FC Barcelona board to RESIGN TODAY?! + Paul Pogba QUITS!!! ► Daily News

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On today's OneFootball Daily News we take a look at the news that the FC Barcelona board is to resign today following a hectic summer and a string of poor results, Man City line up a replacement for Pep Guardiola next summer, Paul Pogba quits the France national team, plus much more of the latest news and transfer rumours today!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 29 dana
Will Lionel Messi STAY at Barcelona next season if the board quits???
MATIN STEAVIS Prije 29 dana
he will because he had his prroblems with board
GAMER N Prije 29 dana
Depends if barca win silverware this season
khwaja moinuddin
khwaja moinuddin Prije 29 dana
No nahh
Jesus Gutierrez
Jesus Gutierrez Prije 29 dana
Mark Wright
Mark Wright Prije 29 dana
TOM VO NGUYEN Prije 28 dana
Onefootball English that fake news, Paul Pogba never quit France national team.
Hasaan Skits
Hasaan Skits Prije 28 dana
Pogba quiting is fake news
Studio Fones
Studio Fones Prije 28 dana
Shoot & Scoot
Shoot & Scoot Prije 28 dana
Macron cares about his people so he was justified in asking for Islam to be reformed and modern which never happens
Last Crip
Last Crip Prije 28 dana
Is this a Manchester Utd show just asking for a friend? Fuck sake
Ethan D
Ethan D Prije 28 dana
Attractive, engaging and a United fan! I wish I was 20 years younger what's not to like. Great stand in for Matt
Sonia Myers
Sonia Myers Prije 28 dana
Was pep sacked yet?
Football Album
Football Album Prije 28 dana
Best player Castarvoilli and Dragowski worst player Harry Maguire
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma Prije 29 dana
i am a regular viewer of this channel, so I am requesting u to please update about Pogba quitting France national team as it was a fake news
Mohammad Shady
Mohammad Shady Prije 29 dana
Pogba quits France is fake news. Think before you post anything
Sushant Khadka
Sushant Khadka Prije 29 dana
Julian nagelsmann come on please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Unlimited MTness
Unlimited MTness Prije 29 dana
Maybe Maguire is trying to get fired by United but if he says so he'd be breaching their contract, so he's playing like crap to get released and get a fat payday. Just a theory, but where would he be headed? I think he wants to be a Liverpool player, he always plays the worst aganist them in my opinion.
Pavit Singh Panesar
Pavit Singh Panesar Prije 29 dana
Somebody big team should sign sanitizer or upamecano
ypsilon Prije 29 dana
Is emoji Monday srsly real? What kind of garbage is that?
ypsilon Prije 29 dana
Wtf. If pogba won't play for France because of another terrorist attack against France and Macron standing up... He is just a lil child.
Iroegbu Victor
Iroegbu Victor Prije 29 dana
Really miss Matt
Tauri Jarvis
Tauri Jarvis Prije 29 dana
Barca news fake and Paul news fake .Antonio . Angelina they gave you a tough one to present lol .
SHAHEEN IDK Prije 29 dana
Did pogba really uit France please tell me??
Aadam Hassan
Aadam Hassan Prije 29 dana
No, macron did not “say some comments linking Islam to terrorism” he disrespected 1.5 billion people, spoke about Muslims and Islam in a racist and derogatory way but you guys sugarcoating it fully shows which way you guys lean, I’m actually annoyed because other places reporting this have described what macron said as straight up racism but you guys don’t want to be seen as sympathizing with Muslims. You seem to be really vocal about many other issues but when it comes to Muslims you wana just skip past it quickly without offending people who also hate Muslims but watch this show? You as a show claim u support anti-racism across football and otherwise, yet when it’s about Muslims it’s all ambiguous? You think it’s ok to basically use cryptic messages through your use of language to show how your not really in support of the view that macron is straight up racist. Sitting on the Fence Is not ok when it comes to racism and Divisive language used to incite racism. You either stand for or against racism you cannot just pick and choose when it suits, and you as football channel have a responsibility to try to create cohesion as football does.
Lich Cherimond
Lich Cherimond Prije 29 dana
Lunga SDUMO Prije 29 dana
when is matt coming back😑
Gabriel Rack
Gabriel Rack Prije 29 dana
Check ur sources, its disapointing. That u Fall for fake News. Sub removed
Firmes Prije 29 dana
Pogba says fake news
Ansh Prije 29 dana
Time for power rankings?
Dániel Istvánfi
Dániel Istvánfi Prije 29 dana
Pat Bamford should be best player. And you could've mentioned Ajax making history
Manthan Prije 29 dana
Angelina calls her self a Man United fan and the fake news about pogba tells us everything, very disappointed 😓
Matthew Benson
Matthew Benson Prije 29 dana
Stryker Ninja
Stryker Ninja Prije 29 dana
I Despite harry maguire a lot if i was azpillicuator i would just try and punch the dude i mean idc what the ref says you know sometimes refs are a bit crazy.
