkatnarayan Prije mjesec
You’ve gotta change the colour of the iPad stand it’s doenst go with the blue background
Rajat Prakhar
Rajat Prakhar Prije mjesec
Telles is miles better than reguilion
Hruday Venkatnarayan
Hruday Venkatnarayan Prije mjesec
This is the third time you’ve pick my question and you still pronounce my name right 😂 it’s alright I don’t blame you But srsly thx for taking my question really means a lot
Rubesh B J Rana
Rubesh B J Rana Prije mjesec
He didn't choose Spurs over United. United had it done but the only thing that was not accepted was a buy back clause, so they pulled out and Spurs came in a grabbed him. I would rather buy a player at his prime than a young player who won't even be there at his prime.
TANAKA MAL Prije mjesec
This set and lighting just looks so good! 💪💪
Divyanshu Tiwari
Divyanshu Tiwari Prije mjesec
Within a year england will have a separate starting 11 of Right backs
Divyanshu Gadia
Divyanshu Gadia Prije mjesec
the video has been sponsored by manchester united
Sharafat Nahian
Sharafat Nahian Prije mjesec
Coolest Setup so Far
Marlon Tsambi-Boulingui
Marlon Tsambi-Boulingui Prije mjesec
Matt, being french and having watch them both and heard experts, Dembele is the biggest raw talent but Mbappe is the overall player due to the fact that he plays on his quality, hence his greater football IQ.
Tonazzio Gaming
Tonazzio Gaming Prije mjesec
Guys, would you also be happy if one football did a fifa career mode?
Marcus Lawrence
Marcus Lawrence Prije mjesec
Mo salah is the best goal scorer in the Premier league
Real Madrid
Real Madrid Prije mjesec
Dembele is overrated asf
I hala madrid
I hala madrid Prije mjesec
True bro#halamadrid
Az Lan
Az Lan Prije mjesec
Of cause regullon
jaybee jb
jaybee jb Prije mjesec
Regulion is on a loan with option to keep (if he's shit) 😂
Incognito Prije mjesec
All due respect... Telles was defensively suspect in Portugal even
YT_ Xoblsburg
YT_ Xoblsburg Prije mjesec
I like the way there is always a weird person who gives a weird comment so as to be in matts video
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije mjesec
Both Telles and Reguilon are absolutely PHENOMENAL but Telles is a better player, he's been more consistent and one of the best left backs in the world in the past 3 or 4 years!
Gaming Slade
Gaming Slade Prije mjesec
Matt you look like some swimsuit model I've seen in a magazine I swear
Alex Harry
Alex Harry Prije mjesec
AWB is too one dimensional. dont get me wrong he's excellent at tackling, but his defensive positioning is dreadful and he offers little going forward. take it from a fan who watches him week in week out
S P Prije mjesec
@Alex Harry Well this season as well we gotta play defensively if we have to win. We can't be super sleek and go two attacking CMs in Pogba and Bruno where Pogba has shittiest work rate in entire PL. We should go Matic, VDB and Bruno and use VDB as a defensive Box to box as he has high work rate and ask AWB to defend more rather than asking him to attack. And use Telles to attack more. Liverpool use combination of Henderson, Fabinho, Keita, Alcantara, Wijnaldum in midfied and all these are Defense minded Midfielders yet they look sleek on attack coz they dominate midfield with their work rate. We can never win with two CAM type of low work rate midfielders starting. Also Matic ain't mobile enough hence he should be partnered with a more mobile box to box which VDB can offer. Like Liverpool attack mostly from right using Trent and Robertson defends more, we should attack from left and ask AWB to defend more by moving centrally sometimes giving cover to CBs. Anyway I as a fan can see what we have to do to fix defensive mistakes and win midfield battles. I highly doubt Ole figured it out yet. If he looses next game, he deserves sacking. He can't blame fitness for every loss. It's dreadful to watch United shattered across field with no unity and no cohesiveness as a unit. Last season when Bruno came in we went on a run of wins coz Bruno was partnered with Matic, Fred/McTominay behind him which relieved him off some defensive duties and he stayed in dangerous forward areas in space to recieve the ball and start quick counter. With Pogba, bruno is tracking back a lot and is unable to recive the ball in dangerous areas to initiate quick counter.