Ibrahim Shahid
Ibrahim Shahid Prije 29 dana
Laliga president is stupid, Messi is gonna be the greatest ever to play the game! Bullshit statement from laliga
Joe Aniekan
Joe Aniekan Prije 29 dana
Pogba didn't quit!!! Stop the lies
Juss Xumz
Juss Xumz Prije 29 dana
Really best player...hv u never heard of Robert Lewandoski
bob koch
bob koch Prije 29 dana
Best team result: Ajax 13-0 an absolue record in the eredivisie. I would have thought that you would say something about that match
72Reiss Prije 29 dana
Angelina has as much charisma as a deer that’s been hit by a truck lying dead at the side of a road
Giorgos Makro14
Giorgos Makro14 Prije 29 dana
Maguire wasn't bad actually, he just did a penalty that didn't even got called
DVR POK3MON Prije 29 dana
While I was watching this I got teh one football app notification that the board will stay😂
Ankit Parajuli
Ankit Parajuli Prije 29 dana
Moon day
Steve L F.C.
Steve L F.C. Prije 29 dana
I'm fed up with Barcelona board and Barcelona coach rotation squads seriously you have to use the best out of the 4-2-3-1 you are used to playing and playing players in their rightful positions!
Eoghan Byrne
Eoghan Byrne Prije 29 dana
Sexy Angelina beour
Anish Dalmia
Anish Dalmia Prije 29 dana
"Bartomeu's success" was a result of the squad building and management of people like Laporta and Rossell (I know not the most morally ethical people). I don't think any decision Bartomeu has made has resulted in positive results- as a whole, Barca have been in severe decline since 2015. He's fired his entire board several times and made it through multiple votes of no confidence. I could probably write a novel of all his 'exploits' and everything he's done and that's just based on what the public knows. The economic and social damage he's caused at Barca at an institutional and sporting level will take the new board years to alleviate.
MG TV Prije 29 dana
Everyone is asking of matt ,but i want to say you are doing soo good want to see you more 🙂😉
Fahad Mohammad
Fahad Mohammad Prije 29 dana
Pogba didnt quit France!!! Fake news
Harry B
Harry B Prije 29 dana
Athipilecueta 😂😂 jks good job angelina although I don’t agree with your best and worst players
Vipul Fondekar
Vipul Fondekar Prije 29 dana
Matt come back man
Muddassir Ansari
Muddassir Ansari Prije 29 dana
Josep Maria Bartomeu >>>>>> Ed Woodward
tshiamo khumalo
tshiamo khumalo Prije 29 dana
Pogba said that him retiring from the national team is fake news
Noe Aguilera
Noe Aguilera Prije 29 dana
I miss mat what happened⁉️
xomerxkhanx x
xomerxkhanx x Prije 29 dana
Man I just hope after this board we should have good days coming
Saif Khan
Saif Khan Prije 29 dana
Julian Nagelsmann IS THE PERFECT REPLACEMENT! He is brilliant at dealing with youth and older players and his SANE tactics are better than Guardiola's mad creations.
Ezorelle Prije 29 dana
Pep get outtttt
Kai Aruo
Kai Aruo Prije 29 dana
Man u fan .
Ashfiyan Ahmed
Ashfiyan Ahmed Prije 29 dana
Kelly, what happened to Matt?
Rahul.R R
Rahul.R R Prije 29 dana
Pogba news is fake
Lorenzo, Ciao Amici
Lorenzo, Ciao Amici Prije 29 dana
Who’s here after Pogba said he would sue people that said he would quit the national team??! Onefootball is in trouble 🤣😂😂
Max Koenig
Max Koenig Prije 29 dana
Are you kidding? Patrick Bamford 100% best player this weekend. Missed a glut of chances first half, gets his ankle twisted, gets bullied by Mings then turns it around and scores a 19min hat trick with a positional tap in, a shot from distance and a placed shot surrounded by defenders close quarters. Come on. For real.
Krish Prije 29 dana
Nagelsmann will never go to city and his contract runs till 2022 with clubs like Bayern after him and is a Bavarian himself, city have a much better chance with poch tho, hope united somehow get nagelsmann tho it's a dream but hope it happens
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 29 dana
5:56 no only for France... Man utd would not have bought Bruno if he was really deemed important to them.