Alex Harry
Alex Harry Prije mjesec
@S P very good at ball recovery yes, in a system where for half the season we played on the backfoot and his primary responsibility was defending. when he has to do an offensive job his overall game suffers. and his positioning has always been an issue. he has a bad habit of ball watching. but i fully agree the coaching does not help him or the rest of the team at all
S P Prije mjesec
He was very good last season, this season he looks out of sorts coz the entire team has no game plan. They just play shattered across field with no co-ordination.
Syed Ibrahim
Syed Ibrahim Prije mjesec
At this point you have to rename the show to , ranting Matt
SDB Prije mjesec
I think Shaqiri has the potential to be a great backup, but he's just really injury prone, and doesn't get the chances he deserves
Stanley Okonkwo
Stanley Okonkwo Prije mjesec
I love this channel.
Dante Ojediran
Dante Ojediran Prije mjesec
Wait.... here in Germany?
Kelvin Kwabena Asante Wiafe 1C
Kelvin Kwabena Asante Wiafe 1C Prije mjesec
You're joking
Andrew Cairo
Andrew Cairo Prije mjesec
I mean in general, Tottenham had a better transfer window then Man U where I compare to having the same transfer window as west ham.
Yonatan Lazarus
Yonatan Lazarus Prije mjesec
I personally think mane is equal to salah but why does that have to mean that salah is overrated?? he's not, its just that mane is just as good if your trying to make a point you can say mane is underrated which isnt true anymore so in short salah is not overrated at all and yea thats about what I have to say about this saga
Michail Aglamisis
Michail Aglamisis Prije mjesec
The signing of Telles was a lot better than the Reguillon deal because in Reguillon's case there is a buy back clause for Real Madrid which means that if Reguillon does well, he'll just return to Madrid.
Mihir Raddi
Mihir Raddi Prije mjesec
I doubt Madrid would want him. Man United needed a CB more than a LB tbh
Yonatan Lazarus
Yonatan Lazarus Prije mjesec
He played 3 right backs but beat one of the best national teams out there so maybe he made an unpopular choice but it seemed to have worked so how can you criticise him for it then?
Deo Prije mjesec
I love the new set🥵🥵🥵absolute banger ♥️♥️
Reece-Arukoe Prije mjesec
Alison is the most overrated goalkeeper in the world. Coming from a Liverpool fan
ATHARV Prije mjesec
I swear i always had this in my mind but couldnt say it. I always used to think what is so extraordinary that Allison does but then i thought well maybe i just dont see it.
Reece-Arukoe Prije mjesec
The fact that everyone says Muller is underrated proves he isn't.
Reece-Arukoe Prije mjesec
@cinecfull That's not true. Everyone loves him. Even though i hate Bayern i still have respect for Muller
cinecfull Prije mjesec
He is underrated. Cuz nobody really likes him and his playstyle is ugly. But he id effective af
Lifeisk0pp1tz Prije mjesec
@Destroyer of The realms Klopp didn't found the right system for his players. He just bought the right players for his system.