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 29 dana
2:27 No Julian, please stay until Klopp wants to leave. Yeah send Poch to City. He deserves a good project
Kade Williams
Kade Williams Prije 29 dana
The pogba news is fake
Ruben McCammon
Ruben McCammon Prije 29 dana
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby Prije 29 dana
Yes!!!!!! Finally I can watch Barcelona Games again!!!! Yeah I vowed to not watch Barcelona games until that clown leaves. Keep Koman though. May take 2 years to reap some success
FootyTalk Prije 29 dana
Pogba said on Instagram that The Sun reported it as Fake News (I know this was probably recorded before but just to let the people in the comments know)
FootyTalk Prije 29 dana
The board WILL NOT RESIGN. We have seen this report so many times these past few months. Bartomeu is a coward and will do anything to remain in power.
Rarul Clan
Rarul Clan Prije 29 dana
That cap he not retiring
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz Prije 29 dana
Alon Shveiky
Alon Shveiky Prije 29 dana
Lewandowski scored a perfect hat trick...
Shivam Hajare
Shivam Hajare Prije 29 dana
Pogbas news is fake
Mohamed Nassa
Mohamed Nassa Prije 29 dana
Maguire: keeps clean sheet by head locking azpiliqueta Kelly: WoRsT pLaYeR!!
Isahias Mamani
Isahias Mamani Prije 29 dana
Harry maguire head locks azpilicueta No penalty Lenglet pulls sergio ramos shirt penalty
Andy Villeda
Andy Villeda Prije 29 dana
Pogba quitting is fake news
Mohamed Nassa
Mohamed Nassa Prije 29 dana
Donovan Tembo
Donovan Tembo Prije 29 dana
did she permanently take over the daily news from matt?
Alban Manjengwa
Alban Manjengwa Prije 29 dana
You guys like Football Daily seem to take any and all manner of headline without verification.
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem Prije 29 dana
So she ain’t gonna talk about Bamford
sokkercid Prije 29 dana
Everyone saying bamford is the best player for a HATRICK Traore from ajax scores 5 goals and like 2-3 assists
Elijah Kent
Elijah Kent Prije 29 dana
Harry maguire: *keeps clean sheet* Angelina: hArRy MaGuIrE wAs TeRrIbLe
efredix 6.0
efredix 6.0 Prije 28 dana
TBF i var had seen his foul on azpi she would have been right
Thapan Roy
Thapan Roy Prije 29 dana
The Arsenal board also should resign.
Vishal Juneja
Vishal Juneja Prije 29 dana
I am surprised you didn’t mention that Ajax’s 13-0 win over vvv
pat Prije 29 dana
Avi Sinha
Avi Sinha Prije 29 dana
Amazing video I love this video❤️❤️❤️❤️
40_Faraz Malik
40_Faraz Malik Prije 29 dana
check the sources for Pogba
Daudi Kusinza
Daudi Kusinza Prije 29 dana
Best result real Madrid Ajax just cained a team 13😂
David Lambrano
David Lambrano Prije 29 dana
Pogba already sid that he won't quit the french national team and that it was fake news
Wayne Waithaka
Wayne Waithaka Prije 29 dana
Pogba just said it's fake news on the retirement rumors
InfDragon3411 Prije 29 dana
Islam is a beautiful religion. The people who are doing those attacks are not Muslim. Islam is all about peace and not violence.
InfDragon3411 Prije 29 dana
The Sun likes to create sh*t news that is fake. They are f*cking taking the mick out of the sport and they are also very unreliable.
Lokossou Brejnev
Lokossou Brejnev Prije 29 dana
Pogba confirm its a fake report and isn't retiring now
bhargav bordoloi
bhargav bordoloi Prije 29 dana
Come back Matt. 😒
Faraaz Rahman
Faraaz Rahman Prije 29 dana
So u just gonna for get LewanGOALski?!!
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan Prije 29 dana
Antonio instead of Bamford. 🤦‍♂️
auf abdulrauf
auf abdulrauf Prije 29 dana
We want Matt
monis sardar
monis sardar Prije 29 dana
I'll be back when matt comes back shes deluded af bamford was clearly the best player of the weekend
duncan kariuki
duncan kariuki Prije 29 dana
You guys should confirm your stories before bringing them out as news. Pogba already debunked the quitting story.
Keshav Kapoor
Keshav Kapoor Prije 29 dana
Real Madrid should do farewell for bartomue Coming from- Barca fan
Shine banana
Shine banana Prije 29 dana
All good things that has come from barca during Bartemous regin has been beacause the foundaition the earlier board made
Mohannad Khan
Mohannad Khan Prije 29 dana
Fake news for pogba
Los Prije 29 dana
How you even gonna put the story about pogba on here when it’s from the sun 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Ryan Alsaady
Ryan Alsaady Prije 29 dana
Maguire played sick
Zahir Abbas Mogul
Zahir Abbas Mogul Prije 29 dana
To be frank pogba rejected sun claim about retirement
Mohammad zain gamer
Mohammad zain gamer Prije 29 dana
Raghunandan Vijayasarathi
Raghunandan Vijayasarathi Prije 29 dana
Pogba hasn't quit its fake news he denied it on insta and fb
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