Destroyer of The realms
Destroyer of The realms Prije mjesec
People propably get that idea from previous seasons cause he didn’t do that well under kovac but then again who did. It very much like NEUER situation he had the injury and 1 bad season and everyone thought it was his end. That just prove that every player is good but in his own system and that’s what I found impressive about flick and klopp they find the perfect system for all there layers not for only 1
Reece-Arukoe Prije mjesec
If i here that Thomas Muller is underrated one more time
kung fu panda
kung fu panda Prije mjesec
Thomas muller is underrated
Usman Mahmood
Usman Mahmood Prije mjesec
I agree with the Dembele statement
I hala madrid
I hala madrid Prije mjesec
King Daniel
King Daniel Prije mjesec
Matt: "They are a bit MEH"😂😂😂 LAUGHING MY ASS HERE
Aveeshay James
Aveeshay James Prije mjesec
The people who commented about the Dembele and Mo Salah being overrated are attention seekers. I'm not a barca fan nor a LFC fan but what Matt said is just right.
Olaniyan Abdussalam
Olaniyan Abdussalam Prije mjesec
This background is very good. I have never doubted you guys. Keep it up
Dipankar Debnath
Dipankar Debnath Prije mjesec
Regulion didn't choice Spurs over United, he was on his way to United but United didn't go for his buy-back clause and so Spurs entered and got him...
Christopher Matipa
Christopher Matipa Prije mjesec
He is playing for Spurs right now...😁
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais Prije mjesec
As a Sporting Fan(Portuguese League), i might not be a Porto fan, but after Fernandes left us for United, Telles has been the best player in our league. He has an amazing tallent and im sure he will do just as great for United like Bruno is doing. Imo Telles is better than Regulion.
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques Prije mjesec
there was a time, like after the 2019 season when Liverpool won the UCl that calling salah overrated (slightly) made sense because mane was as good if not better but didn't get as much recognition. But now when mane does get the recognition he deserves, people say salah is overrated but he just isnt. he is as good as mane if not better.
Ivan Prije mjesec
Matt do you live in Germany as you have said many times: Here in germany
Viktor Ernst
Viktor Ernst Prije mjesec
The Studio is in Berlin so i would guess so
jack phooko
jack phooko Prije mjesec
Every good player that goes to united will be flop. 🙄 Man united is still a big club. Just not when it comes to football
ATN Football
ATN Football Prije mjesec
Dembele >mbappe
rayun mahbub
rayun mahbub Prije mjesec
plis no angleina :")
Hamza Abu matar
Hamza Abu matar Prije mjesec
I think the guy meant that dcl would finish his everton career(move to another club) not actually finish his career there
Nutshellgames Prije mjesec
It’s like a mum saying to a 3 year old “well done” in a stupid voice
Asif Shahriar
Asif Shahriar Prije mjesec
Not gonna lie, I like TFW more when Matt's the only one doing it
Zaid Massad
Zaid Massad Prije mjesec
Daaaaamn those blank backgrounds really paid off
Shantanu Thakare
Shantanu Thakare Prije mjesec
Nah Man, Dembele vs Mbappe 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Prag Prije mjesec
are you set in hope ur safe from covid :)
Balthazar Werner
Balthazar Werner Prije mjesec
As a German (whose English team is Liverpool) I’d luv for Klopp to become the international coach, not to neglect the great things Löw has done for us and I’d love to see him on the club scene
Hamza Ibra Khoudharry
Hamza Ibra Khoudharry Prije mjesec
Reguilon Madrid Sevilla Telles. Galatasaray Porto
Yohannes Tesfaye
Yohannes Tesfaye Prije mjesec
Reguilion didn't chose Spurs over Man utd, he only went to spurs cozthey accepted the buy back clause. Reguilion agreed everything with man utd and they needed to put the bid in but spurs came out of no where and bid more money and put the buyback clause in aswell.
Yohannes Tesfaye
Yohannes Tesfaye Prije mjesec
​@matt leeford28 i looked it up and it says 'Sergio Reguilon joined Tottenham Hotspur for a transfer fee worth £25 million. The deal is expected to keep him at the club for five years. However, Real Madrid inserted a buy-back clause in the deal which scared Manchester United away during the negotiations stage' which is exactly what I said look it up yourself, if you don't believe me look at reliable journalists like Fabizio Romano.
matt leeford28
matt leeford28 Prije mjesec
@Yohannes Tesfaye look it up
Dark angels Shadow
Dark angels Shadow Prije mjesec
Shut up salty united fan
Yohannes Tesfaye
Yohannes Tesfaye Prije mjesec
@matt leeford28 who told u that
S P Prije mjesec
@Mihir Raddi With Marcelo likely to be out of rotation, Madrid are bound to come back for Reguilon sooner than later. Unless he flops! For a stature of UTD, they will never accept any Buy back hence lost out on Haaland as well in January. Also UTD need a signing in a Manager who knows what is he doing, even if u give Sancho, Messi and Haaland to Ole he will find a way to loose and blame it on fitness
Abhishek Khajuria
Abhishek Khajuria Prije mjesec
@OneFootball English Pls make a video on Project Big Picture with your experts from Germany as well. Like a discussion video discussing its Pros and cons
Oren Kalmek
Oren Kalmek Prije mjesec
I agree that England have too many right backs but wan bissaka is second only to Trent AA definitely better than walker and trippier
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije mjesec
he isn't better than none of them awful fullback good in a tackle but lack the passing crossing and dribbling ability of others so he's 5th choice walker trippier arnold james are ahead of him
Sarekulf Prije mjesec
Walker and trippier can pass the ball and not tackle all the time so no he isn't
Patrick Egan
Patrick Egan Prije mjesec
Is it just me or does Matt look so tall in this vid
Syed Inayath
Syed Inayath Prije mjesec
For those of you who don't know, Leeds United owner partly owns One Football
Sanket Hande
Sanket Hande Prije mjesec
I thought onefootball was German company
Lifeisk0pp1tz Prije mjesec
Who cares?
Jeronimo 921
Jeronimo 921 Prije mjesec
A fully fit dembele is good enough to make your team lose😂 he’s literally bringing the Barcelona team down and needs to leave. He’s way overrated and has like no talent besides getting injured.
Jeronimo 921
Jeronimo 921 Prije mjesec
THE ONE THAT DOES ALL he’s the best flop. He does have speed but with the ball he’s slow. He makes poor touches and poor choices and has to end up passing the ball back or lose the ball. Here’s an example. When braithwaite come of the bench you see his burst of energy straight away on the field . When dembele plays there’s nothing. You just hope he can actually pass the ball good. Here’s good examples. Last year against Bilbao why did we concede the last minute goal??? Cuz dembele lost the ball and he didn’t even try to get it back when it’s his job after he loses the ball. He makes so many of those mistakes and we get punished cuz of him. He also loses the ball everywhere on the field at important times. This preseason against lower opposition the same thing kept happening. He was pushed around and got the ball taken away quickly. He was literally lost. How is that any good for the team? We have better younger actually talented winger who didn’t cost over 100 million and who aren’t earning a high wage yet they’ve already overshadowed dembele. The more you neglect it the more you look like a clown.
@Jeronimo 921 ok now u talking non sense right now he is one of our best wingers everyone is crying for him to get some minutes slows down attacks he's the one that speeds it up with his pace
Jeronimo 921
Jeronimo 921 Prije mjesec
THE ONE THAT DOES ALL cuz when he plays he ruins the attack and gives the other team more space and won’t help defend. Players get past him easily and our defense becomes more vulnerable cuz of his mistakes.
how csn he bring a team down if he doesn't play
Matthew Veeran
Matthew Veeran Prije mjesec
Telles or Reguilon? Chilwell for sure.
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi Prije mjesec
Chilwell? Ur joking right
Rayan Haidar
Rayan Haidar Prije mjesec
salah is underrated by liverpool fans everyone thinks mane is better
Savage frenzy xj
Savage frenzy xj Prije mjesec
Facts. Mane is very very good, but Salah is world class
carlos Nicolas
carlos Nicolas Prije mjesec
Please like my comments
Hydrominant Prije mjesec
Matt, facts
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